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JADE/JAEVON ♥James Reid & Devon Seron♥Davao Fiasco:She handled it well-James(GEMS 28)





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    Reality shows often produce loveteams. Two random people getting paired up either by natural circumstances or by producers, has become a staple in a show such as PBB. It is therefore not surprising that as soon as the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash edition began, viewers and fan groups almost immediately started scrambling in search for potential pairs for their early favorites. The pairing is often called in TV language as a ship.

    This is the story of a boy and a girl, and the ship that they inspired.

    We first met the girl as a member of the Villa Housemates, the disadvantaged kids; the ones who grew up at the wrong side of the track.

    She was the Bubbly Promdi, a friendly, naive young lady with a ready smile and a generous laugh. People fell in love with her simplicity and kindness.

    When the Villa was merged with the rich Apartment teens, her fans excitedly hoped that a particular male housemate from the other group would get to know their beloved girl. He was handsome, kind and gentle and as their paths crossed, people squealed and eagerly waited for the tandem to be officially identified as a pair. "Asaness" they called themselves which in English means "hopefuls".

    But as fate would have it, a third set of housemates was introduced to the competition - the Teenternationals. That’s when the viewers first laid eyes on the Dashing Dude from Australia. Audience members were enthralled with his striking good looks, quiet dignity and sexy accent. The addition of his team to the set of mix, changed the dynamics of the game, and to a great extent the set of pairs and loveteams.

    Strange as it may seem, even before the two groups would meet each other, several people were already saying how great it would be if the gorgeous lad from down under would meet the dusky beauty from the south.

    This would be the time that the term Jaevon would first be used to refer to the group that would ship Dashing Dude with Bubbly Promdi.

    The Jaevon ship remained at the dock, quietly, patiently awaiting for the right time to sail. And as it looked to begin its journey on the day of the backpackers’ task, the day the two were set to meet, the ship encountered its first adversity, because the brief meeting was not what the fans had hoped for.

    And even as the two houses were consolidated, it didn’t seem that the ship that a few good supporters were trying to keep afloat was bound to get anywhere at all. It appeared to be doomed even before it could sail on.

    But in what is to be a a common occurrence in this group, just as when things were looking down, something happens that turns things around. While the ship was looking to be forever docked and forgotten, fate took a strange twist; and as the season was drawing to a close, the two individuals to whom the ship was dedicated, grew closer and closer and closer.

    And this is what sets the story of the boy and the girl apart from the rest.

    While several fan groups formed and grew in large numbers after they decided who they wanted paired up with their bets; as producers prodded certain housemates to the direction of preferred "ka-loveteam" through encouragement and set up situations ; as prime time viewers were given the impression that this and that particular housemate liked each other though one of them couldn’t stand the other; while people were waiting for "kilig" moments from other housemates and looking at a different direction, boy and girl were at the background, getting to know each other without the benefit of a close up shot, without prime time exposure, without people even realizing it.

    Unbeknownst to him, two big ships were already warring against each other, trying to beat the other in the race of who would be his official loveteam after the show was over.

    Unbeknownst to her, she had gotten into a you-and-me against the world situation.

    But life moves in mysterious ways. Even when the large audience were often denied the chance to see the real stories inside the house, the forces of the universe always finds a way to reveal them.

    When the boy left due to his illness, and returned just in the nick of time, it was the lingering hugs and the girl's instinctive discovery of his return that made people take notice.

    It reminded the audience of the audition for the Big Goal concert, wherein not only did boy and girl performed as duet partners, they were also the stand outs in the dance auditions. And while most viewers were surprised at the unlikely pair, many became curious.

    So while they were continued to be denied prime time exposure, the people started searching for clues, and they soon found out that indeed cyber people had long discovered the team up and were in fact organizing themselves in the Pinoy Exchange Boards as well as different networking sites.

    The ship's thread started moving. It was three weeks before the Big Night, and more than a month after the other ships had began. The others had a good head start, but as the boy and the girl's friendship grew stronger, the Jaevon members grew in number.

    Our hearts were set aflutter as we watched the practice sessions for the Big Goal concert, the random conversations, the playful banters at the poolside, the massage sessions, and the scene that had the LS viewers and PEX people coming out of lurkdom - the unforgettable blindfold-prisoner task where the boy and the girl exchanged funny and cute conversations, kisay kisay can-I-lean-on-you-moment, hilarious scratching requests along with a little singing session.

    As far as the PBB crowd was concerned, the JAEVON ship had arrived.

    New members of the group came in droves, by this time the Jaevon, which was also knows as the Jade Gems had become the fastest growing group.

    We gathered around every night, from our respective homes, all waiting for the one thing which had become the trademark of this ship - [highlight]the power hugs.[/highlight]

    During the final stretch of the season, fans became witness to the sweet, squirm worthy embraces that accompanied every greeting of goodnights.

    In their innocent, playful, somewhat sexy but none offensive way, boy and girl provided us power hugs that became a rallying point for supporters. No two hugs were ever the same. The succeeding ones always outdoing the precedents.

