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I'm single and I'm planning to adopt a baby

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Hi guys. Was hoping you can help.

I am single, but I have been taking care of my cousin's kid for more than a year now. She and I have already talked about me adopting her kid since she cannot provide for the little girl. Before I consult to my lawyer, I've read the Family Code (specifically articles 183-193). There's really nothing specific about a single parent adopting a kid. I just want to know:

1. If ever this pushes through, do I have to appear sa court?
2. Given my civil status, what is the possibility that the process of adoption would go as fast as the ones involving married couples?
3. What are other legal matters that I need to know?

Thanks and looking forward to your reply.


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    I think its best to ask a mod to have your thread transferred to the Legal forum as there'd be lawyers there who might know more about this...
  • I don't think people with a civil status of single can adopt. But ^ is correct, check the Leagle Bealges thread or the Legal forums...
  • So lumalabas na pamangkin mo sa pinsan yung bata. Why go through all the trouble of legally adopting and what not when you can simply ask the kid to stay with you.

    The name and papers wouldn't matter, it's the bond with the kid that is priceless. 2cents.
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