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chika about teenstars!!!

hello guys! any news about out hottest teenstars???!!!!


  • lech0n 420lech0n 420 Banned by Adm|n PExer
    so far, no word of any of our hottest teen stars smoking weed, playing and listening to loud, revolting music, going to the anito, or just simply being themselves.

    with the exception of patrick garcia (the pinoy james dean, i'm telling you) and kristine hermosa (super babe 2000!!!) all of today's hottest teen stars can eat lechon instead of come out in all those lechon-deprived teenybopper shows. :bop:

    ...i'm out of lechon and i have a beerbelly...
  • JaM8JaM8 Hitten Mitzurugi Ryu PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Si Vandolp daw nakabuntis...:teehee:
  • schmo_okschmo_ok Member PExer
    its janet mcbride and mo twister..

    what else,nakabuntis oo si vandolph..

    vanessa del bianca ang landi, sorry.

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