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Kim Hyun Joong (born June 6, 1986)

is a South Korean actor and singer. He was the leader of popular boyband SS501 and a prominent style icon in Korea, winning multiple icon awards. Kim gained widespread popularity beyond Asia for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in the 2009 smash hit drama series Boys Over Flowers.


Kim Hyun Joong debuted as the leader of SS501 in 2005. They also appeared in MNet's "Idol World" in 2007, which showed SS501 doing various missions in Japan.

He joined the cast of MBC variety reality show We Got Married on May 11, 2008, with Hwang Bo, who is 6 years his senior. They achieved high popularity acting as a newlywed couple. Due to his appearance on We Got Married, he was cast in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango as one of the members of the famous F4. Known as the "Lettuce Couple", Kim and Hwang Bo went on to win MBC's Best Couple Award. The couple made their official exit from We Got Married on December 14, 2008 due to scheduling conflicts presented by Boys Over Flowers.

In the hit drama series, Boys Over Flowers, he plays Yoon Ji Hoo. The series was a huge media and ratings sensation in Korea during its run from January to March 2009, garnering a huge amount of popularity for the entertainer. The series was not only a hit in Korea, but all around Asia as well. This includes Taiwan and the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines amongst others as well as in Japan and in North America where it was released on DVD with English subtitles.

Along with his groupmates, Kim is preparing SS501's new Korean album, for which each member will be doing a solo.
Their Asia Concert Tour began in mid-August 2009 in Seoul at the Olympic Park. They continued their tour in Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok before returning to returning to Seoul for a closing encore concert. They staged two concerts for the encore closure on the 27th Feb and 28th Feb 2010 respectively.

On September 2009, during promotions in Japan for Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun Joong was diagnosed with H1N1.[1] While recovering from H1N1, Kim Hyun Joong could not attend Seoul's International Drama Awards. To accept the award on his behalf, his members of SS501 were present for the award show. He recovered from H1N1 and was discharged on September 15, 2009.
Kim has also been the spokesperson for cosmetics brand, Tony Moly, an established company with numerous branches across Korea and Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In April 2010, Kim Hyun Joong appeared opposite Jung Ryeo Won in the music video for Korean Singer Gummy's new song As A Man (남자라서).

In June 2010, SS501 with their leader as Kim Hyun Joong released a music album titled 'Destination'. Their title song 'Love Ya' was received well, rating high in record sales and online music stores. 'Love Ya' went on to top Music Bank (TV series)'s K-Chart for two weeks.

On June 19 2010, Kim Hyun Joong appeared at a concert in the Philippines along side BEAST
On June 28 2010, It was officially announced that Kim Hyun Joong already signed a contract with Bae Yong Joon's KeyEast Entertainment company.[2]

Kim Hyun Joong is the male lead in the drama 'Playful Kiss' aka 'It Started With a Kiss' / 'Itazura na Kiss'.


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    [Fan Account] 08.21.10 Boys Over Flowers Reunion in TOKYO
    Posted by liezle

    Super HUGE thanks again Lafone for sharing your experience with us. You're so detailed and really enjoyed reading it.


    Boys Over Flower Event in Tokyo Digest
    Fan Account courtesy of Lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

    **Afternoon Session**

    Leader did not change hairstyle, keeping Baek Seung Jo. In the daytime session, he was dressed in dark blue jacket with a black bow tie with shining spangles on the fringe, and the shoes with fake pave dia which also sparkled in the light. In the evening, he changed to gray linen jacket, the same tone shirt with black tie and pants. He also changed the wrist watch (daytime : square type with black bezel, evening : round face with black bezel) He changed his answers as well.

    Beginning: " You’ve got a mail" blinking on the screen
    Yoon JiHoo on the screen and his mobile message
    YJH: Hi ! Long time no see! I can’t believe that you guys graduated from BOF without me, can’t you ?
    Ubin Hi, JiHoo ! I miss you so much.
    SoIjyon If JiHoo comes, why not get together again ?
    Jumpyo I, Jumpyo-nim is busy on that day !

    1/Question corner

    Leader was very attentive, he turned his face and body to the person who answered the questions, keeping it during this session.
    MC : Could you tell us how you have been spending these days ?
    HJ : I’m working for drama, a Japan original comic, “Playful Kiss”. Baek SeungJo is a genius, becoming a doctor. The drama starts on Sept. 1. Please make it sure to waach the drama.
    MC : Many kisses in the shooting ?
    HJ : Well, actually, we made a shooting of kiss scene when we did not get closer, at the very beginning. Ohani, the girl who likes me made a quick kiss on me, very light one.
    Therefore, no specific emotion at all.
    MC : A French Kiss without any emotion ? (she plunged !)
    HJ : (not embarrassed at all ) Well, it’s a light kiss because it is playful kiss.
    However, during the course of the drama, there may be passionate kisses.
    MC : What do you pay attention to act as a high school student ?
    HJ : I have to keep a fresh skin, also have to care for mustache as well.
    I thought of laser operation to remove mustache at the beginning, but reconsidered for future acting as more matured man with beard in future. Please love me even when I act as such a guy in the future.
    2/ Movie of BOF an honored firefighter , necklace from Jumpyo, etc.

    MC : Well, I was anxious about your mustache while watching the screen .
    How did you feel when you acted as Yoon JiHoo, a prince-charming ?
    HJ : There were many points to improve. In the next drama, I would like to improve my acting skill. However, I appreciate Yoon JiHoo, the first opportunity of acting.
    MC : Did you think how cool you were while watching the screen, didn’t you?
    HJ : I though that I had much money in the drama ( Bravo ! 4D Leader !)

    3/ Roulette (not Korean game machine)

    Though the roulette pointed out MC, she asked Leader to answer with MC’s authority.
    While choosing a question to answer in front of him,
    HJ : I don’ t feel comfortable (to do so ) ( in Japanese !) which caused an explosion of laugh.
    Question : You make it sure to pack ramen and comics when you travel. What do you read now ?
    HJ : (in Japanese) Playful kiss, Naruto , One piece and Berserk

    When it’s Kim Jun who had a right to make a question to Kim Bum, he asked KB when he made a kiss recently, except for those he made at work. Leader made fun saying “Wow, Kiss is one of the jobs !”
    Then it’s Kim Bum who asked the Leader how many romances he had so far.
    HJ : (while counting on his fingers) five ? … Yes, five times.
    This time, Leader asked Kim Jun who he would help if his girlfriend, his parents and Leader had been in a swamp. Kim Jun drank an awful drink as penalty for not answering.

    HJ : Sorry, but I did not ask you to choose one person to help. (4D Leader !!!)

    4/ Music Time

    Kim Bum brought his own band, acting as vocal with guitar. He sang a Japanese
    Film’s theme song “ I’m coming to see you” and a rock (title I forgot)
    T max (refreshed with two new members) sang five songs including three from BOF.

    Leader : “Thank you” and “ Be nice to me”

    5/ Aspirations

    HJ : I will do my best in acting Baek SeungJo, the drama I’m working now.
    I will show you myself with much improved acting skill. I will work harder.

    ** Evening Session **

    Beginning with the same “You’ve got a mail “ screen.

    MC asked Leader whether you can recognize your fans it seemed that there were many fans who came many times in the past.

    HJ : There were some BOF fan meetings in the past. For those who came last year and this time, I will answer in a different way so that you will not get bored.
    MC asked one by one about their recent activities. Kim Bum had a free time on Friday, visiting Shinjuku, Harajuku and Ginza. He enjoyed ramen, sushi and grilled meat.

    HJ : I am crazy about playing football now. As there is an indoor football field (available for twenty-four hours) close to the drama shooting place, I enjoy playing football during free time. Yesterday, I also enjoyed a game with dancers, Japanese colleagues, Korean-Japan match, at the field nearby my hotel (I assume he stayed at New Ohtani Hotel where SS501 frequently stayed, as there is a big field of the Tokyo metropolitan City) However, we loss the game by 4 vs 7; I’m so mad about that !

    MC : As you play as a highschool student, how do you act ? Oh I’m not asking about your mustache (audience laugh. MC is so experienced to lead the guest and audience)
    HJ : Of course, I have to manage the outlook to be a high school student.
    Baek SeungJo is a genius with IQ 200 who talks very difficult phrases.
    Therere, I have to speak a long sentences. (hard to remember, I assume)

    MC asked again each guy how they look when they are asleep while hectic schedule.  
    KB explained that KJ could sleep while walking which turned out true. Then Kim Bum put his head on the shoulder of the Leader, telling that he sleep leaning over the wall.
    Leader scratches his neck, then said that he does not like to put many clothes when he’s asleep. So, he changes his cloth to a short pants, no sleeves T-shirt, increasing exposure of skin.

    MC : Then how do you sleep at home ?
    HJ : Ah~~~~ (in a laugh) I do not wear anything. All the fans know about that.
    MC : How do they know about it ? (joke )
    Then, movie on the screen (the same as the daytime )
    MC : You played as a prince-charming. Don’t you think that you are so cool ?
    HJ : I think that everyone thinks of lack in skills and determine to improve in the next drama. Don’t you ? (he asked KB and KJ) right ?
    MC : But you still think that you were so nice looking and cool ?
    HJ : Well, we were F 4 ! Every F4 was cool.

