Bi-sexual person a philanderer

Are all bi-sexual person are sort of a natural philanderer are maybe just a few of them but not all...because more often I see some of my friends who are into this kind of relationship are soooo having this arguments more often that you could have count it in your finger tip...oh well just a thought!!


  • BertBaltazarBertBaltazar bored blogger PExer
    Men are natural players. Just check the forums - may asawa pero may kabit, o boyfriend girlfriend pa lang, pero may third party.

    And if the man happens to be gay - the are seen as being adventurous, sexually active.

    Now - here comes the bi sexual person, ac dc, silahis, these type I do no recommend for a relationship. Naman, sa unang tipo, babantay ka laban sa ibang babae. Iyong pangalawa, bantay ka laban sa ibang lalake, PERO ITONG TIPO, BANTAY KA SA IBANG TAO, KE BABAE O LALAKE. Oh di ba, mas mahirap ang ganitong tipo?

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