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Britney Spears: HOLD IT AGAINST ME (Thread 21)

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Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi) is an American recording artist and entertainer. Raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, Spears began performing as a child, landing acting roles in stage productions and television shows. She signed with Jive Records in 1997 and released her debut album in 1999. During her first decade within the music industry, she became a prominent figure in mainstream popular music and popular culture, followed by a much-publicized personal life. Her first two albums established her as a pop icon and broke sales records, while title tracks "...Baby One More Time" and "Oops!... I Did It Again" became international number-one hits. Spears was credited for influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s.

In 2001, she released her third studio album Britney and expanded her brand, playing the starring role in the film Crossroads. She assumed creative control of her fourth studio album, In the Zone released in 2003, which yielded chart-topping singles "Me Against the Music", "Toxic" and "Everytime". After the release of two compilation albums, Spears experienced personal struggles and career went under hiatus. Her fifth studio album, Blackout, was released in 2007 and despite receiving little promotion, it spawned hits "Gimme More" and "Piece of Me". In 2008, her erratic behaviour and hospitalizations caused her to be placed in a conservatorship. The same year, her sixth studio album Circus was released, with the global chart-topping lead single "Womanizer". After embarking on The Circus Starring Britney Spears, she released greatest hits The Singles Collection, which featured U.S. and Canadian number-one single "3".

Spears has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and is one of the best-selling music artists worldwide. She is ranked as the eighth best-selling female recording artist in the U.S., having sold more than 32 million copies of her albums and all certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. In 2009, Billboard named Spears as one of the best selling acts of the 2000s, solely based on album sales as well as the 8th overall best act of the decade based on album sales, chart success, and cultural relativity. In the United States, Spears is the best selling female artist of the 2000s, as well as the fifth overall. In July of 2010, Forbes announced that Spears ranked at number six on their annual Celebrity 100 list, a jump from her rank of number thirteen the previous year. She ranks as the third most powerful female musician of the year, bringing in $64 million dollars


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    Britney Spears Set To Release New Single “Hold It Against Me” On Tuesday, January 11th

    For Immediate Release:

    January 7, 2011

    Britney Spears Set To Release New Single “Hold It Against Me” On Tuesday, January 11th

    Song Will Debut Simultaneously At Radio And On The U.S. iTunes Store At Midnight (EST) On January 11th

    New York, NY- Britney Spears’ new highly anticipated song “Hold It Against Me” will premiere simultaneously on radio stations and be available immediately in the U.S. exclusively on the iTunes store, Tuesday, January 11th at 12AM EST.

    “Hold It Against Me” is produced by Britney’s long-time collaborators Max Martin and Dr. Luke and is the official lead single from her forthcoming album. The as-yet-untitled seventh studio album is slated for release in March, 2011 on Jive Records.

    Fans will have the opportunity to purchase the song exclusively on the iTunes store until 1/18.

    During her 12-year career, Britney has had five albums debut in the No. 1 position on Billboard ’s Top 200 Albums chart and she’s had 24 Top 40 hits on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 chart. Globally, Britney Spears is one of the top-selling artists of the past decade, dominating charts with her albums, selling an astonishing 67 million albums worldwide. Her previous albums include: …Baby One More Time (1999); Oops!… I Did It Again (2000); Britney (2001); In The Zone (2003); Blackout (2007); Circus (2008); and The Singles Collection (2009).
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    Britney Spears
    "Hold it Against Me"

    "Hold it Against Me" is prime Britney, packed with aggressive electro jitters, a Euro-cheese riff that's strangely close to AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," and a weird breakdown where Brit moans, blows kisses, and snaps her gum. The first single from her upcoming seventh album, the song (co-produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke) recalls the synth-gloom ambience of Britney's 2007 gem, Blackout, possibly the most influential pop album of the last five years. The lyrics head toward Austin Powers/Benny Hill territory: "If I said I want your body now/ Would you hold it against me?" It isn't hard to hear a tinge of desperation in Brit's digitally processed growl, especially in the line "You feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight." But even so, "Hold it Against Me" promises great things for her album, aside from the overall jaw-drop factor that Britney has hung in there to make a seventh album at all.
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    Britney Spears Defies Pop Music Rule Book: Don't Hold It Against Her
    Posted 8 hrs ago by Jim Cantiello in Music

    The new Britney Spears' single, "Hold It Against Me," hit the Web this morning and, sorry haters, it's a home run. The Max Martin/ Dr. Luke concoction combines the electro-house craze currently fueling Top 40 radio with a sing-songy chorus that nods to Britney's bubblegum past. (Strip away the grimy electronic pulses, and that refrain could fit snuggly into the kind of midtempo ballad Spears used to drop with every other single.)

