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I Need 10 Haiku

actually, i need 5 of your choice theme

i already have 5.

Please, do help me.


  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Rookie ⭐
    My favorite from Basho (Idk if they featured it on National Geo two years ago)

    Sick on my journey,
    only my dreams will wander
    these desolate moors

    Others by him

    Come out to view
    the truth of flowers blooming
    in poverty


    Tremble, oh my gravemound,
    in time my cries will be
    only this autumn wind
  • well, thank you for helping me but my professor said no copy and paste lol

    anyone wants to share their originals?
  • ^Can't you write 5 yourself? It's easy as nuts.
  • well, my creative mind is not working right now.

    The mirror frosts over
    with my breath in wintry coils.
    My face hides, unseen.

    The bright sun rises.
    A childhood friend draws near.
    His smile hides a knife.

    The cherry blossoms
    spiral to the earth's embrace.
    Who can stop their fall?

    The foolish mouse laughs:
    a small shadow flies above.
    A hawk dines on mouse.

    Come now! See the clown!
    Watch him dance and sing, all smiles.
    His sorrows fade tonight.

  • ^disqualified yung Illusion.
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