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EJAY FALCON: Proud To Be Mindore?o... Moving Forward In 2011. [NEST 56]

[highlight]:spinstar: WELCOME EJAYSTERS, SWEETIES, NEWBIES and LURKERS - 56th Nest :spinstar:[/highlight]
ONE [highlight]NEST[/highlight] . ONE [highlight]LOVE[/highlight] . ONE [highlight]EJAY[/highlight].

All for the love of [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]



  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    :reddog: [highlight] 428 EJAYSTERS and counting![/highlight] :reddog:
    [highlight] • FRIENDS ARE FAMILY YOU MAKE FOR YOURSELF • [/highlight]
    It was not that long ago that our Sweeties journey all started. Borrowing from a song, [highlight]"We were strangers, starting
    out on a journey.. never dreaming what we'd have to go through... Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing
    at the beginning with you ..." [/highlight]strange when we think about it. How did we ever became a family now. It sounded so
    impossible yet you know deep inside in your heart it really could happen. Perfect strangers, all 428 us to be exact,
    each with different location, backgrounds and age, "pexing" together all for the love, inspiration and admiration of these
    two young individuals that are showing and sharing their true self to us.

    With a humble beginning to a growing friendship, it has brought innumerable joys in all the moments we have shared
    together. It's so amazing to think that maybe God even chose us for the other and brought us together in our growing
    love for Ejay. And I can’t imagine a better group for this journey and anyone that I could have more fun with on the
    way. Indeed, we are truly blessed that we have found a way to come together, with the ups and downs and joys and
    pains (HB), this has only made us drawn closer and fall ever-more supportive and loving together for Ejay Falcon,
    and of course with each other.

    Wondering how different our lives might have been if we’d not found each other in Pex. Five months of posting together
    has brought us all in a bonding we’d never have imagined. We continue to discover new things about Ejay and
    ourselves. We’ve cared for Ejay and for Sweeties more and we’re having more fun sharing this journey than we could
    have anticipated. Yes, we have our difficult moments both in our respective personal life and in our growing camaraderie,
    but the wonderful times more than overwhelm them. After months of watching and keeping eye of our dear Ejay, we
    all know what it means to support, to care, to defend and of course to love each other, and we’re actually getting
    pretty good at it. At least we think we are. You see any one individually is important, But with all of us together, we are

    As a final note, we should keep this message by Henry Ford in our minds; [highlight]"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping
    together is progress. Working together is success."[/highlight]

    [highlight]SWEETIES ROCKS!!![/highlight]


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  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]February 14, 2010[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon Mall Show in Angeles, Pampanga.
    [highlight]February 07, 2010[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon Mall Show in Naga.
    [highlight]January 22, 2010[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Dinagyang Festival, Iloilo.
    [highlight]January 10, 2010[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Tanging Yaman Launch
    [highlight]October 11, 2009[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon Mall Show in Naga for Katorse.
    [highlight]September 06, 2009[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Isetann Recto.
    [highlight]June 26, 2009[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Pola, Mindoro.
    [highlight]April 18, 2009[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon with Friends from Hong Kong.
    [highlight] March 21, 2009[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in SM Bicutan - LipGloss Mall Show.
    [highlight]March 15, 2009[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Camsur for LipGloss Taping.
    [highlight]February 21, 2009 [/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Marilao, Bulacan - LipGloss Mall Show.
    [highlight]December 18, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in UP Fair.
    [highlight]November 28, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Sta. Lucia Mall Show.
    [highlight]November 11, 2008[/highlight] - Lacoste Footwear Spring/Summer 2009.
    [highlight]November 08, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon with BIG 3, Mall Show in Lucena City.
    [highlight]October 31, 2008 [/highlight] - Ejay Falcon with Robicole in Legazpi City.
    [highlight]October 26, 2008[/highlight] - BENCH Event in Mall of Asia.
    [highlight]October 19, 2008 [/highlight] - PBBTEP Big 4 in Sta. Lucia Mall.
    [highlight]October 18, 2008 [/highlight] - Sports Festival for the benefit of Rudy Fernandez Foundation.
    [highlight]October 17, 2008 [/highlight] - Ejay Falcon Robinson Mall Show in Iloilo.
    [highlight]September 28, 2008[/highlight] - STARMAGIC CATALOGUE SIGNING at MEGA MALL.
    [highlight]September 05, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in BayanNiJuan Event, Mindoro.
    [highlight]September 02, 2008 [/highlight] - Krispy Kreme Event in Mall of Asia.
    [highlight]August 17, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Laguna Mall Show.
    [highlight]August 16, 2008 [/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in BayanNiJuan, Camarines Sur.
    [highlight]August 08, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon in Lipa, Batangas.
    [highlight]July 23, 2008[/highlight] - Ejay Falcon Batangas [SM] Mall Show.
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer

    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]PBB Teens Ejay Falcon and Valerie Weigmann[/highlight]  YACHT 1 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] KiKiRIKI! True Love Knows No Boundaries.[/highlight]  YACHT 2 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] KiKiRIKI! "I'LL FOLLOW MY HEART."[/highlight]  YACHT 3 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] You're Special, You're Important.[/highlight]  YACHT 4 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Now That We're Apart, You're Still In My Heart.[/highlight]  YACHT 5 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] I Want My EJAY To Be The BIG WINNER.[/highlight]  YACHT 6 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Congrats PBBTEP EJAY, Our HUBBY, Our BIG WINNER.[/highlight]  YACHT 7 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Of Course Ejay.. Ejay Come![/highlight]  YACHT 8 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] I'm Yours And You're Still Mine.[/highlight]  YACHT 9 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] VAL: Buti Na Lang May Pichure Kame![/highlight]  YACHT 10 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Daming Gifts Kaya Akin Talaga Ang Prestige & Victory.[/highlight]  YACHT 11 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Ride Along With Me, We're Cruisin' Together![/highlight]  YACHT 12 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Sana... Maybe, Someday It Will Happen.[/highlight]  YACHT 13 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] One CREW. One LOVE. One VALEJAY.[/highlight]  YACHT 14 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Mamahalin Kita Maging Sino Ka Man.[/highlight]  YACHT 15 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Dahil Di Natutulog Ang Sweeties, D Ka Namin Tatantanan![/highlight]  YACHT 16 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Experience Hotness: Burn The BENCH Catwalk ValEjay![/highlight]  YACHT 17 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Kahit Hanggang Sa Bahay Pa, Puwede Kayong Sumama![/highlight]  YACHT 18 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Surprise Ejay... Meet my MOM![/highlight]  YACHT 19 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] We'll Go Wherever You Will Go![/highlight]  YACHT 20 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] We Don't Wanna Miss a Thing.[/highlight]  YACHT 21 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Val and Ejay: The Secret Couple.[/highlight]  YACHT 22 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Let's All Move On & Sail To A New Beginning![/highlight]  YACHT 23 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Itinadhana Sa Isa't Isa, Ngayon at Kailanman.[/highlight]  YACHT 24 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Because of ValEjay... We're Now A FAMMY.[/highlight]  YACHT 25 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] SWEETIES, ValEjay All The Way.[/highlight]  YACHT 26 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] I'm Gonna Make Taguyod My FAMMY -- Ejay.[/highlight]  YACHT 27 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Palagi Ko Siya Kasama Sa ISIP at PUSO KO -- Ejay.[/highlight]  YACHT 28 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Di Ko Kayo Hahayaan Malunod O Kainin Ng Pating -- Ejay.[/highlight]  YACHT 29 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Kayong Lahat Po Ang Inspirasyon Ko Para Magsikap -- Ejay.[/highlight]  YACHT 30 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Keep the Trust, Love, Faith & Patience.[/highlight]  YACHT 31 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Du Bist Mein Stern.[/highlight]  YACHT 32 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Amour De Ma Vie.[/highlight]  YACHT 33 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] You Were Born For Me And I For You.[/highlight]  YACHT 34 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight] Hindi Kami Sosyal Kaya Ejay Kami.[/highlight]  YACHT 35 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Have a Sexy Sweety Christmas![/highlight]  YACHT 36 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]SWEETIES FAMMY 2008... 2009 And Beyond![/highlight]  YACHT 37 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Snakes In The Year Of The Ox![/highlight]  YACHT 38 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]The Ones Who Won Our Hearts![/highlight]  YACHT 39 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Sweeties ValEjay On To The Next Level.[/highlight]  YACHT 40 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]There is NO such thing as HAPPY ENDING.[/highlight]  YACHT 41 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]EJAY FALCON is the PBB Teen Edition Plus BIG WINNER.[/highlight]  Nest 42 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]FALCON Is Flying High This 2009![/highlight]  Nest 43 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]One Sweetest Year And Counting.[/highlight]  Nest 44 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Looking Towards The 2nd Year... Realization Of Dreams![/highlight]  Nest 45 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Mahalin Nyo Ang FANS Nyo, Kahit Kailan Di Nila Kayo Iiwan.[/highlight]  Nest 46 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Our PBBTEP Big Winner, In His First Leading Man Role In Katorse.[/highlight]  Nest 47 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Katorse's Gabby Arcangel. Your Dark Side Captures My Eye.[/highlight]  Nest 48 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Katorse's Gabby Arcanghel. The ONLY MAN standing in Katorse.[/highlight]  Nest 49 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Katorse's Gabby Arcanghel. Dream Come True at 20.[/highlight]  Nest 50 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Padaba Ko Kamo.[/highlight]  Nest 51 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Tanging Yaman's EPI. Makulit, Pilyo, Pero Lovable.[/highlight]  Nest 52 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Tanging Yaman's EPI. Hindi Ako Gagawa Ng Bagay Na Ikakasira ko.[/highlight]  Nest 53 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Nawawalang Prinsipe Ng Pinakamasayang Lugar Sa Buong Mundo.[/highlight]  Nest 54 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Justin Buenavidez: Patching Up A Broken Home.[/highlight]  Nest 55 
    .:[highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight]:. [Sweeties EJAYSTERS] [highlight]Proud To Be Mindore?o... Moving Forward In 2011.[/highlight]  Nest 56 
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in Maalaala Mo Kaya - January 15, 2011