    As far as 2011 mainstream pop music goes, it doesn't get much shrewder than "Hold It Against Me." When MTV News staffers listened to "Hold It Against Me" today, we spent almost an hour brainstorming ideas around the song and considering Spears' place in contemporary pop culture. During discussions of hair-shaving and conservatorship, it hit me: What's most noteworthy about Britney's career of late is what an anomaly it is.

    Britney Spears single-handedly disproves the theory that pop music prioritizes style over substance. Without flashy music videos, a primping glam squad and tricky studio wizardry, naysayers argue, pop stars would not be able to maintain their luster.

    Based on those criteria, though, shouldn't Britney's success have fizzled out years ago? By 2007, America's pop music sweetheart-turned-sexpot was a mother of two who had replaced her personal trainer with a bottomless frappuccino. If, according to her critics, Britney's major selling points were her six-pack abs and sex appeal, she'd have dropped off our radar by then.

    Furthermore, fans haven't been able to latch on to Britney's public persona -- they way the respond to, say, Katy Perry -- because for all intents and purposes, Brit has none. Spears hasn't given a proper TV interview since MTV's "Britney Spears: For the Record" documentary in 2008, and even that was a highly produced affair, with Britney's handlers getting final approval over the content.

    When Britney pops up in public (to run her decidedly unglamorous errands), she's often wearing Uggs-inspired (F'uggs?) boots and a weave that looks like its seen better hair days. Aspirational style icon, she is not.

    In the end, though, it's not about Britney's looks or personality. It's about delivering irresistible pop singles, which Britney makes look as easy as one, two, three (Peter, Paul and Mary).

    To put it simply, "Hold It Against Me" rules. Silly pickup lines make up the bulk of the lyrics, the unrelenting beat is fist-pump-able, and Britney's vocals are warm and, well, human. (Not to mention her endearing pronunciation of the word "hazy.") And how awesome is that metallic chug-of-a-breakdown that finds Ms. Spears snarling "pop it like a hood" over a hip-hop shuffle? Whoa.

    Britney's shooting the music video for "Against Me" in a few weeks, but the end result is moot. To me, she hasn't been a true music video artist since "TRL" was on the air. If the clip is awesome, I'll cheer for her, but if it's less-than-epic, I won't hold it against her. The song is great regardless and, these days, that's all we care about when it comes to image-proof Britney Spears.
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    So, the new Britney single...
    Story filed Monday, 10 January 2011

    We went over to Britney's label earlier this morning. Our mission: listen to the very final no-messing-around version of Britney Spears' new single 'Hold It Against Me'.

    Here is the massive RCA logo you see when you go into the label. It is a new logo. It is better than the new Britney Spears logo, but wouldn't really work as a Britney Spears logo as it says 'RCA' not 'Britney Spears'.


    Sometimes labels talk about keeping music 'under lock and key'. What that usually means is that there are CDs sitting around on desks all over the building for cleaners to nick if they feel like it, and unwatermarked audio streams have only been sent to about fifty people in radio. With Britney it seems like there is Proper Security around the whole thing. There is, allegedly, only one CD in the UK and this is it.


    As a 'cunning bluff' it doesn't actually say THIS IS THE NEW BRITNEY SPEARS SINGLE 'HOLD IT AGAINST' ME on it, and has been kept in a Willow Smith CD sleeve. Note the subtle 'BS' at the leftmost extremity of Willow's whipped hair.

    This is what the CD looks like when it is inserted into a CD player.


    As you can see, the song is three minutes and fifty two seconds long. That makes it twenty two seconds longer than the optimum pop length (established by '...Baby One More Time') of three minutes and thirty seconds, but complaining about a new Britney song going on a bit is a bit like moaning your lunch is a bit too nice.

    So what's it like? Well, if you've heard the demo (which frankly isn't very good and made us worry a bit about this whole Britney comeback business) you will probably be expecting something that sounds like a halfarsed Ke$ha tribute. Fortunately, while the song's lyrics and melody aren't that different, the finished Britney version of 'Hold It Against Me' is approximately 1000 times better than the demo. It's a harder, more urgent, extremely epic statement track that sounds like the work of a superstar.

    Allow us to illustrate our point piscatorially.


