Who do you think will host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups? Anyone?

Here's the lowdown for the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups:

Belgium/Netherlands (both 2018 and 2022)
England (both 2018 and 2022)
Portugal/Spain (both 2018 and 2022)
Russia (both 2018 and 2022)
USA (both 2018 and 2022)

Australia (2022 only)
Japan (2022 only)
Qatar (2022 only)
South Korea (2022 only)

But here's the twist! The 2022 host will NOT be from the same continent as the 2018 hosts as FIFA FORBIDS a continent from hosting World Cups twice in a row. For instance, if a European country ends up with 2018, the European bids for 2022 will be disqualified! Selection of bids will take place in Switzerland on December 2nd, 2010 so keep your eyes peeled for the news on that come December! ;)

So who do you think will get the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and why? Feel free to post your speculations on this speculative thread! Let the discussion begin! Thanks! *okay*


  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
    I back England's bid for 2018, time for football to go back to its birthplace

    I want the US to get 2022 because I'm selfish, for logistical reasons :lol:
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    Ingurland and the Aussies
  • la_traviesala_traviesa Member PExer
    Australia for 2022
  • hooneyhooney United 'till i die PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    England all the way for 2018*okay*
  • andreiXYandreiXY fearless ;) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ rumor has it that the 2018 WC will be in Europe..;)

    so that leaves US & Australia battling it out for 2022 (forget about Japan, SK, and Qatar)

    i think England has a strong bid..but the Portugal/Spain bid is quite interesting as well..

    and i have a feeling the UEFA delegates from Latin America will cast their vote for them..
  • hooneyhooney United 'till i die PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    and i want the socceroos to win the bid for 2022
  • crocopiecrocopie Luis Suarez No. 7 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Singapore/Malaysia :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    nagkabayaran na
    England will get 2018...
  • TheClockworks8TheClockworks8 Banned by Admin PExer
    hmmm yeah australia backed out of 2018 and is only making a bid for 2022. i wouldnt think that a first time bidder would get it right away. so chances of australia hosting the world cup in 2022 is remote.
  • TheClockworks8TheClockworks8 Banned by Admin PExer
    crocopie wrote: »
    Singapore/Malaysia :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    haha i think they need to qualify for the world cup first before they could even be considered.... :D
  • Strangely I find myself favoring the following countries in this order for 2018: Russia, Belgium/Netherlands, England then Spain/Portugal and USA tied for last on my preferred list (from last to first). Btw I'm operating under the expectation that a European country will host it!

    Spain/Portugal - NOT feeling it right now for them as hosts as there are other countries I would prefer to see do it first before coming back to the Iberian peninsula! But I'm sure they can put on a good show as they are both GREAT footballing nations and have tremendous fan support...

    USA - Yes it would be easy for the USA to muster its resources - yes they can hold it tomorrow if need be! However I still want their football culture to develop some more first to avoid it ending up like that "soulless" 1994 tournament that they held the next time they do! Maybe sometime in the 2020s or 2030s would be better!

    England - Probably the only country that can prepare for a tournament quicker than the USA with its numerous football stadia and its easy access location for most football crazy people not to mention a good atmosphere. I wouldn't mind it hosting the tourney again but I WANT a country that has NOT hosted the tournament yet so that's where they lose points in my eyes and I still want FIFA to retain that alternating pattern between repeating hosts and new hosts that they've had since Italia '90! But if they did end up hosting it over the rest, I'd still go anyway cuz I've always wanted to visit the UK! :)

    Belgium/Netherlands - Until Russia threw its hat in the ring, I did favor the Benelux bid! Its solid football territory with many fans, strong teams and easy access for many countries! Plus it helps that neither nation has held the World Cup before! And they'd be a good model for the smaller countries aspiring to host one in the future! However the only thing I don't like is that its in Western Europe and I'd want new territory to get the chance! Which is why I favor....

    Russia! - They got a relatively big market, lots of fans, plenty of big money going around (with Putin pledging to set aside as much money and resources as FIFA would require should they get the 2018 tourney) and its NEW territory for FIFA - Eastern Europe has NEVER hosted a World Cup before and I think its high time! I've always wanted to visit Russia and the best thing about it is I know a number of friends who are interested in going there too so if this were to really happen, we can all make plans and start saving up for that football pilgrimage to that big, mysterious country to the north! :D*okay*
  • Bump!

