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Ms.Cristine Reyes [CristineAAdiksForever] KRISTINE: Jewel of Romance (V.005)

: : : [highlight] Ms.Cristine Reyes [CristineAAdiksForever] KRISTINE: Jewel of Romance (V.005)[/highlight] : : :



[highlight]Ms.CRISTINE REYES: Sexy and naughty but gorgeous inside and out v.001[/B][/highlight]





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    Cristine Reyes (born Ara Cristine Pascual Reyes on February 5, 1989 in Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines) is a Filipina Actress and known as one of the contestants of the reality talent search StarStruck on GMA 7.

    She is the sister of actress Ara Mina and a former contract artist of GMA 7, but recently transferred to ABS-CBN. Cristine has since taken part in different ABS-CBN shows, most remarkably in the critically successful Kahit Isang Saglit starring Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo. Award-winning actor Christopher de Leon praised her efficiency in portraying her character Alona. She top billed the title character Eva Fonda, which hailed her as one of the most promising dramatic actresses of her generation.

    Screen Name: Cristine Reyes
    Real Name: Ara Cristine Pascual Klenk
    Nickname: Ah-Ah,CK
    Birth Day: February 5, 1989
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Birthplace: Marikina City, Philippines
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 5′3″
    Weight: 96
    Motto: If there’s a will, there’s a way


    Hobbies: Eating, watching movies, driving, carting, derma, mangulit...
    Sports: Boxing, belly dancing
    Pet/s: Wacky
    Actors/Actresses: (Local) Claudine Barretto, Jacklyn Jose, Joel Torre, Christopher de Leon
    (Foreign) Lindsay Lohan, Jack Black, Went Worth Miller
    Movie: Mean Girls, Daddy Day Care, Sukob, Pitong Dalagita, Apoy Sa Dilim Ng Samar
    TV Show: Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, MTV, GMA shows
    Singers: Regine Velasquez, Shakira, Beyonce, The Fray, The Killers, Linkin' Park, Limpbizkit
    Music: R&B, techno, house rock, alternative rock, senti
    Book: Bad Girls Guide, Archie, Purpose Driven Life
    Author: Jessica Zafra
    Expression: I hate you, eeehh


    Adjective that best describes you: Super kulit at super ingay 'pag nasa mood
    Fashion: I just wear what I feel like wearing
    Most treasured item: Perfumes
    Pet Peeves: Ayaw ko kinikiliti
    Fears: Ayaw ko sa masikip
    Unforgettable childhood memory: Nasunog yung master bedroom and kitchen taos nagtago ako kasi kasalanan ko yun.
    Goals: Grandslam hehehe
    Role Model: Princess Diana



    MOTHER NAME: francis klenk
    SIBLINGS: Hazel

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    [highlight]2010 Martha Cecilia-KRISTINE- as jewel (ABS-CBN)
    2009- PHR Present My Cheating Heart- as Nadine (ABS-CBN)
    2009-PHR Present Bud brothers as GEORGINA(ABS-CBN)
    2009-babalik kang muli as STELLA (ABS-CBN)
    2008 Eva Fonda as Eva Fonda (ABS-CBN)
    2008 Banana Split as Herself (ABS-CBN)
    2008 Kahit Isang Saglit as Alona (ABS-CBN)
    2007 MariMar as Kim Chan (GMA)
    2007 Fantastic Man as Kate (GMA)
    2007 Super Twins as Magnesia (GMA)
    2007 SOP Rules as Herself/performer (GMA)
    2006 Captain Barbell as Jennifer (GMA)
    2005 Darna as Molecula (GMA)
    2005 Love to Love: Miss Match (GMA)
    2004 Mulawin as Estrella (GMA)
    2004 Love to Love: Pretty Boy (GMA)
    2004 Stage 1: The StarStruck Playhouse as Herself (GMA)
    2004 SOP Gigsters as Herself/Performer (GMA)
    2004 Stage 1: LIVE! as Herself (GMA)
    2003-2004 StarStruck as Herself (GMA)

    [highlight] EVA FONDA [/highlight]



    In a small fishing village, there lives a barrio girl whose beauty is almost a curse. Her name? EVA.