    The big difference from the early demo that leaked last week is the presence - heralded by a classic Britney spoken word "if I said 'I want your body', would you hold it against me?" - of a fantastically ridiculous dubstep breakdown after the second chorus. After the whole song drops out it's dubstep gloomwobble-a-go-go for a full thirty seconds, with Britney throwing around some "yeah", "ow", "uh-huh" ad-libs and a new "gimme something good, don't wanna wait I want it now, drop it like a hood and show me how you work it out" line. After that there's a second middle eight (don't be surprised if certain radio programmers whip out the first one entirely) which is a hands-in-the-air smoke machine moment more in keeping with the rest of the track, and that's followed by the full chorus slamming in and taking you to the end of the track. Sudden end, no fade. Amazing.

    This is neither the time or the place to fully explore the concept of delayed gratification but the effect of teasing the listener by dropping the beat out of the song's first two choruses, then plunging us into half a minute of abstract dubstep, and then only finally revealing the full-on raveochorus in the song's final moments is something very special indeed. Warning: YOU MAY SHED A TEAR OR OTHER FLUIDS.

    Other bits:

    1. There is lots of whooshing.

    2. There's no "babaay", but there is a "hazaay".

    3. The vocals are a bit treated - it's a Britney single - but it's not Auto-Tuned to **** like we (and lots of you) feared. It's obviously Britney and it's obviously brilliant.

    4. We love it and it makes us very excited - more excited than we thought we would be - for the album.

    Yesterday on Twitter we asked if any of you had questions about the song - well, we're going to do our best to respond to as many of them as we can. Check back later and we'll have some answers for you. EDIT: It's leaked so we won't bother - but we're right about that breakdown innit.

    Read more:
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    Why we're in love with the new Britney single
    Monday, January 10 2011, 14:07 GMT
    By Nick Levine, Music Editor

    The verses throb like a teenage girl's heart when R. Patz whips his shirt off in Twilight. The choruses swirl like your head after a shot of cherry vodka, sucking you in pretty much on first listen. Then there's the breakdown: a spoken word bit! Vocal trickery aplenty! Stabbing synths straight outta San Antonio!

    And so… Rudimentary lyrics notwithstanding, we're convinced that 'Hold It Against Me' is Miss Spears' best single since 'Womanizer' and possibly 'Piece Of Me'. Although it's produced by the not exactly reclusive duo of Max Martin and Dr Luke, it doesn't sound a Ke$ha/Katy Perry cast-off. It actually sounds like a bang-up-to-date Britney tune for 2010, one that's clubby and au courant enough to scooch alongside the likes of 'Only Girl (In This World)' on your iPod, but also confident enough its own skin to rock a nice bit of classic Britney - check out the way she sings "hazy", for example.

    Oh Britters, did we ever really doubt you?
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    The discography of Britney Spears, an American pop music singer, consists of six studio albums, three compilation albums, twenty-nine singles, six video albums and one extended play on Jive Records.

    In 1997, Spears signed a recording contract with Jive and released her debut studio album, ...Baby One More Time, in January 1999. The album opened at number one on the Billboard 200 and went on to be certified fourteen-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and three-times platinum by the British Phonographic Industry. It features the global hit single "...Baby One More Time", which notably topped the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart and is one of the best-selling records of all time in Britain, "(You Drive Me) Crazy" and the British number-one hit "Born to Make You Happy".

    Sixteen months later after the release of ...Baby One More Time, Spears released her second album, Oops!... I Did It Again, which became the fastest-selling album ever by a female act in the USA with over 1.3 million copies sold in its opening week and was certified ten-times platinum by the RIAA and three-times platinum by the BPI. The album produced three hit singles: her third British number-one "Oops!... I Did It Again", "Lucky" and "Stronger". In November 2001, Spears released her self-titled album, which opened at the top of the Billboard 200 and produced worldwide hit "I'm a Slave 4 U", which is notable for her change of style from bubblegum pop to dance-pop and exploring into urban pop. In the Zone was released and produced major #1 hit singles like "Toxic", which earned Spears her first Grammy Award, "Everytime", her latest British number-one hit as of 2009, Me Against the Music with Madonna and the R. Kelly-produced "Outrageous". It was called by critics as her most adventurous album because of various types of genres.

    After four studio albums, Spears released her first hits compilation in November 2004. The collection debuted at number-one on the Oricon charts and became her best-selling album in Japan. In October 2007, Spears' highly anticipated fifth studio album, Blackout, was released. It opened at number-two on the Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart and features the hit songs "Gimme More", "Piece of Me", "Break the Ice" and "Radar". It was positively received by critics, who praised its innovative and modern sound. One year later, Circus, her sixth studio album, made Spears the only act in the Nielsen SoundScan era, 1991-present, to have four albums debut with 500,000 or more copies sold in the USA and produced worldwide hits "Womanizer", "Circus" and "If U Seek Amy". In late 2009, she released new single "3" which was followed by her second greatest hits album. "3" became her third number one single on the USA Hot 100.

