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  • ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ Invades Cebu and Davao

    The country’s biggest nationwide talent-reality show “Pilipinas Got Talent” is set to conquer your TV screens once more as its much-awaited second season kicks off this first quarter of 2011.

    Auditions started recently where thousands of hopefuls coming from Visayas and Mindanao flocked to the Cebu Institute of Technology University in Cebu and Philippine Women’s College in Davao and showed what they got in hopes of following the footsteps of PGT’s first grand winner Jovit Baldivino.
    The team only visited two locations but the turnout of applicants already surpassed the combined number of applicants who auditioned in almost 20 cities during the first season.
    “The number of people who auditioned is very overwhelming. We cant event take a break because the number of hopefuls to be interviewed and to be watched will surely pile up in a matter of minutes,” said Rancy Recato, Executive Producer of PGT.
    Pinoys showed better and more intense talents be it singing, dancing, or even unique and unconventional acts.
    Even applicants during the first season auditioned once more and trying their second shot at stardom.
    “Pilipinas Got Talent” is indeed one of the most successful and most watched talent-reality show on Philippine TV and its grand winner Jovit Baldivino is definitely soaring greater heights with the break given to him by the show. Even finalists like the breakdancing Velasco Brothers, Ezra Band, singers Sherwin Baguion and Markki Stroem, magician Alakim, ventriloquist Ruther Urquia, and guitarist Keith Clark Delleva are already making their marks and taking their respective paths in the industry.
    The show also performed very well in ratings. It was able to hit a high of 43.1% only on its second week of airing based on national ratings data from Kantar Media.
    PGT also trended a couple of times in the famous social networking site Twitter, which only proves how widely viewed the show is by Pinoys worldwide.
    To all PGT hopefuls, you can audition on Dec 15 and 16 at the Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan, and on Dec 18 and 19 at the ABS-CBN complex in Manila. Everyone is welcome to join, be it young or old; solo or in groups; as long as you have the talent to sing, dance, do magic, do extreme exhibitions, and any other possible form of talents. Other audition legs on other parts of the country will be held on January 2011.
    Are you the next “Pilipinas Got Talent” grand winner? Which act will bring home the victory this second season? Watch out as the show returns very soon on ABS-CBN.

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    luma na yan :bungi: hindi na masyado active si ashley aka junjun :naughty:

    ang hirap hanapin ng pikachu,philippine flag and flowers sa background ni ashley :rotflmao:

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    SkyCable announces launch of Personal Video Recorder (PVR) service

    SKYCABLE, the country’s cable TV pioneer, is moving at the forefront of providing consumers with choices of how, what, when, and where they watch TV content.

    High on the heels of its pioneering efforts into digital, the Lopez-owned cable firm is set to introduce next year another first-of-its-kind service – the personal video recorder (PVR) system in the country.

    Also known as a digital video recorder (DVR), the PVR is a device that records TV onto a hard drive in digital format. Unlike video and DVD recorders, there is no need for tapes or disks. PVRs give you the ability to pause live TV, instantly replay scenes just watched while continuing to record. It is similar to TiVO, the world’s first digital video recorder which has a very large following in the US.

    At the heart of any PVR is the electronic program guide (EPG). It’s what makes possible the selection of all the shows and programs you want your PVR to record. The better the EPG, the more intuitive your PVR becomes, recording programs by itself based on your previous choices. SKYCABLE PVR service is currently on trial and will be commercially available by the first quarter of 2011.

    SKY’s foray into the digital has made it now possible for every member of the family to pick and choose which show and program they want to watch according to their individual viewing preference. This self-selection and customization has become the underlying mantra of today's technology-savvy consumer.

    This wide variety of TV content options on SKYCABLE was made possible by the company’s digital cable network. This technology allows subscribers to choose from various basic subscription packages – from SKYCABLE 280, the lowest-priced cable TV subscription with 20+ essential cable channels, to SKYCABLE Gold, the premium cable pack that contains all one’s well-loved channels – and add more channels, one by one or in packs, through its service called SKYCABLE Select, creating a channel line-up and subscription package that is fully customized according to the family’s needs and viewing preferences.

    This type of subscription flexibility is the first in the industry and unique to SKYCABLE.

    Moms can now create a unique world of entertainment for her family that will give them reasons to celebrate being at home. Moms can pick and choose from SKYCABLE’s wide array of digital channels and programs that appeal to different family members, making at-home entertainment for each family member a unique and personalized experience.

    Basketball fans in the family can catch NBA live games leading to the championships on NBA Premium TV while fans of other sports can choose among the All Sports Network, ESPN and Star Sports for their daily sports fixes. Music fans have MYX, Channel V and MTV Asia to choose from in order to catch the latest tunes and updates on their music idols, while movie fans can choose from HBO, Star Movies and Cinema One to catch the latest blockbusters. Trivia junkies and school kids, on the other hand, can benefit from the informative programs on the Discovery Channel, History and the National Geographic Channel while fun and learning await kids on Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Mom, on the other hand, can brush up on her cooking and homemaking skills with channels such as the Lifestyle Network, Asian Food Channel and TLC.

    And for those who want to experience their favorite programs in brilliant detail and clear sound, SKYCABLE has eight channels available in high definition: HBO HD, Star Movies HD and Fox Crime HD for movie and US series fans; National Geographic Channel HD, Discovery HD World and History HD for those who are into documentaries; and NBA Premium TV HD and ESPN HD for the sports fans.
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