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Is MLS in danger of turning into WCW?

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WCW, as we know it, became a haven for has-been WWF wrestlers in its heyday. Maybe I'm too paranoid for Major League Soccer because Thierry Henry and David Beckham signed contracts from New York Red Bulls and LA Galaxy respectively. Even the talents in Team USA are now playing in the English Premiere League such as Tim Howard and Langdon Donovan (Everton but the latter is a loan player) and Dempsey (Fulham).

What's the future of MLS? Would there be a time that Zidane or Ronaldinho would end up playing for...Kansas Wizards? (Though in fairness, that team has defeated Manchester United.)


  • My take on MLS and its future.

    I'm still hoping that it evolves into a more-than-decent league. It is a young league, and bringing in marquee players(albeit aging) is a great effort to widen football's stronghold onto that apathetic "soccer" country that we all call A-merry-cuh. In NASL's time, Beckenbauer and Pele played in the US, but it only brought about the emergence of the soccer moms. :lol: And the perception of the far-right that football is socialist isn't helping the noble cause, either.

    But MLS has a very bright future indeed, as seen with the record-shattering attendances of Sounders FC(since Ljungberg came) and Toronto FC. Give it some time, and probably, Neymar and a whole generation of budding superstars would take MLS seriously. But I think Dinho would consider retiring there. After all, stars will want to evade the limelight after all these years, and ride in subways like a normal guy, like Rafa and Thierry. :)


    And who knows, if football gets the glory it deserves(as they've experienced with Donovan's wundergoal), renewed interest might spill over here in RP. Hopefully.
  • ok nga MLS compared sa Hyundai A-League (Australia). mas end to end ang action nya. ok na para sa akin ang MLS. pataas din naman ang punta nyan at nagkakaroon na rin naman ng interest ang mga kano sa football.
  • There's nothing wrong with signing "retirees".MLS isn't a top league and signing players in the twilight of their careers is a decent marketing move for them. The WCW was beating RAW consistently in the mid-late nineties and made a lot of bone headed decisions that eventually ruined the company like giving Hogan creative control and paying for wrestlers that they never used. Signing WWF castoffs was the least of their problems.
  • MLS and WCW are the same: nobody cares about them
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    Sadly, yes. But that doesn't mean they always suck. ;)
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    tsong_go wrote: »

    Bata pa lang ba si Thierry o baby face talaga siya?
  • Henry's no spring chicken, he's 33 i think. i haven't watched any NYRB games yet, but i hear that he's a had a more than decent stint in the MLS so far. so i guess given his diminished ability, he can still have an impact in the league. at least he's playing regularly, unlike becks.
  • i think thierry henry is the best goal scorer ever in the premier league. him and alan shearer. watch his vids in youtube.
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