    Confessoin Game

    MC asked three guys what they would cook for their girl friends.

    HJ : I like outdoors. I would like to grill meat, wrapping it with “sanchu” (i.e, lettuce) for her. Then, I would like to breathe fresh air, playing boat, bungee jumping as well.

    MC : Yoon JiHoo answered "air" to Jandi when he was asked what you could not buy with money. How about you ?
    HJ : For example you can buy “ stage performance” , but you cannot buy “love” and “mutual trust”.
    MC : How do you spend time when you are lonely ?
    HJ : I am a guy who easily gets lonely. I call dancers, my trainer, and so, drinking together. But with only guys, I feel more lonely.

    MC : What kind of food you can eat without limit ?
    HJ : (in Japanese) a beef bowl of SUKIYA ! I love it much!

    After series of questions, boys answered honestly even with tough questions, MC suggests to drink an awful drink to three guys to close this corner. They all seemed to feel shocked as they managed to avoid this ! However, our brilliant Leader proposed to drink together, including MC and translators (poor ladies !)
    Then, a football was on the stage. But without proper shoes, they could not show their lifting skill of football. Kim Bum said that he play football with Leader.

    Music Scene: Leader appeared with a balloon dog which turned out to be a gift from a fan. He sang “ Thank you “ as if he was enjoying a walk with his dog. After “Be nice to me”, he did not forget to take this dog with him. So cute !!!
    Last question about MC, what do you like to challenge in future ?
    HJ : I would like to get No. 1 with Playful Kiss in viewing rate.
    Then, I would like to show you as much matured singer.
    I also think that it will be interesting to have another alumni sometime in the future.

    Closing comments by Leader.

    Four times BOF alumni session was short for me. I brought a new dancer (a balloon dog) not to get you boring. I hope that all of you spend with smile, and live like flowers.


    Lafone did not take any photos inside the venue, which is so okay as she concentrated on listening and watching, but she took photos of the flowers that were given to Hyun Joong by fan clubs displayed outside the hall to share with us.



    [Article] BoF Alumni event - short wrap-up
    Translation by Ode link : SS501 ode @ 5:01 blog
    Kim Hyun Joong ended the 'Boys over Flowers' alumni event in big success.

    On August 21 in a particular hotel in town of Tokyo, Kim Hyun Joong had carried out several interviews with several significant Japanese presses.

    Following after 'Boys over Flowers' success, Kim Hyun Joong has went on to take on the lead role in similar manga-adapted drama 'Playful Kiss', and because of that, during his stay in Japan all the while, he's been receiving much attention from the media and fans for that.

    Kim Hyun Joong's popularity and fame could thus be proved with the strong curiosity coming from media presses asking about his drama shooting schedules, future career plans, and of course along with many other questions.

    After that, Kim Hyun Joong attended to the 'Boys over Flowers - Alumni event' with fellow cast mates Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum, Kim Jun at Osaka Grand Cube Hall on 18th, and then to Tokyo International Forum on 21st. In both the two sessions on the 21st Aug at 3pm and 7pm respectively, a total of more than 10K audiences filled the audience seats, leaving out none at all, which once again proved the solidity of HyunJoong's high popularity.

    At the event, in order to repay fans who went to fill the venue with all kinds of placards imprinted with HyunJoong's name and pictures to show him support, he managed to spin some hours of meaningful time with them amidst the amiable atmosphere. He also shared interesting behind the scenes stories of shooting for Boys over Flowers back then and also his current drama 'Playful Kiss'.

    A related Japanese media personnel who made his way to the alumni event expressed, "Kim Hyun Joong is an artist who is receiving large amount of attention right now with his status as the Hanryu star of the next generation. I'm looking forward to seeing his active and more full-fledged activities in not just Japan and Korea where he's starring as an actor for Playful Kiss, but also in each asian country".

    On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong who will return to Korea on 22 Aug will head straight back into shooting for drama 'Playful Kiss'. His new MBC Wed-Thurs mini-series drama 'Playful Kiss' will air on September 1.

    from http://www.newsen.co...008231717421001
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    Another Photobook to be Released Soon: First Love Story DVD & Photobook




    Here's that blog entry translated by miyo on LoveKimHyunJoong.

    [2010.06.19] 1st Love Story DVD & PhotoBook (8.12 p6/7+VID p4)

    Source: "The First Love Story" Shooting Blog
    Japanese Translation: [email protected] lovekimhyunjoong.com

    2010.08.05 Thursday
    Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” – Bali Location Report No.1 -

    Finally Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” has started shooting overseas. The shooting location is at Bali. Hyun Joong’s group depart on 28th July from Seoul and arrived on a different date, 29th morning after 2am.

    ↑Shooting with dazzling emerald green sea as background

    There’s a time difference of 1 hour in Bali as to Japan and Korea. If it’s 9am in Japan, it would be 8am at local time. While the northern hemisphere is changing to summer, the southern hemisphere is changing to winter. In terms of season, it would be winter but it’s a hot and humid night. (By the way, there’s no 4 seasons here but rainy and dry season) Furthermore, there’s a big downpour from the day before and we are worried for the shooting on 29th. But on the 29th, it was as if last night’s heavy rain was a lie as it was sunny and all staff was relieved.

    ↑Villa’s pool area elevated. As if one is drawn into the horizon
    where the sky and sea meets.

    A large group of over 30 staff including Kim Hyun Joong to Bae Yong Joon’s management company staff, director, shooting staff, hairmake and stylist, local coordinator etc. Including the RED camera and 4 cranes where this shoot is comparable to a movie or drama shooting.

    ↑The main indoor shoot is at the big number 36 villa
    with the triangular rooftop. The building on the right side
    is where the bedroom shooting were done.
    Which is also the villa Hyun Joong stayed in.

    The first day shoot started at number 10 villa’s bedroom.
    Hyun Joong arrived a little after 10am wearing white Tshirt and white pants. It seems adequate calling him “Prince Charming” or “Pure White Prince” as he stands out catching all the attention. It started out from waking up from the white bed in the white room at the 2nd level and walking out to the veranda under the dazzling morning sun scene.

    ↑Hyun Joong said till now, Bali is the best place he has been to.

    Next moving to Karma resort best rated Villa36, shooting the scene of him indulging in reminiscing songs while playing the guitar in the spacious living room. His attire is white shirt with dark grey vest, tight necktie and grey pants. The image of him playing the guitar was the best of all.

    [New Pix & Trans] Bali Location Report No. 3 - KHJ 1st Love Story DVD Photobook

    [Fan Account] Under the Blazing Sun with Kim Hyun Joong
    Report on 1st Love Story Shooting in Hamana Lakeside Plaza
    by lafone's friend
    Japanese to English translation by lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

    I saw Leader at 7:30am when he was about to leave the hotel (Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka) . He waved his hands to the fans many times till when the car left the hotel.

    I spotted him on the platform of Bullet train, Hikari leaving 8:40am from Osaka.

    In the train, I was sitting two seats back from him. As he arrived at the platform 10 minutes before the departure time, there were already plenty of fans following him. He seemed tired; smile disappeared from his face, and therefore, I could not take a picture though I had a chance.

    At Hamamatsu station now ! He seemed to have fallen into sleep immediately when the bullet train left Osaka. He always keeps a backpack with a Chinese hat (?) Mr. Kim, Director of DSP Media picked him up at the station. (It is said that he also attended BOF event as well)

    The shooting of us (lucky enough to have been chosen for “extra” as guests to attend the wedding ceremony) started one hour later than expected. Poor children! They were required to walk again and again, scattering flower petals on the Virgin Road under blazing sun. When we heard “cut”, everyone applauded !

    Now the shooting of Leader, dressed in tuxedo, started. When he stopped just in front of the virgin road, we lets go the balloons, then applause. He was also asked to do this again and again. However, in front of us, he said to us “Though it is hot, Kenchana ! Let’s work hard together ! “ or “ I’m ashamed” . Each time he stopped in front of us, he talked to us something. Before the director said “Ready! Action!,” he was so cute, but once we heard “Ready ! Action !”, he completely changed his face expression , becoming the character of the story, a real actor !!! We were so tired of applauding many times, but he made us laugh by gesturing “stop applauding” immediately after the voice of “cut” by the director.

    The next was to shoot the scene Leader received a flower bouquet from a little girl. Leader accepted by kneeling in front of the girl. The girl tightly holds the index finger of Leader until she was asked to leave it. She was so nervous which Leader recognized, smiling at her to make her relax. During the “standby” hours, he made many pictures with children, staff, and so on.

    There was no bride, but he acted as bridegroom, extending his hand to the “the bride” Contrary to the rehearsal scene, he made NG many times as he seemed to feel awkward, laughing himself, so cute ^^

    During the waiting time, he answered to questions made by the fans. He also asked us where we were from. It was amazing that there were fans who came from Seoul. When a middle-aged lady called him “Oppa”, he seemed to get shocked, a bit angry ? However, we made fun, calling many times “Oppa “ He also went to the fans who were watching far as they were not extra. In this way, the shooting continued for three hours.

