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  • movies and shows together!


    MULAWIN(aguiluz and alwina)
  • kiss.jpg

    SIGAW(marvin and pinky)
  • MTKRecordingVolume-00hr13min53se-1.jpg

    LET THE LOVE BEGIN(eric and pia)
  • l_32d74237b4a9743f3c27cab7d42b1f7e.jpg

    I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU(justin and cecille)
  • Mulawin_the_movie.jpg

    MULAWIN THE MOVIE(aguiluz and alwina)
  • manopo1.jpg

    MANO PO 5(nathan and charity)
  • Image_4213-1.jpg

    THE PROMISE(daniel and andrea)
  • endorsement together!


    HEAD AND SHOULDERS(chardgel)
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    Adajar Dental Services(chardgel)
    Stand up. Speak. Be Heard

    Want to see them together again?
    Want to feel that unbeatable "Kilig Factor" again?
    Want to witness that undeniable Chemistry they have?
    What are you waiting for?
    Sign up and Join us!
    Let us Stand up, Speak and let our voices be heard!


    Watch nyo po! :)


    Salamat po!
    God Bless!

    1. ren_angel
    2. allurie
    3. yzel18
    4. welkin
    5. purplestars
    6. bea_valencia
    7. richel^C.G
    8. belly bryan
    9. ghesahl
    10. nicky911
    12. kael_23
    13. luningning20
    14. gift
    15. zyrell
    16. grace smith
    17. Juris P.
    18. Ailene
    19. amsterdam
    20. rainier padilla
    21. jam samonte
    22. mjtamike
    23. finnah b. king
    24. liberty hamada
    25. greenwuds
    26. Irma Reed
    27. Avery
    28. Clarice
    29. Kenneth Agustin
    30. LaiLe
    34. ernz09
    35. stephanie62293
    36. chlorite08
    37. madz
    38. Maritess G.
    39. shannice
    40. ghesahl
    41. dred_angel
    42. angelcharmz
    43. joleen
    44. tatiana p
    45. my
    46. akao_04
    47. Rachel_030
    48. aprilloves
    49. zyrell
    50. Kyra Osena
    51. Jane
    52. jeanne
    53. janel23
    54. abby_16
    55. rosie
    56. mary joy
    57. mjoy
    58. sweet17
    59. maria elena medina (kaharian)
    60. lourdes egalin (crpc)
    61. rosafe mangao (claudine)
    62. teresita pasculado (tisay)
    63. angelo menorca (jurassic_angelo)
    64. jessa palisoc
    65. helen fabila
    66. beth lagrimas
    67. leny manes
    68. crisanto panopio
    69. genia ylanan
    70. nino menorca
    71. reyna medina
    72. beronie medina
    73. merly gaac
    74. susan mojica
    75. jessie pasculado (narda)
    76. madel mazo
    77 wendel palisoc
    78. manuel mancia
    79. rose marin
    80.alvin marin
    81.jojo momay masungca
    83.bhong manes
    84.michael flores
    85.rowena villareal
    86.marqy fedelicio
    87.kc morada
    88.belen tuala
    89. salvie dy
    90. kris dela santa
    91. aldren morales
    92. andy perdona
    93. ian dexter medina
    94. chin medina
    95. dion cabugason
    96. phing bune
    97. armand bune
    98. richard mariano
    100. edna mariano
    101. lope macalisang
    102. sam magramo
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    104. ikit panopio
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    here po: Pindot lang po kayu..

    Again, Thanks!


  • angel's tweet


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  • chardgel 1st public pics together!



    pics taken august 20,2010 at the victory party of in your eyes after chard came home from survivor taping in thailand:love:
  • sis sally's kwento from direct source MISMO!





    chardgel together at chard's condo last october 6,2010:love:
  • chard said in showbiz central na he loves and attracted to red kaya ang name ni gel sa twitter ay...


  • Young Star Angel Locsin: I love love
    THE DIALOGUE By Raymond Gutierrez (The Philippine Star) Updated July 09, 2010 12:00 AM


    Lie, lie, lyin’ on heaven’s couch: “Getting hurt or disappointed is never a reason for us to stop believing in love.” Angel gets comfy and lets us into her golden gates.
    | Zoom She’s a rarity in the cutthroat, dog-eat-dog business of show. The intrigues she has endured didn’t leave her bitter, and her countless achievements didn’t send her ego towards the sky. Angel Locsin — household name and this generation’s most unforgettable heroine — is in fact one of the most humble people in show business. Many can attest to the natural good-heartedness of the actress who once famously took the MRT (despite owning a Hummer and several other vehicles) to ensure she arrived on set without being late, a shining example of punctuation lacking from a handful of newer stars.

    When you start talking to Angel you get a sense of wisdom more suited to industry veterans. She’s softspoken, calm and sure of herself — with no need to put on a pretentious act. Her demeanor — matched by the knockout curves splashed on billboards everywhere — has won her a top spot on FHM’s “2010 Sexiest Women in the Philippines” list, where she placed ahead of 99 other celebrities.