  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in TUM: My Pledge Of Love - Movie



    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in Father Jejemon- Movie

  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in Guns & Roses - Primetime Bida

  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer

    [highlight]PBB Teen Edition Plus[/highlight]: CRUSH • REVELATION • HARANA • HIGHLIGHTS • BIG NIGHT • BIG REUNION •

    Transformation by Francky

    The key word is TRANSFORMATION. Most important is the dynamics of character transformation that will make a PBB
    character interesting. Housemates who showed different aspects of their personality not known to us. Housemates who
    opened up so that we could understand his actions and inner self. Housemates who underwent changes, learned new
    skills, assimilated good values, etc., as the days progress.

    Character dynamics should be the basis in choosing the big winner and not the static credentials of housemates that is
    good only on paper.

    In my opinion, among the remaining housemates, it is EJAY who embodies dynamic transformation. The reason why Ejay is
    an interesting housemate is because we saw how he survived despite his humble beginnings--an inspiration to the youth,
    that even poor people could also dream big.

    Ejay never kept from us nor was he ever embarrassed about his poverty. He showed us that despite his lack of economic
    means and education, he could mix with others characters inside the house and still maintain his individuality. He was
    able to build genuine friendship with most housemates, the reason why he was never nominated for eviction. He showed
    us how he falls in love and proved that in matters of the heart, economic, cultural and language gaps are no hindrances.
    He revealed his family story before our eyes and we discovered what a good and loyal son he is to his poor and
    uneducated foster father. Despite being abandoned by his mother, he never maintained bitterness against her, in fact he
    even dreamed of having a complete family someday. Ejay has a story that would touch anybody’s heart and become an
    inspiration to many.

    Only persons with closed mind and closed heart could not see thru Ejay. Some vicious hypocrites even thump him for
    reasons that he is lacking in intelligence. Even this, they couldn’t prove. These pseudo intellectual chauvinists who have
    no heart for others, need real jesuit humanitarian education.

    The story goes on. Winning big in PBB will be a life-changing milestone for Ejay. I want to be a part of it by helping
    him even in my own little way.

    [highlight] _________________________________________________________________________________________ [/highlight]
    An Open Letter by Sonfel
    I apologize for writing mostly in English as I probably need to go to a refresher class in order to brush up on my Tagalog.

    Even though the Philippines seems to be a world away from Seattle where I've resided since 1977, the magic of
    technology enables me to keep abreast of what's happening over there.

    First of all, I want to let you know that no matter where I go in the universe, my being Filipino remains in my soul. We
    are truly unique, exceptional and tried and true world-class individuals, especially when it comes to entertainment.
    (Just check up on Arnel Pineda - you have come a long way, Journey Lead Vocalist!) This is why I've decided to settle
    in our beloved country after I retire from the USPS in 2010. In preparation, I have immersed myself in anything Filipiniana
    in the last 2 years. I discovered PBBTE not too long ago and that was the first time I got hooked. I've followed Kim Chiu's
    rise to the top in a matter of months. Even my wife and 8-year old son became interested. (BTW, she is Chinese and
    therefore my son is like Kim in terms of heredity). I follow almost everything Filipino from YouTube, to Veoh, to PEP, etc.

    I viewed PBBTE+ episodes from beginning to end. During the first week, I picked six (6), but not necessarily in this order,
    whom I thought had the potential as the Big Winner: Linda (Swedish-Filipino), Valerie (German-Filipino),
    Ejay (French-Filipino), Robi, Beauty (Spanish-Filipino) and Josef (Spanish-Filipino?). Even though she's Chinese-Filipina
    and therefore we could have easily identified with her re genetic background, Nicole didn't rate in my original list because
    of her very "tahimik" personality during the first few weeks. Eventually, I replaced Josef with her. (You can review for
    yourself in the earlier episodes when Josef blurted out "I'm gay"!) and yet he seemed to go against his orientation by
    trying to have a relationship with Nicole.

    Ejay was always number one on my list from the very beginning, especially after he unashamedly revealed to the whole
    world a life-long secret - he's actually a *******! Everyone keeps a skeleton in his closet. It's not an easy thing to do
    to spill out your guts for the entire world to see. But the truth will set you free! His story alone can be made a movie or
    teleserye right away for mass consumption. (Although I'm not a professional writer, I can probably create a film script,
    but with some difficulties.) It reminds me of "SMM" where we were kept on guessing who "Poknat's" real father was.
    Raised in poverty, Ejay's family got broken up because his Mom went to Manila and literally abandoned them for another

    I HAD A DREAM! (This was originally quoted by martyr Martin Luther King a generation ago in the country where slaves
    and masters once roamed - the United States of America which adopted me as I became a citizen in 1983.) Ejay
    exercised his inalienable right to dream free. He wanted to escape the rut of hopelessness. He wanted to be an
    example of a real Filipino youth whose misfortune threatened to become a permanent destiny by trying out his luck as I
    did when I immigrated in a totally strange country. A product of a public school like me (I graduated in C. Arellano High
    School in 1971 - the one across the Ruby Tower that toppled in a massive earthquake), EJay was forced to help his
    Stepdad Erning in earning income by working hard so they can survive the rigors of life in Mindoro (a small town, I
    understand in Pola, where limited electricity only becomes available at certain times of the night). He learned to fish,
    climb coconut trees and other stuff that a big-city teen cannot relate to. You can see from his built that the exercises
    didn't come from the Gym. They resulted from doing menial tasks, physical labor, etc. At some point in the episodes, he
    was voted by the Guardians as the "Pinakabobo", but Tatay Erning defended him saying that, contrarily, he always was
    on top of his class. But how can you compare someone who graduated from Ateneo High School with him? It's like
    comparing apples and oranges. For example, even though I graduated Valedictorian at AHS, does this mean that I'm
    more intelligent than someone who graduated Valedictorian at UST High School? (BTW, I attended Chemical Engineering
    at UST until 1974.) Of course not!

    I understand from his bio that Ejay attended University of Manila. It must have been a shock to him how this metropolis
    looks so much different! (It reminds me when I first set foot in the U.S. 31 years ago - seeing the Space Needle for the
    first time.) I can just imagine how he adjusted to riding in elevators, going to the mall, etc. It also reminds me how
    "Bokbok" first went to the Embassy and then joined his family in the U.S. to meet his long-lost American father who died
    shortly thereafter. Gloria Diaz, Gerald Anderson, and Jake Cuenca returned to the Philippines shortly thereafter. And now
    you know the rest of the story of "Sana Maulit Muli" (my favorite song which will be performed by Gary Valenciano this
    weekend at his concert with Martin Nievera in Everett, WA which is about 25 miles north of where I live.)

    This message was originally intended as a reply to requests for scrapbook items for the VJay team. I think I missed the
    deadline though because it's only Wednesday p.m. here Pacific Daylight time. Plus, I have two jobs which are priorities.
    So, I don't have a choice but to post this in this forum instead. I meant to post it in the hate-filled areas found in the
    PBBTE+ forums as a Rebuttal to people who can't seem to stomach that Robi didn't win. In the short time that I have
    been watching Filipino TV shows and movies, I find that PBBTE is really a search for a new "showbiz" personality. Look
    how far Kim and Gerald have reached so far. Where is the second placer now? I think his name was Mikey - a fellow
    Atenean like Robi. Undoubtedly, education is the most portable and permanent asset one can have. It's a choice one
    can't easily determine depending on your mission in life. 20 years from now, Mr. Falcon might be counting his FAMAS
    awards at the same time Dr. Domingo is performing surgery at a famed hospital in New York. But between the two of
    them, I'd rather watch EJay make me cry in a soap opera and have Robi operate on my cataracts. If their respective
    financial status were reversed, EJay would still be the winner, I think.

