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what was the last good movie you saw??

ninzeninze Member PExer
di naman kailangan talaga na sa sine mo nakita..basta good movie that left an impression on you..whether good or bad..happy or sad..what movie was it?? the last good movie i saw was where the heart is starring natalie portman and ashley judd. what about you?


  • homeBuddyhomeBuddy Member PExer
    Traffic- very creative! galeng ni Steven Soderbergh was long though...but still good!

    Shrek- funny! i think it will rank as my favorite cartoon of all-time! it has a great story and very family friendly and the humor is equally aimed at kids and adults...
  • hugshugs t0mb0yi$h [email protected] PExer

    WOOHOO! The MUMMY RETURNS rules!!!sarap..:lickout:
  • RentheadRenthead Banned by Admin PExer
    erin brokovich
  • Chickity-ChynnaChickity-Chynna D Chinese Chicken PExer
    Mami Returns!

    next up is Traffic.
  • coZeecoZee Member PExer
    In the mood for Love (by Wong Kar Wai)
    Time and Tide (by Tsui Hark)
    The Dish
  • |ostsou||ostsou| ~Pazuzu~ PExer
    live show. im gonna catch traffic tomorrow.
  • Ophelia_KillsOphelia_Kills Moderator PExer
    Yung "O" na kasama si Julia Stiles,Mekhi Phifer and Josh Hartnett. Controversial because it was aimed for teens but very violent kasi it involved school shootings and even a disturbing rape scene. Dapat 2 years ago pa siya ipinalabas.Sinwerte ako kasi na premiere sa Seattle Film Festival. World premiere! I got to meet Tim Blake Nelson the director. It was an honor! Sa August pa siya ipapalabas like a wide release. Wanna know what's sad? they'll cut it.

    This is a Shakespeare update of the tragedy "Othello" but set in high school. This is not your usual teen movie. I won't even consider it one.

    Title: O
    Mekhi Phifer-Odin James
    Josh Hartnett-Hugo Goulding
    Julia Stiles-Desi Brable
    Martin Sheen-Coach Duke Goulding
    Andrew Keegan-Michael Cassio
    Rated:MPAA Rating
    R - for violence, a scene of strong sexuality, language and drug use

    Script Written by:Brad Kaaya

    Directed by: Tim Blake Nelson


    Meet Odin James(Mekhi Phifer)--a black student in a pre-dominantly white high school(Palmetto Grove an elite private school in the South);he had a very very promising career both in his studies and in his expertise- basketball.
    He had the luxury of being the best MVP and at the same time he is dating Desi Brable(Julia Stiles) , the beautiful out of reach, dean's daughter. Life was good--way too good. His best friend Hugo Goulding (Josh Hartnett), was everyone's loyal friend,everyone's reliable leaning post. He was always the dark man in the corner--who knew what he had in store? Known as "Coach Duke Goulding's son" (Martin Sheen).Hugo has been asked by his father to look out for Odin because of the particular pressures facing him at Palmetto Grove. Yet Hugo is bitterly envious of Odin and the attention he receives from the coach and everyone else at school. An introspective and somewhat mysterious young man, Hugo seeks to manipulate those around him to his own private ends. Making O believe his beloved Desi and his trusted friend Micheal Cassio (Andrew Keegan) are having a relationship behind his back. He began to lose his game and now O faces a big sticky web of paranoia,confusion,betrayal and deceit.


    "O" can be the verb "explore". Tackling... the competetive world of high schol sports, steroids, racial sterotypes,drugs,relationships,
    friendships,violence, bullying and a whole lot more. A pretty heavy load to handle, with all the delays on its release is no surprise. It was a ballsy movie.

    What amazed me is how it was so faithful to the original play considering these: without the language or in a bizarre setting For God's sake! I mean the setting is high school basketball? In contrast to 2000's Hamlet,which tried so hard to get close to the Bard's essence, it loses it. This film is far more superior. Every character, every situation, every dialogue,every cut--has its new genius take on the tragedy,without going too far.

    "O" should be praised for it's great casting. From the minor roles watch out for Sheen and Keegan the "baby face" and Rain Phoenix as Emily--she is a carbon copy of Joaquin Phoenix. Mekhi Phifer is perfect. As the confused and angry Odin. People might misread his character as a "sterotype" 'Black gang banger who comes to kill you.' But like Shakespeare,Nelson stood away from that. If you look at it closely--yes this sterotypes did destroy him, but he was never like that. It was the intolerance of the people against him that made him turn into those "stereotypes". Therefore,making him one. It was so heart wrenching for O lost a lot. The woman he loved,his bright future, his very soul. Which showed at the brillant climax of the film...TWO WORDS---FREEZE FRAME.