    He repeatedly said “it’s hot !” He was always dressed in tuxedo even under the blazing sun but he always looked cool. I realized how hard the shooting is ! Each time we heard “cut”, we applauded him. When, the director said “Once more”, we shouted “ Fighting!” then he nodded, or laughed. When everything was finished, there was a big big applause.

    Finally, a group photo session of 20 people. He made a thank you comments to the fans “ thank you for supporting the shooting, and thank you again for observing the don’ts “ Then a surprise gift from him !!! He shook hands with us one by one, with eye contact for each of us.

    I was so lucky to be able to see him just in front of me, chatting, laughing together, so happy moment. He was so~~~~~ cool when he changed to an actor,
    “Ready ! Action !” He was really really, nice-looking , cool guy.


    2010.08.23 Monday
    Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” – Bali Location Report No.3 -
    Source: "The First Love Story" Shooting Blog
    Japanese Translation: [email protected] lovekimhyunjoong.com

    The 2nd day of the shoot at Karma Resort is at a famous restaurant located on the hill.


    ↑At the spacious lounge with his guitar thinking deeply of the songs

    It was a fine weather today and it’s perfect for shooting.
    Due to the rain the day before yesterday, the sea was a little murky yesterday but today, it was cleared showing a dazzling, clear emerald green ocean stretching across in sight.


    ↑Through the monitor, staring at it seriously
    checking on the pictures that were just taken.

    At around after 9pm, the shooting of the light breakfast scene at the restaurant was done, taking a lift from the sheer cliff down to the beach.
    Hyun Joong, playing around the beach while the bottom of his pants getting wet.

    With the flow of the clouds changing as background, Hyun Joong showed a different expression from his usual self or drama.
    The shoot moved to the scene of where Hyun Joong who had changed into his training attire running lightly on the beach.

    Hyun Joong’s background is of 3~4 meters high white waves splashing, it looks as if it’s a painting and even if by just looking at it, it looks beautiful.


    ↑Blessed with good weather at the refreshing beach,
    facing the camera smiling brilliantly.

    At the beach, there were Europeans who have brought their kids for a dip in the sea casually agreed to help with the shoot, the director was satisfied saying, “A very relaxed scene was taken”.


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    08/01 SS501 in Top Idol 2010 vol. 07 12 枚入



    Credits: [email protected] + SS601.com + QUAINTE501.com + [email protected][
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    Priority Pre Advance Reservation】Kim Hyun Joong Calendar 2011 (Desktop calendar type)


    Popular not only in Korea, Japan but also in Asia
    Now the big center attraction, Kim Hyun Joong.
    bofi is starting the priority reservation for Kim Hyun Joong's Calendar!

    In Japan, this is the first official calendar of Kim Hyun Joong.
    In future, activities in Japan will expand, progressing as not only an actor but also as a singer
    Through this calendar, please enjoy Kim Hyun Joong's charm!

    The making footages on the set is included in the premium DVD!
    In addition, bofi original premium will include Kim Hyun Joong live photo (1 photo)☆

    ★Reservation Launch: 19th August 2010 (Thursday) ~
    ★Sales Date: Scheduled on 25th September 2010 (Saturday)
    ★Scheduled Arrival Date: Scheduled on 25th September 2010 (Saturday)

    ※Please note that there might be changes to design, merchandise specifications.
    ※Please Note※
    This merchandise is for pre advance reservation. If order is made together with the regular merchandise, the delivery charges will be calculated separately. If ordering various different pre advance reservation merchandise, delivery charge will charge separately.
    (For example ordering different merchandise which will be on sale on the same date, delivery charges for each different merchandise is required.) Please take note of this when making application.

    【For customers who purchase various 2011 calendars】
    All 3 Pre Advance Reservation items,「Bae Yong Joon Calendar 2011(Wall and Desktop type set)」「Bae Yong Joon Calendar 2011(Wall type)」「Bae Yong Joon Calendar 2011(Desktop type)」

    Kim Hyun Joong Calendar 2011(Desktop type)」will be on sale on 25th September
    Reserving all together in the same cart, it is possible to pack together and count as one delivery cost. Putting each separately in the cart, delivery charge will charge separately. Please take note when you make the purchases.

    Item Code: bfcl0065
    Sale Price (Tax inclusive): 2,625 yen
    bofi point: 26 points
    Pre Advance Reservation Launching Date: 19th August 2010
    Sales Date: 25th September 2010

    Premium DVD
    The making footages on the set is included in the premium DVD!
    Know what is going on behind the set!!

    bofi Original Premium
    Kim Hyun Joong Live Photo (1 photo)

    Size: 240mm x 180mm
    ※It can be use as wall type also.
    Specifications: All 16 pages (Cover/From November 2010, showing 1 month in a page/memo columns at the back/Bonus cut pages)/Ring type/Premium DVD(around 10 mins)

    ■Sales Agent: Digital Adventure
    ■Distribution: Digital Adventure

    WINTER 1

    WINTER 2


    SPRING 1

    SPRING 2


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    The Universe According to Kim Hyun Joong

    Written by Aprilstar for hyunniespexers.wordpress.com


    Since the time he was able to walk ,Kim Hyun Joong must have already set his own path among the planets ,stars and the moon. His universe at that time was that stage in the park near his home where he enjoyed watching and dancing with the musicians . But he would see a bigger universe later where he would ride his spaceship as proud, fierce , combative and powerful commander .

    He had set his course only to learn it wasn’t an easy one to master . He had to know by heart his navigational tools in the battles ahead . But he never gave up ,each battle only made him braver and ready for the next one. He accepted the challenge and embraced the reality that the only way to go to emerge the winner is to work for it .In his universe one’s success depend on working for it as if there was no tomorrow . He knew the rules , tasting the sweet nectar of success depends on shedding blood, sweat and tears.

    He commandeered his first ship at an early age and tried to fly it when there were the proven and safe ways his parents and school provided . But he could not wait for his life events to come to him –he sought them and challenged them . He never looked back to regret it but always moved on .He had wise counsel to others ,his chosen way is not for the half hearted . He examined society’s requirements to become acceptable like finishing one’s schooling and receiving a diploma to show one’s ticket to success . He got it too, but in his own terms and time .

    He learned to become an adult while others his age must have enjoyed playing ,sleeping to their heart’s content ,eating to satiety like a normal adolescent .But he decided he wanted to be ahead of his own time to explore the ways of the world , to find his own road ,his own orbit .When the dust finally settled on his feet he began to see his way .

    His music , guitar and friends were in his universe. It was a safe cocoon for him as they all come from the same neighborhood, breathing same air, playing in the same space ,eating same comfort food and downing them with soju . But he was his own commander bringing in his flight, unlimited quantity of perseverance and courage so stubborn you’d think he was the proverbial cat with nine lives.

    It will not take long for others to perceive this boy is a rough diamond needing cut and polishing to shine. DSP has seen beyond the good looks he possessed lay the talents though still needed to be honed and sharpened . They wanted him to forget his guitar for a while and learn to sing and dance . His body did not yet recognized the fluidity the dance movements required, and took a longer time compared to others for it to cooperate. Even if it did, the body’s lack of grace in the beginning was more than compensated by his stage presence, its brilliance blinding the awed audience.

    Yes, the stage now is bigger, wider and he shared it with four others who had become not only his friends but brothers . Yet he became the commander of this spaceship christened SS501.Together in their brand new spaceship, they explored not only their universe but other universes as well. They showed and shared their talents and gifts to many who joined them in their ride. They had concerts, variety shows , music albums, and awards to share with their loving fans Their spaceship go back to the ground only to blast off again to conquer, to win and also to lose , to recognize there were competitions in talents as well as good looks in the same universe . They had shared same pains and tears, frustrations and hopes, success and failures but they had each other, bonding like no other , swearing they’d walk to the end of the world together .

    But time came when each had to have his own space ship to command for exploring and securing niches they have not seen before. Hyun Joong went to the sky again ahead of the others . It was only a matter of short time the others followed . Then the sky is filled with their spaceships each one maneuvering and testing their own wings on their own . The universe is an awe inspiring sight to see their beautiful wings . Aren’t space ships just the metal version of the the skybirds ?

    Hyun Joong’s universe maybe contracting and expanding once again. Under the guidance of Key East he will see more obstacles and barriers but will surmount them. He has accepted them as part of his universe . He knows and understand that that’s what life travel is all about .Just now another of his life travel has began. His only wish is to travel it well. And in his spaceship will be a lovely woman who will stay by his side .


    Credit to Ode + http://khj0606.com/zboard/zboard.php?id ... sc&no=4566 = + Kathy's Bench

    SHOW HIM ...
    Many eyes that stare at me. If I can't avoid, enjoy it.
    By showing something inside me, I want to surprise them.
    One by one, slowly but something new each time.
    And for a long time, Shall I begin?