    Its bid season time and on Thursday Dec 2nd @ 11pm PHT FIFA will announce their host countries for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

    But before I let the discussion continue, here's my low down for 2022 hosts (from my least favorite to most favorite):

    Qatar - What possessed them to even try out for the World Cup? I heard that even the Olympic Committee did not like them and if its the opinion of a committee responsible for organizing an event that takes place in one city, what chances does it stand to compete in the bid against bigger countries that got several cities it can call upon to host the tourney as required? One BIG strike against them is their brutally hot desert climate! True they're planning to make EVERY stadium air conditioned and stuff but what's the assurance that the technology they're gonna try and apply would work, let alone something that hasn't been fully proven yet? Other things against them are their tiny size (the one city of note being Doha) and the misgivings that alcohol-loving foreigners may have about it being held in a Muslim-majority country and their prohibitions against drinking! Personally, I'd be shocked if it made it past the first round of voting!

    USA - FIRST, take note of the fact that they recently ditched their 2018 bid realizing that Europe will get it in the end. Yes, like I said in my previous post, it's true the USA has all the necessary infrastructure needed to host the tournament (they, like England, can host it tomorrow if need be) plus the commercial profitability that FIFA so covets! However my biggest strike would be the (relative lack of) fan culture! Yes it has come a long way from 1994 but its still not up to par with their rival bidders! Fundamentally speaking, I've got no problem with the USA hosting the tourney again but not this soon! Maybe sometime in the 2030s would be better since by then today's young people (who make up a large chunk of fans of the Beautiful Game in the USA) will start taking over the reins of power there and hopefully by then the fan culture would be far better as the proportion of fans of the beautiful game continues to rise each generation!

    South Korea - They're near to Pinas. They've got the infrastructure already and I'm sure they can host the stuff in short notice too, maybe not as short as the USA or England, but still fairly quickly too! Plus they also got the USA beat easily in terms of enthusiasm towards the game and the event! I also favor the gesture of holding a few matches in North Korea in a bid to lure them to mainstream global society. However it is quick difficult to tell if it will be a successful gesture in lieu of the recent clashes between the two nations. Another, perhaps even bigger strike against them is that they held the World Cup fairly recently in collaboration with Japan just back in 2002. I wouldn't mind seeing them doing it again several decades into the future, but I would want Korean reunification and what will eventually become the former-North Korea get fixed up first before trying out again for the tournament. Plus other nations should be given a chance at hosting it too!

    Japan - Like Korea, they're near to Pinas, have the infrastructure in place, can be counted upon to host the tourney on short notice, and got the fan enthusiasm that far outstrips the USA! I also like the high-tech World Cup proposals that Japan seeks to put forth for the tourney and unlike other countries who are thinking of staging high-tech tournaments, I hold the Japanese in high-enough esteem as to believe seriously that they are capable of pulling off such a plan. However the one big strike against them for me is that they recently held the Cup just back in 2002 with former co-host and current bid-rival South Korea. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing them do it again in the future but I think other nations should be given a shot at it first.

    Australia - Like the USA, as well as fellow AFC-rival bidders Japan and South Korea, got the infrastructure to get the tournament going in short notice. Yes true it may not have as strong a commercial potential as let's say the USA due to its isolated position, awkward (at least to Latin Americans, Africans and Europeans) time zone, and smaller population size. While its enthusiasm for the tournament may be a bit less than Japan or South Korea, it is certainly a bit more than in the USA plus we all know damn well how much Australians love to play host to BIG events! Plus it also helps that they have had a fairly exemplary track record in hosting them (most recent proof was the Sydney Olympics of 2000). There's also the prospect of increased revenue share in the footballing world being contributed by people in the Asia-Pacific region, who will no doubt find the time for the games less awkward than it has been for any other tournament besides Korea/Japan 2002 and can induce more casual fans into watching more of it. It also plays quite well into Sepp Blatter's concerns about his legacy, as he can proudly tout this as the culmination of his quest to bringing football into every continent! Remember Australia is the ONLY continent left that has yet to host the event hence it being "virgin" soil for the game and this is the biggest reason why I'd favor Australia for 2022!

    And let the discussions resume! *okay*
  • tsong_gotsong_go WELL.... PExer
    Ang yabang ni Donovan sa presentation. At Sounders lang talaga ang maipagmamalaki nila sa attendances.

