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Car accident responsibility

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to ask for your advice and hope you guys can help.

We are in the process of getting a company car and a driver from an agency but curious about what will happen if there is an accident.

Who will take the responsibility of the accident? Example - nakabunggo ng tao? Yung driver ng agency ba yung may responsibility or yung company na may ari nung kotse? (Of course yung kotse may insurance)

Hope you guys can help!


  • your insurance takes care of it.

    your driver is your responsibility. di naman siguro makaka bayad yan kung may nabangga.
  • pag nakabanga at walang nasaktan kung walang insurance ... your company ang mag shoulder ng repair ..

    pero pag may namatay in the result of a accident kulong ang driver at company ang mag shoulder ng repair at pagamot sa biktima .. may kaso pa iyan pag naghabol ang biktima ..
  • yeah.. pag naka patay ka... yung driver kulong, company shoulders some expenses.
  • ichi
    ichi Ichi the Great
    thanks for your replies.

    Company - meaning the company that hired the driver or the Agency of the driver?
  • Who ever owns the car will be liable for any damages. Kung rent-a-car yan, yung rent-a-car company ang liable for damages. Kung kayo may ari ng kotse at rent-a-driver lang, kayo ang liable for damages.
  • I hope this advice still counts. But just to be sure, you can ask your company. Companies issuing cars to employees have a comprehensive car insurance. Well, almost all of them. Be sure of the coverage and policies. Voice out your concerns. If possible, pwede kang kumuha ng separate car insurance. That’s what we did. Aside from the car insurance provided by the company, we also got one from MAPFRE ( which handles our property insurance as well.
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