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remembering SEA QUEST DSV

anyone still familiar with this show. me thinks it was much better than the star trek series shown on tv during its time. its unique characters and great concept for its genre really made thursday night tv (local ofcourse) worth anticipating for. the sci-fi series shown on axn cable nowadays by far fare pale in comparison with this show. this deep sea vehicle would definitely kick any space faring ship's asz anytime. wish theyd try reviving this show now that xfiles is slowly losing its grip.


  • blimpblimp Member PExer
    my sister and i used to watch sea quest every thursday on rpn9. the captain of the ship(?) was the guy from jaws and this teen-heartthrob (back then anyway) blue-eyed blonde with the cleft chin was there too. i think he's the dolphin person. also i remember the african-american dude who was first lieutenant or something.

    i remember their faces and characters, but not their real names. gulo ba?
  • brasil_8brasil_8 pra sempre Brasil! PExer
    blimp the blue-eyed guy w/ a cleft chin is jonathan brandeis... he's best known for his role in the Never Ending Story... what's happened to him anyway?
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    the blue-eyed boy would be Jonathan Brandis. he played roles in Stephen King's It, Sidekicks, Ladybugs, Never Ending Story II, and others.

    i was into this show when it first came out and was disappointed when it was cancled. i hadn't been watching ST Voyager then.

    but are they really reviving it? if they are, i can't wait!
    any sites that would explain the fate of this show?
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    I don't know why, but this show never appealed to me. I think it got cancelled because it wasn't rating well enough.
  • Pao|oPao|o Foodie PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    SeaQuest was just a ripoff of Star Trek and another sea adventure show shown during the 60's. Hell, they even copied the concept of the opening narration. The show was ok but it deserved to be cancelled. The stories weren't that good.
  • echo_clytieecho_clytie Member PExer
    seaQuest used to be my favorite tv show. i never missed a single episode! jonathan brandis (a.k.a. Lucas Wolenczak)was the love of my life when i was in high school!!! :)

    **** FYI..the dolphin's name in that series is Darwin
  • ZenZen Member PExer
    I only watched it because of Jonathan Brandis. :hiya:
  • vinta18vinta18 What the frell?!? PExer
    Its ratings were floundering so they revamped the cast and turned it into Baywatch underwater. The stories were not that good.

    Anyway, the creator, Rockne O' Bannon went on to create Farscape which is way better.

    I watched it for Stacy Haiduk :P
    I saw Roy Scheider in a couple of episodes of "First Watch" a few weeks ago. He got old!
  • kim_thorpekim_thorpe keriover PExer
    seaQuest DSV became seaQuest 2032

    seems like a bad idea at the time. they let go of captain nathan bridger and replaced it with michael york. bad move. dagwood (de luise of 21 jumpstreet) seemed to be the one good addition there.

    ted raimi was there, the brother of sam raimi, director of spiderman

    i remember julianna....lucas's first girlfriend. i used to have a HUGE crush on jon brandis...i haven't discovered the amazing capabilities of a vcr at that time yet so what me and my friend did was we desperately took pictures of the tv...of course we were turned otu to be black...but i thought it was brilliant at the time...

    darwin's the best though.

    jonathan even directed an episode called "the siamese dreams". it was a weird episode...didn't like it very i didn't like kellie martin stuffing her face on lucas's.... made me grumpy the next day...

    but i was jsut a kid then..ehhehee
  • eyecatcher_1eyecatcher_1 crazy/beautiful PExer
    i only remember Jonathan Brandis .... cute pa sya non :cool:
  • with_a_Kwith_a_K K. Frost PExer
    I enjoyed this, way back then. Darwin was cool, and the concept of the Daggers was too. I can also recall the time the SeaQuest was infiltrated by a commando team from a sub which posed as research vessel from the University of the Philippines.
  • lunacylunacy fRiEnd MatEriAL PExer
    I miss this series... ano na kaya itsura ni jon brandis??

    all I remember was him... the guy w/ gills and the dolphin....

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