    READY, ACTION!!! ...
    After enjoying plenty of freedom doing things I like, I fill myself with a relaxed mind to venture out into the world. Shall we have some fun?

    Adventure ...
    My adventurous self leads me to a new street today.
    With a small piece of map and two strong legs, I can go anywhere.
    The street I've never been to and walking unplanned street is when I discovered something new.
    What will I face in the future. My beating heart screams at me already. It's time to leave!

    Beach ...
    Hot sandy beach heated by bright sunlight
    Cool water that wets my feet
    As if my heart has met an oasis of desert, it lifts in happiness.

    Beach is good.Because it awakens an innocence of the heart and let it smile in joy.
    Like the time a boy once was in his childhood.

    Charisma ...
    A person who can make other excited with his stare.
    He who can open a sweet world of imagination with his quick smile.
    Someone who can intoxicate others in a short meeting.
    Most of all, someone with the heart to respect and care for others. Without the scent of one's heart.
    he can be handsome man but not attractive. Exactly who am I? Is my scent penetrating by someone?

    Comfort ...
    A piece of sandwich on one hand, and a thick book in another,
    11 am a perfect time to take a walk on warm green field
    3 pm is when you want to take a sweet nap with sky as blanket, and cloud as pillow.
    Children running around the playground having fun,
    Smile on my face without any reason at 5 pm

    A relaxing day passes by like a dream.

    Composure ...
    Slowly wake up in the bright morning sun.
    Lazy time in bed until it's time to get up.
    The sight of the village through the open window.
    A step away from the hectic life is all you need to do to have some freedom. In this simple self.
    In this moment, I am intoxicated with happiness.

    Defiant Attitude ...
    (Ode's translated version)
    I who have already turned into an adult, I go against the opposite because I have a reason.
    Not because I want to show how cool that is or how tough I am,
    but because I want to prove the truth to my alleged thoughts
    So long as I have confidence and assurance in myself
    No matter what others may say or do
    It will not suffice if I don't stick to my own initial thoughts.
    Even if that matter may end up wrong,
    as long as it's something I have decided about,
    I will prove it firmly and bring it till the end.
    That,is KimHyunJoong's style.

    (Kathy's translated version)
    As an adult, I rebel for a reason.
    It's not self assurance. you should be able to express yourself no matter what other says.
    Even if that belief is wrong, you must understand its flaw. That is my, Kim Hyun Joong's style.

    Dog ...
    He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style. The one who gives loyalty and faithfulness to someone who honestly treats you with love and care is the "real" one.
    That's why I like dogs better than puppies. Dogs are sometimes cold and gives threat to strangers, but in front of his master whom he's very familiar with, he then opens his heart with no reservations.

    Football ...
    Without anything particular but with just wide field and net
    I become Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi,
    Running with a small ball in wind is the moment of freedom

    Friend ...
    He makes you laugh like a madman for nothing
    and you can share any embarrassing stories with him, a friend.
    I'm a prankster in front of my old buddy, friends for 18 years.

    In the name of friend there is no age, nationality nor sex.
    Only if you have the heart to accept him. To be together. Because we are friends.

    Holidays & Playful Smile ...
    The place you used to visit on holidays holding your mother's hand.
    It's not the same place with smell of fish and crowded with people.
    But curiosity still awakens when I enter the market.
    "What is this?"

    Riding the bicycle with a basket full of food in one afternoon.
    Just for the fun. I turn the handle to the right, then to the left.
    I cannot help but laugh seeing the bicycle swivel but not fall.
    Surprised to see that the bicycle and I are very much alike.
    Like me who is strong in even with a small shock and in a small remark.
    A mischievous smile revisits my face.

    Music ...
    I dont know exactly when but I met music like it's my fate.
    When the music flows from the mobile phone and into my ear and penetrates my heart, I revive as anew.
    That's how I feel that I'm alive.

    Mood ...
    I am in a good mood today because of you.

    Passion ...
    Passion to improve oneself.
    Passion to sing at a small theater while singing in the future.
    To become one with the people I know through the concert.
    Passion to act memorable character.
    Passion to become someone you are proud of in front of others.
    Passion to fall in love like a puppy.
    All of these passions together make me. I breathe today

    Romance ...
    No hesitation as if never been heart broken or never had fear before.
    like today is the last day, I will love.
    From the moment I meet her.

    Travel ...
    The idea of finding something where there's nothing is difficult vanished during the trip. The trip that started from nowhere created memories and emotions as I built something to remember during the trip. Thus, I find new me during the trip.
    Is it ecstasy. My secret list is filled with a plan of the world tour of blue bicycle from Santorini of Greece and Hula dance of Brazilian fiesta to sheep of New Zealand. After touring the world, it would be nice to have a trip to some planet in the universe. When will I make this dream come true?
    "It smells good. Is it a fruit?"
    "I'll take one of each."

  • khjluscious.jpg

    Kim Hyun-joong eager to prove worth as actor
    By Jean Oh ([email protected])
    2010-08-29 18:36

    History repeats itself ― at least in the case of budding hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong.

    The SS501 boy band leader skyrocketed to fame after making his acting debut as the achingly handsome Yoon Ji-hoo in KBS’ hit series “Boys Over Flowers.” In hopes, perhaps, of repeating his initial success, Kim’s second work promises to reprise certain aspects of his first.

    “I think you can see my character, Baek Seung-jo, as sort of a combination of Yoon Ji-hoo and Goo Joon-pyo (the hero of ‘Boys Over Flowers’),” the 24-year-old said at the series’ press conference on Thursday.

    “I think I took on this role to earn more respect for my second attempt at playing a high school student in a drama based on a comic book series,” he said as he explained why he latched onto a character that bore similarities to his previous one.

    This time around, Kim nabbed the title role, a step up from his previous stint. And while the plot is different, the production company, Group Eight, remains the same. Furthermore, “Boys Over Flowers” co-star Lee Si-young will also be starring in the new drama as the heroine’s rival.

    Like “Boys Over Flowers,” Kim’s new television drama, “Naughty Kiss,” is a spin off of a popular Japanese comic book series. The original, the late Kaoru Tada’s “Itazura na Kiss,” sold a whopping 30 million copies and was remade into both a Taiwanese and Japanese TV drama and an animated series.

    Now, the tried-and-tested tale of young love is looking to score ratings in Korea, and heartthrob Kim will prove crucial in determining its success.

    Having faced criticism for his acting in “Boys Over Flowers,” the actor and singer was eager to avoid a repeat situation.

    “I am trying hard to rid myself of the stigma that a singer-turned-thespian makes for a bad actor,” said Kim.

    Kim Hyun-joong speaks at the “Naughty Kiss” drama press conference on Thursday at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul (Group Eight)

    “I wouldn’t go so far to say that my acting has improved to the point where it would elicit a ‘wow’ but I think it has to the point where people can see that I have been trying really hard,” he said.

    “Naughty Kiss” and “Boys Over Flowers” co-star Lee Si-young agreed that Kim’s acting skills have improved: “Seeing (the highlight reel) onscreen today, I really feel that this character suits him tremendously well.”

    “I guess he lacks what you might call skills. But he is utterly charming when captured on screen,” said “Naughty Kiss” director Hwang In-roe. “I think he is a great fit for the character he plays.”

    Kim, on the other hand, might hesitate to compare himself to his “Naughty Kiss” alter ego: a prickly, arrogant, straight-A student who excels in both sports and academics.

    “In scenes where I teach Ha-ni (the heroine), I have to come across as a total genius, give off the impression that it is all so easy, and that is very challenging,” he admitted.

    Yet, judging from how calmly he fielded questions about his departure from his former agency and about rumors of a SS501 break-up, Kim may, indeed, be an ideal fit for the title role. He navigated a situation that might have made less-experienced celebrities fumble, with the ease of a professional.

    “I would like (the press) to refrain from saying that Kim Hyun-joong is leaving the group,” the singer cleared the air, asserting that SS501 has not disbanded.

    Kim did, however, sign onto Keyeast, an agency known for housing first generation hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, a.k.a. Yonsama. In fact, Bae is not only a part of the agency, he is also a major shareholder.

    “No I don’t think I have ever called him boss yet,” Kim said, revealing that he calls Bae “big brother.”

    Kim recalled meeting Bae for the first time: “He was getting out of a car.”

    “Zeus?” Kim proffered a description for the larger-than-life celebrity. “Then after exchanging a few words, I realized he was human after all.”

    Shortly after joining Keyeast, Kim landed his role on “Naughty Kiss.” Kim is also slated to take part in a charity event with Bae at the Tokyo Dome in December and revealed plans to return to singing next year as part of a two-pronged approach to a future career in music and acting. 

    “Naughty Kiss” airs Sept. 1 at 9:55 p.m. on MBC.




