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Where do you watch movies?

Does it matter where you watch movies? Do you have criteria on where you watch? Sound quality of the cinema? Location? Hype? Friends/people's/family's reactions?

Let me start off...
I like watching movies in Powerplant mainly because the cinema has reserved seats. This is excellent if you want to reserve the best seats during the last film show of the day (in which, I always do).

The cinema is small, not like the Glorietta cinema, the big Megamall cinema and the huge Greenhills theater. You'll have an easier time getting out of the place and the cinema is not that crowded and dirty.

The sound quality is excellent (Dolby Digital), but I must admit the sounds of the G4 cinema is better.

Well, that's about it.


  • cherub_08cherub_08 *&%#$/@* PExer
    i always watch movie in G4. the theaters are clean, very comfy seats, great audio-visual and it's very convenient for me to travel from my place to makati. when G4 wasn't built yet, i'd either watch sa G1 (Quad) or Greenbelt.

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