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    Little Miss Sunshine ng Nueva Ecija

    Days Run:April 11-May 15(1 month and 4 days)
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    2.Whatever they say,you're still beautiful in our eyes

    Days Run:May 14-May 24(11 days)
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    Thread Starter:xxILjocathxx(Christine)
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    3.Our sunshine still shines with or without camera

    Days Run:May 23-June 14 ( 3 weeks and 2 days )
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    Thread Starter:xxILjocathxx ( Christine )

    4.A brilliant mind is useless without a humble heart

    Days Run:Jun 13 - September
    Number of Views : TBA
    Thread Starter:xxILjocathxx (Christine)
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    yen-3.jpg [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Picnikcollage-2.jpg credit to:vhing yencrediblesbye.png credit to:ate tiph YENCREDIBLES.jpg credit to:ate via[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler] Want some more.!Click it [highlight]HERE[/highlight]
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    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler] angel-prayer.jpg
    [highlight]O heavenly Father, Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to bless and sanctify this house and all who dwell therein and everything else in it, and do Thou vouchsafe to fill it with all good things; grant to them, O Lord, the abundance of heavenly blessings and from the richness of the earth every substance necessary for life, and finally direct their desires to the fruits of Thy mercy. At our entrance, therefore, deign to bless and sanctify this house as Thou didst deign to bless the house of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob; and may the angels of Thy light, dwelling within the walk of this house, protect it and those who dwell therein. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.[/highlight][/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]
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    Ivan and YEN
    Joe and YEN and Jovic
    Tricia and YEN
    ct: desh_triciafiers[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]
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    Ivan Dorschener & Yen Santos♥VanYen Perfect Match [VanYen Shippers 1]

    Sam Concepcion ♥ Yen Santos New Loveteam to watch out for [LurveLandia1]
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    [highlight]Nickname[/highlight]: Yen
    [highlight]Status:[/highlight] In House
    [highlight]Real Name:[/highlight] Lilieyen Santos
    [highlight]Origin:[/highlight] Cabanatuan City
    [highlight]Age:[/highlight] 17
    [highlight]Birthdate: [/highlight]November 20, 1992
    [highlight]Nationality:[/highlight] Filipino
    [highlight]Civil Status:[/highlight] Single
    [highlight]Religion:[/highlight] Catholic
    [highlight]Hobbies:[/highlight] Badminton


    [highlight]Favorite Color:[/highlight] Red
    [highlight]Favorite Food:[/highlight] Chicken
    [highlight]Favorite Show:[/highlight] PBB
    [highlight]Favorite Actor:[/highlight]
    [highlight]Favorite Actress:[/highlight] Judy Ann Santos
    [highlight]Favorite Singer: [/highlight]Sarah Geronimo

    Head turner si Yen sa kanyang school, marami ang nagkakagusto.
    Pero there was a time na ang naging kabarkada ni Yen ay ang mga
    B.I. (bad influnce) sa eskuwelahan, tinuruan siyang uminom, magyosi,
    mag-cutting classes at kung anu-ano pa. Nang mahuli sya ng
    kanyang nanay na nakikipag-inuman sa mga barkada ay naging
    bantay sarado ang mga ito sa kanya.
    Naging biktima si Yen ng school vandalism, may mga labels na
    “*****” at “malandi” na mismong mga B.I. friends niya ang nagsulat.
    Hanggang sa maka-graduate ito ng high school ay hindi pa rin siya
    tinatantanan ng mga insecure niyang “kaibigan”, but she would later
    learn kung paano deadmahin ang mga paninirang ito sa kanya.
    Maging daan kaya ang kanyang head-turning beauty para mapalapit
    siya sa mga housemates, o mauulit ang mga pangyayaring kaiinisan siya ng*




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     113. TFC Godfather - Sir Joey
     114. 1poTchi1
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     117. gardy-gardy|17m|Makati|
     118. thelittleboutiqu
     119. adik_talaga_ako
     120. jane366
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    :bday:November 20-Yen Santos:bday:

