My nephew who's 5 years old started letter recognition at the age of 2.

At age 3 1/2 he could distinguish 3 to 4-letter words. At present he can read Dr. Seuss books but he has this tendency to invert letters and read long backwards.(eg. BONUS becomes SUNOB )

Is this a disorder is is this jsut a normal thing with kids?

Thank you.


  • moonberrymoonberry basket-weaver PExer
    i think it's pretty normal for kids at that age to read and/or write letters from right to left instead of the "correct" way. some kids can't even read whole sentences yet, much less a book, at this age. i wouldn't be so alarmed. a lot of kids write in mirror-image before formal schooling. some kids jumble all the letters in spelling a word. some even spell words with letters scattered all thru out a page.
    at 5, your nephew's discovering a lot of new things around him and it's pretty hard to absorb everything at once, especially at his age. i don't think you should be worried about a learning disability just yet. and if i were you, i wouldn't push it. don't pressure him, it'll eventually come to him. let him play and explore and ask questions! :)
    if he's in school already, you can also consult with his teachers about this, and i guess if his reading and writing don't progress after a certain period, they will certainly inform you of this and recommend a specialist.
    be patient! ;)
  • inaina Night Angel PExer
    Is your nephew in school yet? Do these problems affect his performance? Does he have other problems such as behavior, fine motor skills, etc.?

    If you think there is something to be concerned about, maybe you *should* conduct a specialist. Your nephew may have problems with perceptual skills although it is hard to tell at that age.

    An occupational therapist (like me.. hehe :D) can evaluate his perceptual skills and other areas to find out if he needs any help. The key is always early intervention. I can also recommend a speech and language pathologist that specializes in reading. An evaluation by either or both of these professionals can assist you in determining how to give your nephew the help he needs.
    Then again, the assessment may reveal that there is nothing wrong with your nephew. At least then you'll know for sure. :)


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