    The power hug during Jenny’s last night had everyone talking the next day. And why not? Who wouldn’t talk about a hug which was followed by such lines as:

    "One more hug.
    Honestly, really kiss me.
    I’m being serious, come back!"

    People began calling that the best ever hug. We thought, “that’s prime time worthy!”

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to see that on prime time.

    But as often proven in this ship, human decisions and discretions are no match for the forces of the universe. The following day, a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment happened at the Confession room. They got a minor, perhaps accidental, prime time moment. Though it was short, more and more people began appearing from everywhere, curious as to what was going on between the Teenternational boy who placed his arm around the Pinoy girl while they were all gathered in the Confession room. “What was that?” TV audience asked.

    And as other people began boarding the ship, they joined us in waiting for the hug that we thought would be hard press to beat the one that took place a couple of nights ago.

    But here comes the boy and the girl surprising us again.

    After the disastrous coffee experience of the two other female housemates, LS viewers saw the tender moment of a concerned boy laying his head on the girl’s lap and asking her over and over again,[highlight] “Are you ok?”[/highlight]

    And as the night drew to a close, and the standard goodnight hugs were given away, boy lying in bed, reached out and pulled surprised girl towards him, for a hug that had everyone of us screaming “Oh my God!” followed by posts after posts of Waaaaaaa in our PEX thread.

    It had all the elements of a power hug. It was sweet, sexy, unpredictable and even had Ivan providing a theme song:

    :note:And I don’t want the world to see me
    Coz I don’t think that they’d understand
    When everything’s made to be broken
    I just want you to know who I am.:note:

    Even Kuya was caught off guard, hence the appearance of the infamous PBB Logo that made all of us scream with frustration.

    That had to be the best hug, we all agreed.

    But again we were wrong,

    The night before the final eviction day, we say boy and girl fighting again and again. Like young kids hurting each other during play, we heard boy angrily declare [highlight]“I will never ever touch you again!”[/highlight]

    We saw girl trying to reason her way out but failing, and then blurting [highlight]“I hate you!”[/highlight] before turning around and leaving.

    “Oh no!” we all said. “What about the good night hug? “

    And as we waited and waited, wondering if we will be treated to another one of their anticipated good night hugs, we got our answer. We got our hug. And not just one, but two.

    There was the intriguing back hug, which we first saw at the mirror, followed by the tight, knee weakening embrace.

    We thought we had seen it all. Surely nothing can top that. But of course, boy and girl were not to disappoint.

    During their final night as housemates, with the time fast winding down, everyone thought there were no more hugs to see, that we had seen the last one. But again we were wrong.

    Just as everyone were about to give up, we saw two figures in a tight, quiet embrace in the dark kitchen area, so intimately saying goodnight that we felt like we were intruding.

    At that point we all felt a mixture of emotions. All wondering what tomorrow would bring for the two of them and for the ship which we all had gotten attached to.

    BUt such apprehension was quickly replaced by hope and positive anticipation when we saw the greatest hug of all. Girl running towards the waiting arms of the boy, followed by a beautiful spin reminiscent of a movie slow mo scene.

    And as they hugged, we watched in awe. Joyed by the moment we were witnessing, sad by the coming end, but relieved by the hope it gave all of us.

    While they embraced for the final goodnight as housemates, questions were running through our head, uncertainties were unavoidable, but boy said something that had all of us touched and rejoicing.

    “F...Forever,”[/highlight]he whispered

    We knew then that the ship’s journey was nowhere near the end...

    And so here we are .

    The Jaevon, the Jade Gems, the Jaders. Whatever name we fall under, we support the same ship. And even though the PBBTC season had come to a close, our numbers continue to rise. Our membership continue to grow. Some people are only recently discovering the the events that took place inside the house. Jaevon was PBB’s best kept secret. Their story was deprived of prime time exposure, and in the process, the viewers were deprived of the chance to know of this heartwarming story. One that was against the odds, against the tide. It was totally unexpected, but beautiful nonetheless.

    But thanks to the forces of the universe, even though we hardly ever were treated to a prime time exposure during the run of the season, we were given a parting gift. As boy was declared the Big Winner, as people rushed to the stage to congratulate and hug him, he reserved the best hug for her. Girl approached boy to greet him, and right in front of the entire crowd, right in front of all the fans and the other love team ships, boy and girl engaged in a tight embrace for all the world to see.

    We finally got the biggest prime time moment of all. And it couldn't have happened at a better time.

    People were surprised, but we weren’t. After all, if there is anything we have learned in this ship we have all grown to love as a family, we should expect the unexpected. Just as Jaevon was something that happened right when people weren’t looking, right when no one expected it.

    And that is why it is so special. It defies the script of the powers-that-be, it follows no specific formula, it is simply what it is - a tandem that grew naturally; a pairing blessed with genuine laughter and endless smiles; a partnership strengthened by an undeniable chemistry and connection; a team that is brightened not by mere sparks, but fireworks.