    You see, everywhere you go, Filipinos are known to be hard workers, dependable and good communicators. You will
    always find a Filipino musician whether you're in HongKong, British Columbia or Anchorage, Alaska. Majority of physicians
    and nurses from the East coast to the west coast of America that are of Asian descent is Filipino. At the same time, I
    understand, that there are a lot of domestic helpers in "Milan" who are Filipinas. (BTW the movie "Milan" comes second
    only to "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang" as my favorite of all time. I can surely identify with the agony and ecstasy that
    Piolo and Claudine realistically portrayed.) So, Filipinos from all over the world come from diverse background. From
    professionals, to military people, to maids, we are the biggest export of our country. Why? I don't think I have to explain
    considering that the last time I checked, the list of Visa applicants from the Philippines to the USA has remained on top,
    in terms of sheer millions, for the last 30 years. The waiting list is getting longer and longer with no letup in sight,
    especially that Homeland Security is very, very strict now. But don't lose hope. Those of us who arrived in the '70s are
    coming back soon in droves and you can replace us in turn (that is, if that's part of your DREAM). I call it Back to the

    We, collectively known as Overseas Filipino Workers, went abroad to chase a dream come true. It was not quite free like
    Ejay's as it takes a whole lot of capital to invest in our dream. (I remember selling our land in Isabela as a last resort to
    purchase tickets for 5 of us - $1500 each at that time.) Some of us fulfill it, some don't. I have. The big picture remains
    -- are we going to show to the world that we are worthy? Or are we just a bunch of selfish people mired in "crab
    mentality"? The jury is still out, as it is commonly phrased here in America.

    All I know is that Ejay deserves to be given a chance. Now that he's exposed to the media, to money and the potential
    to reunite his family, what is he gonna do? Will he prove that we're right in our support for him or will he waste the
    opportunity? Will he focus on improving himself or will he take things for granted? Will he be like Val who's totally ready
    to learn? Will he be able to take the all-out pressure or will he succumb to the criticisms? Will he be able to do showbiz
    and college simultaneously? Only time will tell.

    Even though I could vote online, I didn't think it was necessary. My confidence that he'd win didn't waver. Despite
    accusations from many that the votes were rigged, the reality doesn't lie. It takes an in-depth evaluation and review of
    the show from beginning to end to conclude that he really won hands-down. He was the only HM never nominated. Do
    you remember the one of the last episodes showing him hitting the red balloon with a dart? Do you remember Ejay bearing
    the load of Robi's weight on his wide shoulders while attempting to reinstall the tower for the umpteenth time as the two
    beauties were inside doing something else? BTW, he also carried Beauty for a time on their quest to rescue Val in PP. Do
    you remember who climbed the rope up to the Confession Room in Palawan? Who did the Military trust to become the
    troop's leader in and out of the house of Kuya? There are other things that Ejay showed to prove his worth. Even in
    intelligence, although English is not his first language, his answers to questions were very meaningful. What about tests
    and tasks? Only you can judge. Boomerang!!! Yes, that's what actually happened to cause Ejay to reap the support of
    the masses. He was humiliated, insulted, and downed by none other than Kevin's Dad. Be careful what you wish for, as
    the saying goes. I am always for the underdog as probably most of the masses are. No money, wealth or fame can match
    the power of the masses whether they're in the Philippines or here. The tens of thousands of votes that Ejay garnered
    came from whom in the last few minutes of voting? From online. The power of the Internet cannot be matched by cell
    phones if put to a test. This was why Robi couldn't catch up.

    In conclusion, I truly express my opinion that Ejay deserves to be crowned to be the newest King of PBBTE. Where he
    goes from here is a $64 question. He needs to attend workshops like Gerald and Kim did in order to improve his
    communication and acting skills of course. If Gerald can be a star without being able to speak Tagalog fluently, why
    can't he? On the other hand, Val, I'm sure will be able to act without speaking Tagalog fluently. What matters the most
    is that they have the potential to entertain fans like me because of their genuine personalities. REACH FOR THE STARS,

    In closing, there is no such thing as an impossible dream. I suggest that the powers-that-be in ABS-CBN recreate SMM
    (with other new twists starring VJAY) as a movie. The title should be "Ang Pangarap Ko Sa Panginoon ay Ikaw Noon at
    Ngayon". Wow, it's too long, but maybe you have ideas too. Sorry to keep you bored with this long missive, but I did
    warn earlier in a previous post that I'm wordy. So, this may be my first and last post, unless................:lol:

    Maraming Salamat Po
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer

    Nang Dahil Sa Iyo...[/highlight]

    groundzero20 (Mitch)
    Maraming additions sa buhay ko:
    [*]Sa list ng ym - dumami na naman ang ka-chat ko...
    [*]Sa list ng phonebook - dumami na naman ang nagtetext...
    [*]Sa pagiging guilty - guilty kasi di ako mkareply sa mga nagtetext. hehehe...
    [*]Sa pagiging basher - dahil sa basher mo lalo nagiging bashful ako... bwehehe
    [*]Higit sa lahat, sa friends - dumami lalo friendships ko at ngayon di na magkasya ang schedule at
    bookings ng mga gimiks and trips ko... hanuvah

    jamster (Gaye)
    [*]Natuto akong magphotoshop
    [*]Di na ko nakokornihan sa mga artista
    [*]Napuno ang documents ko ng pichures at fanarts mo (sa ofis at sa laftuf)
    [*]Napupuyat ako gabi-gabi para makapondo at maging tuff poster ulet
    [*]Bibili ako ng tiket para sa November para kitain ang mga taong di ko naman kilala before

    karim (Omar)
    [*]Nabawasan ang ego at yabang ko!
    [*]Di na takot matawag fantard/jologs!
    [*]Dumami OL friends at kafriendster!
    [*]Di na ko pretentious!
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng digicam!
    [*]Nalaman ko na bagay pala chocklit at yogurt!

    Click for More!
    mapoline (Anne)
    [*]Hindi lang friendster ***** pinagkakaabalahan ko pati na rin pex--- *babad na ko ngayon sa pex kesa sa fs*
    [*]Nakakagala na ko sa gabi at kung saan saan ako nakakarating---*pasaway*
    [*]Lalo pang dumami frends ko sa fs and ym
    [*]Marami akong bagong frends around the world
    [*]Hindi ako makapag focus sa work ko bwahahahha babad sa pex
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng account kung sa pb ikimiki at kung saan saan pa
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng ate kuya tito sis and bro and ninangskie
    [*]Gabi na ko nakakauwi *inuuna kasi ang pex kesa report
    [*]Ang pinakamahalaga nakilala ko ang mababait na sweeties na tinuturing ko nang kapamilya

    iwonder (Tito Arnel)
    [*]Dati okay lang malate ako sa work, now gusto ko maaga na... para, makapex agad
    [*]Dati gusto ko uwi agad... ngayon hirap umalis sa office dahil sa pex
    [*]Like Omar I learned to understand fans...
    [*]Of course dumami rin ang OL friends ko
    [*]Dati wala akong ka confe sa YM, ngayon adik na
    [*]Friendster ko dati...6 lang ngayon ang dami na... weeee.
    [*]I trusted people na hindi ko pa nakikita (the best sa lahat)
    [*]Tumatawag pa kahit long distance... walang paki
    [*]I learned to share happiness, dismay and anger with OL friends
    [*]Etong huli... natutong gumawa ng fanarts... and a lot more...

    savvydude (Anna Lyn)
    Natuto ako ng:
    [*]Pondation mode
    [*]Mag-BR ng konti lang naman
    [*]Multi-tasking (Pex, YM, photobucket, candymag, while working yan ha)
    [*]I-defend ang sarili ng mga panahong akala nyo ay alternick aketch, duh?!
    [*]I-defend ang color red sa mainthread (nung big night)
    [*]Makipag-usap sa strangers (syempre, ngayon family na tayo)
    [*]Makipag-dinner sa stranger (family na nga eh)
    [*]I-appreciate ang mga contributions ng sweeties lalo na ng sweetierazzi (bilib ako ditow)
    [*]Ma-amaze sa mga different personalities & backgrounds ng sweeties (thru FS accounts)
    [*]Nag-try gumawa ng fanarts, pumasa ba?
    [*]Gusto nang mag-November para sumama sa GTG ng SS, hehehe

    she_mar (Che)
    [*]May mga nakilala akong mga bagong KAPATID.
    [*]Sumaya ulit ang buhay ko, naging makulay at kumukutikutitap
    [*]Parang inlove kahit walang boyfriend.
    [*]Bumalik ang passion ko sa chatting... hehehehe at humaba ang list ng friends ko sa YM at FS
    [*]Nahilig ako sa texting, at infairness, nadagdagan ang budget ko sa pre-paid cards. pati Chikka life ko active na rin.
    [*]Excited ako laging pumasok kahit Sundays pa.
    [*]Wala akong pakialam kahit maiwan ako mag isa sa opisina. kahit sobrang late na.
    [*]Kumapal ang fez ko kahit mahuli ako ng mga officemate ko na nag-iinternet during officehours.
    [*]Bumilis ako kumain pag lunchtime at wala nang NAP, internet na agad at babad sa PEX at YT.
    [*]Pag nalulungkot ako or may nangyari di maganda isang click lang sa YM, may makakausap na ako. sumasaya na ulit ako.
    [*]Hindi na ako naghahanap ng gimik pag sabado kasi iniisip ko gigising pa ako ng maaga sa Sunday para pumondo.
    [*]Mas naging curious ako sa georgraphy at time zone.
    [*]Isa lang alam ko MAHAL KO NA KAYO at para ako pinapatay pag di ko kayo makausap.
    [*]Mas na appreciate ko ang BUHAY
    [*]May natutunan nga pala ako na mahalin ang work pero wag MAG-PA PRESSURE.
    [*]Inggit mga kasama ko kasi dami ko na rereceive na overseas calls, nyahahahaha...
    [*]One for all...all for one...