    Official MBC site: WGM
    Broadcast: Airs every Sunday at 6:10PM Korean time

    MBC We Got Married is a show where participating celebrities are coupled as husbands and wives to portray the lives of newly-weds. on 11th May 2008(episode 9), SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo joined the show as 'older wife-younger husband' couple, thus bringing a new situation and a different air to the show


    [Photo: Hwangbo, Hyunjoong, Junjin]

    Hwang Buin never expected Hyunjoong to be jealous... but during We Got Married, he showed his displeasure with a female model, an actress, an imaginary man and a horse.

    Female Model Incident:

    (Picking out clothes for their wedding photoshoot)

    HJ: This goes well with jeans.
    HB: You can wear the jacket with jeans.
    HJ: But I can't do a wedding photo in just jeans..
    HB: Why not? A model, Lee Yoo did it.
    HJ: Who?
    HB: Do you know a model named Lee Yoo?
    HJ: No..
    HB: No? Well there's a model named Lee Yoo..
    HJ: *coolly scoffs and turns away from her*
    HB: Really.. What's wrong? It's true.
    HJ: I see... You sure know a lot of men.
    HB: *kneels and laughs* I have to clear it up.. Lee Yoo is a woman. I was talking about her husband.
    HJ: Ahh.. is that so?
    HB: I really don't know a lot of men!

    Private interview:

    HJ: I really thought she was talking about a man... They're not even close but she keeps on saying "model Lee Yoo, Lee Yoo"... I kept on thinking, "Why is she referring to him so affectionately?" Then I found out it was a woman... I was really embarrassed, I even got jealous..


    Actress Incident

    HJ: Your phone!!
    HB: Who is it?
    HJ: Seems like a friend of yours but its a guy's name.
    HB: *laughs* What's the name?
    HJ: Dong Hyun.
    HB: Who's Dong Hyun?
    HJ: What do you mean who? It says Dong Hyun.
    HB: Who?
    HJ: Mr. Dong Hyun called you.
    HB: Dong Hyun is a girl too~
    HJ: Really? Women around you have male names.

    Private Interview:

    HB: Is it jealousy? But he was only jealous of women, I was surprised! It was weird.. completely unexpected of him because I don't expect much.. I don't ask much from people. Was he saying it because he's jealous? Or is it the feeling that since we're married, he's starting to meddle?


    Hwangbo's Future Husband

    (During the farm mission)

    HB: When I get married.. Just like Cha Inpyo and Shin Aera, I want to do lots of good deeds in my life as well.
    HJ: *stern* Who are you going to marry?
    HB: *laughs* I meant.. I'm married, so I'll do good deeds.
    HJ: But you just said, "When I get married.." Who else are you going to marry? WHO?
    HB: *laughs*
    HJ: I'm.. I'm gonna tell everyone.
    HB: What?
    HJ: That you're getting married twice.
    HB: *laughs*
    HJ: On your wedding day, I'll be like, "Hey! That woman's getting married twice!!!"


    (During the Ssangchu Olympics)

    HB: Was there a time when you got upset because of me?
    HJ: Upset?
    HB: Yeah, a time when you got upset but you didn't say...
    HJ: Actually, I was most upset that time..
    HB: Huh? When?
    HJ: When we went to the farm, you said, "When I get married..."
    HB: *laughs*
    HJ: I was upset then. I just pretended to laugh but I kept on thinking, "What type of man would he be?"


    Shillang Horse

    Before this scene, Hwangbo asked the horse owner if she can name the horse she's riding "Shillang/Hubby" and Hyunjoong called his horse "Buin/Wife"

    HB: Shillang... *to the horse*
    HJ: Hmm?
    HB: Why are you answering? I was talking to him.
    HJ: Who?
    HB: Him~~ *points to the horse*.... Shillang, be well no matter what you do, alright? Perk up your ears! Your ears should perk up when your wife is talking..
    HJ: Hwang Buin...
    HB: Huh?
    HJ: No, I was talking to her. *points to his horse*
    HB: It's really confusing...

    Hyunjoong then calls Hwangbo on her phone.

    HB: What?
    HJ: Hello?
    HB: Why is a horse calling me?
    HJ: I'm doing the two phone calls a day... What are you doing?
    HB: Me? I'm at Jeju Island.
    HJ: Really?
    HB: Yep. I came here with my husband.
    HJ: I came to Jeju with my wife also.
    HB: I'll put my husband on the phone, wait a minute~ *puts the phone on the horse's ear*
    HB: *laughs*
    HJ: Who do you think you are? Ya! You.. Do you love your Hwang Buin? *horse nods* Oh, he's nodding!!!
    HB: He's really nodding! I'm going crazy!
    HJ: You horse *******...

    Hwangbo then talks to Hyunjoong's horse, but then Hyunjoong wanted to talk to Shillang horse once more.

    HJ: Put him on. I have one more thing to say.
    HB: *puts phone on the horse's ear*
    HJ: What the hell are you? What's your name? You.. do you really like Hwang Buin?
    *horse nods again*
    HB: I didn't do anything, I was still!
    HJ: Ya! Do you really like Hwang Buin?
    *horse nods again*
    HJ: This guy really... My wife says she doesn't like me. *talks to the horse* Buin, do you hate me?
    *Buin horse nods*
    HB: *laughs* you should've treated her better when you had her... Shillang..
    HJ: As expected, a human wife is better than a horse.
    HB: Then you should've treated me better when you had me. I can treat you better than a horse, right?
    HJ: I understand. i'll be an escort trying my best from now on! I'll turn you to a queen! Elizabeth Hwangbo~
    *Hwangbo leaves with Shillang horse*
    HJ: I'll be there soon..
    HB: I'm going with my husband now.
    HJ: *to his horse* It hurts my pride.. Don't follow them!! Don't follow them! BUIN!
    HB: I'm sorry~~ I found my love~~ Sorry~~~ *waves goodbye to Hyunjoong*
    HJ: *to his horse* OKAY, FOLLOW THEM NOW!!! OVER THERE!!!

    (Momogreen shared this image here at dcinside and I decided to tweak it a little bit so I can use it on this post xD)
    Posted by Ssangchu Heaven


    JoongBo1: First Day of Marriage download

    JoongBo2: Housewarming Party download

    JoongBo3: Spending Day-off Together download

    JoongBo4: Make a Memory – Moving to a New House download

    JoongBo5: Japan Trip download

    JoongBo6: Go on Vacation with Couples download

    JoongBo7: 100 Day Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot download

    JoongBo8:*Experiencing*Farm as a Couple download

    JoongBo9: Farewell Vacation download

    JoongBo10: Ant Tour download

    JoongBo11: Everland Adventure/Matchmaking download

    JoongBo12: Sshillang’s One Day Manager/Buin’s Busan Performance download

    JoongBo13: Spending Winter Together download

    JoongBo14: Farewell Trip to Jejudo download

    We Got Married Specials
    WGM ep25: Chuseok special download





  • angelickhj.jpg

    Kim Hyun Joong Additional Pictures from Official Website

    KeyEast updated Hyun Joong’s profile

    Posted by rainaftershine on August 6, 2010

    Credit: http://www.keyeast.co.kr/artist/khj.asp + KHJ Baidu
    Do not hotlink photo!







    Kim Hyun Joong’s official website opens
    by heartfacee on September 8, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Kim Hyun Joong’s official website operated by his new management agency, KeyEast has finally opened its doors on the 8th, delighting fans who have been waiting patiently.

    Through this website, fans can access at first hand, his public schedule, filming locations,etc while never-before-seen pictures will all be available exclusively through this website.

    To celebrate the official opening, Kim Hyun Joong also wrote a personal message to his fans although the server apparently crashed from overloading because so many fans were checked it out at the same time after its unveiling.

    Fans commented,

    “I hope you can communicate with your fans here.”
    “Congratulations on the opening. Kim Hyun Joong fighting! Playful Kiss hit the jackpot!”
    “I hope that this will be a good place for Hyun Joong and the ones that care about him.”

    He’s off to a good start on his solo career.
  • angel.jpg

    Kim Hyun Joong, Vanness Wu to help Philippines via charity event
    August 19, 2010, 2:41pm

    It will be some sort of F4 reunion as “Boys over Flowers” star Kim Hyun Joong and “Meteor Garden” star Vanness Wu will be participating in a charity event in Japan to help children in the Philippines and Cambodia.

    Hyun Joong and Vanness will be appearing in the charity event dubbed “Message! To Asia.” The event is part of Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK) or Children Without Borders and Japanese TV station DATV's joint venture, “Project Smile”.

    The two together with hallyu actor Bae Yong Joon, Japanese singer GACKT and other stars from Japan, Korea and Taiwan will be holding a charity show on Dec. 14 at Tokyo Dome in Japan.

    The proceeds of the project will help poor children in the Philippines and Cambodia.

    “Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong willingly decided to take part in the project by considering that the project is a long term project to help children under difficult situations to smile again. Two people expressed the thought that they wish more smiles could be spread to more children, and that the children will be able to smile again with renewed hope in their lives through this event,” KBS quotes a Keyeast Entertainment agency spokesperson.

    Yong Joon and Hyun Joong belong to Keyeast.

    Both Kim Hyun Joong and Vanness Wu starred in “Boys over Flowers” and “Meteor Garden” respectively, the TV adaptations of the Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango.”