    Pero sana sila pa rin makakuha.
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    double post.
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    Jap and Kor shouldn't get it, they've hosted it recently. Still the best choice for 2018 is England and for the 2022, the Aussies. And no to joint-bid, not only is it impractical, but you're giving two spots away to the hosts, one is enough as it is.

    Seeing the bids, Freeman f*cked up the US presentation. :lol: And they've hosted in the 90's decade, seems a bit early to give them one again. Maybe in 2026, but thinking about it again, maybe the 2022 @ US wouldn't be unjust to anyone or bad for the sporting event.

    Time for footy to come home! England 2018! The Socceroos for 2022!
  • tsong_gotsong_go WELL.... PExer
    Bill Clinton sure used his smooth talking to seduce Sepp Blatter. Bill..seduce...get it.. :lol:
  • letran_jletran_j Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    United States, Qatar lead field for 2022 World Cup bid

    TOMORROW, the world will watch as FIFA, from its headquarters in Zurich, will announce the fate of 11 countries eager to host (or co-host) the most popular and celebrated sporting event on the globe - the World Cup in 2018 and 2022.

    The United States is in the running for the latter, along with Australia, Qatar, Japan and South Korea. Many experts believe the U.S. is the favorite for 2022, but Qatar in recent weeks has been viewed as a major competitor, promising to dump in excess of $50 billion toward building technologically advanced facilities should FIFA approve the nation of a little more than 1.69 million citizens. While FIFA said it found no substantial evidence, Qatar reportedly vowed to promote Spain and Portugual's joint bid for 2018 in exchange for backing the Middle Eastern nation for 2022.


    A brief synopsis on the nations bidding to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup:


    Thumbs up: Australia has hosted the FIFA under-20 World Cup twice (1981, 1993) in addition to many other world tournaments in rugby, cricket and, most notably, the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

    Thumbs down: The suspension of Reynald Temarii, Oceania president and ousted member of FIFA’s executive committee, means the region lost its voting rights. This means Australia can’t bank on any guaranteed votes from the committee. Also, many of Australia’s top rugby and football leagues use the proposed stadiums during the same time of the World Cup.

    Odds to host: 20-1


    Thumbs up: Japan will host the 2019 Rugby World Cup and already is preparing for the event, with proposed construction of a 100,000-seat stadium.

    Thumbs down: Its lack of large stadiums, finishing third in votes to host the 2016 Olympics and the fact that it has already hosted the World Cup within the past decade — a joint venture with South Korea in 2002 — is said to be working against the Japanese.

    Odds to host: 50-1


    Thumbs up: Many of its venues already meet FIFA specifications, as they were designed in advance of the 2002 World Cup.

    Thumbs down: South Korea has hosted within the past decade; meanwhile, though no one knows what 2022 will bring, the fact that South Korea is currently clashing with North Korea can’t sit well with FIFA.

    Odds to host: 100-1


    Thumbs up: Qatar is dumping loads of money — a reported $50 billion — into its bid. Also, the tiny nation of a little less than 2 million citizens sees this as an opportunity to unite Arab and Western cultures. FIFA president Sepp Blatter has gone on record saying that “the Arabic world deserves a World Cup.”

    Thumbs down: Qatar is oppressively hot during the summer, noted as a concern during FIFA’s inspections. To remedy that, much of the $50 billion in escrow will fuel the design and construction of climate-controlled stadiums.

    Odds to host: 5-1


    Thumbs up: The United States already has the infrastructure, media and, more important, the financial backing from numerous outlets to once again host a successful World Cup. The 1994 tournament is regarded as the most successful in the World Cup’s 80-year history.

    Thumbs down: Probably perceived as a plus but the event would run during the heart of the Major League Soccer season. Additionally, two of the proposed sites (Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass., and Qwest Field, Seattle) are used by MLS teams.

    Odds to host: 2-1

    What will happen: Essentially, this bid comes down to the United States’ bustling infrastructure vs. Qatar’s $50 billion pledge to create one. But FIFA won’t soon forget the cash cow the World Cup was in 1994, namely without the full explosion of the Internet in a country still trying to fully understand the sport. If FIFA really wants to be shown the money, it will pick the U.S.
  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
    England-USA make it happen!
  • England-USA for me as well.
  • FatLampardFatLampard The Lion of Stamford Bridge PExer
    England ako kaso parang malabo dahil sa naging incident sa St. Andrews :(

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