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Are our 110V sockets safe for US/Japan appliances?

An electrician once told me that the standard 110V socket in most houses (there's usually one in every house) is not safe for appliances bought in Japan or the US because they are rated for 120V.

I busted a Japan made battery charger (120V) several times even though the socket registers 110V.

Any truth to this?


  • alam ko japan 100V lang yung satin kung hatiin mo 110V kasi nga 220 talaga tayo. dami ko nasirang appliances na galing japan. kaya now dito nalang ako bumibili ng gamit para sure.. bihira din maglabas ng auto volt na appliance japan...
  • Alam ko yun mga surplus shops noon either they rewind or replace the part with the plug para pwede na umandar sa 220V yun item. I used yun 110V socket sa AVR ko and wala naman problem. Nagtoyo lang when I forgot to plug it there and plugged it directly sa socket - 220V lang kasi yun sa amin.

    Yun dati namin na Japan na TV naka-plug naman sa 110V at walang problem. Nasira lang when namatay yun kuryente and it went back agad.
  • g26g26 PEx Rookie ⭐
    kapag yun regular household 220v natin eh pina-convert sa electrician to 110v, hindi raw recommendable. talagang may tendency makasira ng appliance. ito yun sabi ng electrician namin when i asked him to make one before. di yata stable ang current. iba pa rin sa US and Japan coz yun ang standard electric household current nila. better gumamit ka na lang ng transformer/AVR.
  • There are no standard commercial 110volts lines in the Philippines. Ang standard Meralco household voltage is 220 volts.

    However you can generate a 110volts by using a properly sized step-down transformer. If you can get a constant output transformer/regulator, then much better.
  • You can get reliable/stable 110 V if you have a wire connected to the center tap of the secondary winding (220 V) of the distribution transformer.

    However, I heard that most Philippine electric utilities do not provide and are not allowed by the government to provide such wire/110 V service. Is this true?

    However, I heard that Baguio is an exception due to historical reasons and you can get such wire/service there. Is this true?

    Without a connection to the center tap, I think you might be able to get unreliable/unstable 110 V between one of the 220 V lines and ground if it so happens that the center tap of the distribution transformer is grounded instead of normally floating. Is this correct?
  • Baguio City have 110 because of early site of American regime. I have no information at the present moment.

    While is it true that you can get 110volt by tapping at the center tap of a 220v transformer, a typical household has no access on power utility (Meralco, for example) disribution transformer.

    To generate 110v is to provide your own transformation.
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