    - Manila Bulletin


    From HJ's fan...
    (got this from Hyun-joong.com)
    (A Chinese producer fan of KHJ wrote a message for our Angel)

    439 A letter from a Chinese film producer ! [2] lazycat 2010.09.11 91

    Dear Hyun Joong,

    We know you are happy with your new agency Keyeast now, and you must be very excited during your recent shooting days!

    Now let me introduce myself to you. I’m one of your Chinese fans, an aunt like fan with my age 56 years old. I live in Beijing, and work for China Film Group for nearly 25 years, and have attended so many international film festivals and film markets all over the world. I also stayed in our Paris office for two year. So I’ve met with many film stars such as Jackie Chan and so on, some of them became my friends already. But I’ve never expected myself could be a Korean idol’s fan! It’s the first time in my life. Ha…ha…ha…O(∩_∩)O It made me felt so funny and interesting! Some of my friends couldn’t understand me about it. But I know why. That’s enough.

    I know you from TV series “Boys over Flowers” first. But I felt I real know you and like you just after watching the variety show “We Got Married”. I could see your natural character from this program. The former one something belongs to Yoon Ji Hoo but not to you.

    Then I’ve nearly seen all the variety programs, MV and concerts about you and SS501. It made me know what a real Kim Hyun Joong is, a charming, humor, goodness, naughty, sunshine like, vigorous, honesty, and hardworking boy, which are attracted me so much not only just by your good-looking face. I also know your dream about music, show biz, and even the happiness or inner worries deep in your heart.

    Thanks a lot for internet, it makes the world get closer, and we can get information very fast. It makes people between east and west got to know and understand each other more easily. I enjoy you and SS501’s songs and dances very much, especially “Unlock”, “Love like this”, “Be My Girl”, “Love Ya” and “Let Me be the One”. It could keep my heart young. I can also see you five from unsophisticated boys to sexy men one step by one. Music and some kind of arts are without borders. It’s really true and makes our life more wonderful.

    Now I’m the member of Asia-Pacific Producers Network (APN), and just attend this year’s APN conference held in Korea. But unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to meet with you this time.

    I know you want to be a character and skilled actor but not only a star, and also want to try to play for action films. I’ll try my best to present you to Jackie Chan’s producers as one of them is my best friend. But I think you’d overcome your shyness before strangers if you want be a good actor. I really wish we could have chance to cooperate for movie or TV series projects someday. The webmaster know my e-mail address and Tel. No. if you have time and want to chat with me about the above mentioned subject.

    All the good wishes for you, especially wish you enjoy your work and life, and will have a soul mate but not just a simple girl friend in a near future!

    Fighting! Fighting! We all Chinese fans are always supporting you and the full of energy passion’s group SS501!

    Panpan He ( a Chinese film producer and one of your Chinese fans )

    P.S: Thanks a lot for Keyeast to set up this warm “home” for Hyun Joong and his fans all over the world. Wish the webmaster can select some English messages to translate in Korea and transfer them to Hyun Joong.
    Thanks again in advance for your kind help!


  • hjlcollage.jpg

    Korean stars shrouded in hottest topic of discussion -- Stars under 25 years of age

    scan - http://blog.daum.net/elley0606/292


    Kimbum, Lee Minho, Yoon Siyun, KimJun, Lee Minki, Lee Seunggi,
    Jang Geunsuk, TOP, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Hongki, Yoochun, Jaejoong

    Credit: daum @ elley0606 + (Chinese Translation) 妃茵 @ TripleSTW.com + (English Translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
    Please repost with full credit

    Japan Weekly Female Magazine Special
    First 13 Under 25 years old Korea Beauty Flower Boy

    No.1: Kim Hyun Joong

    Reporter: Debut on 2005 in 5 male group SS501 leader's Kim Hyun Joong. In 2009, he started a hot wave with his role 'Yoon Ji Hoo' in Korean drama 'Boys over Flowers', as his first solo product in challenging his acting skill.

    Hyun Joong: "Boys over Flowers' allowed me to start to have strong interest in acting, at the same time, it was a product which opened my vision. Just like the 3 minutes 30 seconds singing on stage, I think acting is like a combination of the rhythm of song and rap.

    Reporter: Acting in September Korean Drama 'Naughty Kiss', as the male lead 'Baek Seung Jo'

    Hyun Joong: It is a manga reproduced drama same as 'Boys over Flowers'. The difference is, Yoon Ji Hoo is a gentle and understand boy, Baek Seung Jo is a role which will always sneer, so I wanted to challenge this.

    Reporter: There a few like you that is in the actor singer field and hold the same high popularity, artist whom are also same age and currently very active in Korea.

    Hyun Joong: Not long ago acted in Japanese Drama, DBSK's Jejung, I have ask him about the filming method in Japan. I have also always meet and discuss about acting with Yuchun. The Korean drama that he acted in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is broadcast on Monday & Tuesday, my drama is broadcast on Wednesday & Thursday, it is good that we are not fighting at the same time slot (laugh). Em... I wish for the success for both of our drama.[/QUOTE]



  • khjquotes006animated.gif

    Kim Hyun Joong picked #1 desired celebrity boyfriend
    by Luigi on September 14, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Recently, netizens picked singer turned actor Kim Hyun Joong as the number 1 celebrity they would want to be in a relationship with.

    A poll was conducted from September 6th to the 9th in relation to the blockbuster hit ‘Letters to Juliet‘, with the question being, ‘Which celebrity would you like to be in a relationship with this fall?’. The poll results showed that the m ost picked was ‘Playful Kiss’ actor Kim Hyun Joong.

    Kim Hyun Joong received 54% of the votes to get top place, while actor Lee Seung Gi, Song Joong Ki and Yoon Shi Yoon came 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

    Kim Hyun Joong is currently gathering much interest from the female viewers of drama ‘Playful Kiss’, as he acts the role of a perfect son.
  • :spinstar: [highlight]WORLD OF HYUNNIES PEXERS' FAN LIST [/highlight]:spinstar:



    1. ii mary ii
    2. mhie17
    3. poli_g
    4. denden22
    5. [aYzEt]164
    6. chrizzzyyy
    7. enzie13
    8. janeserito
    9. mhynem
    29. hackerz_macky-number 29 secured
    31.lovely 15
    41.rhea kim
    48.taray queen
    54.hanep khuletz
    57. Edee
    59. Inprz
    60. Hyunren
    61. pex_adik_c_ako
    62. Jharules
    63. maldita12
    64. lechugas
    65. savvydude
    66. luckyagz
    67. decemberhoney82
    68. Keekay12
    69. katkat1970
    70. tiger07
    71. bodacious999
    72. brychelle_20
    73. ghiannemar73
    74. azi767
    75. lemondew
    76. aixin08
    77. sojuspirit
    78. kimchigirl
    79. kitakitts
    80. allieRN
    81. phantom501
    82. shawie_b
    83. Mirror
    84. pearlish
    85. rosel23
    86. remeiram
    87. aprilstar
    88. crazy4hyun
    89. layzzie
    90. didee
    91. embot
    92. KHJmyOasis
    93. phoenix_cutez30
    94. newyorkcitygirl


    Please click the image

    KIM HYUN JOONG: Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers

    ♥ Kim Hyun Joong/김현중 ♥ BOF's Yoon Ji Hoo, SS501's Leader, WGM's Shillang - 2nd Thread

    ♥ Kim Hyun Joong/김현중 ♥ BOF's Yoon Ji Hoo, SS501's Leader, WGM's Shillang -3rd Thread

    Kim Hyun Joong/김현중 Thread SS501's Leader, WGM's Chillang, BOF's Jihoo - Soompi Thread



    Kim Hyun Joong COVER & INTERVIEW 11P!


    Hyun Joong in PIA 10/7 Issue

    Interview reposted from ODE’s blog:

    Jp-Krn translation:
    Scans by: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

    He who was borne as the much well-loved leader of dance and vocal group SS501 in 2005 – Kim Hyunjoong.

    Over here in Japan too, he has had surfaced with a major debut in 2007 and sung to aplenty songs and captivated the hearts of many. And now, he is challenging as an actor where he similarly receives much love from his fans.

    Last year, he challenged acting for the first time in drama “Boys over Flowers” as the very affectionate Jihoo sunbae where this role had everyone calling him the National Sunbae, proving the high popularity he’s had garnered.

    “To me, BoF was a work that allowed me to start developing interest in a new field as an actor. When I was acting it out, this thought always came onto mind, ‘What if I’m Jihoo, how will I react (to this, to that)?’. The more you truly go into studying the character, the more it will actually be reflected in your acting. In addition, with that kind of way, with that kind of attitude where I will want to go further to study a character, it actually really allowed me to discover an unknown side of mine in the sense ‘Oh, I have such a side too?’ that kind. So this has really helped me alot in acting too”.

    He is now challenging a new drama ‘Playful Kiss’, in it he stars as an aloof teen with IQ 200, Baek Seung Jo. Despite so, he actually revealed that he originally did not have any thought to take on this role.