    trc (Trix)
    [*]Nanood na ako ng ABS-CBN... hehehe...
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng Friendster
    [*]Araw-araw puro PEX AND YM na lang ako, at wala nang iba...
    [*]Sumali sa GTG
    [*]Nahilig na sa text (puro call lang kasi ako)
    [*]Mag trust sa mga taong di mo pa nakikita
    [*]Maging Fanatic ng Filipino Artists

    SCHLOSS (Michelle)
    [*]Bumili ako PC
    [*]Limited alam ko pc pero ***** ganun pa rin
    [*]Natutong magpuyat este d na halos matulog sakit mata kow!
    [*]Magkaroon ng OL friend
    [*]Makipag-usap sa di ko pa nakikita
    [*]Magpahiram ng gamit na walang pagdadalawang isip na ipahiram
    [*]Kahit di mo pa sila nakikita ang Local and Global SWEETIES andun na *** pagmamahalan ng tunay
    na magkaibigan kahit sa ano mang laban o problema
    [*]Naging masaya sa araw-araw na buhay sa labas ng Pilipinas
    [*]Natutong maggawa ng fanart *newbie pa rin*
    [*]Daladala ang laptop kahit san pumunta
    [*]D na ako mabubuhay ng walang laptop sa tabi ko
    [*]At higit sa lahat uuwi ako sa anniversary ng SWEETIES

    krams-06 (Mark)
    [*]Useful ang Laftown ko
    [*]Hindi na ako kumain ng breakfast (sa work nalang!)
    [*]Lagi akong inaantok sa work ko
    [*]Lagi akong pinagalitan ng Pinoy co-workers ko dahil kupad ng kupad sa cellphone
    [*]Gumawa ako ng Sweeties YM ko
    [*]Dumami ang friends ko sa fs
    [*]Dumami rin ang list sa phonebook ko
    [*]Lagi akong may kausap or text everyday na Globie
    [*]Laging nagpa-plano kung ano ang maganda for the Sweeties
    [*]I trusted people na *** pa na-meet
    [*]Lagi akong natutulog ng 4-5 hours lang
    [*]Nasira both Laptown & Cell ko
    [*]Nakakausap na kita
    [*]Mas lumawak ang kaalaman ko sa History ng Pinas
    [*]Feel ko na nakakarating na ako sa Mindoro, Batangas, La Union, Camsur & etc...
    [*]Lumaki ang BILIS ko sa cellphone ko
    [*]Dami akong naba-BASH na hindi ko rin kilala
    [*]Hindi ako laging umaattend ng Fammy Party
    [*]Hindi ko na alam anong current events ng US & Pinas
    [*]Kapuso pa rin ako... maging kapamilya lang pagmagkaSHOW kana[*]Bumili ako ng roaming phone
    [*]Tumaba ako
    [*]Nakaka-SAVE ako ng money kasi laging sa bahay lang nag-PEX
    [*]Makalimutin na ako
    [*]Naging EMO ako sometimes
    [*]Hindi na ako nag-iisa sa bahay lagi kasi may ka-chat ako after work
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng Loveteam
    [*]Dami akong alyas pero sosi naman
    [*]Hindi ko na nakita ang mga friends ko dito
    [*]Gusto ko na umuwi at makita ang SWEETIES FAMMY ko

    dsroxan (Roxan)
    [*]Di na ako nakakatulog ng maige
    [*]Marami akong nakikilalang new friends ngayon halos lahat mga kapatid na ang turing ko
    [*]Nagiging masaya ako lagi
    [*]Ang ganda ng araw ko lalo na pag nakikita ko ang post ng sweeties sa PEX
    [*]Ang computer ko lagi ng open, di pa ako nakakapagbihis open muna computer
    [*]Pumapayat na ako kasi minsan nalilimutang ko ng kumain basta makapag on line lang sa PEx, he he he (my wish pumayat)
    [*]But I don't have regrets, sweeties change my boring life here in Canada
    [*]Thanks to angel_celine, kram (mark), mapoline (anne), vida, tita lina, sis mich at sa lahat ng
    "sweeties fammy" na nag welcome sa akin hindi nyo alam kung paano nyo pinasaya ang buhay ko.

    a-theng228 (Lucy)
    [*]Nag subscribe ako sa pbb
    [*]Naranasan ko ang OL voting
    [*]Gumawa ng PB acct.
    [*]Laging nagmamadaling umuwi para maka pag pex na (kahit madalas lurk mode lang ako)
    [*]Nadagdagan ang friends ko sa fs
    [*]Mag trust sa mga taong di ko pa nami-meet
    [*]Dati family ko lang ang ka YM ko ngayon nadagdagan na
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng OL friends
    [*]Natuto akong gumawa ng fanart (kahit simpe lang ok na rin)
    [*]Nabawasan ang hiya ko na makipag communicate
    [*]Mas mahal ko na ngayon ang PC ko kesa sa CP dahil ito ang koneksyon ko sa kanila at sa sweeties family

    HushSweeties (Daryl)
    [*]Naging maligaya ako ng sobra sobra.
    [*]Nadagdagan ang dahilan ko para ipagpatuloy at ipaglaban ang aking buhay.
    [*]Dumami ang mga Kaibigan ko.
    [*]Naranasan ko ang Pagtitiwala at Pagkatiwalaan ng ibang Tao.
    [*]Nagka cell Phone ako.
    [*]Naging super Fanatic ako when it comes to Local Celebrities.
    [*]Nawala ang hiya ko sa sarili na makipag halubilo sa ibat ibang klase ng Tao.
    [*]Nadagdagan ang aking self-confidence.
    [*]First time ko nakapanood ng Live sa Araneta Colliseum(Pbb Teen Big Night).
    [*]Naging Sociable na ako at last.
    [*]Nakakapunta ako sa mga places na hindi ko pa napupuntahan.
    [*]Halos 70% ng buhay ko ay PEX and Sweeties.
    [*]Hindi na ako lumalabas ng bahay maliban na lang kung may lakad ako.
    [*]Nadagdagan ng maraming kulay ay aking buhay.
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng Crush sa isang Pexer
    [*]Na realize ko sa sarili ko na kaya ko pala ang isang bagay kung nanaisin ko lang.
    [*]Lalo ko na mimiss ang mga sweet moments ko with Gary.
    [*]Medyo bumait na ako ng kaunti sa Family ko.
    [*]Naging mature na ako.
    [*]Minahal ko lalo ang aking sarili.
    [*]Natuto at nakakagawa na ako ng mga Fanarts.
    [*]Natuto kong pahalagahan ang tiwala at Pagmamahal ng aking mga Ka Sweeties.
    [*]First time ko nakapunta ng AbsCbn at Pbb House.
    [*]Naging super Happy ako ng todo todo sa samahang aking sinimulan

    preciouslynne (Lynne)
    [*]Kagaya ng iba nadagdagan ang online friends ko na tinuring ko na ring kapamilya
    [*]Lagi ako napupuyat kahit minsan lurker lang
    [*]First time ko naranasang walang tulog talaga sa kakapex at confe
    [*]Palagi na lang late na ako natatapos sa work sa kakapex
    [*]Kahit saan ako mapunta palaging naghahanap ng wi-fi connection para makaconnect at di ako maiwanan sa chika sa sweeties thread
    [*]Kahit sa bus stop man ako busy pa rin sa pagpepex lalo na kpag may updates na pinoforward saken
    [*]Kumakain na sa harap ng pc habang nagb-br at eto tumaba dahil wala ng exercise.
    [*]Over used masyado na iTouch ko kaya ngayon naghahang na
    [*]Natuto akong magcompose ng email sa mga bosses ng Kapamilya network
    [*]Natuto rin ako magsinungaling sa mga kasamahan ko dito (hate ko pa **** ang mga liars *** I hate myself na rin
    [*]Palagi na lang nagmamadali umuwi pagkatapos ng aktibidades sa community
    [*]Para akong ****** minsan tumatawa mag-isa
    [*]Ngayon ko lang naranasan din makapanaginip ng isang celebrity
    [*]Nadagdagan ang inaanak ko hahaha
    [*]Ang tawag saken ng iba kong cousins na nakakaalam na fanatic ako ng Valejay ay “bagets na ate”
    [*]First time ko rin naranasan magpabigay ng gift sa celebrity
    [*]Wala akong paki kahit ano pa isipin ng mga kapatid ko saken
    [*]Di ko na nadadalaw ang mga inaanak ko
    [*]First time ko maka-kausap ng isang celebrity **** sa phone ***
    [*]At nagiging emotional paminsan-minsan
    [*]At ang pinakamahalaga sa akin, sweeties ang isa sa aking naging source of joy ,lugmok man minsan
    sa problema bumisita lang sa sweeties thread mapapangiti ka na.

    lenskie24 (Len)
    [*]Dumami ang friends ko sa FS.
    [*]Di na madalas magtext o tumawag sa Pinas
    [*]Mas alam pa latest sa VALEJAY kesa sa ibang bagay
    [*]Mas iniisip kung paano mapapasaya ang SWEETIES VALEJAY
    [*]Mas marami akong kaibigan na di ko pa nakikita
    [*]Natuto akong magtiwala sa mga taong di ko pa kilala
    [*]Mas magaan lagi ang pakiramdaman ko at laging masaya(SWEETIES VALEJAY became my diversional thing.
    [*]Di sapat ang araw ko pagdi ko alam ang latest sa VALEJAY.
    [*]Found new friends here that became a part of me!
    [*]Marami ang nagtataka dahil ang mga bagay na di ko ginagawa noon,became my thing now,
    and proud to say that SWEETIES VALEJAY made a huge difference in my life now.