    Spears has sold over 100 million records worldwide. In addition, she is ranked as the eighth best-selling female recording artist in the USA with 32 million sold albums certified by the RIAA, and is currently the fifth best-selling act, as well as the highest-selling female, of the decade in the country.

    Spears has many world records including the youngest female in music history to have the most US number 1 albums. Spears has five albums to debut at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and six to debut at the top 2 slots. Spears also is the world's most successful teenager recording artist with over 37 million albums sold worldwide before she turned 20, with only 2 years of releasing music.
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    The ...Baby One More Time Tour is the first concert tour by American singer Britney Spears. It supported her first studio album, ...Baby One More Time and visited United States and Canada. The tour was announced in March 1999, with dates released a month later. Tommy Hilfiger was chosen as the tour sponsor. An extension of the tour, titled Crazy 2K, was announced in December 1999. Tour sponsors of the second leg were Got Milk? and Polaroid. The concept and costumes were designed by Spears. The stage was changed at the beginning of the second leg to include pyrotechnics and special effects.

    The show was divided into various segments, with each segment being followed by an interlude to the next segment, and it ended with an encore. The setlist consisted of songs from her debut album and several covers. Some changes were made during the 2000 leg, with the covers replaced by songs Spears premiered from her second studio album, Oops!... I Did It Again. The tour received positive critical appreciation from critics. During the tour, Spears was accused of lip synching, although she denied these claims. The show was recorded and broadcasted on Fox. A DVD entitled Live and More! was also released.

    The Oops!...I Did It Again World Tour was the second concert tour by American singer Britney Spears. It supported her second studio album Oops!... I Did It Again and visited North America, Europe and Brazil. It marked the first time Spears toured outside North America. The tour was announced in February 2000, while Spears was in the midst of the ...Baby One More Time Tour. The stage was much more elaborate than her previous tours and featured video screens, pyrotechnics and moving platforms. The setlist was composed by songs from her first two studio albums, ...Baby One More Time and Oops!... I Did It Again. Showco was the sound company, who used the PRISM system to adapt the show to each venue. Spears used a handheld microphone and a headset during the shows, while an ADAT was used to replace her voice during energetic dance routines. All of the equipment came from the United States.

    The show consisted of four segments with each segment being followed by an interlude to the next segment, and it ended with an encore. The show began with Spears descending from a giant orb. Most of the songs displayed energetic dance routines with the exception of the second segment, which featured mostly ballads. The encore consisted of a performance with pyrotechnics. The Oops!...I Did It Again World Tour received positive reviews from critics, who praised Spears's energy onstage as well as the band. It was also a commercial success, grossing $40.5 million and becoming one of the highest grossing tours of 2000. The Oops!...I Did It Again World Tour was broadcasted by many channels around the world.

    Dream Within a Dream Tour is the third concert tour by American singer Britney Spears. It promoted her third studio album Britney in North America and Japan. The Dream Withim a Dream Tour was promoted by Concerts West, marking the first time Spears did not tour with Clear Channel Entertainment. On September 21, 2001, a North American tour was announced that kicked off exactly two months later after various dates were postponed. In February 2002, Spears announced a second leg of the tour. It was directed and choreographed by Wade Robson, who explained the main theme of the show was Spears's coming of age and newfound independence. The stage was designed by Steve Cohen and Rob Brenner and was composed of a main stage and a B-stage, united by a runway. Inspired by Cleopatra's barge, a flying device was developed so Spears could travel over the audience to the B-stage. The setlist was mostly composed by songs from the supporting album, as Spears felt they were more reflective of her personality. Songs from her previous two studio albums were also included in remixed form by Robson.

    The show was divided into seven segments with the last one being the encore. Spears opened the show hanging from a gyrating wheel; it continued with Spears performing a medley of older hits, jumping in bungee cords from the flying device onto the stage and dancing in a jungle setting. Most of the performances were accompanied by extravagant special effects, including confetti, pyrotechnics, laser lights, and artificial fog and snow. In the encore, there was a water screen that pumped two tons of water into the stage; this was considered one of the signature performances of the tour. During the 2002 leg, some changes were made; several songs were remixed, and Spears premiered various unreleased songs which included "Mystic Man". The show received mixed reviews by critics, who praised the show for being innovative but dismissed it for taking the attention away from the music.

