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if you were to trade kobe, which player/s will it be?

waxwax PExer
just a hypothetical question: since most of the people here thinks kobe should be traded next season, which player or players do you think it should be so the lakers can become a better team?

how about jason kid and shawn marion for kobe? that would instantly make them a formidable team.


  • It's unreasonable to think that phoenix would trade two starters for one kobe Bryant. They might be more open for a one-on-one deal, and they won't be willing to trade Kidd. Sana puwede cause he's unselfish to a fault, but highly unlikely. You'll have to look at other quality off-guards in the league. Like Ray Allen:D, California native Paul Pierce, Jordan brand endorser Michael Finley, or maybe even Gary Payton (despite his age). the best solution might be to trade him for one semi-star and role players, or to trade him for very high draft picks.

    Di pa naman tapos ang season, so hopefully:angel: the Lakers can still work things out.
  • ....Allen plus quality rookie....or Finley on a one-on-one deal.....

  • Better make it Alonzo Mourning, just think of it The Lakers TWIN TOWERS. But I dont think Shaq would like that, he may feel too drowded in the paint. But that would mean they will not have a reliable perimeter shooter like kobe.
  • Not Finley pleaaaaaaaase.

    How bout these disgruntled players?

    Abdur Rahim
    Richmond, Jahidi White and Rip Hamilton
    'Toine Walker
    Kemp, Davis and Strickland
    Ewing and Baker

  • let's see... Mutombo was equal to Toni Kukoc, Nazr Mohammed, Theo Ratliff, tapos meron pa atang isa. ang laki ng nakuha ng Hawks nito pero ok lang naman siguro sa Philadelphia dahil it was an effort to bolster the Sixers' chances for a championship. tsaka marami rin atang tinrade na players ang 76ers para ma-accomodate ang salary ni Mutombo. well that was 1 old but good player for 3-4 good players (well at least Mohammed and Kukoc are having a good time in Atlanta). so in conclusion, ok lang naman kung 1 almost equal player tsaka isang utility player and pwedeng ipalit kay Kobe...

    Tracy McGrady and Mike Miller of Orlando Magic - if there will come a trade, I think this is possible since hindi naman bulok ang mapupuntahang team ni Kobe nito. you have Grant Hill and Darrel Armstrong pa naman sa Magic kapag mawala si T-Mac. pwede ngang si T-Mac lang ang i-trade pero the Lakers might be doubtful of T-Mac's 24 pts., 6 rebs., and 4 assts. na average kasi wala si Grant Hill to take away some of that stats.

    Vince Carter and Charles Oakley of Toronto Raptors - I think this is an old rumor.

    kapag Kidd and Marion, lugi naman ang Phoenix niyan!
  • ray allen and linsdey hunter of the bucks.

    or ray allen and 1st round pick next yr.
  • Hmmmmmm...

    Michael Finley and Juwan Howard
    Ray Allen and Tim Thomas
  • aticusaticus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Wouldn't trade him for the world. :)

    In about 5 years, people will be saying how stupid LA was IF they trade Kobe now. Remember when they traded Kareem? Or when Seattle traded Pippen for Olden Polynice? You get the picture.

    He can do things no other player in the league can. Best combination of offense and defense in the game. If he were playing in any other team, he'd dominate. Wait till the Playoffs. Then people will be singing his praises again...
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    I know Kobe is a good player but the problem is that his ego is getting way to big and it is causing the akers some games. I think the Allen and Hunter for Kobe deal looks good. Pwede rin yung RIchmond and another player for him. Basts dapat makakuha ng matinong 2 guard ang Laerssaka kung kaya sana PG na rin
  • dallas will never take Bryant. See: Sprewell, Webber
    Plus the awesome chemistry that the Mavericks have now will definitely get ruined!

    how about Stackhouse and a pick for Bryant
  • i don't think would trade kobe... ill give him a few more years to mature.
  • put Kobe on Toronto Raptors and let Vince Carter in purple and gold uniform...
  • Tracy Mcgrady!!
    Grant Hill
    Eddie Jones
    Jason Williams!!

    Wag kay Allen Iverson Lugi ang Phili!! dapat may kasamang pang isang Player para kay Iverson!!
  • I dont think any of the trades would be good for the LA "SHAQ" Lakers. Shaq wants a Scottie Pippen type of player, ergo... doesnt steal his PPG production. I think for the lakers to have harmony they need a player like Kidd whose sole role is to dish out.
    All the afformentioned players like Finley, Rahim, Webber, T-Mac, Brand, Payton, Webber are scorers. Thus a scorer is a no-no to superhero shaq. Just look what happened to Nick "shoot and shoot" Van Exel, shaq doesnt like to have a person on the same team who shoots more field goal attemps than him.
  • Just an afterthought...why not bring Pippen to Shaq?

    Pippen and Rod Strickland for Kobe, This solves the lakers lack of talent in the SG/SF/G area if kobe goes. And Shaq can keep guard at the middle.
  • Originally posted by JW55
    Tracy Mcgrady!!
    Grant Hill
    Eddie Jones
    Jason Williams!!
    Agree ako dito except for Jason Williams! Hindi ko na kailangan iexplain!
  • Originally posted by Y2K-G_21
    Agree ako dito except for Jason Williams! Hindi ko na kailangan iexplain!
  • Tracy McGrady is a good choice! Pero di naman siguro gagawin ng Lakers yun!
  • tama ka gan magandang trade yan pero hindi yata gagawin ng Orlando or Lakers! yan!!
  • Originally posted by f0r5aK3n
    how about Stackhouse and a pick for Bryant

    I saw Stackhouse play sa isang Japanese channel and I didn't like what I saw. perhaps he's one of the overrated players in the NBA. he commits a lot of turnovers and is predictable. his field goal percentage is also sickening. or perhaps it just happened that I watched one of Stackhouse's bad games.

    I also watched the Sacramento - Lakers game last night. nag-iimprove na si Jason Williams a. he doesn't make those out-of-the-blue jump shots or 3's plus he just brings the ball down and does not make frenzied plays. his flashiness is still there but his role in the team was somehow minimized. pero asking for a trade between J-Dub and Kobe is ridiculous.
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