    Paul1213 (Paul)
    [*]Nang Dahil Sa Valjay marami akong nakilalang kaibigan.
    [*]Natuto akong sumuporta sa ibang tao.
    [*]Natuto ako makipagkaibgan sa nakakatanda sakin.
    [*]Natutunan ko na hindi hadlang ang kahirapan.
    [*]Natutunan ko na pwedeng mabasag ang language barrier.
    [*]Natuto akong sumubaybay sa lovelife ng ibang tao.

    Kitzie (Phy)
    [*]Bumili ako ng lafftown para sa updates sa Valejay at sa Sweeties Fammy ko.
    [*]Dati 6 lang friends ko sa YM, ngayon, 36 sweeties friends MIA nga lang yon iba.
    [*]Wala akong natatapos na work sa office, kasi puro pex at chat.
    [*]Lagi na lang ako nagpupuyat, tigas ulo, kaya lagi din sa hospital.
    [*]Lagi ako pinapagalitan ng chorvah ko, kasi imbes uminom ng gamot, pex ang inuuna ko. LOL
    [*]Mahal na mahal ko ang Sweeties Fammy ko. Someday, magmi-meet din tayo...

    TitaConnie (Tita Connie)
    [*]Natuto akong mag computer.
    [*]Naligayahan ako ng todo-todo na walang prenong pagpo-post.
    [*]Marami na akong kaibigan pero lalong dumami pa.
    [*]Marami akong nakilalang mga sweet na tao at ito ang mga Sweeties.
    [*]Natutu akong mag trust sa mga strangers, makipag-text at chat.
    [*]Feeling kong ampunin si Ejay para dalawa na ang aking anak na lalaki si CJ at Ejay, maliban sa unico iho ko sa pex na si Mark.
    [*]Natuto akong gumawa ng account ko sa photobucket para i-save lahat ng picture nila Ejay at Val.
    [*]Parang bumalik ang aking alaala noong aking kabataan sa Pinas.
    [*]Higit sa lahat, hindi na ako nagbababad sa Casino.

    jhenifer (Jean)
    [*]Dumami friend ko sa YM.
    [*]Ito pah dumami mga Ate at Kuya ko.
    [*]Uhm naging inspired tuloy ako mag internet.
    [*]Naging MAKULAY ANG BUHAY KO...
    [*]They give me a reason to live a wonderfull and happy life.
    [*]And also super thankfull ksi nagkroon nang SWEETIES VALEJAY And im PROUD IM CERTIFIED SWEETIES.

    meebo (Kay)
    [*]I've learned the meaning of TEAMWORK. I mean online teamwork. (Tuwing manonominate si Ejay at Val
    naranasan nating lahat 'yon Sweeties). Sa big night we proved that we are ONE. One Team, One Love, One ValEjay.
    [*]Memorable experience talaga ang makita sila ng personal. First time kong manood ng artista magperform sa mall.
    [*]Gumawa ako ng blogsite dedicated solely for them. Paplug pala para sa mga hindi nakakaalam ---
    [*]Nagvolunteer akong magdesign ng tarpauline na gagamitin para sa Big Night. (kapal noh! lol)
    [*]Ngumingiti ako mag-isa kapag naalala ko ang lovey dovey moments nila.
    [*]Midnight na pero kinikilig pa rin ako dahil sa pagmomoment nila sa PBB House.
    [*]Buong pamilya ko alam na fan ako nina Ejay at Val... first time ko din.
    [*]Hanggang ngayon nasa playlist ko pa rin ang theme songs nila --- Sway, Ngiti & Maging Sino Ka Man.
    [*]Pati cp at pc ko puro ValEjay pictures at videos ang laman.
    [*]Nang dahil sa ValEjay kinapalan ko ang mukha kong magpa-autograph sa artista... first time ulit!
    [*]May pichur na rin ako kasama sila.
    [*]Dumami ang OL friends (marami na dati kasi matagal na akong adik sa forum hehehe...) pero mas dumami pa ngayon.

    Dizaister (Krisca)
    [*]Unang-una, nagkaroon ng direksyon ang buhay ko. (serious mode)
    [*]Magmahal at magcare na walang hinihinging kapalit dahil makita lang na masaya ang VALEJAY
    higit pa yun sa maaring maging kabayaran.
    [*]Kinikilig kahit hindi nakakarelate... hahaha
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng kapamilya all over the world...
    [*]Natutong magtiwala at natutuwang pinagkakatiwalaan din ako.
    [*]Napapadalas ang pag-alis ng bahay para sa mga adventures. Kaya napapagalitan (pero ayos lang kasi masaya naman).
    [*]First time kong magkaroon ng masayang pamilya sa ibang mundo na tinatanggap kung sino ako.
    [*]Kung dati pakiramdam ko ang haba-haba ng isang buong araw ko, pero ngayon kulang na..
    [*]Kung dati nagpupuyat ako mag-isa habang nagp-PC ngayon may mga kasama na ako na hindi nakikita...
    at nakikipagkwentuhan (parang ang creepy!).
    [*]Nagmamahal ako ng mga taong di ko lubos na kilala at lalo na *** mga hindi ko pa nakikita.
    [*]Nagkaroon ng saysay ang mga nalalaman ko sa photoshop (biglang ganun...).
    [*]Nakarating sa mga lugar na never ko pa napuntahan.
    [*]Nainspire ako dahil sa mga SWEETIES na kapamilya ko na mababait at mapagbigay.
    [*]Dati ang buhay tuloy-tuloy lang, paulit-ulit, walang bago... pero nagbago lahat yun.
    Pakiramdam ko bawat araw bawat oras at bawat minuto may magandang mangyayari at may magandang aabangan.
    [*]Higit sa lahat, NANG DAHIL SA VALEJAY marami akong natutunan, nalaman, at naranasan
    na hindi matutumbasan ng kahit na ano pa man.

    grubs (Pam)
    [*]Nabuhay ang aking cyber social life, dumami siyempre ang friends.
    [*]Nadagdagan ang totoong social life dahil totoong friends naman pala ang mga cyberfriends ko.
    [*]Naranasan din ng cellphone ko na magkaroon ng silbi, lagi na siyang may charge at nakadikit sa kin ngayon.
    [*]Na-appreciate lahat ng klaseng personalidad dito sa yate dahil over time ay mahal ko na kayong lahat.
    [*]Nagtiwala sa mga taong hindi naman kilala at makipag-kita sa kanila, at hindi pagsisihan ang ginawang desisyon.
    [*]Binawi ko ang dati kong dilemma na hindi dapat sineseryoso ang mga tao sa internet.
    [*]Nahasa ang sleuthing skills ko sa world wide webby.
    [*]Na-realize ko na ang mga fans ng mga artista ay matatalinong tao rin at hindi korni.
    [*]Naranasan ko for the first time ever ang maputulan talaga ng dila nung una kong makita sila ValEjay.
    [*]Ginawa kong stress reliever ang pex.
    [*]Kinarir ko ang magpuyat ng madibdiban sa kaka-abang ng moments dati, ngayon naman para pumondo lang minsan o kaya manood lang ng hiritan.
    [*]Nakapulot ng mga kumare kahit walang binyagang nagaganap.
    [*]Nakita ko ang ang nawawala kong asawa, nyahaha!
    [*]At nakilala ko ang totoong sarili ko - na ako'y isang jologs at heart.