    Julia Stiles was at her usual best. She was more of a supporting role--Odin and Hugo ruled the screens. But she was still Desi and captured the character well. That is, she loved and honestly cared for Odin. Through little subtle movements by this actress she showed that,or even just a look she showed that. It's ironic even though how much she could be hurt--she would still give Odin a gentle touch or a certain tone of her voice.
    About the "controversial" rape scene. It was hard,very hard for me to see. But I think that scene was necesarry to understand what is in O's psyche and paranoid self at that time. It was very hard to swallow.

    But the man who stole the show would be Josh Hartnett. He who BRILLANTLY portrayed the hurt and disturbed Hugo. He who seeks to befriend and help everyone around him and at the same time play and destroy them one by one. From helping Rodger(the owner's son) to get Desi and help O to cope up with Desi's "slutness". He did different things compared to what Iago did. I mean Iago did not steal a pink scarf to make O jealous.Yet,it was still the same--so slick,so Iago. You will hate him! He's a smart man!

    "O" kept me at the edge of my seat. It sounds like an old cliche' but it got my heart pounding. I was frightened literally--and I was confused who am I rooting for? What is happening? like getting into Odin's skin. Nelson took a bold move in this film. Tackling the dangerous competetive nature on today's American youth. Atthe end of the movie Palmetto Grove Academy lost its innocence. And watch out for O's monologue at the end. All I gotta say. I think this is a must see for teenagers from 15 and up. Very very relative to today's time. I mean history repeating itself,Shakespeare still being banned!!!

    As Hugo said "I always wanted to fly like a hawk. I did not mean to be jealous I just want to fly and be free. But it's hard being a hawk--dark and strong,everyone wants you down."--something to that extent. As you see a bunch of white pigeons and at the end of the railing is a large hawk. With more subtle scenes like Palmetto Grove's mascot is a real live hawk flying around the court. Or one scene Hugo playing with the hawk. That just explains the movie.
    A MUST SEE! WORTH THE WAIT! Probablly the one of the best Shakespeare updates I have ever seen---yes! Much better than "Romeo&Juliet" minus the bias. Seriously.

    Expect a hell of a lot of controversy things will heat up after this film. A pretty hard pill to swallow. A pill which got an uproarious STANDING O. People literally stood and cheered. It deserved it.



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  • krovekrove Banned by Admin PExer
    nurse betty. top 5 movie of 2000.

    ngayong gabi, shadow of the vampire ang panonoorin koh! sige, goodnight ;)
  • FizbanFizban Member PExer
    The last good movie I saw was Finding Forrester back in April. I haven't seen anything yet this May, although I hear Traffic and Spy Kids are good, Mummy Returns is mediocre and the upcoming Pearl Harbor sucks eggs.
  • lilflutterbylilflutterby Member PExer
    i havent been to a moviehouse these few days.So, i only watch tv and channel surf.My latest movie or shall we say frequently watched movie(ang ganda e, d nakakasawa) is AMERICAN BEAUTY.
    the movie is also unique..........and done in an abstract manner...
    basta i like american beauty kahit ulit ulitin ko pa!!!!!
  • maxinegirlmaxinegirl Go For It PExer
    on the big screen, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    on VCD, Traffic

  • JaydeJayde Pexer PExer
    Pearl Harbor n The Mummy Returns
  • kanturay_flowerkanturay_flower rocking loser PExer
    I'm yet to watch "Replicant". I bet di masyado marami ditong mahilig sa foreign action films. But I bet I'm gonna love it. And oh, I'm itching to see Pearl Harbor na ren.

    Then again, pedeng banggitin yung the very recent movie na napanood ko sa HBO. Ok, ages ago na to pero twas "Forever Young" by Mel Gibson. I swear, I never cried that much in my whole life. Sa tigas ng puso ko, naging mushy ako don. Grabe na to! :bawling:
  • bugsbunnybugsbunny ONE BIG FIGHT! PExer
    Someone Like You and Gladiator
  • blood_sucker09blood_sucker09 Member PExer
    Original Sin
    Blade 2
    BLack Hawk down
    Lord of the Rings
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL couch potato :) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A Beautiful Mind- theater :handsdown:
    A Walk To Remember- vcd :sweet:
  • BTnHBTnH Member PExer
    Blade 2 Theatre
  • bepanthenebepanthene big member PExer
    But I'm a Cheerleader - DVD
    note: not a good movie for homophobes. :glee:
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    A Beautiful Mind... super beautiful talaga!
  • sagansagan my hero PExer
    Camelot and One flew over the cuckoo's nest

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