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I'm planning on moving out.



  • anima9 wrote: »
    I'm not one to entertain such questions since Euronymous obviously misunderstood my statement.

    I just want to live my own life for the first time. I don't know when that will be but I'm hoping to do that before I reach 25. And yes, I don't have a girlfriend and I probably die single too. Seriously.

    I moved out (and have not moved back ) since I was 16 when I went to college (no choice) so imagine the hardships of being away with your family on a meager student's allowance. But I enjoyed it and learned a lot.

    Which means, at your age, you can definitely move out. But perhaps the more pressing question is, are you ready to embrace a change in the quality of life that you will experience once you decide to fly solo. If you move eventually but still pop over to your folks' house for food and laundry to save on expenses, then you're fooling yourself.

    If you are seriously considering this, be realistic about your expectations, especially the significant dent on your monthly budget once you start living on your own. (e.g. don't jump into the condo bandwagon if that will make you live paycheck to paycheck)

    If budget is an issue then make a little compromise, at least temporarily. Look for housemates.

  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    moving out from your parents house is a thing that normal people do. i don't see anything wrong with that. basta maayos ang paalam at alam mo pa rin ang pananagutan mo sa mga magulang mo. ;)
  • anima9 wrote: »
    Here's something about me:

    I plan on living nearby (or as close as possible) otherwise I may not even move out at all :lol:

    Can you recommend a condo or apartment? I have no idea about how these things work so I need suggestions. Will Ortigas be optional or will that place be too expensive for me? >.<

    From a clueless 21 year old :)

    Nakakatuwa naman na successful ka for the past few months that you have moved out. Moving out is a huge deal here in the Philippines, especially may mga instances, di maiiwasan, kahit sabihin mong moderno na tayo ngayon, na medyo nagiging emotional ang mga magulang natin.

    In my case, when I moved out at the age of 16 kasi I had to study here sa Manila, my mom cried. Hindi naman sa nagtampo siya pero mamimiss lang niya daw ako.

    :) Pero ang dami kong natutunan when I started living alone. MAg-budget, maglaba para tipid sa laundry, ayusin ang sarili, etc.
  • sami_tokasami_toka PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sabi nga nila, weigh everything first...

    do you really need to move out?

    do you really like to move out?

    kasi nga marami ka dapat i-consider, ex. baka sakitin ka o hindi mo pa kayang mag-independent... it depends upon circumstances and your purpose/motive na rin...

    kasi on my case, im 25, parang im living independently na rin ngayon...

    but before that, tumira ko ng 5 months sa pasig with roommate, gusto ko rin kasing maging independent, saka masyadong malayo ang workplace ko kaya ako ng-board... tumira rin ako ng 3 months sa qc, 5 months sa manda...

    ngayon balik ako sa bahay namin, (pero nasa cavite na mga parents ko so ako na rin nagpapakain sa sarili ko ngayon... binabayaran ko rin yung bahay sa cavite...) medyo hirap nga lang sa biyahe pero mas ok na kasi may kasama ko sa bahay na nag-aasikaso sa bahay, atleast hindi ako masyadong pagod... unlike pag-nag-bo-board ako, ako lahat!


    mas natuto ko sa buhay, mamalengke, magluto, magkumpuni, mag-budget, at higit sa lahat fulfilling siya!

    unlike nung bata ako, aakalain mong napakahina ng loob ko at hindi ko kayang mahiwalay sa parents ko...

    pero ngayon im planning to live with my parents in cavite kasi mas masarap yung may nag-aalaga sayo hehe - sino ba namang ayaw nun :D, since ako rin naman nagbabayad ng malaki for the house... saka iwas pollution at ingay na rin :)
  • rendakurendaku PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Kamusta na kaya si TS? Nasubukan na kaya mamuhay ng independent--self-sustaining and self-maintaining?
  • ^haha actually ako din curious.
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