    underground 08 (dharmz)
    [*]Nag iba buhay ko araw araw... parang lasing "hang-over" sa kilig
    [*]Kahit lungkot hindi na nararamdaman... natuluyan nang smiling face... whahaha
    [*]Dami na ang friends ko, marunong makipagkaibigan sa taong hindi pa nakikita
    [*]Natutunang alagaan ng husto ang nasirang mata dahilan ng computer screen.
    [*]Natutong magbigay ng dahilan araw-araw "magsinungaling" para lang masilip ang valjay.
    [*]Wala na akong masyadong time para sa tambay tambay,nabawasan na.
    [*]Inspired na akong tapusin ang nag pag-aaral ko kahit di ko gusto masyadong type course ko - inspired ako everyday
    [*]Natuto akong mag-aral sa di-oras para lang makasilip sa valjay
    [*]Natutuwa ako sa sarili ko, kinakausap na ang salamin para masagot ang katanungan na... "nu na kaya ginagawa nila ngayon(valjay)"?
    [*]Dumami na ang kathang isip ko nasasapawan na nila ang mga lesson ko sa skul hehehe.
    [*]Nagbago ang sleeping time at wake-up time ko.
    [*]Sa pass time ko hindi na ako nakatunganga sa t.v. kundi sa computer na.
    [*]Lumalala na ang sakit ko sa mata - adik na adik na ako sa copmputer.
    [*]Napabayaan na ang sariling friendster account.
    [*]Nabawasan na ang outing napalitan na ng computer.
    [*]At dahil sa ValEjay natagpu-an ko din ang mga taong tagal ko nang ina-asamasam...
    Sweeties Family, mababait,maaasahan,hinahangaan at higit sa lahat nagmamahalan ng tunay.
    Ito ang kakaiba dito nabu-o ang pamilya dahilan sa Valjay, and syempre... it is a GOD's will.

    nailah01 (Mariel)
    [*]I felt a different kind of Love...
    [*]I can't stop smiling whenever there's a ValEjay kilig moment.
    [*]I was glowing.
    [*]I always sing love songs, even if my brother tells me to stop!
    [*]I became a pex adik!!!
    [*]My body clock is on Philippine Time!
    [*]I turned into *zombie mode*
    [*]No more hour long baths; afraid to miss a ValEjay moment.
    [*]I discovered that I can do things in half the time!
    [*]I prayed for the health of my laptop!
    [*]I lose weight.
    [*]I was heart broken when Val was evicted.
    [*]I cried while driving.
    [*]Everything made more sense when Ejay was declared the Big Winner! *after PBB*
    [*]I became a Fanatic!!!
    [*]I got a Photobucket Account.
    [*]For the first time, I made Fan Arts.
    [*]For the first time, I made Fan Videos.
    [*]I got a Youtube Channel.
    [*]I have a short-lived Friendster Account.
    [*]I never missed a tfc show with ValEjay on it.
    [*]I gained weight.
    [*]I now use YM, besides AIM.
    [*]I became a confe adik!
    [*]I got a new roaming number!
    [*]I learned new words! like hanuvah, tarussh, itech, aketch, junakis, haliparot!
    [*]We created a new Family - Sweeties Fammy!
    [*]It gives new and deeper meanings to words like special, important, fun, friends, support,
    teamwork, trust, admiration, respect, emotions, dreams, relationships, and the list goes on...
    [*]I met AMAZING NEW ONLINE FRIENDS from around the Globe! Like Cambodia!

    amcb_14 (Tonet)
    [*]Marami na akong mga ate & kuya & mga friends dito.
    [*]Na addict ako sa PBBTEP during those days.
    [*]Lagi akong nagpepex at hindi ako ma22log hanggang hindi ako nakapagpex.
    [*]Ngayon lang ako naging solid fan sa isang loveteam.
    [*]Ngayon lang ako nakakapost sa isang forum.
    [*]May inspiration ako sa buhay at iyon ang Valejay.
    [*]Tumaas ang grades ko.

    ozkid (Layla)
    [*]First time na nahumaling ng husto sa artista.
    [*]Nalaman ko na age and distance don’t matter pag mahal mo talaga
    [*]Na-affirm ang belief ko na ‘dreams do come true’ lalo na pag mabait ang pinag-ukulan
    [*]Nawala stress sa studies pag nakikita ko sila
    [*]Dumami bigla friends ko sa f/s
    [*]Marami na rin akong dahil dito ay…
    [*]May suki na sa pagbili ng fonecard …nalaman ko rin na grabe pala akong magtelebabad
    [*]Masaya ang November kasi ma-meet ko na si sis Phy…syempre,birthday din nila
    [*]Ma-meet rest of sweeties fammy this December (sana talaga)
    [*]and of course naging member ng isang elite na sisterhood !!

    jnccrs (Jen)
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng mga new brothers and sisters na pinagsabihan ko ng aking mga problema.
    [*]First time kong nagpadala ng pera para pang text to vote for a celebrity.
    [*]Natuto ako kung paano magvote na gamit ang e-pins.
    [*]Naging membro ako ng very prestigious Soltera Sisters.
    [*]Inaway ko si Ogie Diaz.
    [*]Napasgot ko si Ogie Diaz sa e-mail.
    [*]Umaabang at nag pay-attention na ako sa mga TV programs dahil nagbabakasakali na mag guest ang ValEjay.
    [*]First time kong naging baliw sa Philippine loveteam na iyan.
    [*]Nagka rayuma ang mga kamay ko sa pagvote sa kanila sa maraming voting sites.
    [*]Kulang ang tulog ko at palagi akong pagod.
    [*]Naging miyembro ako ng PEX.
    [*]Nagkaroon ako ng very loyal friends na palaging concerned at tumatawag sa akin pag nag disappearing act ako.
    [*]Natuto ako mag tagalog.

    sweet_rona (Tita Lina)
    [*]First time ko talagang na adik sa artista sa pinas.
    [*]Di na ako makapagtrabaho ng maayos.
    [*]Di na rin ako makatulog ng sapat na oras.
    [*]Maski nag Summer Vacation ako, ang ValEjay parin ang nasa utak ko.
    [*]Higit sa lahat, pamilya na ang turing ko sa Sweeties... iba talaga!
    [*]Marami na akong nakilala pero hindi ko pa nakikita. lol
    [*]Buti nalang nagpost si sis Gaye ng link-pex (from abs forum).

    leny08 (Leny)
    [*]Natuto akong mag PEX.
    [*]Napupuyat na ako.
    [*]1st time kong maging PAN ng isang kabataan.
    [*]Napapangiti sa harap ng PC.
    [*]Nakikipag unahan sa mga junakis ko sa pag gamit ng PC.
    [*]Nabawasan ang stress and homesick.
    [*]Nagmamadali sa pag uwi para sa PEX.
    [*]Higit sa lahat nadagdagan ang friends ko na hindi ko pa na memeet.
    [*]Gusto ko na uling mag vacation sa Pinas para ma meet ang ValEjay and my Swees Fammy.

    who_art_thou (Lee)
    [*]Natuto ako mag PS
    [*]Naging mas matapang ako
    [*]Natuto kumain habang nanonood ng drama at nag pex
    [*]Nawawala ang lungkot ko
    [*]Excited ako sa race to 5k
    [*]Kaya kong awayin ang mga lang kwenta
    [*]Nakikita ko na iba iba ang personalities ng mga tao
    [*]Nakita ko ang magandang samahan dito
    [*]Na realize ko na hindi lang pala ako ang adik
    [*]Naging mas open ako sa ibang bagay
    [*]Ayoko gumala
    [*]Marami akong bagong friends na alam ko hindi lang hanggang pex

    potlovesejay (Pauline)
    [*]natuto ako mag PEx.
    [*]andami ko ng nalamang paraan kung paano magpost ng mga pictures mo sa mga social networks na kinabibilangan ko.
    [*]natuto akong maghintay ng tamang oras para sa lahat ng bagay.
    [*]natuto akong manindigan sa mga pangako ko sa ibang tao at sa sarili ko.
    [*]natuto akong makihalubilo sa ibang tao.
    [*]naadik ako sa computer kaka-post sa pugad.
    [*]natuto ako maging matipid. haha! para kapag may get together eh may budget ako. nyahaha!
    [*]natuto akong gumawa ng kung anu anong bagay tulad nung mga lettering at kung anu-ano pa.
    [*]natuto akong maging matiyaga sa pag uupload ng mga sc's mo sa fb kahit di ko naman duty yun. nakaka-enjoy naman kasi eh.
    [*]natuto akong magsikap, kasi pag nagpapaalam ako sa parents ko pag may gtg kailangan ko magpakahirap at magsikap na magawa yung pinapagawa nila sakin para lang payagan ako.
    [*]nadagdagan yung mga kaibigan ko.
    [*]ayaw ko na lumabas ng bahay dahil sa pag babantay ng post.
    [*]nag-register pa ko sa KTEXT mo at KCLOSE ata yun.
    [*]naka-away ko pa yung call center agent ng globe kasi di ko ma-recieve yung MMS mo sa KTEXT.
    [*]natuto akong magpalipas ng gutom.
    [*]nagkaroon ng saysay yung dsl dito sa bahay.
    [*]natuto akong makipag-away sa diko ko pag inaagaw niya yung internet.
    [*]napagkakamalan akong baliw dahil tumatawa nalang ako bigla sa harap ng comp pag-online ako dito sa pex.
    [*]nagkasundo kami ng nanay ko dahil sa sang-ayon din siya sakin na gwapo ka. hahaha!
    [*]dumami ang albums ko sa fb.
    [*]napagkakamalan pa akong katrabaho mo, dahil sa stat message ko sa fb na naglalaman ng mga ktext mo.
    [*]natuto akong wag masyado mag-expect.
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in MAY BUKAS PA - 2009 Primetime Bida

  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in KATORSE - 2009 Primetime Bida

  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in TANGING YAMAN - 2010 Primetime Bida

