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mga gusto mo pero ayaw ng karamihan ng friends mo...

sa grupo namin, ako lng ang nakikinig ng rock, or sumthin na katulad non... cla, harcore rap na yaw nilang makinig sa mga "white" music... op 2loy cla sa kin... hehehe


  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe Resident Feline PExer

  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe Resident Feline PExer
    I like computers. As in I can appreciate a good comp when I see one. My friends don't really care at all. As long as it's working, it's fine with them. :D

  • cybiecybie meep! meep! PExer
    yung ex ko.. ayaw nila nung time na kme pa...
  • tabatintintabatintin chinito_guy_hunter PExer
    ako naman love ko jigsaw puzzles!!! :lovealot: yung 1000 pieces!

    gusto ko nga mas marami pa kaso wala na akong makita d2 sa pinas, nagpapahanap na nga ako sa friend ko US...:cheers:

    well marami sa kanila di trip yon kasi nakakaloka daw!:nuts: nagugulat pa sila kapag sinabi kong less than a week ko ginawa! kaya daw siguro ako nababaliw! :silly:

    pero in fairness maganda naman raw! lalo na pag tapos na at nakadisplay parang painting!:sunnysmile:

  • charmedPruecharmedPrue Member PExer
    boybands!! :lol::lol:
  • bing_liitbing_liit LittLeBeE PExer
    my ex-boyfriend!!! i'm in-love with him :heartful: but my friends don't :grrr: ... and they don't even want to give him a chance.... painful no? :depressed: nweys, i'm coping with letting him go!!! maybe, my friends want the best for me... :macho: only that i have to accept that we are not meant for each other. :mecry:
  • moonberrymoonberry basket-weaver PExer
    i like clean, fresh air which my friends seem to dislike cos they hella smoke that i wouldn't be surprised if cops started slapping fines on them for smoke-belching! :redgrin:
  • sHaKiRasHaKiRa lo ro lo le lo le PExer
    ayaw nila sa crush ko...i think he's colombian whatsoever. pangit daw siya but i don't care....
  • K_I_N_G_SK_I_N_G_S Member PExer
    basketball hehe :D coz they're into football tho i like both games it's just that ,they can't play hoop :D
  • arcane_glimpsesarcane_glimpses Member PExer
    Classical music
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    dati nung nauso yung Tamiya ayaw nila dun pero ako nawili dun. :D.....pati fishkeeping hobby ko rin pero sila ayaw......buti na lang pare-pareho kaming mahilig magbasketball dahil kung hindi, dko siguro sila naging kaibigan! :D
  • frenchkisserfrenchkisser Am back. PExer
    * anime
    * computers
    * canteen foods (they love eating at mcdo, jollibee, etc., etc.,)
    * neoprints (i love neoprints ...they hate neoprints!)
  • sunofmunkysunofmunky behave munky PExer
    oppose to my group, i hate chismis & green jokes !
  • mai_dozemai_doze Member PExer
    it's not that they hate it...they're not into it...

    meeting new people...
    isip pa ako...
  • strangebrewstrangebrew Member PExer
    hmmmm.....wala akong maisip e... lahat ng gusto ko, gusto din nila eh.... pwera sa SLAM DUNK. hindi sila nanonood nun.

  • i_love_killuai_love_killua proud atheist PExer
    ayaw nila nang palabok!!!! sarap naman di ba?:D
  • sea spritesea sprite FRODO LIVES! PExer
    aso, mag nature trip, guys as friends :evil:
  • Sakura_mikazeSakura_mikaze watashiwa watashi PExer
    Anime... Yaw nila!! MUch worse.. They're making me STOP!! Atsaka si Harry Potter...
  • MiKLo_04MiKLo_04 -= Viva La Onda =- PExer
    gudang garam. puro sila west eh.
  • proteus_minimusproteus_minimus lesser god PExer
    mostly taste ko sa guys... hahahahaha!!!!

    and my love for nsync.... hee hee. i mean jc and justin are hot.. what don't they see? :(

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