    The Dream Within a Dream Tour was largely sold out and grossed $43.7 million. During the second show in Mexico, Spears left the stage after the fifth song due to a lightning storm; the show was canceled and caused riots in the audience. The tour was broadcasted live on HBO on November 18, 2001. A DVD titled Live from Las Vegas was released on January 2002. The Mexico and Japan shows were chronicled in the documentary Stages: Three Days in Mexico.

    The Onyx Hotel Tour is the fourth concert tour by American singer Britney Spears. It supported her fourth studio album In the Zone (2003) and visited North America and Europe. A tour to promote the album was announced in December 2003. Its original name was the In the Zone Tour, but Spears was sued for trademark infringement and banned from using the name. Spears felt inspired to create a show with a hotel theme which she later mixed with the concept of an onyx stone. The stage, inspired by Broadway musicals, was less elaborate than her previous tours. The setlist was composed mostly by songs from In the Zone as well as some of her past songs reworked with different elements of jazz, blues and Latin percussion. Tour promoter Clear Channel Entertainment marketed the tour to a more adult audience than her previous shows while sponsor MTV highly promoted the tour on TV shows and the network's website.

    The tour was divided into seven segments: Check-In, Mystic Lounge, Mystic Garden, The Onyx Zone, Security Cameras, Club and the encore. Check-In displayed performances with dance and advanced in the hotel theme. Mystic Lounge featured an homage to Cabaret and other musicals, while remixing some of Spears's early hits. Mystic Garden displayed a jungle-inspired stage. The Onyx Zone displayed a ballad performance with acrobats. Security Cameras was the raciest part of the show, with Spears and her dancers emulating different sexual practices. Club displayed a performance with urban influences. The encore consisted of a system malfunction interlude and Spears performed wearing a red ensemble. The tour received mixed reviews from contemporary critics, who praised it for being an entertaining show while criticizing it for looking "more [like] a spectacle than an actual concert".

    The Onyx Hotel Tour was commercially successful, grossing $34 million. In March, Spears suffered a knee injury onstage which forced her to reschedule two shows. In June, Spears fell and hurt her knee again during a music video shoot. She underwent arthroscopic surgery and the remainder of the tour was canceled. In 2005, Spears sued her insurance companies for denying her a reimbursement for the cancellation. The Onyx Hotel Tour was broadcasted live on Showtime on March 28, 2004. Backstage footage was included in the reality show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. A DVD of the Lisbon show was released in Italy in October 2009.

    The Circus Starring Britney Spears, commonly referred to as the Circus Tour,[1] was the fifth concert tour by American singer Britney Spears to promote her sixth studio album Circus. Rumors of a tour arose as early as October 2007, after Spears released her fifth studio album Blackout; however, it was cancelled due to unknown reasons. The tour was officially announced in December 2008, with dates for American and British venues revealed. The stage was composed of three rings and set in-the-round to resemble an actual circus. Fashion designers Dean and Dan Caten created the costumes. A giant cylinder screen was set above the stage to showcase videos and backdrops. Effects were provided by Solotech. Magician Ed Alonzo joined Spears during the second act. The setlist was composed generally from her albums In the Zone, Blackout and Circus. Spears announced she would tour Australia for the first time in June 2009.

    The tour was described as a "pop extravaganza". It was divided into five segments. The Circus featured a metamorphosis of Spears from as a ringmaster to a slave, while being surrounded by different performers. House of Fun (Anything Goes) displayed a series of upbeat numbers with different themes, including magic and military. It ended with a Bollywood-inspired performance and a ballad in which Spears performed while floating on a giant umbrella. Freakshow/Peepshow featured a video interlude set to heavy metal music, and continued with dark and sexual performances. Electro Circ displayed energetic dance routines, and the encore consisted of a video montage of Spears's music videos and a police-themed performance. Some changes were made to the show throughout the tour. Several songs were remixed; Spears also performed "Mannequin" in selected European shows and covers of Duffy and Alanis Morisette in some North American dates.

    The Circus Starring Britney Spears generated a positive to mixed reception from critics. While some praised its aesthetic and deemed it as an entertaining show, others criticized Spears's lack of involvement during some segments. The tour was a commercial success, with a total gross of $131.8 million. A great number of tickets were sold after only a week of the announcement of the tour, which prompted supporters to add more dates. The tour also broke attendance records in many cities and all the North American shows were sold out. It became the fifth highest grossing tour of 2009, as well as the fifth highest grossing tour ever by a female artist. The show generated controversy on the Australian leg after a reporter said that a great number of fans had walked out during the performances. However, this was later denied by Spears's management and promoters.
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    Post away, Britters!


    Thanks to blue, rey and joana!
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