    “Hahaha originally, I had already decided not to take on any high-school roles again after BoF. (laughs) This may be my biggest disadvantage, but to be honest, I’m one who will be very easily influenced by what others say… Like let’s say buying clothes. When I go to buy some clothes, they may not particularly attract me at first, but if I hear the salesperson or friends around me who say that it suits me, I will then eventually end up buying those clothes. Just like this time’s drama too, people in my agency kept saying, ‘Very good suggestion ne’, ‘If you were to take it on it’ll surely succeed’, etc….And so because of that I ended up accepting this drama already (laughs)”.

    This popular role that is highly vyed for by many actors had eventually gone to Kim Hyunjoong, and with that, this truly looks like a Kim-HyunJoong-episode ne.

    After deciding to take on this role, he will never look back but will instead try his best to perfect his role — that is him.

    If so, how does he then put in efforts into portraying this role?

    “First of all, Baek Seungjo is a genius with IQ 200 and higher, so I had to constantly remind myself that ‘I am a genius’Whatever it may be, I just keep telling myself ‘I am a genius’, which is why I could thus naturally turn into Seung-jo. Yeah, I think of it that way (laughs)”.

    [Moving into new agency, a vastly different environment]

    Whether it be Jihoo from Boys over Flowers or Seungjo from Playful Kiss, both are roles who initially does not care for anything at all yet eventually falling for a plain girl.
    So what is his love exemplar like in reality?

    (laughs). Also, because this is yet another manga-adapted character, in order not to tarnish the original image, I try my best to stick as close as possible to the original character. I’m also trying my best to show the kind of charm that only Kim Hyunjoong can possess, even if it may be just one charm.

    “I’m the practical and strong-willed type. Will fall in love at first sight kind. If I like her, I won’t hide but will tell her instead. The girls I like is those cool type. One who could easily and relaxingly communicate with me, and who could also happily allow me to go drinking with my friends. That is my ideal type”.

    Hyunjoong, one who is always so honest in every thing he answers.

    Looking at the way he tranquiled manner he answers those questions, I then asked if there has been any difficulty or changes in the execution of work since he has now moved into Keyeast consisting Bae Yong-joon, after leaving his former agency.

    “Obviously because I’ve changed to a new agency, my working environment has also changed too. Because of that, I will also feel it’s not so possible to further execute work with those who has previously worked together with me. But then again, if I don’t work harder than now, I will not have any better development in days to come, so I also make many preparations in each area. Only so could I possibly achieve what ever I want to do, that’s how I think”.

    Bae Yong-joon who is in his new agency will come out to meet up with Hyun-joong at times, too. Amidst their conversations, Hyun-joong has learnt quite many things as well.

    “Bae Yong-joon sunbae is very humane and realistic, and is also a superb person. Though we share talks together, we don’t really talk about any absolutely special topics, but instead some daily life stories. Just that alone I could already learn many ways on how to treat people and attitude on life. I also will want to spread our Korea culture to more and more people in the world, to let them know. Furthermore, sunbae’s self-management is also really thorough; he’s really amazing”.

    Though he is such a Kim Hyun-joong, he does not milk down in his body training as well. During holidays, no matter how tired he is, he will definitely go to exercise, this is because he wants to maintain his body shape and fitness.

    “No matter what I have on hand, I will go for exercising (laughs), and will also play soccer. Yesterday I had some free time, so I went to kick football with my dancers. Exercising may be really tiring, but in future when I reach 40 years old, my body can still maintain as it is, because exercising helps alot. That’s how I think of it”.

    When we hear words like “wanting to show the maturity as a singer”, the concert held last year by SS501 in Japan Budoukan comes onto mind. In the Solo Corner area, that body which Kim Hyunjoong reveals…….. At that split moment when he tears apart his clothing, those shrieks coming from fans fill the entire concert hall…….

    “I want to recommend exercising to my fans too. I had seen the documentary my fans made yesterday. In it wrote ‘ahjumma fan’ (middle-aged fans), in Japanese we call it ‘obasan fan’, after seeing, I didn’t really like it. Japanese ahjumma fans often write things like ‘I am apologetic you have such an ahjumma fan’, but I don’t agree with the way they see themselves. If only they could exercise regularly like normal girls do, and thinks of themselves as young ones, it’ll be really good (laughs)”.

    “My gratitude towards fans has always been sitting itself deep down there in my heart. The love I get from my fans, I want to reciprocate them all. But not just by words, I want to also express it in my actions and in a concrete manner. I want to reciprocate them like that. Such a thought has always been in my mind”.

    Who knows if he will also be presenting any special present to fans in his upcoming DVD photobook to be released end of October. After which, he will also be attending to a charity event “Message to Asia” with Bae Yong-joon at Tokyo Dome on December 14. After current drama ‘Playful Kiss’ ends, fans who have been anticipating his singer activities will also get their wish granted.

    “Had sung for Playful Kiss’ OST, and is also doing preparations for my new album. I want to have enough time to go thoroughly prepare for an awesome album. To be honest I am also practising choreography for my new dance songs that will be inclusive in my new album. Though I am focusing mainly on drama for now, I still want to show everyone the side of a singer who has better matured, even if it may be just a little bit. So please, do anticipate much. Same for dancing, I will show even more hype in dancing”.

    That one sentence he recalls whenever he is lonely — “So long as you go ahead to do it, you can”

    He wants to give this piece of sentence to every friend out there who is in anguish.

    Despite hitting the nail, he never does give up finding his road ahead — and that is Kim Hyun Joong.

    Be it as an actor, or a singer, he seems to be slowly slowly, little by little,

    expanding his pavement ahead of him…






  • khjfotoframe.jpg





    Kim Hyun Joong interview on Japan Magazine – Love! Korean No.35

    reposted from: http://immisschievous.wordpress.com/

    Magazine scan: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606
    Chinese translation: 妃茵@TripleSTW
    English translation: SS501UFO.blogspot.com
    Please repost with full credit

    Kim Hyun Joong ‘Devoted and hardworking, dreams will definitely be fulfilled’

    Kim Hyun Joong who came to Japan because of ‘Boys over Flower’ Alumni, our magazine did a thorough interview of his true appearance
    Having a ‘Walking Statue”s nickname, but actually is a good youth with a very cheerful smile.

    (Only translate special interview section, Boys over Flower Alumni introduction ommited)

    “Boys over Flower’ open up his own acting route

    – Greatest change after acting in ‘Boys over Flower’

    Originally is going on a singer activity then with ‘Boys over Flower’, started to challenge acting skill for the first time. This work, not only stired up my interest in acting, but also give me good result after working hard. Also, feel that I have expand my personal acting route.

    – About Yoon Ji Hoo

    Yoon Ji Hoo and I have completely different character. Just because of the complete difference, was a little distress when trying to interprete the role. I was thinking, maybe Yoon Ji Hoo was not really a lonely man.

    – About always having kiss scenes in the 1st scene

    That’s right. But, Boys over Flower’s kiss scene was not the 1st scene, but considered within the first few scenes.

    – As an actor, aren’t you happy for filming kiss scene

    Every show the kiss scene was scripted differently. Currently acted as ‘Naughty Kiss’ Baek Seung Jo, because of the character of that role, the original script was going towards ‘girl going after boy”s direction, so while filming kiss scene, also go according to the original script, having a mischievious style and joking element, just like a gentle peck kind of kiss.

    Forever unstoppable Spiritual examination

    – Have you seen the Japan drama remake of ‘Mischievious Kiss’

    Have read the original manga. Never seen the Japan or Taiwan version of drama, fear that after watching will be affected by the actor in the drama. Wanted to create an Naoki Irie of my own style, so have done some research beforehand.

    – Similar to the previous drama, you are the lead actor, do you think that this role can only be acted by you?

    When receiving ‘Naughty Kiss”s script, have think over it seriously. Similar to the previous drama, it is also a drama scripted based on a manga, because of this I was troubled by it for very long. However, since I am still young, I guess I should be able to fully interprete the character who is based on the manga. ‘Boys over Flower’ Yoon Ji Hoo is a gentle and considerate boy, while this time I am acting as a cold and heartless Baek Seung Jo, both have great difference in character.

    – The greatest influence in life after become an actor

    After acting, when seen some scene at certain place and different people, I will look and examine in my heart. Or else, will observe a certain person currently is under what kind of mood condition. For example, when there is a very wonderful place, I will think how to shoot beautiful photographs, this kind of thoughts…. Now I am interviewed by you, but in my mind I am thinking, this month end during ‘Naughty Kiss’ press conference, when meet with same question, I can also answer the reporter the same way.

    – The advantage of holding both the role of a singer and actor

    As a singer, when standing on stage, mostly is to sing and dance. 3min 30sec performance, I think it is a type of acting. Just like when acting there are lines, although just singing, when reciting rap must control the rhythm and beat, must show heavy tone at certain part. Therefore I think singer and actor both are complementarily and mutually related. Of course, holding on both roles of actor and singer is a very difficult, must have very good personal management to control in the area of both spiritual and body.

