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who do you think will be the first pick in the 2001 NBA draft?

bizzybizzy PExer
Eddy Griffin from Seton Hall is very close to deciding whether he will stay or jump to the pros.

Tyson Chandler, the HS star from california has declared that hes going to go pro. his counterpart, Eddy "baby shaq" curry is still not sure although he has orally committed to depaul. he said that if scouts think he can be a lottery pick, he will jump to the pros. oh yeah, he just dominated the mcdonalds all american where he won the MVP award. scouts say that these 2 kids have a big chance of breaking darius miles' record of being the highest HS player taken in the draft.

Jason Williams of Duke has said that he's staying for 2 more years in DUke but who knows? his stock is so high now and he's playing extremely well in the NCAA tournament.

Yao Ming of China is another hot talent but if ever he joins the draft, he can be the number 1 pick although it might take a year or so before he can play in the nba, just like zhizhi.

who's ur choice?


  • Tyson Chandler
  • Jason Williams!!
  • There's no clear standout from those who have declared themselves eligible so far. If Jason Williams of Duke declares, he should be the number 1 pick. Otherwise, you can look at guys like Loren Woods of Arizona (too thin) or Shane Battier of Duke (too undersized), Joseph Forte of North Carolina (still too raw) or maybe one of the Collins twins from Stanford (undersized also for power forwards).

    It's too vague and there are no outstanding superstars in the college game today. :ahh:
  • Yao ming is a 7 foot 5 center diba? He can shoot from the outside? wow!!! :eek: Thats scary! He's thin nga lang and a bit slow!
  • i think shane battier of duke is not a number 1 pick material. usually, the number 1 pick is more of the frachise player type and i think shane battier isn't like that. he's more of a second super star like scottie pippen. mas bagay syang maging supporting cast.

    as for tyson chandler, im dissapointed that he didn't play in the mcdonald's all american game. sayang, there was so much hyped kasi he would be playing against the best high school ballers in the nation like dajuan wagner, eddie curry but he decided to sit out because of an "ankle injury". ang dami pa namang nba scouts na nanood. but then, others are speculating that he did it on purpose para wag masira yung stock nya going to the draft.

    siguro si eddie griffin yan, eddie curry of jwill if he declares himself eligible for the draft.
  • Originally posted by Y2K-G_21
    Yao ming is a 7 foot 5 center diba? He can shoot from the outside? wow!!! :eek: Thats scary! He's thin nga lang and a bit slow!

    naunahan mo ako, tsong

  • according to esp.com, high school all-american eddy curry may announce at the end of this week that he is going to the nba. after winning the mcdonald's all american game mvp last week, eddy curry's stock has gone up and i think he will be the first pick in the draft, unless jwill of duke declares himself for the draft.
  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    That Battier guy looks good. Pinag-uusapan ng mga announcers e.
  • Pwede di si Yao ming !!
  • JaM8JaM8 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    SHANE BATTIER of duke is the man... 6-8 220 lbs.
    another GRANT HILL in the making
  • Originally posted by Fortune
    another GRANT HILL in the making
    If he's going to be injury-prone and can't help his team win even one playoff series, then it isn't a good thing to be compared to Grant Hill.;) Besides, Battier's defense is 50 times better than Hill's.
  • eddie griffin, the star power forward of seton hall has announced that he's joining this year's NBA draft. as ive said, this guy is another potential number 1 pick. as of now, i think the number one pick is a toss up between eddie griffin, eddie curry and tyson chandler, provided that jwill of duke isnt joining this year's draft.
  • Jason Williams PariN!
  • If China decides to release Yao Ming (7-5, 265 pounds and only 20 yrs old), you can bet he's going to be the no.1 choice for this years' draft.

    To quote what Sixers coach Larry Brown said during the U.S. Dreamers' 119-72 rout of the Chinese -- "In four years, (Yao Ming) could be one of the best players in the world," Added that Brown was convinced that China, more than any other foreign country, is the biggest threat to American invincibility on the hardwood.

    I'm sad to admit this but after reading this article about China's up and coming NBA bound players, it makes you wonder why we still sweat our butts off playing basketball despite the fact we will NEVER win a championship against the Chinese.
  • bizzybizzy PExer
    according to espn.com, Yao Ming is headed to the NBA. as of now, I think he could be the number 1 pick in the draft since Duke's jdub isnt going.
  • i think SHANE BATTIER of DUKE cn be the no.1 pick this year.he is a complete player.he cn drain outside shots,play inside and play a very good defense!!!!JOSEPH FORTE of UNC just announce thats he's gonna join the draft pick.im dead serious he's an outstanding player we better watch this guy!!!! :up: :diablo:
  • bizzybizzy PExer
    here's the order of the teams in the draft:

    1. washington wizards
    2. LA clippers
    3. atlanta hawks
    4. chicago bulls
    5. vancouver grizzlies
    6. golden state warriors
    7. new jersey nets
    8. cleveland cavs
    9. detroit pistons
    10. boston celtics
    11. denver nuggets
    12. seattle supersonics
    13. houston rockets

    who do you think will the wizards pick? clips? hawks? bulls??
  • I think the Wiz needs a big guy. so its probably Eddie Griffin.
  • team slickteam slick PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by out of order
    I think the Wiz needs a big guy. so its probably Eddie Griffin.

    i totally agreed.....the best pick for them would be eddie griffin since it would solidify their pf position imagine a first five lineup of laettner,griffin,hamilton,alexander,whitney.....discounting the fact that when barkley and jordan does make a return malakas ang lineup na nila with off the bench players like white,ethan thomas, tnesby, hubert davis, profit, mike smith....nasty!!!
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