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Smart Gilas Line-up 2010 Asiad

With all the official and un-official news regarding the Smart Gilas Roster and barring no injuries, the possible line-up for this coming 2010 November Asiad Games:

(Center) Taulava...Slaughter
(F) Williams...Aguilar...Ballesteros
(SF) Baracael...Lutz
(G) Yap...Tiu...Lassiter
(PG) Casio....Barroca

Players looking at the outside for a slot are:
(Thoss = Is a short term upgrade for Ballesteros)
(Mercado and Norwood = I think this best of friends are a package deal so Ballesteros and Barroca should be alert with these two)
(Reyes and DeOcampo are out due to injuries and family reasons)

I like this possible line-up because they upgraded the No.2 position courtesy of Yap who is 6'2 compared to Tiu (5'10) and besides Coach Toroman can use Tiu as a combo guard if Barroca becomes inconsistent as a back-up PG to Casio.

Williams occupying the No.4 and Baracael sliding to No.3 means more formidable frontline for Coach Rajko.. (Baracael can surely also rebound that's why he was used as a no.4 than Aguilar).

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