    EVA (Cristine Reyes) comes from a poor but loving family. After losing their father at an early age, she and her mother EDENG (Sylvia Sanchez) have been working hard to make ends meet. This is no easy task for EVA who also dreams of finishing school and someday settling down with the love of her life—JOEL (Jason Abalos). Life for EVA is simple, however, her beauty and innocent sensuality seems to always complicate everything, more importantly her sweet and pure relationship with JOEL. In their barrio alone, men drool over her and desire her immensely, often causing trouble to their family and friends. Fortunately, her loyal friend – DALDIT (Hazel Mendoza) is always there to defend her, almost in the same passion that JOEL does. However, her simple life takes a wild turn…for the worse when VAL (Baron Geisler), the town’s rich kid returns from Manila and shatters her dreams by stealing her virginity...through *****. Consequently, EVA’s romance with JOEL is shattered too and her family pushed to the limit. But in her efforts to claim justice, she is only forced to commit a crime. Accidentally stabbing her rapist’s father, DON ISMAEL (Mark Gil), she is sent to jail while her sister dies from a freak accident. But her misfortunes does not stop there…in fact, this is just the beginning. Soon, she escapes from jail and flees the town… until she finds herself in Manila where she will rebuild her life and find means to finally get justice and reclaim the simple life she once had.

    Eva Fonda mirrors the plight of society today. It sends a very clear message that one can surmount all the insurmountable challenges that life brings, for as long as hope and pure love exists.

    > Click here to check Episodes of Eva Fonda.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [highlight] BANANA SPLIT [/highlight]


    From the same minds behind Goin’ Bananas and Going Bulilit comes a new gag show where sexy and pretty ladies rule. Banana Split features Angelica Panganiban, Roxanne Guinoo, Valerie Concepcion, Cristine Reyes, Dianne Medina, Princess Ryan, and RR Enriquez in a weekly gag show. These hot and talented girls will combine girl-power with humor to put a smile on your face every Saturday evening. Watch as they make fun of their male celebrity guests in a series of hilarious sketches.

    > Click here to check Episodes of Banana Split.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [highlight]KAHIT ISANG SAGLIT [/highlight]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler] The stars and production team behind ABS-CBN’s newest teleserye Kahit Isang Saglit will surely make the late Direk Gilbert Perez proud with the clamor they have created with the gripping trailers alone. Prior to the shoot of the show, “Manong” already took note of the revolutionary impact of the Kapamilya network’s partnership with a Malaysian production outfit. “I’m excited (because) this will be a collaboration of ABS-CBN and Double Vision. And if this is successful, it will open a lot of opportunities for the two countries and will pave the way for more projects of this kind,” he said in an interview with ABS-CBN.com last summer.

    Starring Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo, Kahit Isang Saglit is definitely blessed with a powerhouse cast including our very own Christopher de Leon, Albert Martinez, Cristine Reyes as well as Malaysian stars Louisa Chong, Awal Ashaari, and Zayahanah Ibrahim among others. Their dedication to their craft has admittedly made things easier for equally acclaimed director Jerry Lopez-Sineneng who continued what Manong Gilbert had started.

    Cast and Characters

    - Rocky (Jericho Rosales) is a Filipino drug enforcement agent on a hunt for his father’s killer. He will meet and fall in love with Fil-Malaysian lady named Garie.
    - Garie (Carmen Soo) is a rich Malaysian lady who will defy her family’s orders to search for her Filipino father in the Philippines. She will develop special feelings for Rocky.
    - Alona (Cristine Reyes) harbors a deep love for Rocky. She will do everything to own his heart and affection.
    - Ronaldo (Albert Martinez) is the father of Garie on the run from the law. He will attempt to clean his name and reunite with his family
    - Anthony (Christopher De Leon) is the father of Alona and godfather of Rocky. As an influential military general, he will affect the fate of Rocky and Garie’s love for each other.

    > Click here to check Episodes of Kahit Isang Saglit.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [highlight] MAALAALA MO KAYA [/highlight]



    This Saturday, October 24, on Maalaala Mo Kaya, critically-acclaimed actress Irma Adlawan plays the role of Chato, a teacher who has never thought of leaving her pupils despite the lack of facilities and supplies in their school. Located in a distant and poverty-stricken barrio, she is the only one left to make sure that the children there would get a good education.

    A twist of fate brings the young and well-off Jean (Cristine Reyes) to the barrio and Chato does not take to the idea of having to work with someone like her. They eventually set their differences aside though when they decided to help the pupils improve their performance so they could pass the annual national achievement test. It is definitely a huge challenge on their part because most of the children have difficulty attending classes since they come from low-income families and the fact that the school is situated in a remote area. How far will Chato and Jean go just to accomplish this mission?