    January 7-(*sarazhette*)
    January 21-(*rockgurl*)
    January 24-(*yenZie11*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    February 10-(*jordanfame*)
    February 18-(*leafe24*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    March 8-(*iheartrock*)
    March 8-(*xxILjocathxx*)
    March 10-(*Jiannasy*)
    March 20-(*VIOPLE)*[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    April 30 - (*lab'emoks*)

    May 7 - (*Nina17*)

    June 11-(*cutie11*)

    July 6-(*tyron66*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    August 9-(*Aijel*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    September 18-(*serenity_azarie*)
    September 26-(*capcake*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    October 5-(*changdipyo*)
    October 24-(*ducks91*)
    October 25-(*tiphany09*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    November 8-(*yhanna_08*)
    November 9-(*carmelle_blue*)
    November 10-(*terblovesbret*)
    November 20-(*Yen Santos*)
    November22-(*Esther liu*)
    November 23-(*PbbAHeeK*)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

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    [highlight]Joe, Yen and Shey revisits Uber for a reason![/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Evicted housemates usually don't have a second drop-by on Uber but as always, there are rare exemptions to the rules! That said, Joe, Shey and Yen once again shared the Uber spotlight with host Mariel Rodriguez, whom prepared a little bear-all game with them. Handing Shey and Yen rolls of newspapers, she asked them to slam Joe's head for every wrong answer he gives to the question she (Mariel) will ask. The questions consisted mainly of fishy ones, like "Are you a ladies' man?" and "Who between Yen and Shey is more special to you?" which caught Joe quite off-guard, making him answer inaccurately which earned him consecutive slams on the head. However, the three weren't just there to play around but in fact, to bring news for Mariel and the rest of Uber fanatics: starting Monday, the former teen housemates will be joining her every afternoon on Uber! Cheers to more fun Uber times!

    Meanwhile, the teen housemates' preparation for last night's Big Goal concert were also shown during Uber this afternoon. As expected, they all appeared to have felt the jitters and butterflies (it wouldn't be normal to feel otherwise) of performing live in front of an audience - strangers, at that! To think they haven't even seen other people in months already! Devon couldn't help but keep retracing and retracing her Telephone dance steps; Tricia, James and Ann reviewed their lines endlessly and the others kept mumbling out their nervousness to nobody in particular. But their hard work and aim to help the Philippine soccer team be sent to the World Homeless Cup overrode their "stage fright," and managed to pull off a successful concert, which the Golden seaters and the rest of the world obviously enjoyed!

    Log on to www.ABS-CBN.com or http://pinoybigbrother.multiply.com for more updates on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.

    [highlight]Yen brings more sunshine into Uber[/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Being evicted from the house sure has taken its toll on the Little Miss Sunshine of Nueva Ecija Yen Santos! Not negatively though, because the energy she exhibited while on the Uber set with host Mariel Rodriguez earlier just proves otherwise!

    One would think her sophisticated made-up form today clashed against her usual sunny demeanor, but heck, no! Yen, all at ease with Mariel's companionship, did not even hesitate to crack jokes and belting out a bit of Yeng Constantino's Pangarap Lang, which she sung together with her Pinoy teen housemates in her last task inside the house. But boy, did she go silent for a minute (actually, only seconds) when Mariel asked her about how she felt when so many boy teen housemates grew a crush on her and tried their very bests to catch her attention inside the house! She tried to squirm away from the question by replying with the safest answer of "I'm all close to them." Too bad Yen's out of the house now; the teen housemates need more of her sunshine in their somewhat gloomy situation now! See how they find other ways to make the sun shine back again inside the Big Brother house by watching PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day!

