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REMINDER: Do-s and Don’t-s for LCM

NakuraNakura PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Hello LCM PExers !

We have noticed that violations of the User Agreement are a bit rampant in this section. To set things straight, here are the stuff that you can’t post in line with the PEx User Agreement:

-No nude photos in a sexual context. This one results in an instant ban! Sexy can be something with clothes on so make sure people in your photos are covered up the right way. Depiction of sexual acts fall in this category too.

-Discussions about sex are allowed but not the act per se. Threads like these which are not allowed will be deleted right away ! You can talk about how things go the scientific way but you cannot ask advice on how things are done. Example: “How can we improve our sex life?” is allowed while “What is your favorite position?” is not.

-Use less vulgar words and don’t be crass. Some words like the k word are not allowed as it sounds a bit too forward. Try to rephrase your words before posting it so we would have a healthier discussion about being intimate. Posts will be edited and repeat offenders will be banned!

Now you know what is not allowed try to follow these guidelines for a better discussion as well:

-Be mature. Since you are talking about intimate topics, we expect everyone to be mature and have a level head when viewing these topics.

-State things as a matter of fact. Intimate talk can trigger a few laughs and chuckles but always state things as facts to help make the discussions more mature. Doing so will be contributory to the topic at hand and will lessen the temptation for trolls to posts prohibited content.

This reminder serves as a warning! We will be checking all threads and ban violators.

Thank you.
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