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MnR Forum Rules, Guidelines and Bookmarks

PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator

Read the terms of agreement — Because they ALL apply here, and it has some other do's/dont's (i.e. trolling, flaming) that I didn't bother to mention because it's redundant and nobody really follows it.

Promoting albums/artists/etc — Please do not spam threads informing everybody of an artist's latest album/show/etc. unless that artist is related to the thread you're posting at. I am referring to the "EXCUSE ME PO, PA-PROMOTE LANG" banner of a gown-wearing diva on a discussion about whammy pedals.

Search before you start a new thread — Or just use common sense. If it's a very popular artist or someone that's on the top ten of Asia Hitlist, chances are someone beat you to it already. And yes, this includes Urbandub which has like 74 threads that I have tirelessly merged.

Copyrighted material — The TOA prohibits illegal distribution of copyrighted material. This means no requesting mp3s (unless legal - more on that later) and no linking to music or where to get it.

Exempted from this rule are the following: a) non-copyrighted music such as songs by unsigned bands from mySpace or something, b) short song samples used by online stores and whatnot for preview purposes, or c) full song/s provided by record labels for official download.

Contact — I don't keep track of every thread, so if you have any complaint regarding a post/member, please bring it to my attention via PM and I'll do something about it.


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