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SweetkaySweetkay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Since Team PEx is starting the Pex Clubs, I'd like to start a club for the avid bloggers of PEx. I see that there are a lot so why don't we go ahead and form a group so that we can also reap the benefits of it from Team PEx.

Here are the requirements.

- A PExer cannot start a revolution alone, so one has to have a minimum of 20 members in the group including a visible head. These members should be a member for 3 months with at least 50 posts. The number of required members will also be adjusted accordingly depending on the planned club activities the head will submit.

Activity Plan:- An aspiring club should have activities in mind already. In this light, we will require an activity plan for the next six months. But don’t be intimidated! We will only ask for one major activity and two minor activities along with their purpose and how it will be done. Don’t worry, a template will be provided to make things easier.

o Major activities are those done in a public scale or something that reaches out to people outside the PEx Club whether they are fellow PExers or not. Example: outreach programs, tournaments, introducing newbies to a sport, etc.

o Minor activities are those that are implemented to foster the bond’s of the club and does not require the participation of people outside the club. Example: grand EBs, poetry reading within the club, club parties, etc.

A Past Activity:- An aspiring club should have past activities aside from an EB or a private party within the group. The activity should be documented in photo or video.

Relevance to Pinoy Exchange:- A PEx club should be related to a current forum section should they wish to be recognized. An aspiring club should also have a home thread with 500 posts and without any breach of the PinoyExchange User Agreement. Aspiring clubs should also have a clear hobby or activity they are interested with.

Inclusion of PinoyExchange or PEx in Club Name- PEx Clubs should have PEx or PinoyExchange in their club names upon recognition. This will be used to distinguish themselves from groups of other communities.

Bloggers UNITE!


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