    With co-stars Julio Diaz, Sharlene San Pedro, Nikki Bagaporo, Kyle Balili, and Mica Torre, join Cristine and Irma as they showcase the true meaning of being passionate about one’s calling in Maalaala Mo Kaya.

    > Click here to check Episodes of Maalaala mo Kaya.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [highlight]PHR BUDS BROTHER PRESENT: Stupid Cupids[/highlight]

    “I didn’t know I was waiting for you until you came back.”

    Pinalayas ng kanyang ama si Geirgina Yulo kaya naisipan niyang humingi ng tulong kay Pio Andong. Napadpad siya sa Bud Brothers Farm. Doon ay ibinigay sa kanya ni Pio lahat ng kailangan niya.

    But there was a catch: Sa ayaw niya at sa gusto, araw-araw niyang makakasalamuha si Vicente Banaag, ang lalaking kinaiinisan niya nang labis-labis. Bakit hindi? Noon ay walang awa nitong dinurog ang inosente niyang puso.

    Ngunit wala naman pala siyang dapat ipag-alala. Gagawin din ni Vicente ang lahat para iwasan siya. Hindi rin nito gusting Makita siya araw-araw.

    Ang hindi nila nalalaman, may niluluto ang Bud Brothers…


    [highlight]MAY BUKAS PA [/highlight]

    Cristine Reyes and Santino cross paths in May Bukas Pa

    May Bukas Pa has been consistently featuring ABS-CBN celebrities as guests every week. John Estrada, Claudine Barretto, Gabby Concepcion, and Dante Rivero have all made their appearance on the show and now, it's Cristine Reyes' turn to carry out an interesting role in the primetime show about an orphan who is touted to be a miracle boy.

    Santino's (Zaijian Jaranilla) openly admits his admiration for Cristine Reyes. And as they do scenes together, Cristine is just so delighted to work with the young child star. "Nakakatuwa kasi siya. Marami siyang fans na napapasaya."

    When asked on how she felt when she was offered to guest in the said series, Cristine pointed out, "Sobrang saya kasi siyempre sino ba naman ang hindi matutuwa na makasama sa top rating show na May Bukas Pa?"

    Cristine will play the role of Cheska, a lady who tried to escape home by running away from her mother. According to Cheska, her mother (played by Glenda Garcia) is not treating her right. [/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [highlight] Your Song Presents Babalik Kang muli [/highlight]



    FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman for 2009 Ms. Cristine Reyes other members of its cast Ms. Jacklyn Jose, Joross Gamboa, Marc Abaya, and Alessandra De Rossi.


    Stella will do anything to get away from her mother (Josie) who is a former prostitute and owns an ihaw-ihaw that offers "extra service" to its customers. When she got away from her mother, she had a rich boyfriend who got her pregnant but it will leave her. From that misery, she will go back to her mother and ask its forgiveness. Josie will accept her daughter and her grandchild. Raffy will have an accident, and because of that accident he is no longer capable of having a child so he decided to look for Stella and ask marriage because he wants to get his child knowing that Stella is the only hope for him to have his own. Stella is confused because it is the only man she ffell in love with and eventually it is the father of her child. Stella, wanting to have a good family will come back with Raffy in Manila. On the second time around, will Stella abandon her mother again for a better promise?
    Teaser - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyejCSM9gt0

    Full Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPm8wfoS6VM
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    [highlight] -PHR Present "MY CHEATING HEART" [/highlight]


    Synopsis: Mio and Nadine grew up as childhood friends. She had a big crush on him, but he only saw her as a good friend. One day, Nadine got the shock of her life when she discovered that Mio already has a girlfriend. She immediately left for the US to mend her broken heart.

    A few years after, Nadine hears that Mio’s wedding was called off. He is deeply broken hearted so Nadine comes home to be with her best friend. But while she helps Mio get over the pain, she also plots her plan to finally make him fall for her. Will Nadine’s plan work? What will happen if Mio discovers her plan

    trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWJWWKtQWU4


    Main Cast

    Jake Cuenca (Mio) is a smart and conservative young man. He is used to being Nadine’s ‘big brother’ hence he tries his best not to be attracted to her.

    Nadine (Cristine Reyes) grew up having low self-esteem, and she only had Mio for a friend. For years she had kept a secret crush on Mio. Now she comes home with a plan to make Mio fall in love with her.

