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Anyone here into Home Theater?

weapon_x11weapon_x11 close but no cigar PExer
Despite some (valid) misconceptions, HT is quite an affordable hobby. OK, you may not match the big screen experience of Glorietta 4 or PowerPlant cinemas, but the sound part can really be recreated.


  • weapon_x11weapon_x11 close but no cigar PExer
    Anyway, if you need help in setting up a hometheater system in your home, I can give you advise on what to buy.

    i.e. dvd players, receivers or pre/pro, amps, speakers.

  • ginoledesmaginoledesma Moderator PExer
    I'm more into computers but I'm quite interested in the audio specs of most home theaters. My dad is a home theater fan, though. Sometimes, I feel at a loss about the quality of sound and the requirements needed to produce that (Digital out, etc).

    I also see some resellers insisting on getting fiber cable for digital sound out.

    I wanna know those! :)
  • se7en_of_ninese7en_of_nine Barbie Borg PExer
    I also see some resellers insisting on getting fiber cable for digital sound out.

    I wanna know those! :)

    You don't have to use those expensive optical cables to get the digital sound. Any RCA cable will work as long as your player has the coaxial digital .

    Did you know that you can turn your PC (a PII 450 or better) into a state of the art hometheater system?

    All you need is a dvd-rom, a video card (NVIDIA if you are into gaming or RADEON), a sound card (SB Live 5.1) and a software player (Power DVD, WinDVD)
  • TaobakoinayTaobakoinay inay ??? ✭✭
    hello :)

    don't know if this belongs here but, what would you suggest I hook up to my Playstation to get a better sound...

    My TV has got no audio outputs, only inputs :(

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