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Car loan requirements Dillema

Happy new year sa inyu

Gusto ko sana ilapit yung dillema ko.

ITR is one of the requirements para ma process yung Car loan sa Metrobank. My parents made me principal barrower becuase the bank manager told my parents na they are not eligible as principal(Senior Citizen).

My parents are will shoulder half of the purchase and half of the monthly ammortization . But I am not confident to show my TRUE ITR because I am not earning that much compare to the car that we want to buy. my earnings is 28k only.

Panu po kaya itu.. is there a chance na ma approve yung car loan ko?



  • pwede..

    if you guys are 'valued customer' sa branch na yan. maraming 'valued customers' that don't show itrs pero ambilis nilang maka pagutang sa banko. :)

    metrobank is aware that its customer's income do not depend entirely on itrs.
  • in case i- alter ko yung ITR to reflect higher salary... di kaya ako makasuhan.. may nagsabi kasi sa akin na pwede yun eh para daw mas madali ang approval
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