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Student's Permit to Non-Pro

Here's my dillema: my permit expires tomorrow and I have not done anthing yet. I'll have to go to City Hall first to get my TIN, then head over to LTO. In the event that I cannot get my license on time tomorrow, is it possible to get it even if my permit is expired? Even if it's just one day? Thanks.


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Nope. AFAIK you have to renew your Permit and get your license after a month.

  • gablorenzo
    gablorenzo 111(SECRET :>)
    I see. Thanks for the help.

    If that's the case, what is the procedure in renewal of a Student's Permit?
  • goto lto office, fill up form. wait in line, done.

    i suggest you go right after new year's day para walang pila and mabilis ang pag process..

    tapos para gawing non pro, pumunta ng lto office, mag bayad sa loob para kunin ang test answers, at para manehuin ang suzuki alto na test car, lol.
  • feeling ko matagal ang process pagkakapasok lang ng taon. naexperience ko dati na sobrang tagal ng process dahil nagkakaproblema raw sa computers at systems ng LTO dahil nagpapalit daw ng taon. well just give it a try. :)
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