  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight] EJAY FALCON [/highlight] in Momay: Video I • Video II • Video III •

    CLICK HERE for Momay Links
    Pilot Week Play All
    [highlight]05/24/10[/highlight] - First episode of Momay. • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3
    [highlight]05/25/10[/highlight] - Momay protects and takes care of her brother. • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3
    [highlight]05/26/10[/highlight] - Momay's life is in danger. • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3
    [highlight]05/27/10[/highlight] - Family and friends bid their goodbye to Momay. • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3
    [highlight]05/28/10[/highlight] - Momay returns for some unfinished business. • Part 1

    Second Week Play All
    [highlight]05/31/10[/highlight] - Momay finds a new best friend. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/01/10[/highlight] - Andrew finds a guardian angel in Momay. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/02/10[/highlight] - Momay with her friend Andrew are in search of her brother. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/03/10[/highlight] - Will Jay-jay notice the presence of Momay? • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/04/10[/highlight] - Momay misses her Mom and Jayjay. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Third Week Play All
    [highlight]06/07/10[/highlight] - Hillary orders Justin to demolish Momay's home. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/08/10[/highlight] - Gary returns from vacation. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/09/10[/highlight] - Momay discovers the real identity of Justin. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/10/10[/highlight] - Momay finds an opportunity to speak with Justin. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/11/10[/highlight] - Will Momay give up on convincing Justin to talk to her? • Part 1 • Part 2

    Fourth Week Play All
    [highlight]06/14/10[/highlight] - Alyssa helps Momay and Andrew on their mission. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/15/10[/highlight] - Will Justin finally believe in Momay's presence? • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/16/10[/highlight] - Momay finds where Justin lives. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/17/10[/highlight] - Momay takes Gary's shirt for Justin. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/18/10[/highlight] - Momay looks for a body to possess. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Fifth Week Play All
    [highlight]06/21/10[/highlight] - Momay accidentally acquires a body. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/22/10[/highlight] - Hillary and Gary accuse Justin of stealing. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/23/10[/highlight] - What trouble will Momay get into? • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/24/10[/highlight] - Justin defends Libra from an indecent man. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/25/10[/highlight] - Momay faces Libra`s family. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Sixth Week Play All
    [highlight]06/28/10[/highlight] - Justin finally agrees to find their mom. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/29/10[/highlight] - Funland's employees strike. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]06/30/10[/highlight] - Hillary receives a death threat. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/01/10[/highlight] - Hillary freaks out. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/02/10[/highlight] - Justin gets a promotion. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Seventh Week Play All
    [highlight]07/05/10[/highlight] - Justin was accused for threatening Hillary. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/06/10[/highlight] - Gary will do anything to witness Justin's downfall. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/07/10[/highlight] - Momay discovers the secret of a meat shop. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/08/10[/highlight] - Justin will come to search for her mother. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/09/10[/highlight] - Momay and Andrew meet Lola Conchita. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Eighth Week Play All
    [highlight]07/12/10[/highlight] - Hillary promotes Raven to be her Executive Assistant. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/13/10[/highlight] - Lola Conchita remembers Shirley and Hillary. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/14/10[/highlight] - Unknown men abduct Conchita. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/15/10[/highlight] - Justin confronts Hillary concerning his mother.• Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/16/10[/highlight] - Andro and his family will have a team bonding at school. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Ninth Week Play All
    [highlight]07/19/10[/highlight] - Funland Union believes that Justin betrayed them. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/20/10[/highlight] - Gary prepares a surprise for Alyssa. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/21/10[/highlight] - Hilary starts her plan in owning Fun Land. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/22/10[/highlight] - Mickey finds out where to locate Shirley. • Part 1 • Part 2
    [highlight]07/23/10[/highlight] - Justin, Mickey and Momay look for Shirley in Bicol. • Part 1 • Part 2

    Tenth Week Play All
    [highlight]07/26/10[/highlight] - Momay finally discovers that Sherly is still alive. • Part 1 • Part 2
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer

    [highlight]EJAY FALCON[/highlight] in Agimat: Video I • Video II •

    CLICK HERE for Agimat Links
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    • 090209 • 090809 • 102109 • 102609 • 011110 • 020310 • 020510 • 020810 • 031810 • 021910 • 032910 •
    • 033010 • 051410 • 060410 • 061210 • 072619 •

    • 060808 • 082309 • 011010 •

    • 053009 • 082209 • 091909 • 051510 •

    • 060808 • 052409 • 053109 • 081609 • 082309 • 083009 • 091309 • 092709 • 010310 • 011010 • 032110 •
    • 032810 • 051610 • 052310 • 060610 •

    • 032009 • 052709 • 090209 • 091109 • 123009 • 040310 •

    [highlight]_________________________________________________________________________________________ [/highlight]

    [highlight]UMAGANG KAY GANDA: [/highlight]082008 • 082208 [highlight]RUFFA and AI: [/highlight] 081309 • 091009 • 091709 [highlight] SHARON:[/highlight] 101109 •

    [highlight] XMAS SPECIAL 2009:[/highlight] 122009 • [highlight]PBBDU: [/highlight] 010810 • [highlight]RATED K: [/highlight] 011010 • [highlight]WOWOWEE: [/highlight] 011110 • [highlight] SHARON:[/highlight] 011710 •

    [highlight]WOWOWEE:[/highlight] 052110 •
    [highlight] _________________________________________________________________________________________ [/highlight]
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer

    Stories, pictures, and videos will be posted in the coming days. The sweetierazzis are back in terra firma, safe and sound,
    but more importantly, THE PICTURES ARE SAFE AND SOUND! I'm in the middle of a bulk upload of 200+ pictures in my
    photobucket account, and once I'm finished I'm gonna PM krams-06 everything he needs to tinker with the photos, he'll
    be the one to PM everyone else who needs access to the raw shots and make it better. Sweeties photoshop brigade,
    everything is now up to you! (69 of 215 uploaded)

    Thanks a lot for this once in a lifetime experience, sweeties! I'll do my best to satisfy everyone's curiosity. Anecdotes,
    conversation tidbits, quotable quotes, usapang lasing -- will be remembered, recollected, and reflected upon for your
    lurking pleasure, but not tonight! I'm just renting a computer right now so i really can't do marathon posting, and I really
    need to take a bath. Haven't taken one since last night's session with Ejay's tropa. Don't worry girls, Ejay stayed sober!


    [highlight]Stories and Pics Courtesy of Sweetierazzi Omar[/highlight]
    [highlight]VIDEOS: [/highlight]

  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    *click pic for the PREVIEW

    Lipgloss gets new additional cast members for its third season and this time, dalawang Pinoy Big Brother alumni and
    isang Kapuso talent ang isasama sa teen-oriented show.

    Sa Sabado, February 14, magsisimula ang third season ng nag-iisang teen show ng TV5, ang Lipgloss. Ito ang unang
    nabigyan ng third season ng bagong reformat na network at ilang commercials na rin ang papasok sa show sabay ng
    panibagong 13-week run.

    Sa original cast, nagpaalam na si Miki Hahn na lumalabas bilang Stephanie dahil sa request niya na rin para makapag-
    concentrate sa pag-aaral. Graduating na kasi ang dalaga at kailangan niya ng mas maraming oras para sa kaniyang mga

    Natapos na rin ang one season appearance ni Princess Ryan na gumanap na Sarah pati na rin ang four-episode guest
    appearance ni Matt Evans bilang si Nikko.

    Sa unang episode sa third season, tatlong bagong mukha agad ang magkakasabay na papasok.
    [highlight]Una na rito ang Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus winner na si EJ Falcon na gaganap na Santi, ang PA
    (personal assistant) ng character ni Matt. Tatakbo pa rin ang love story nina Saab Magalona at Matt bilang
    Meg at Nikko nguni't mananatiling pangalan na lang sa kuwento si Nikko dahil nangibang bansa ito. Ang
    magiging tulay nila ay si Santi.

    Ito ang unang magiging regular show ni Ejay pagkatapos niyang manalo sa Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition
    Plus pero may ginagawa naman siya sa ABS-CBN, ang hindi pa naipalalabas na Humiling Ka Sa Langit soap
    opera ni Judy Ann Santos.

    Ikalawang papasok ay ang Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 1 housemate na si Ni?a Jose bilang si Camille. Siya ang
    bagong magiging ka-triangle nina Rodjun Cruz at Maxine Eigenmann na gumaganap na Jake at Abby. Isang season ang
    itatakbo ng character niya. Dalawa ang bagong shows ni Nina sa ABS-CBN nguni't pinayagan siya ng management dahil
    Linggo lang naman ang taping ng Lipgloss.

    Ang ikatlong papasok bilang ka-triangle nina Christian Vasquez at Mary Grace Perido na sina Aldrich at Louise ay isang
    Kapuso, si EB Babe Lian Paz, ang fianc?e ni Paolo Contis. Siya si Rose na magiging matandang kapatid ni Camille at
    dating girlfriend ni Aldrich na nagbabalik. Miyembro si Lian ng EB Babe group ng Eat Bulaga ng GMA-7 nguni't hindi naman
    ito nakatali sa Kapuso Network kung di sa TAPE na nagpu-produce ng nasabing noontime show.