    Soon on the big screen, she’ll be pole-dancing her way straight to Aga Muhlach’s heart as she portrays a club entertainer (the bulk of the movie will be shot in Japan). Having confessed that the role will have her do a lot of things she’s uncomfortable with, she has set up a pole in the middle of her living room to prepare for the film. On television, she will soon reprise her role as a werewolf in the fantasy series Imortal, where she gets feisty opposite John Lloyd Cruz and Rico Blanco. With barely any free time these days, Angel Locsin manages to squeeze us in and opens her doors to “The Dialogue.”


    You’re a tough chick at heart, when was the last time you cried?

    ANGEL LOCSIN:As much as possible I don’t show it kapag umiiyak ako. Hindi ko din sinasabi sa tao. The last time I cried was not so long ago. There are things you don’t expect, like how some people treat you. Ayokong iyakan ang mga bagay na hindi naman dapat iyakan. Pero mababaw ang luha ko.

    Your image has launched countless products. If you could change one physical feature on yourself what would it be?

    Well, I’ve been in the industry for seven years now, so kung may papalitan ako, for sure people would know. But I’d rather be more fit.

    What’s a random skill or habit that most people don’t know you’re capable of doing?

    Mahilig ako mag-luto. I took baking lessons before and I like experimenting with recipes because I used to live alone in a condo. My specialty dish is Adobo sa Dilaw, where I use dilaw na luya for the dish.

    What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

    I wasn’t an actress yet at that time and sana I pushed through with college. I can still do it, but sana na-experience ko how it is to have batchmates and the whole college culture. So I would advise myself to pursue that.

    Which film made an impact on your life?

    Since I have a lot I’ll just answer the latest one, Toy Story 3. I liked the storyline, (about) how one deals with the changes going on around you, and how you adapt. Society is forever changing and you need to know how to deal with it. Hindi na pwede yung relax relax lang.

    Who are you a fan of?

    Isa sa sobrang na-starstruck ako is Ate Vi. I’ve met her a few times already pero never nawawala ang pagka starstruck ko sa kanya. I’m also a fan of my dad — swimmer siya, swimmer ako. Everything he says, I follow. In terms of acting, si Angelica Panganiban — whenever she’s onscreen, I see the character, not Angelica. She can do comedy and drama very well. I’m also a fan of Anne Curtis, as a person. She’s so nice and genuine.

    What do you indulge in during your cheat days?

    Everything that I can reach! (Laughs) McDonald’s, chocolates, ice cream, cakes. I love to eat! Every day is a cheat day with me.

    You just won as FHM’s “Sexiest Woman” poll. How do you keep in shape?

    I’m thankful to everyone who voted for me. I really appreciate it na after five years it’s me again. I keep myself in shape by working out: I do Muay Thai, I run, and I do this new workout video called Insanity.

    What’s the worst thing a guy can do on a first date?

    Mag pa-cute. Ayoko sa mga guys na maaarte. We can sense it when you’re being fake, so don’t even try. Sa mga guys na nag babasa nito, FYI lang, we can see right through it.

    Which celebrity could do with a little more respect from the public?

    Iya Villania. I know how good a singer she is and she hasn’t been given a break as a performer. Also Alessandra de Rossi. She’s a great singer, actress and model.

    What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

    Proud akong sabihin na kung nasaan man ako ngayon, pinaghirapan ko. Walang akong sinagasaang tao to be where I am. Kalimutan na natin ang awards, ang mga gamit, bahay, I’m proud that I worked hard to be where I am.

    What’s the worst thing you’ve heard about yourself?

    Too many to mention! (Laughs) Try looking for another actress my age that has gone through more intrigues. Usually I don’t listen to false reports, but one that really affected me was during Ondoy. I had no work, I was helping out and I was spending my own money to help out. Then may lumalabas na pera daw yun ng “rich businessman boyfriend” ko. Sobrang hindi totoo so naiyak nalang ako.

    How do you prepare for scrutiny?

    Tinatawanan ko lang. I just pray because you can’t do anything about it. I just focus my attention on the people that matter to me — my family, my friends and the people who support me.

    Do you have any regrets?

    None. Aside from going to college, I don’t regret any of my decisions. Career-wise, I’m happy. All of my decisions I learned something from and I stand by them.

    What’s your most memorable role?

    My role in Mulawin because that’s where it all started. People accepted it, loved it and until now people still love my character Alwina.

    What’s the most painful thing love has taught you?’"

    I really don’t know. Getting hurt or disappointed is never a reason for us to stop believing in love. Kung may ibibigay si God na mas perfect for me in the future, ok lang din ako sa mga ibang ibibigay muna sakin. Masarap ma-“in love.” I love love.

    If you were to join a reality show, which one would it be?

    If it’s physical challenges then I’m game to join any. I just don’t like when they make you eat weird things. I want to join Survivor, but minus the eating part.

    What should be first on the new President’s agenda?

    Sana tutukan ng government ang education. It’s the most important for future generations: increased salaries for teachers, nicer classrooms, and plenty of school supplies.


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