    Log on to www.ABS-CBN.com or http://pinoybigbrother.multiply.com for more updates on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]It was never a tradition of Big Brother's to have more than two of his housemates leave his house at the same time... until this season! For tonight, not only did he send out two Teenternational bedspacers to the outside world tonight, but he also brought out two of the Pinoy teens with them!

    Receiving the least save votes, the Romantic Achiever of Korea Richard (Do Hun Na) and the Loving Lad of Canada Carson Lee Jacob Vince seemed to not have made it to the bottom-est of the hearts of the voters. They received 22.18% and 34.06% respectively, making Sophia (the other nominee) with 43.76% get the longer stay inside the Big Brother house. "To think more positively" and to be "grateful and cherish what you have" is what both of them noted as the best lessons they learned while staying under Big Brother's roof.

    On the other hand, the Shopaholic Chick of Para?aque City Kazel Kinouchi and Little Miss Sunshine Yen Santos also got voted off the Big Brother house. They finished last with 6.15% and 15.29% respectively, after Angelo's 16.80%, Ivan's 18.43% and Tricia's 43.33%.

    With four housemates out of the house all at once for the first time, how will the remaining ones cope with the loss? What will happen to the Avatar-called friendship bond among Joe, Patrick, Kazel and Yen? What will also happen to the now-incomplete foreign bedspacers that have built strong connections with each other? Watch how the teen housemates adapt to these new changes on PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day!

    Log on to www.ABS-CBN.com or http://pinoybigbrother.multiply.com for more updates on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.
    Joe cooks for Yen while the Korean bedspacers sing their hearts out[/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach then so is the same for the women! Thankfully, Joe has realized that and made Yen a special heart-shaped cake, in the hopes of his feelings for her to be given attention. Yen could only do so much by being appreciative of his actions but at the same time, she couldn't help but lighten the situation up by inserting a joke that involved Jack, who's another one of her admirers. "Kumain na kaya si Jack (Has Jack already eaten)," she mused while munching on the snack. This quite ticked off Joe but as he always does it his way, he responded to Yen's teasing by getting on in the boat with her! He pulled her from the dining table, threatening her to actually step into the Apartment and ask Jack herself if he already had eaten. "Gusto mo lutuan ko pa siya, eh (I'll even cook for him if you want)," added Joe playfully.

    To answer Yen's musing, Jack on the other side of Big Brother house has indeed already eaten. In fact, he and his fellow bedspacers were so happily full of food that they translated this into sharing some of their vocals with each other! Bret was the one who actually started it, followed by Jack, Sophia and Ryan and then the singing bug naturally caught off around the dining table. Even James, usually shy to showcase his skills, joined the Korean boys and girls!

    Log on to www.ABS-CBN.com or http://pinoybigbrother.multiply.com for more updates on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

    [highlight]Friendships get warmer inside the Big Brother house[/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]The Big Brother house may be divided into two compartments, the Villa and the Apartment, but this doesn't stop the respective housemates to reach out to each other. Everybody's a long-time witness, from the special tasks of the Caucasian Boys down to the exchange of prisoners between the two teams, their connection to and with each other has indeed come a long way.

    But that long way has even reached a further step, brought about by the naturally surging hormones of our teen housemates! For instance, during one hot afternoon (how apt!), the Pinoy and Teenternational teens exchanged banterings especially between Yen, Kazel and Richard and Jack. It was Tricia's shoutout to James that started it, in turn making the Korean Boys fish around Yen and Kazel's "feelings" for them. "Type mo ba si Richard (Is Richard your type?)," yelled Jack to Kazel, to which she replied with a hearty yes. Richard, to pay back Jack's effort, also asked Yen if she liked Jack. Yen, probably being genuine and nice, answered yes, but of which Jack had not much of an assurance. Oops, Jack, we don't think that's the correct way to appreciate a girl's effort! Will Yen hold it back against him or not? See more closure between the two teams by watching PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day!

    Log on to www.ABS-CBN.com or http://pinoybigbrother.multiply.com for more updates on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.
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