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THE DARK SIDE OF ANNIE (Shaider's partner)!

Actually I found about that these nude pics of Annie exists because of the other "Shaider" thread in this forum. I did some research about it using google and I found a site that has the pics. Check the sample if you don't believe me.
Annie's real name is Naomi Morinaga. The story behind the hubaran stuff is still unknown to me. Baka meron ditong gustong sumagot niyan para sa akin. If you want to know the url for the site, send me a private message or an email. I've already edited the sample pic para hindi ma close tong thread na ito.


  • Now, do you believe me?
  • Yuck! She's not pretty rin naman eh, and it's her body so if she wants to pose nude, that's her life. Still, yuck!
  • But everyone used to think she's pretty during those shaider days. :D
  • Well, I think she's pretty but I prefer her during her Shaider days. Siya ba talaga yun?! It's a bit harder to recognize her in that pose... :)
  • Originally posted by *happy*phantom*
    Well, I think she's pretty but I prefer her during her Shaider days. Siya ba talaga yun?! It's a bit harder to recognize her in that pose... :)

    Gusto mo ng ebidensya pa na siya talaga yon?

    Pwes, eto pa ang isa! :D:D:D
  • wow! mukhang si annie nga yon! bakit kaya di na sya wholesome ngayon? siguro laos na sya! pero we loved her naman back in the shaider days diba!
  • Malilibog kasi ang mga Hapon. They have the most sickening ***** stuff. They get aroused by tentacle sex. That's a *****, right?
    No wonder maraming naghuhubad na babae doon.
    All almost all their anime shows have a "kabastusan" in them.
  • wala bang walang censor?
  • si annie ba talaga yon? super favorite ko pa man din sha dati... it's surprising the lengths they go to just to keep their "fame"
    oh well, we don't own her, it was her decision to do that, still disappointing pa rin... ang wholesome nya kc dati tapos biglang...
  • FenrisFenris PEx Rookie ⭐
    I used to watch Shaider because of Annie...;)

    Well... i guess she's really "reinvented" herself... from a kiddie show that always shows her panties (DI BA?? Tuwing tumatalon siya kita panty niya?) whenever she jumps or kicks... to a nudie woman. :D
  • ZenZen PExer
    Wasn't there a thread about Annie started by hat_tr1ck a few weeks back? :confused3:
  • Originally posted by tetsuya komuro
    wala bang walang censor?

    I personally edited the pictures. Kung hindi ko ginawa iyon eh yari ako sa mga mods dito. :D
  • OMG. Wala namang mali doon sa nude :yum: pictures ni Annie eh. Hehehehehe.....cute naman siya eh....at tsaka, "for art's sake" naman yata yung mga pose na iyon ;)
  • :D Post mo naman yung website kung saan mo nakita to para ma-confirm namin na si annie nga ito. ;)
  • bat parang kamukha niya si harlene bautista? :D
  • Originally posted by killer_kamatis

    pa-send naman sa email ko yang mga pics ni annie pero yung uncensored ha ? para collection ko naman .. :D

    ako rin send mo rin sa akin! tama si xyzseaman. tsaka may kung may ipapakita naman siya y not d ba
  • As Guile said punta na lang kayo sa Google and do the search:)
  • in japan, there are lots of those..
    even their number one actress has a photo book..

    most of the photos are not really ***** per se..
    but more of erotica material...

    you woudl be surprised at the actresses who have had photo books made of them.. there are lots.. and the best are those not found on the web.. :D
  • ***** or Erotica, what's the difference anyway?

    Pareho lang naman na nang-aarouse yun ah.

    Ang dami nang nag-rerequest sa akin.

    I think I may post the link later kung marami nang kumukulit sa akin.
  • Doon sa mga nag send ng PMs sa akin. Nag reply na ako! You should check your PM inbox right now.
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