    Supporting Cast

    * Bangs Garcia as Arlene, Mio's girlfriend
    * Tom Rodriguez as Harry
    * Beatriz Saw
    * Janus Del Prado
    * Irma Adlawan
    * Mika dela Cruz as Young Nadine
    * Paul Salas as Young Mio

    directed by Rory B. Quintos


    Weekdays bago mag Katorse! PIKUTAN NA! :)



    [highlight]Kristine [/highlight]

    Ano ang mas matimbang? Lukso ng dugo o pintig ng puso?
    Precious Hearts Romances Presents

    Ang teleseryeng hahamon sa hangganan ng pag-ibig.

    Kristine is the most successful series in Philippine romance pocketbook history with over 50 books in its library and new volumes still on the way. Penned by well-loved romance novel writer, Martha Cecilia, Kristine now moves to epic story of love and family to television.

    Martha Cecilia’s Kristine presents sensual, universal and passionate interweaving love stories tackling lies, betrayal, greed, power, forgiveness, hope and the haunting secrets that forever changed the lives of two warring families as told through the eyes of Kristine Jewel Fortalejo.

    Kristine Jewel Fortalejo is a city girl who goes to Paso de Blas, their family's hometown, to fetch her sister who went there to clear their father's name out of a very bad reputation of igniting a 23-year gap between their family and that of the De Silvas.

    Their father, who died three years ago, has always been blamed for all the miseries of the De Silvas after he decided to elope with another woman on the day of his wedding to one of the De Silvas.

    In Paso de Blas, Jewel witnesses how her sister has fallen in love with their family's mortal enemy and in the process, she meets the man who she will share with a forbidden love affair.


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    [highlight]2010- working girls
    2009- Ang darling kong Aswang
    2009-PATIENT X as Guada
    2008 Ate as Cleo
    2007 Green Paradise as Cristina
    2006 Pitong Dalagita as Romie
    2006 Barang as Olga
    2006 Apoy sa dibdib ng Samar
    2006 Mourning Girls as Bianca
    2005 Say That You Love Me as Janine
    2004 Pa-siyam as Janelle
    2004 Beautiful Life as Kim [/highlight]

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    [highlight] COBRA [/highlight]

    [highlight]COLT 45 [/highlight]

    [highlight] FIONA [/highlight]

    [highlight] MINT[/highlight]

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    [highlight] AYUZ BY: RICO BLANCO[/highlight]


    [highlight] I REMEMBER THE GIRL BY: CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA [/highlight]




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    Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 Wrap-Up
    coolsmurf in Events | 11 Sep 2009 - 10:42 AM

    The Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 was held this evening, 11th September at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park where Korean stars were joined by stars from all over the world to witness a total of 169 soap operas from 37 countries competing in this annual global competition.
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    I love baby AA so much! :love:

    (my ever first post on our new mansion)
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    PRESIDENT: [highlight] Kaye [/highlight]
    VICE-PRESDENT: [highlight] Jam [/highlight]
    SECRETARY: [highlight] Rhoxanne [/highlight]
    TREASURER:[highlight] Chanel[/highlight]
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    AAdiks AAdvicer: [highlight]Momsy Ching[/highlight]
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    Cristine AAdiks Forever
  • hello kababa ko lang ng mga bagahe... LOL... XD kararating ko lang good morning sa lahat~! :)
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    ‎"Pls. Watch Martha Cecilia's KRISTINE,weeknights sa primetimebida ng ABS-CBN" --- Jewel Fortalejo and Jaime Reyes
  • pizapcom1052316441992297771285409868718-1.jpg
    I love baby AA so much! :love:

    (my ever first post on our new mansion)

    whew bagong mansion na!!! love it!!!
    love baby AA too...
    ever since, kitang kita na ang kinang!!!
  • Thanks a bunch Jam... super ganda ng mansion natin AAdiks tuloy na!! :love:*okay*
  • pizapcom1052316441992297771285409868718-1.jpg
    I love baby AA so much! :love:

    (my ever first post on our new mansion)

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    trade launch
  • pizapcom1052316441992297771285409868718-1.jpg
    I love baby AA so much! :love:

    (my ever first post on our new mansion)

    d'aww cute talaga ni baby AA :D
    ..enjoying the new mansion! *okay**okay*
    aadiks goodmorning! :wave: :wave:
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