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New Modus in Carnapping

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Siguro na post na ito dito, but I'm posting this para sa mga di pa alam ito.

Para sa mga di makapanood ng video ito nangyari, isang carnapper ang nagkabit ng mga lata at itinali ito sa likod ng kotse (white mazda3), then dumating yung the lady driver, sumakay sa kotse nya, started to drive, of course she would hear clanking sound behind her. So she stopped, get out of her vehicle without removing her keys and closing the door, looked at the back of her car to see whats that clanking sound, and in just a matter of 2 to 3 seconds, the carnapper pop-up behind her, sat in the driver seat and floored the gas and drove away.

i usually do this, leave the car running with the keys still on the ignition kung sandali lang naman ako lalabas ng kotse (like putting the grocery at the trunk while my kids are already at the backseat), but after seeing this and realizing a carnapper just need a couple of seconds to take you car, i wouldnt do it again.


  • ^ thanks for the heads up brad. di ko na din yun gagawin, kahit traffic pa.
  • Parang staged lang yung nasa video? Kasi wala pa ata 2feet yung itinakbo nung kotse and nakaladkad lang yung sodacans(?) which I don't think will cause enough noise considering the very very short distance. Add to that that the cars windows were closed and most probably, the radios were on too(sino ba ang literal na nagpapatay ng radyo bago patayin ang makina?).

    But anyway, salamat na din sa babala. ;)
  • The one in the video seems to be staged maybe for the purpose of showing the people how this modus happens. It may be for information purposes only. Anyhow, it is still very helpful.

    Just some things to remember:
    1. These carnappers will do anything for you to get out of your car in the middle of the road. That is where they will make their move.

    2. When something unusual happens, look for a lighted safe place for you to stop. Drive until you see like the nearest police station, or a spot where lots of people are present. That is when you go down and check.

    3. Keep your doors locked. When someone tries to force open your car in the middle of traffic, honk your horn like crazy to get the attention of others.

    4. Sometimes, these carnappers throw eggs on your windshield. Switching on your wipers makes things worse. If they throw eggs, DO NOT SWITCH ON YOUR WIPER. Just leave it and drive to the nearest gas station to have it wiped off.
  • dapat talaga alam ng every car owner ito kaya lang instinct ang nagpapahamak.
  • Staged or not, it has a point. Never leave your car with switched on engine unattended.
  • always be alert. maraming nagkalat na kawatan ngayon, lalo na malapit na pasko.
  • thanks for the heads up. ingat po tayo sa daan...
  • salamat sa paalala brod. thanks
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