    And most of all, it is a ship built on a solid rock of friendship and mutual respect between the boy, Robert James Reid, and the girl, Devon May Seron.

    by PurplePirate
    Jaevon President
    (Local Gems)

    All rights reserved.
    July 27 2010.)

    all pictures are owned by me and Mr Joel H. Garcia. please do not remove tag/watermarks.Credit to Bretzie Bunnies Zim de Vera
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    Nickname: Devon
    Status: 4th Big Placer
    Real Name: Devon May Natividad Seron
    Origin: Cebu City
    Age: 17
    Birthdate: May 20, 1993
    Nationality: Filipino
    Civil Status: Single
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Hobbies: Badminton
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Food: Spaghetti
    Favorite Show: ASAP
    Favorite Actor: John Lloyd Cruz
    Favorite Actress: Bea Alonzo
    Favorite Singer: Paramore, Avril Lavigne

    :flower: INDIVIDUAL THREADS :flower:
    DEVON SERON * PBB TEEN CLASH * Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu
    DEVON SERON ~The True Filipina Beauty~ Devonairs' Villa 2
    DEVON SERON ~ Exotic Beauty with a Good Heart ~ Devonairs' Villa 3
    DEVON SERON ~ Celebrating our Baby's 17th Birthday ~ Devonairs' Villa 4
    DEVON SERON ~ Talent is what you possess, Perfection is what possesses you ~ Devonair 5
    ♥ DEVON SERON ♥ A GIRL WITH A VERSATILE FACE ♥ Devonairs' villa 7 ♥


    Nickname: James
    Status: Grand Winner
    Real Name: Robert James Reid
    Origin: Australia
    Age: 17
    Birthdate: May 11, 1993
    Nationality: Half-Australian, Half-Filipino
    Civil Status: Single
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Going to the beach
    Favorite Food: Sinigang

    :flower: INDIVIDUAL THREADS :flower:
    ~♥ JAMESTERS ♥~~Dashing Dude ng Australia~JAMES REID~Shine Like a Star.[UNO]
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    all pictures are owned by me and Mr Joel H. Garcia. please dont take out the watermarks/tag
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    * June 16 Dance Hug
    * June 15 Hug and Kiss
    * James Carried Devon (Ryan's Party)
    * The Legend Of Two Pillows
    * James Hospital Farewell
    * Guys Reaction to Devon Wushu
    * Joe and Pat Elimination
    * Devon and Ivan Talking
    * Devon Dance Audition
    * Eviction Night Hand Massage
    * Singing 'Baby' To James
    * James Staring at Devon
    * Post Concert Hug

    Credits to: OfficialJadeChannel and Sweetmoonriver
  • 33axlcn.jpg

    James' MV TRIBUTE


    It's as equally heartfelt as that of Devon's Video... But this time it's about James...
    Kudos to @jadeusa23 for creating such awesome videos depicting the personalities of our two babies,

    And here is Devon's MV Tribute


    all pics are owned by me and Mr Joel Garcia. please dont take out tags/watermarks
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    [highlight]James' kiLig Lines to Devon[/highlight]

    1. Carson's kiss was nothing! It doesnt count
    2. Come to Australia and I will take you to a Party
    3. You can move out and Live with Me.
    4. i love dark skin...
    5. Kiss me!!
    6. Gudnight Devon, One more hug, Honestly, Really, I'm being Serious, Kiss me, Comeback......
    7. Are you okey?
    8. You have a nice back
    9. Your eyes compliments your smile
    10. You have a nice smile
    11. Dark skin makes you stand out
    12. You have a god's like hand
    13. Dark skin and white teeth is really cute
    14. You have a nice forehead
    15. Not even fair. Don't even get Fair. Leave it!

  • vo5zj9.jpg

    [highlight]News and Write Ups[/highlight]

    The PBB teen housemates choose their Big 6

    Six final questions for the Big Six

    Unite at the Big Night

    Spotlight on the Teen Big 6 – James, Ryan, Devon, Fretzie, Ivan & Bret


    Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big Winner James Reid is not after fame and money

    After PBB, on to the next level?

    Will the Big Six of PBB Teen Clash of 2010 enter showbiz?

    PBB Teen Big 6 ready to take on showbiz

    Young and free

    PBB's James Reid and Devon Seron, the next hot teen love team?

    NEWBIES: PBB Teen Clash love team James Reid and Devon Seron are both fans of Kimerald

    cr:M.Molina of FB
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    :note:[highlight]JAEVON JAEVON JAEVON OOOOOOHHHHH[/highlight]:note:



    [highlight]IN CEBU[/highlight]

    [highlight]IN LEGAZPI[/highlight]


    :note:I remember what you wore on the first day
    You came into my life and I thought
    "Hey, you know, this could be something"

    'Cause everything you do and words you say
    You know that it all takes my breath away
    And now I'm left with nothing

    So maybe it's true
    That I can't live without you
    Maybe two is better than one
    There's so much time
    To figure out the rest of my life
    And you've already got me coming undone
    And I'm thinking two is better than one

    I remember every look upon your face
    The way you roll your eyes
    The way you taste
    You make it hard for breathing

    'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
    I think of you and everything's okay
    I'm finally now believing

