Heart Disease

My dad underwent ECG and the result showed that he has lateral wall ischemia. What does it mean? Is it bad?


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Ischemia is an inadequate flow of blood to a part of the body, causing oxygen shortage. In your dad's case, this involves his heart muscle's wall. This occurs when an artery bringing blood to the heart is narrowed by spasm or disease. With cardiac ischemia, the term includes heart attacks and other related heart problems caused by narrowed coronary arteries. It's a warning sign that your dad needs to take better care of himself, by eating more healthy food, visiting his cardiologist every couple of months or so, taking his medications regularly, avoiding bad habits like smoking, lowering his cholesterol level, and decreasing stressors in his life by learning to relax.
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    Hi doc! I think my friend is also suffering the same disease. She had a system breakdown once (ndi sya makahinga). Does she need operation or something? Or medication lang?

    And question about clots, kailangan ba maoperahan yan? or medication lang din?
  • delanodelano Mercy In You PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    She has rheumatic heart disease pala. Is it dangerous?
  • twigztwigz Satan Worships Me PExer
    i underwent an open heart surgery last dec. to correct my congenital heart disease. (ventricular septal defect). it went perfectly fine and im now kicking some big fat asses here! hhehee...loco lang. just very happy.

    congenital- since birth
    rheumatic- acquired anytime after birth.

  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    It depends on how severe your friend's rheumatic heart disease is. Usually, rheumatic heart disease can be adequately controlled just thru medication. Only when there are signs of severe heart failure unresponsive to medications is surgery contemplated. Symptoms would include lower extremity edema, difficulty breathing even at rest, and cyanosis. Of course, she will have to follow up with her cardiologist regularly and take whatever medications she's prescribed faithfully.

    While rheumatic heart fever is a type of acquired heart disease, it is not synonymous to acquired heart disease. It is named so because it is an occassional complication of a childhood strep-B throat infection.

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