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Celebrity threads/posts should be posted in their respective sub-forums. From now on, all new threads about celebrities will be deleted immediately. Remember too that there shouldn't be duplicate threads, so use the Search function to look for the thread of your favorite celebrity.

No bashing of celebrities and fellow Pexers. No name-calling. No cursing. No trolling. No flaming. Please refer to the User Agreement.

If your sole purpose is to bash a tv network, tv show, celebrity or fellow members, or to provoke fellow members, you will be banned immediately. Doing these things actually do not reflect well on your favorites.

If you are a legit Pexer, and your favorite celebrity or tv show or movie was bashed by someone, there is no need to retaliate. If you do, you will also be warned/banned and/or your posts will be deleted too.

Please report offending threads/posts/members to the moderators and administrators, if you come across any.

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  • NakuraNakura PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Additional Rules for LMTV:

    - Spamming other threads for promoting his or her idol’s activities and the like is not allowed. This apply to promoting your idol’s activities in other parts of Pinoy Exchange.

    If you would like to pomote your idols, please post it in this thread


    Example of a post within this rule:

    In the middle of a Female Celebrity fan club thread, this post suddenly appears:
    Hello Fans ni Female Celebrity !! Padaan po muna :bop:

    Pa promote lang po ng bagong show at mall tour ni mister pogi !


    Thank you sa space :love:

    To promote your idols, you get ideas from the tips guide below ;) .

    - Posting 3 or more of the same pictures which does not have anything to do with the thread is not allowed. Take note that this will count as spamming as these posts do not contribute to the topic at hand.


    In a celebrity fan thread, somebody posts this when somebody trolls the thread:
    AYUN OH! may troll oh ! Alam na yan !


    Take note that this the post was completely out of the blue and the photos does not contribute to the topic at hand.

    This announcement serves as your warning. Those caught doing the above offenses will be banned.
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    Here are some ways to reach out to your fans aside from those in your PEx thread. Reaching out while inviting them to your thread in PEx will get you more support for your favorite idols!

    Create a Facebook Fan Page

    -A facebook fanpage is a great way to keep everyone updated and announce your idol’s greatness to the world. Plug your PEx thread here and get more fans in your thread. Just don’t forget to include the link !

    Get a Fan Blog for the club

    -Using a blog will allow you to express your fandom in a deeper way while keeping your club mate’s chit-chat neatly placed at the bottom. Picture slide shows and other widgets (like calendars) can be placed here.

    Send quick updates through micro blogging

    -If updates can be quickly summarized in one to two sentences, consider using plurk or twitter and have everyone in the club add the profile. One click means sending the update to all your club members. You can also use this to update current trends in your fan thread in PEx (so don’t forget the link in your profile page!)

    Organize EBs and Events

    -What better way to promote your fan club and PEx thread than to go out and be visible ! Create a tarp of your club and go to your idol’s next stint. Promote it properly through your blog, fan page, and your PEx thread and have fun bonding with your fellow fans. Don’t forget to post pics in PEx afterwards !
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