    That maybe it's true
    That I can't live without you
    Maybe two is better than one
    There's so much time
    To figure out the rest of my life
    And you've already got me coming undone
    And I'm thinking two is better than one
    Yeah, yeah

    I remember what you wore on the first day
    You came into my life and I thought, "Hey,"

    maybe it's true
    That I can't live without you
    Maybe two is better than one
    There's so much time
    To figure out the rest of my life
    And you've already got me coming undone

    And I'm thinking
    I can't live without you
    'Cause, baby, two is better than one
    There's so much time
    To figure out the rest of my life
    But I'll figure it out
    When all is said and done
    Two is better than one
    Two is better than one
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  • [highlight]SAMUT-SARI PICTURES IN CEBU AND LEGAZPI[/highlight]






    ito iyong video ni chantra sa nakaPAA_FTW. nandito si panyang_FTW
    thanks to chantra for the video


    Ito iyong greetings ni MM sa lahat ng fans niya with bff fretzie.
    Habang sinisigaw ni bff fretzie Devonairs.
    thanks sa video upload


    Credits to VaderZimster for the video

    James and Devon thanking all their supporters
    credit to the bunnies

    credit to bretzie bunnies for the pics as well as @hellokris
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    credit to @hellokris via twitter

    [highlight]Loving look of James[/highlight]

    [highlight]SIR, GAANO KA CLOSE[/highlight]



    MM and DD Duet: Two Better Than One

    DD Solo Performance:I'm Yours

    credit to legazpi gems
  • [highlight]DAVAO[/highlight]






    c/o real19

    Heto na po ang story:


    Hinati ang Davao GEMS into two: Airport Girls and Mall Girls. So, yung meeting time naming is 8 am at our designated meeting places. I’m from the Airport Girls so, hindi kop o maikukwento sa inyo and nangyari sa Mall Girls between 8 am to 12:30 pm.

    Nagkita kami ng aking friend dito sa bhauz at sabay kaming pumunta ng airport bitbit ang gifts for MM and DD, flowers for Ms. Billet and MM and lay for DD. 8 am pa lang yun at wala pa kaming breakfast. Dumating kami sa airport at hinanap namin ang ibang GEMS. Werlah kami dahil wala pa yunng iba at hindi ko din mahanap si Chay na andun na sa airport 7 am pa lang… (excited much kami??? Hehehe…) So, upo-upo muna kami. I was checking kung may other fans pero wala naman…
    Maya-maya ay dumating si Ate Karen dala-dala ang tarp at ang isa pa naming gift for MM and DD at nakita ko na rin sina Chay.
    Greetings! Beso-beso and hugs. Then, umalis kami ng friend ko to eat breakfast. Pagbalik naming ng friend ko after eating, andun na si ate damsel with her friend dala-dala ang cake for Ms. Billet at ang mga native necklace (may nakasulat na Davao GEMS <3 BIG 6) for the BIG 6. Maya-maya ay dumating na si ate quin. Nastarstruck kaming lahat sa kagandahan ng aming head/spokesperson. Hehehe… Then, picture picture na kami…

    After picture picture, proceed na kami sa arrival area at pumwesto na kami. Ate quin and me tried to talk to the guards to let us in pero did aw pwede unless you have a plane ticket. So, nalik kami ni ate quin sa arrival area and picture picture ulit kami. At biglang dumating ang BIG 6! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….. Werlah kaming lahat since 8 lang kami. May iba na 2 housemates ang sinabitan ng native neckalace. May nagbigay ng lay kay DD. May nagbantay ng ibang gamit. Kami naman ni ate quin todo picture.

    i edited the other pics kasi di kasya. will post it later jhoy

    Hinila na si James nung babae from ABS kaya eto kuha k okay James… hehehe

    MM the Barbie doll… 

    Werlah talaga kaming lahat. Solong-solo naming sila kasi kami lang ang fan group na andun. Ang gagwapo nila at ang gaganda. I love DD’s eyes and smile at ang puti niya. Si Devon nastarstruck ako sa kagandahan niya. I really love her skin, her profile and her smile. She really is a Barbie doll.
    Nauna sila DD at MM sa van dahil pinagmamadali sila while the other HMs nahuli kasi they’re still posing for pics.. Pinuntahan ko sina DD at MM sa van at ang tanging nasabi ko lang ay ‘SMILE!’. Nagsmile naman sila at pak!


    Di nga lang nakatingin si DD sa cam pero nagsmile na man.

    While yung kasama naming kumukuha ng message nila for GEMS, I took a picture… Hehehe…


    On the other hand, si ate damsel nawerlah sa pagbigay ng flowers for Ms. Billet. Hindi kasi naming alam itsura niya. Nagkataon naman at tinawag ni Ivan si Ms. Billet (I don’t know why). So, yun at lumapit si ate damsel.
    Ate damsel: Ms. Billet? (Werlah si ate damsel kasi hindi sumagot. Baka mali ang nilapitan niya. Pero she took the courage to say….) Ms. Billet, Happy Birthday!
    Reaction ni Bret: awwwwwwwwwwwww…..
    Ivan: Grabeeeeeeeeeee….

