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Ayson's Personal Training Service

Hi everyone!

I present to you Tim Ayson's Real Deal-Purpose Driven Training

Start the new year right and take charge of your life by ending your lifestyle of inactivity and actually exercise.

Too busy? No problem, this is the first Homework-Based personal training system and believe me.. It works. Don't take my word for it, just ask a couple of my students:

“ There is potential in each and every one of us. We are strong, fast, and powerful – and all we have to do is have the discipline to make that potential a reality. Since I’ve started training under Tim Ayson I’ve become that and more. When I started I could barely lift a 32lbs weight from the floor and now I’m lifting 100lbs from the floor to above my head. When I started I lost breath after 20 minutes of jogging and now I have the stamina to last an hour and more of intense physical activity. When I started my sports experience was limited to chess and now I have the confidence to use my abilities in martial arts.
We all have a dream of a better version of us. This dream is achievable. Take it from me, I’m getting there. “

Joseph Sinay - Student – Entrepreneur, future 100lbs – one arm presser

“I was looking for a trainer who can help me condition myself for my first 42km full marathon. Even during my trial session with Tim, I knew I was going to make the right decision of going through his program. He asks you to do simple movements in a sequence yet you find yourself sweating like crazy within the first 10 minutes! After just 3 sessions on his program, I could already notice significant improvements whenever I run. I would run at my normal pace yet I notice my heart rate is much lower, hence, I was exerting less effort. I know that I'm coming into this full marathon well prepared and I can't wait to cross that finish line!”

Ben Cabigas – Busy working man, Soon to be a 42km finisher

Common mistake is to jump right in to an advanced program. This normally causes undesired results which will ultimately lead to you giving up.

You need to have a strong foundation before embracing anything complicated.

We will improve the essentials first:

General Physical Preparedness
Functional Mobility
Healthy muscle to fat ratio
Strength and Endurance
New "pimped out" look (sorry can't resist to include this one)

Then we Implement specific enhancements.

There are over 30 courses to be followed. All can be customized to your current fitness levels and limitations (if any).

I want to learn more! Do you have a website?

Go to www.timayson.com

Where is your gym?

It is a home studio loocated at bf pque. Complete with essentials : complete kettlebell aand dumbell stacks along with over 400 lbs of weights. Bench and squat racks to boot.

Do you accept walk ins?

No. This is a private session-type training. No gym politics in site. It'll be you and me and the workout.

I want to try, you have a free session?

Yes you can, the first session is a fitness screening session. All you have to do is send me an email [email protected] or send me an sms 09493697392 to book your free hour.

I'm scared to try, I'm just a beginner. It might be too intense.

Yes I do embrace the gospel of intensity however this does not mean that we will not go at your own pace. It is not a competition against others but Your personal quest for improvement.

Give me more background about your homework-system. How does it work?

Upon enrollment you will be given a kettlebell and a series of pdf files for you to follow. You will be guided accordingly during the once a week sessions of course by me the trainer.

What do these courses composed of?

Mobility drills
Old school Dumbell ballistics
Kettlebell work
Bodyweight drills
Endurance training
Whole lot more!

I want more details

You can click on the url below and learn more.

... I can go all day but I highly recommend you test it out for yourself... It is free after all.

This is not only a means of working out but a learning process as well. I actually teach you how to exercise, what are the most effective fitness principles and I am at 24/7 support as a part of my service. This means you can text me whenever you have a question or (from my experience) having a food dilemma.

I'll update this thread with some before/after pics and some useful articles.

There should be a reason assoociated with every action and my Purpose Driven Training will teach you just that!

Have a good day guys!

Tim Ayson
[email protected]
SMS: 09493697392


  • I'll be updating this thread with some workout articles too.

    Here is a photo of the home studio:

  • Hey, Tim. The services you offer sound really good and they are different from the usual "stuff" people are exposed to. I believe the number of people looking into improving their functional strength, performance, stamina is increasing, so that's a good thing, too. How about providing a video link of one of your group sessions? I've seen some pictures and they looked really intense.

  • ^ Hi Steve, Thanks for the advice bud. The group training in Transformers Gym is different from my 1 on 1 at this studio. But will provide video very soon nonetheless.

    Happy new year bro!
  • ^really nice site boss tim, sana updated palagi, ang sarap kasing magbasa very informative ang site mo. mas maganda if merong mga vidz... more power..
  • ^thanks squelch, will do very soon. Mas maganda nga ang videos tama kayo lahat:) have a nice night to all.
  • Zeitgeist699Zeitgeist699 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wow.. ive visited your website and its not clear if we have to do this at home or its a one-on-one session at your gym if i opt to take the private 1 on 1 session. im quite new at fitness first with a PT instructor and so far the results are not dramatic. im interested in getting an private instructor who has the credentials and science at body building. please feel free to answer my question in PEx email or in this forum. thanks!
  • ^ Its in the legend my friend let me quote again:

    "Where is your gym?

    It is a home studio loocated at bf pque. Complete with essentials : complete kettlebell aand dumbell stacks along with over 400 lbs of weights. Bench and squat racks to boot."

    The answer is 1 on 1 in the home studio. My bootcamp sessions are located at transformers gym and will be expanding to other gyms as well...however this is a totally different thing.

    Since you're "quite new" it is unfair to label that the PT instructor is not working as there are such a lot of factors that can be missing.

    All comes in time, effort and sacrifice along with great guidance

    Send me an email if you have questions I will gladly help

    Hope I answered the question
  • Zeitgeist699Zeitgeist699 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    thanks, you answered my question. the problem is i live in libis and the studio is in paranaque. but still, im thinking about visiting your home gym once im done with fitness first 1:1 training. ill keep you posted.
  • ^ no problem, glad I could help:) btw, you can ask coach blakedaddy about good trainers available from your area.

    Libis - South means that you'll be going through the monstrosity known as SLEX.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    ^ he actually has 3 options

    1. he can visit me
    2. he can pm alumbrado3 who is based in the cainta/marikina/katipunan area
    3. he can pm military_press who is based in rosario, pasig but also trains at eclipse shaw thrice a week
  • ^ Thanks Coach Blake!

    @Zeitgeist699 there you go buddy. Hope we pointed you out to the right direction. Highly recommend Coach Blake the guy really knows his stuff.

    You can visit my site for free workouts,articles and more (I'll update them regularly)
  • Tim!!! You're a Pexer!! Haha! Lapit na Condura bro!
  • ^ Haha yeah bro! Ilang weeks nalang yon!
  • nice gym tim! keep up the good work!
  • ^ Thanks Happy new year to you!
  • Whether its heavy or light Dumbell Thrusters, it will get your number:

  • When you have got the proper running foundation, I suggest you try the power of Hill Sprints: http://timayson.com/?p=72
  • Another fun workout that will improve your core is using sledge hammers. It will only cost you:

    180 pesos for 10lbs na maso
    Free if mamulot ka nang used tire
    Free if lagyan mo nang mga trapo sa loob nang bilog nang butas para di tumalbog
    Gloves 50 pesos - yung white na nakikita mong sinusuot nang mga workers.

    Total = 230 pesos for the real deal TOTAL CORE equipment.

    Here's an article on how to expand this kind of equipment: http://timayson.com/?p=75
  • Pushing muscles lagging? Give this a shot...

  • Zeitgeist699Zeitgeist699 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    blakedaddy wrote: »
    ^ he actually has 3 options

    1. he can visit me
    2. he can pm alumbrado3 who is based in the cainta/marikina/katipunan area
    3. he can pm military_press who is based in rosario, pasig but also trains at eclipse shaw thrice a week

    thanks! blake i sent you a private message.
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