    Matatandaang si Paolo ang nagbida sa unang season ng Midnight DJ bago ito napapirma ng GMA-7 ng isang exclusive
    network contract kung kaya't kailangan niyang palitan ni Oyo Sotto. Sa pag-alis ni Paolo sa TV5, ang kanyang fianc?e
    naman ang pumasok.

    Noong Sabado, ika-7 ng Pebrero, pinakilala na rin sina Ejay Falcon, Ni?a Jose, at Lian Paz sa fans ng Lipgloss
    na nagpunta sa mall show sa SM South Mall.


    SC's & OL Links!
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 7th Episode Part 1
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 7th Episode Part 2
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 6th Episode Part 1
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 6th Episode Part 2
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 5th Episode
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 4th Episode
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 3rd Episode
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 2nd Episode
    [highlight]OnLine Link: [/highlight]LIPGLOSS 3rd Season - 1st Episode
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    :spinstar: [highlight] Invading Falcon's Nest - September 30, 2008 :spinstar: [/highlight]
    Story by Omar (karim)
    Okies kuwento ko na nga mga pangyayari! I was supposed to go to
    his place around 12 nn para i-deliver ang mga goods na pinabili nina
    Tita Connie, Tita Lina and Mark. Last week ko pa nabili ang DIBIDI
    Player, DIBIDIs, Comic Books, at mga libro ni Bob Ong. The three
    decided to buy him those things kasi they're worrying na mabato
    lang si Ejay kapag puro gym-acting workshop ang routine niya every
    week. Noong mabili ko na nga ang mga things, eto naman sina Mark
    at Twixxie eh nang-aasar na! kasi raw magmumukha akong UPS or
    FEDEX delivery boy. Eto yung mga time na nagpost sila ng mga
    pichure ng delivery vans ng UPS at FEDEX. anyways . . . nung
    dumating na ang araw na i-de-deliver ko ang gifts, nagrequest ako
    kay Ejay na i-move muna ang time, kasi antagal mag-shopping ng
    nanay at kapatid ko at ako ang pinagbubuhat ng mga bags! Nung
    sinabi ko na kelangan ko ng i-deliver ang mga gifts sa condo mismo
    ni Ejay, talagang nagmadali na rin sila at hinatid pa ako doon mismo
    sa tapat ng condo, yun pala eh gusto ring magpa-pichure pichure!

    Pagpasok ko dun kina Ejay, nakita ko yung kapatid niyang babae
    at si Ejay nanonood ng PBO, si Jinggoy ata andun. Inalok agad ako
    ng inuming cok ni Ejay and hinayaan na akong kalikutin ang Sony
    Bravia nila. Pagtingin ko sa likod, holy shiiiiiiiite, andaming red white
    and yellow holes, di ko alam kung saan dapat icoconnect yung mga
    jacks ng dibidi player. halos mag-iisang oras din bago ko nakuha
    ang proper settings! all this time Ejay was patiently waiting
    inside the room, tinitingnan yung mga comics at libro na dala ko.
    Pinag-uusapan namin yung comics adaptation craze ng abs-cbn,
    tapos sinabi ko rin sa kanya na kaya ko pinili yung Andong Agimat
    ni Arnold Arre kasi bagay sa kanya ang role. Pero may ibang nakabili
    ng rights nung comics, sabi ko, pero pede nya pa ring banggitin sa
    mga director na baka may way pa para masulot ng abs-cbn. Malay
    natin, baka may shot pa siya to land the role! Anyways,
    tuloy tuloy lang pag-examine niya dun sa mga comic books at sa
    mga books ni Bob Ong pati na rin yung mga dibidis.

    Medjo nagustuhan ni Ejay yung Bad Education at City of God nung
    mabanggit ko na mga indie films yun, kasi sabi daw sa kanya ni Mr
    M, kung gusto niyang maging serious actor eh dapat pag-aralan
    niya ang acting ng mga nasa indie films. sabi ko okies, hahanapan
    ko siya ng mga indies! nag-request siya na sana yung kay Baron
    Geisler at Ping Medina yung mga films na bilhin ko, kasi bilib talaga
    siya sa dalawa!

    After kong ituro kung papaano ang mga thingamajiggies doon sa
    bago niyand dibidi, sinabi ko kay Ejay na pagbigyan niya na ang
    ka-weirdohan ko at magpapichure siya kay Daemon! para may
    proof na na-deliver ko nga in good condition ang mga gifts!

    Nagkagaanan na rin sila ng loob ni Daemon, kaya pinuwesto ni
    Ejay sa bagong dibidi player, doon sa kama, at doon sa balikat
    niya si Daemon habang ako pichure-pichure sa kanilang dalawa.
    Tapos nag-suggest rin si Ejay na pichure-an ko siya katabi ng
    mga gifts niya sa atin, kaya ayun lahat ng mga pina-frame
    dun eh pinichure-an ko siya. Nung binuksan niya aparador niya
    para ipakita yung mga clothes na binili ni Tita Lina at mga clothes
    na binili niya courtesy of Tita Connie, muntik ko pa ring pichurean,
    pero naghunus-dili na ako. Pinakita niya rin ang gym bag
    na bigay ni Jake Cuenca sa kanya! Usap din kami about sa
    upcoming birthdays nila ni Val! pero gusto niya eh TOP SECRET
    ang plans, kaya :secret: muna ako!

    After ng plans na gusto niya, tinanong niya ako kung
    may lafftown ako para masimulan na ang chika mode! sabi ko
    wala, samahan na lang kita sa trinoma pag-net! naligo
    muna si Ejay, at habang nandun siya sa banyo e kinausap ko
    rin si Lauren , usapang basketball. Malungkot kasi
    tinalo ang JRU ng San Beda sa championship, sayang na sayang
    raw sila kasi exempted daw dapat sa finals lahat ng students
    kung sakaling napanalunan ng JRU ang championship!

    Nagpaalam na kami ni Ejay sa kanya, at pagbaba namin nandoon
    sina mum ate at ang bungi kong pamangkin nag-aantay magpa-
    pichure sa kanya! sabi ko sa may mall na, kasi baka dumugin na
    siya ng mga tao dun sa labas ng condo, medjo marami na rin
    kasi ang mga tumatawag kay Ejay! so hinatid nila kami sa Trinoma
    at doon na nagpa-pichure pichure ang aking starstruck fammy!

    After nun, hinanap na namin netopia and the rest is history!
    weeeeeeee! Pero hinde, after nung chat, kelangan daw ni Ejay
    magwithdraw ng pera sa atm, so ikot kami ng ikot sa TriNoMa,
    grabe ang haba ng mga pila. Malas pa kasi down ang network
    kaya di siya makapagwidraw sa mga expressnet atms, so
    after an hour of walking and waiting sabi ko sa abs ka na lang
    mag-withdraw! so sinamahan ko siya dun at habang nakapila
    siya eh dumaan yung star magic road manager niya, si Zeny!

    Hang ganda nga pala ni Zenyng Buntis! eniways inobserbahan
    ko lang si Ejay habang pumipila. *** mga dumadaan na pipol
    palaging nag-se-second glance kay Ejay! kahit yung mga
    notorious gym buffs ng abs-cbn! Eniways sabi niya bibili
    muna siya ng dinner nilang magkapatid, at ditow niya na
    nabanggit na di nga siya nagluluto doon sa condo unit niya,
    kasi nangangamoy ulam. kaya madalas raw na century tuna
    hot and spicy na lang siya! ayaw niya ng ibang flavor. sabi rin
    ni Ejay eh yun rin ang formula niya para madali siyang tumaba!

    Bago pa man kami makarating ng ministop, may grupo ng mga
    teenagers na na-recognize si Ejay at pinagkaguluhan siya para
    magpapichure pichure! Nagbibiruan pa sila ni Zeny kung saan
    daw yung gimik ni Ejay nung gabing yun, sabi ni Ejay sa
    Pegasus raw! Tawa naman ang buntis! Nung dumating ang
    mga teenagers eh HAWI MODE ang mga loko kaya nahiwalay
    sina Ejay and Zeny. May mga malalandi nga na panay ang halik
    kay Ejay eh. After pagbigyan ang fans, bumili na siya
    ng mga chichirya at food para daw sa dibidi marathon niya

    Gutom na gutom na pala ang bata, kaya take-out na rin kami
    ng fuds sa McDo. kahit ako nahilo na rin kakalakad, kaya bumili
    na rin ako! Tapos inalok rin ako ni Ejay na tumuloy muna sa
    kanila para doon na kumain. Pasalamat talaga ako kasi ayaw
    ko namang kumain ng mcdo meal sa taxi! After nun
    nagpaalam na rin ako kasi may lakad pa yata siya nung gabing

    *click for more photos - slideshow.
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer
    [highlight]:spinstar: WELCOME EJAYSTERS, SWEETIES, NEWBIES and LURKERS - 56th Nest :spinstar:[/highlight]
    ONE [highlight]NEST[/highlight] . ONE [highlight]LOVE[/highlight] . ONE [highlight]EJAY[/highlight].

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