    At yun, umalis na sila. Nawerlah ulit kami kasi nahulog ang cake ni Ms. Billet at nawasak. We decided to buy another one na lang at ibibigay nalang naming after the mall show.
    Worried kami baka di kami nakilala as JAEVONS. Inintroduce naman namin mga sarili namin as such pero baka di narinig.. hehehe.. (Assumera mode on) Alam siguro nila kasi may nasulat naman sa likod ng necklace at may nakasulat din sa cards ng flowers nina MM at Ms. Billet. Pansinin din sa pic na ito. Binabasa yata nila ang nakasulat sa likod ng necklace.. (Assumer mode off) Sa likod ni Ryan…


    So, hanap na din kami ng taxi na masasakyan and we’re on our way to Apo View Hotel.

    Pagdating namin ng hotel ay dumiretso na kami sa receptionist at nagtanong kung dumating na ang BIG 6 sa hotel. Dumating na daw kaya pumunta kami sa may restaurant ng hotel nagbabakasakaling kakain sila dun ng lunch. Pero hindi kami natuloy kasi dolyares ang halaga ng kanilang pagkain. Lol… Kaya doon na lang kami tumambay sa café ng hotel. Kinain naming ang cake ni Ms. Billet.. Hehehe… Naubos naming ang cake at wala pang BIG 6 na bumababa para kumain. Umalis ang ibang mga kasama naming to join the Mall girls. Nagpaiwan kami ni ate quin at chay.
    Nag-CR muna ako at sumunod naman si ate quin. Paglabas naming ng CR ay may mga nakasalubong kami sa lobby na naghahanap ng kwarto ng BIG 6. Hindi ako sure if Jamtoot bay un.
    Anyways, sinundan naming sila. Sumunod kami hanggang sa pool area. Paglabas ng pool area, lumihis kami ni ate quin ng daan. Hehehe… Nagpatuloy kami sa pag-akyat hanggang 6th floor. Pagdating naming ng 6th floor ay napagod na din kami at nagdecide kami na bumalik na sa lobby. We took the elevator down wishing na magstop ang elevator sa isang certain floor at mashock na lang kami na ang BIG 6 ang makakasabay naming. Ohhwwwwveehhhhrrr ang pagka-assumera… Hahaha…
    So, pababa na ang elevator, nagstop sa 3rd floor at…..

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]May sumakay na mga nagstay sa elevator. Akala namin BIG 6 ang sasakay.. Hehehe… Peace GEMS. Pero alam niyo, nung bumalik kami ng hotel after the mall show ay nalaman naming na sa 3rd floor talaga sila nagstastay… Muntikan na talaga.. Hahaha…
    Anyways, pagdating naming sa lobby, tinanung ni Cha yang receptionist kung what room ang BIG 6. They said na they’re not allowed to give the room number. Pero they told us na 1:30 daw ang alis ng BIG 6 for the mall show. Then, may nagtext kay ate quin na nagparoom service ang BIG 6. So, we decided na punta na lang ng mall…[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

  • sweetnippy42sweetnippy42 Baldik forever... PExer


  • 44438_148178438535504_118912341462114_361961_221313_n.jpg
    credit to bunnies


    1st post of quin
    Does this has something to do with the booing incident to MM?

