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where to sell electronic junk

hi. we have lots of old non working computers, cellphone battery and chargers, monitors ,cd cases ,printers and i dont know where to put them. dyaryo bote buys them so cheap. is there a place where to sell electronic junk?


  • If you find one, let me know. We recently disposed of a bunch of monitors, old servers, workstations, etc. A junk shop bought them by the kilo.
  • ...or you may want to dispose it through a DENR-accredited recycling plant. Their website: www.iri.com.ph May contact numbers na nakapost dun. They don't resell/reuse the items. They recycle electronic scrap so they can reclaim the Gold, Silver, Palladium, Copper in your cellphones, servers, CPUs, etc. Environment-friendly ang processes with ISO 14001 certification. :)
  • If you have options po, please don't sell the monitors to junkshops. They contain hazardous materials (i.e. Lead). What junkshops do is they get the plastics, wires and cables, and copper coil inside your monitors and dispose of the CRT elsewhere, usually landfills. CRTs are supposed to be treated for its hazardous content.

  • OT na as the question was where to sell. Why not donate these things to your nearest technical school? Especially those that have night classes for short courses. Mapapakinabangan ng mabuti ang mga yan kahit obsolete. Kung working pa naman even more so.
  • you can try to sell it at SM every first friday/saturday of the month.. inquire ka na lang if the nearest SM has this type of activity for your vicinity. sa megamall kasi meron. you can probably get a few bucks for those scrap, but not that much.
  • SoulExchangeSoulExchange 青春フールパワー PEx Expert 🎖️
    Up ko lang. Saan pwede i-benta?

    Meron kasi kami mga sira na like tv (display mismo sira), keyboard, mouse. Thanks
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