    Bae Yong Joon is an exceptional person

    – After joining the same company as Bae Yong Joon, have you met him?

    We met quite often. Not to talk about work, but chatting about each others’ interest and also topic related to people around us.

    – About Bae Yong Joon

    Is really a very exceptional, and a person who can completely do a good personal management. No matter what he does, he will put in his whole heart and mind, very excellent. I am very admired toward Bae Yong Joon who is like this. My aim is to be a person like Bae Yong Joon, so I will seek his opinion from time to time.

    – When having the role of both singer and actor, do you have friends who have common interest whom you can interact with

    DBSK’s Yuchun. If there anything that I don’t know about Japan, for example what to emphasize when dealing with Japan fans, what is their difference comparing with Korea fans, I will also ask Yuchun questions regarding Japan entertainment circle and etc. When together with Junsu, we are good friends to play soccer together. When with Jejung, I will consult him about his filming in Japan. Bringing up about Yuchun is because he is currently acting in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ which is broadcast on every Monday and Tuesday, luckily that my drama is broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday, different day from his, I have even told him that it is great that we don’t need to meet head on. (Laugh).

    – Fans and media give a lot of nicknames, which is your most favourite

    All also like (Laugh). I don’t know which nickname is the best, but currently I am acting as Baek Seung Jo in ‘Naughty Kiss’, I hope everybody can call me ‘Proud Boy’.

    – Most respect historian

    In this world there are a lot of people that worth to be respected, it is very difficult to pick one only. Towards those that live life earnestly, not just only respect, even can just exceed them by a little bit, we must also work hard to achieve that.

    – Message for Japan fans

    Perviously when came to Japan, my dream was to perform in Japan Bodukan, it was fulfilled during Persona Asia Tour. Then I wish to perform in Saitama Arena, it was fulfilled during April this year. Following by that, I was thinking if I can go to Tokyo Dome it will be great, it was fulfilled again. Although this round, it is not through singing or performing, but to participate in a charity program held in Tokyo Dome on December. There is a book in Korea named ‘Secret’, it mentioned that everybody will definitely able to fulfill your dreams in your heart, I am also agreed to that. Hope Japan fans also will hold a firm believe in everything, towards things that you wish to do, please be determined to practice it thoroughly.


    Note: ‘Secret’ book official website: http://www.booklife.com.tw/secret1.asp





  • 165711303c13587c5ab5f53.jpg

    Kim Hyun Joong secures lucrative modeling contract with ‘The Face Shop’
    by nanunmaro on September 2, 2010 at 12:41 am


    The protagonist of MBC’s Playful Kiss has scored a contract that has the web buzzing in Korea.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, Keyeast, revealed on the 2nd, “Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen by cosmetic brand The Face Shop as the domestic and international model“.

    The contract guarantees Kim Hyun Joong 1.75 billion won (1.48 million dollars).

    The brand, The Face Shop, ranks at the very top of the Korean cosmetic echelon and has branched out to 18 different international markets. Previous models include Kwon Sang Woo and Bae Yong Joon. The Face Shop wants to continue the brand power showing with the luxurious and blooming international appeal of Kim Hyun Joong.

    [Engsub] Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop CF 15s

    B][Pix] Hyun Joong Filming for The FaceShop[/B]
    Posted by Imane
    Thanks Imane for sharing with us here the photo and the info behind the photos..

    On the 9th of September Hyun Joong had his first filming for The FaceShop last. He also an interview which will broadcast on September 18, Saturday. After finishing the filming and interview, he had a night long filming for his drama Mischievous Kiss.


    I thought Snow White is part of the concept of the new TFS cf, apparently that's the interviewer from the broadcasting company. ^^


    source : :http://twitpic.com/2meaua/naver.com/ehrdicjdcjd1/baidu

  • 3262032d6e4983b998250ae.jpg


    Kim Hyun-joong sports a PERM
    September 25, 2010 by seaweedsupport4

    Pretty boy, Kim Hyun-joong is showing off his new hairstyle in ‘Playful Kiss,’ and his new perm is garnering attention…

    The actor continues to break hearts, and the change to his character’s appearance is a big hit!

    Perms are usually associated with ‘ajoomah’s’ but it seems like men are joining the curly hair trend, and it is predicted to be a a popular hairstyle this fall. Are you looking forward to this upcoming trend or do you prefer perms on ajoomah’s only?
  • ff106cff502e20516c22ebf.jpg


    Kim Hyun Joong has an appearance complex?
    by sweetrevenge on September 25, 2010 at 1:11 am

    You would think that with such a handsome face like Kim Hyun Joong’s, he couldn’t possibly have a complex about his appearance.

    Yet on September 24th, this idol confessed during an interview on MBC Section TV, “I originally did not have a complex about how my shaven face looks. But since today’s technology is very HDTV-focused, I feel that people are finding out one by one secrets that I want to hide from the public.”

    Furthermore, when the interviewer asked Kim Hyun Joong, “What parts do you feel are similar between you and your role as Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss?“, the actor jokingly replied, “I think the part about his IQ being 200,” causing the interviewer to laugh.

    Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is receiving attention for his role as “smart but hard-to-get-along-with prince” Baek Seung Jo. This is the idol’s second attempt as an actor after his appearance on ‘Boys over Flowers’.

  • reposted from : Mischievous Land

    101001 Kim Hyun Joong interview on Women Joongang magazine October issue




    English translation by http://suehanbyj.blogspot.com/

    There was a rumor that Kim Hyun Joong made a remarkable improvement in popularity because of his leading role in the band SS501 and his previous drama “Boys over Flowers” both moved into the entertainment industry in Japan. That rumor turned out to be true. Recently, he made an exclusive contract with ‘Keyeast’ which is operated by Bae Yong Joon, and it’s said that he is getting more gifts in Keyeast than Yonsama. It’s the first time since the company was founded that Bae Yong Joon was not the leading receiver of gifts. However, Bae Yong Joon is happy that he was able to sign Kim Hyun Joong.

    “Yong Joon hyeong (suehan: big brother) and I often chat about relationships with women while having drinks.”

    Kim Hyun Joong was selected as the next generation Hallyu star since he became popular in the Asian market, including Japan. And then, the original Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon picked him around the time when his contract with his previous agency was about to expire sometime last June. He became Yonsama’s man. He considers Yonsama as his role model. I was wondering how he thinks about the president, Bae Yong Joon. He called Bae Yong Joon as “Yong Joon hyeong” without hesitation when he was asked about their relationship.

    “Frankly I was nervous when I met him the first time. His power and status was so strong when he got out of his car. I thought I was looking at the demigods like the King or Zeus. He isn’t a type of person who goes around puffed up or shows off, but I might have felt intimidated by his name “Yonsama”. After we exchanged a few words, I realized that “Ah.. He is a human being like me”. Now I think of him as a brother in the neighborhood.”

    Bae Yong Joon makes a mythical impression like he doesn’t get along with people or he refrains himself from the outside world. But it’s said that he is just not noticed. He is a busy bee and is comfortable with his friends.

    There is a fourteen years age difference between the two of them. They communicate and get along very well even though their age difference represents that of an uncle – nephew relationship. Recently, Bae Yong Joon and he, only the two of them, have been together about two or three times a week. They chat comfortably about the usual life stories, not dramas or albums, while they drink a coffee and green tea.

    Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder of his agency; Kim Hyun Joong is a new face who Bae Yong Joon signed enthusiastically. In other words, they have a “president” and “a competent new employee” relationship. But Kim Hyun Joong said, “Looking at him from the side, Bae Yong Joon is easygoing, different than I had expected. He feels uncomfortable about the nickname which was given to him by the media. He becomes serious (?) by saying, “Don’t’ mess around with my name. Say my real name” when his friends make a telephone call and say “Hi, Yonsama”.

    “I just call him Yong Joon hyeong. I can’t call him ‘the president’ or ‘Yonsama’. I can’t call him Ahjeossi (suehan; It means middle-aged man) either (laugh). I have a very comfortable relationship with him. We talk about our problems and we chat for hours easily. Sometimes, we get excited about pretty girls when we’re drinking. We talk about old girlfriends as well. We’re just like other men.”

    He took over the cosmetic brand, ‘The Face Shop’, advertisement where Bae Yong Joon worked as a model. The photos and concepts of the advertisement give off a similar image that of Bae Yong Joon’s. This coming December, he will go to Japan with Bae Yong Joon for a stage appearance. It seems that his agency is operating ‘the little Yonsama project’ a bit intentionally. But Bae Yong Joon doesn’t coach him. “He doesn’t direct me to do this and that, every detail. I just watch him on the side and learn what I need from him when it is necessary.

    Hyeong is very thorough in his self-management. He’s never shown a weak appearance to others. I try to take after his qualtiies. Aside from taking after him I think the expression of ‘Little Yonsama’ is too overestimated. I’ve never encountered the fans even after the events in Japan because I have only stayed in the hotel. So, I’m not sure whether I’m popular or not. Are you asking me why the fans like me? Hmm.. Because, I’m cute (laugh)”

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