    Sige.. I'll say my piece since I was there and I know firsthand what really happened. I know this will cause BV but its reality. Sometimes truth hurts and I know we can handle it. Ayt? Nakaya nga ni MM kanina. Tayo pa kaya? I'll mention JAMLI if it's ok pero kung hindi I'll edit my post. Ganito kasi yun... Yung set-up ng stage is may VIP (yun yung mga taong nabigyan ng tickets because they're wholesalers of NCCC Mall, bought 1K above from RRJ, etc.) We prepared for 1 wk for this MT and we even went to NCCC several times to ask for VIP tickets pero palagi nilang sinasabi na ubos na daw We had a final meeting nung Friday and we decided na hatiin na lang yung grupo namin since same day yung arrival at ang mall show. AIRPORT TEAM at MALL TEAM, both teams will meet at the designated place at around 8am. With humility, I'd like to say that we have the most number of delegates and this was even affirmed by the Keggies and Bunnies. Anyone can ask them for confirmation. We decided na punuin na lang namin yung second floor kasi yung 4 tarps (with the permission of NCCC Mall) ay dun nakasabit. We even have a birthday banner for Ms. Billet . At may Ginoong Kadawayan pa before their show which ended at 3PM. We chose na sa 2nd floor na lang kasi gusto namin magkakasama kami eh kung sa baba naman maraming tao at baka magkawatak2 kami. So, we decided to fill the 2nd floor na lang. Ang nandun lang sa baba ay ako, silent91 (photog), at jovs (videographer). yung pwesto namin ay after the VIP 2nd row seats. Btw, before this buwis buhay talaga hahaha malapit magkaroon ng stampede sa dami ng taong gusto sa unahan pumwesto. So yun nah, may naririnig akong maiingay sa tabi2 at bumulong naman si silent91 na mga Jamli daw (they brought 1 tarp) and i could count them with my fingers lang then may bumulong na naman sa akin (tingnan ko daw yung paper bag na dala may nakalagay daw na "Beware of the Black Lady") so tiningnan ko, and yes its true may nakalagay na ganun. Pinabayaan na lang namin kasi GV all the way nga tayo. We were seated na at around 4pm pero hindi pa nagstart yung show tapos may isang Jamli na nagsabi dun sa bading na nasa harap ko na pag lumabas daw si James sumigaw daw ng "ANN LI". oh well May slideshow din na pinakita before the show and sabay pinakita yung pics ni MM at DD, sympre sigawan ang Jaevon at sigawan din ang mga haciendero ng ampalaya ng "Plastic! Plastic! Plastic!" haist.. tapos yung nasa likod at harap namin makaJaevon din pala so parang pumapalag sila so sabi ko, "pabayaan nyo na lang sila" (I said this cross my heart mamatay pa ang aso ko) Pagkalagay ng tarps namin sa 2nd floor, sigawan ang mga tao. yey! tapos yung mga mapapait humarap sa taas at pinakita din yung tarps nila owver! No reaction from Gems! Yes, its true Rovic (host) did greet Jacia and mentioned Jamli kasi inabot nila yung paper na may nakasulat (James love Ann Li). Binasa lang ni Rovic yung binigay nila na papel. What the heck? We didn't feel the need to do those things since very visible naman kami dun. Btw, Jamli attempted to put their banner sa rails pero hindi sila pinayagan kasi wala daw permit, pinilo nga nila yung banner nila after it. Ilang beses din pinagilitang ng mag security guards kasi hindi umuupo haist.. Come the actual show, paglabas ni MM they kept chanting "boo" (with thumsdown sign) and "loser" (L sign). At intervals ito ha.. during interview kay MM at nung duet nila ni DD. Ang sama ng mga ugali nila. Sinita sila ng guards, nung ibang tao doon at namin. Sabi pa ng iba "sobra naman yan. walang respeto". With regards to MMs feelings, it didn't show or baka hindi niya rin narinig kasi di lang kaya mga Jamli ang nandun. Marami ding tumitili noh. owver. Marami kaya silang supporters sa Davao and MM even waved sa mga Jamli, kering keri ni MM at ang hyper pa. Nakita ko din na hindi talaga siya pinabayaan ni DD kaya siguro nakapagreact si Ms. Kris kasi nasa harapan siya ng audience and she can see the boo and loser hand signs ewan or baka narinig din niya. From this Mall Show, I learned and experienced a lot of things (1st ko toh). There are many kinds of fans and I'm proud to say that I belong to a group where everyone knows the real meaning of a TRUE SUPPORTER.

    P.S. Nagchuvachuchu kasi ang Big 6 as ending ng Mall Show at nagpaiwan talaga ang MM at feel na feel ang pagchuvachuchu sa Dabawenyos ahaha si Lazy DD naman naunang umalis at akala ko talaga tuluyan ng aalis. Yun pala, hinintay pa niya si MM bago tuluyang umexit. How sweet. Di niya talaga iniwan. At si MM ay atapang na tao sa tamang paraan.

    Originally Posted by quintessence520
    NCCC MALL of Davao, 1:00PM to 9:15PM

    We texted the Mall team kung saan sila nakapwesto kasi papunta na nga kami then sabi nila andun daw sila sa 2nd floor, Food Court fronting the stage. Go naman kami, pagdating namin dun ang daming tao kasi may program pala na Ginoong Kadayawan (this is kind of a body builder contest) at saka ang ewww ha ang laki ng mga muscles at oiliness ang buong katawan. hahahaha Yun punta na kami kina Marie at kwento kwento na naman kung ano ang nangyari sa airport at sa supposed stalk namin dun sa hotel. Ang original plan namin ay dun talaga kami lahat sa baba pero naisip nina Marie at Myrr na mas maganda daw ang pwesto sa taas at para hindi kami watak2. We decided na 3 na lang kami sa baba, yung kukuha ng pics at videos and the rest ay sa 2nd floor na lang. Btw, bago namin nilagay ang tarps sa rails, we asked permission from the marketing group of NCCC Mall at pumayag naman sila. Thank you, NCCC Mall. After the Ginoong Kadawan, bumaba agad kami nina Beth. Grabe yung mga tao, hindi umaalis sa pwesto nila. Nakipagsiksikan din kami. "Oh my God! Oh my God!", yan parati ang naririnig ko kay Beth. Grabe ang mga tao kinakabahan ako baka magkastampede. First time ko toh ginawa ever. ahahaha. Natatawa talaga ako. Then pumunta kami ng supermarket dun sa costumer service kasi they were the one who handles the program, I asked them kung same pa rin ba yung set-up ng stage at paulit-ulit kung tinanong/kinulit kung may VIP tickets pa ba... Sagot naman nila, magbabago daw yung set-up ng stage at wala na daw talagang available na VIP tickets. Bumalik kami ulit dun at nakipagsiksikan na naman hahaaha buwis buhay talaga ang experience na yun. Nakwento ko na ang mga nakakaHB kaya tapos na yung part na yun. Uhm.. Nakapwesto kami ni Beth malapit sa rails after ng VIP peeps tapos tinitingnan ko sila sa taas. ahaha Ang ganda nung JAEVON na lettering (thank you, Myr at sa bday banner ni Ms. Billet. Ang galing nyo.. May initiative.) Nakita ko sa buong 2nd floor nakadistribute na yung balloons, flaglets, ribbonettes. Uhm matagal kasi nila binuksan yung tarps kahit nakasabit nah.. Pagbukas, sigawan ang mga tao. Sabi nung katabi ko, ang ganda daw parang wedding pics hahaha at mas bagay daw talaga ang babies natin. Take note, hindi yun makaJaevon ha crush lang nun si DD. Grabe, nakaupo kami dun mga 330 PM pero nagsimula yung show ay 6PM nah.. Order of the program:

    1.) Rovic (host) sang and danced with games on the side
    2.) Lumabas si Kaye Abad and sang hawak kamay (nashock ako ang puti pala niya.. akala ko morena)
    3.) Lumabas si Bret and sang Pyramid. Grabe ang sigawan ng mga tao. Owver. Sabik na sabik sa Big 6. Di ko marinig yung kanta ni Bret and it took me awhile bago mafigure out kung ano yung kinanta niya.
    4.) After lumabas si BFF Fretzie and sang Lucky with Tatay Blet. Halatang close yung dalawa. Marunong din magdala ng audience si Tatay Blet.
    5.) Tinawag ni Rovic si Ryan as his co-host. Kumanta si Ryan ng "Bebot". Ahahaha. Ryan is sooo adorable.
    6.) Then Ryan introduced, DD/James. Grabe ang tili ng mga tao. Nakakabingi. DD sang one of Jack Johnson's song with Bret. Nakalimutan ko yung title. hehe
    7.) Tapos inintroduce na naman ni DD si Father Ayven tapos sabi niya di daw siya makakanta kasi wala daw siya boses. Kaya ayun, may tinawag ang host from one of the Vanzies. May 3 kiss (different parts) from Ayven. 1st - right hand; 2nd - left hand; 3rd - cheeks. Natatawa ako kay DD nito kasi sabi niya talaga kay Ayven na sa cheek na ikiss. ahahaha Mabait din Father Ayven. Then sabi ni Rovic, iintroduce daw niya yung makaduet ni DD.

    8. MM and DD's duet
    Matagal lumabas si MM (kita naman sa video) ahahaha super hintay si DD tinitingnan niya siguro kung nasan na si MM.. I think MM was waiting for the music bago siya lumabas. I think her cue is when DD will sing his part. Pagkalabas ni MM, sigawan kami lahat pati yung bitter herbs sumigaw din hahaha. Grabe.. Automatic si DD sa holding hands ha... Level up ang babies natin. At saka yung pagkanta ng song mismo, improving ang babies natin. Mas gumagaling na sila. Ang ganda ng boses bagay na bagay. At kumusta naman toh si DD? Grabeh makatitig. Owver (ahahaha kisay kisay). Kung ako si MM naku matagal na akong nabulag.. hahaha ibang level ang powers ni MM. Grabe dikit kung dikit. Kinilig talaga ako dun sa part na ni MM, yung paglapit na niya kay DD at nagtitigan sila. hahahaha. Meron! Fireworks, Spark, Chemistry and all Sciences. Name it and our babies have it. Si DD talaga ang nag-iinitiate ng HH hahaha.. Selos ang iba sa tabi-tabi. Ang ganda at ang haba ng hair ni MM. Swerte ni DD sa kanya (as BFF). After nang kanta nila, tinanong ng host kung anong plans ni MM then sabi pagsasabayin daw niya pag-aaral at pag-aartista. Sabi naman ni Rovic, wow! Ang sipag. I'm like a proud mother hen (although imposibleng grade 4 pa lang ako ay may anak na) haha. I'm soo proud of you, MM. Then tinanong ni Rovic kung kumusta na daw sila ni DD... ahahaha 'tong si DD naman, MM should answer daw kasi it's her question (meaning interview moment niya). Sagot naman ni MM, "We're doing good." Ayyiieee.. Haahahhaaha Sigawan na naman ang Gems then MM thanked us, kaway2 siya sa 2nd floor. Aww.. MM, we will do it a million times. What happened sa mall show just proved of how worthy you are of our support. You are a good person. At alam ko malayo ang mararating mo. Kayong dalawa ni DD. Sabi nga ni Sir Julian, alam niya kahit sisikat daw kayong dalawa. You wont change daw. I can see that, too. Keep it up, babies! Walang iwanan.

    9. DD sang I'm yours.. May talent at ang pogi pa. No wonder madaming haters si MM. hahaha

    10. Tinawag ang lahat ng Big 6 para maglaro ng paper dance with the audience as partner. I think unang natanggal si DD tapos kinarga si MM nung partner niya (lovers carry) ahhaha ang lolo pumunta talaga dun kay MM at saka tinuturo yung paa ng partner ni MM (indicating na lumampas yung shoes sa paper) anubeh DD!!! Di mo kinaya ang lovers carry. hahaha. Yun naout si MM due to DD tapos pumunta sila sa gilid still discussing kung bakit naout si MM. Ang kulit nila then lumapit si Kuya Ayven, sumayaw sila nung sayaw ni Ryan. NaOP sandali si DD. ahahaha tapos tinuro ni Father Ayven yung mga Jaevon sa 2nd floor. Kaway2 naman sila ni MM. I think, Bret won the paper dance. hehe Di ako sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    11. After the paper dance, kinanta nila yung I'll be there for you. Ang galing sumayaw ni MM. Hyper na hyper hahaha.
    12. Yun nagchuvachuhu na sila at mukhang si MM at Ryan lang ata ang naiwan at nagchuchuvachuchu pah. Mga hyper! Akala ko tuluyan na talagang bumaba si DD. Di pala. Hinintay pa niya si MM bago tuluyang bumaba ng stage. He was waiting for her. Ang dami mo ng pogi points DD ha?! hehe It was a great way to end the show. It just shows na kahit gaano karude ng iba what matters is may pakialam talaga si DD kay MM. I love him more for it. Way to go, DD.

    After the show, nawala lahat ng tao parang walang nangyari. Umakyat ulit kami sa taas at pinuntahan yung mga kasama namin. Pinuntahan din namin yung admin office ng Mall to thank them for allowing us to put the tarps in the rails. Sabi nung babae ang tangos daw ng ilong ni MM. Tanong pa niya kung totoong hindi mayaman sila MM, sabi namin oo totoo yan kasi daw ang ganda daw morena beauty. Amazed siya sa ganda ni MM hehe bait2 daw ni DD sa kanya. Then yun, tinext namin sina D at Chin na pwede na ba kaming pumunta ng hotel para mabigay yung gifts. Sabi nila pwede daw kasi they informed MM na nung umaga pa. Bumili muna kami ng cake ni Ms. Billet (this time from the Local Gems na naman nakalagay) then we proceeded to the Apo View Hotel. Sumakay kami ng multi cab hahaa napuno namin yun. Actually, di nga kami nagkasya.

    Apo View Hotel, 930PM - 100AM

    Pagkababa namin sa multi cab nakita namin sa gilid ng hotel ang mga Jam--. Oh well. Pumunta agad ako sa entrance ng lobby with Sis Ram. Akala ko sumunod yung iba, yun pala nagpaiwan. Hinarang kami ng guard sabay sabi ng ano daw gagawin namin sa loob, sabi ko naman maghihintay kami kay Devon. Inum muna kami ng kape hahaha tapos siguro after a minute pagkaupo namin dun sa cafe ay nagclose na sila. Ang bait talaga ni Lord. Yung iba di na nakapasok kasi nga close na yung cafe. Kumain muna yung ibang Gem na nasa labas. I received a text from D na nagbowling pa daw ang Big 6. Pinuntahan ni Sis Ram yung receptionist and inquired kung nandun na ba ang Big 6 tapos tinawagan ng receptionist yung room nila at may lalakeng sumagot at sinabing wala pa daw sila. Around 12AM dumating na sila... Pumunta na kami ni Sis Ram sa lobby to greet them. First target namin si Ms. Billet para makapagpaalam. Unang pumasok si Ms. Billet nagmamadali, hinabol ko siya at nag-ask ng permission if pwede ba muna naming makausap at mabigay yung gifts namin sa Jaevon. And she said yes pero sandali lang daw kasi maaga pa daw flight nila, 4AM. Yun pinuntahan ko na babies natin and took a pic. Btw, sabay pala sila pumasok nakasunod sa kanila ang Bretzie. Kumuha din ng video si Sis Ram. After it, sabi ni DD matutulog na da sila kasi may flight pa daw sila kinabukasan. Sabi ko naman sandali lang talaga may ibibigay lang kami sa inyo at saka may ibang Gem pa sa labas naghihintay. Sabi naman ni MM, "awwww". So sweet. Sabi ni MM bakit daw hindi pumasok sabi ko naman di pumayag ang guards ng hotel (super English ako nito para maintindihan ni DD). Ayun, lumabas ako to call the other Gems ahahaha lumabas na din si MM. As in lumabas siya sa door. Nakakaiyak. Ang bait niya. Pag lingun ko, lumabas din si DD. waaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. Natouch ako sobra. DD, apruv na apruv ka na talaga sa akin. Akala ko kasi hindi na lalabas at matutulog na. Yun pala sumunod kay MM. Yun nagpapicture yung ibang Gems sa kanila. Grabe. Ang bait ng babies natin. We gave them the gifts. And I thanked DD and MM after sabi ko salamat sa time. Hinihila na sila nung kasama nila kasi matutulog pa daw at maaga yung flight. Nakalimutan kong ibigay yung cake ni Ms. Billet at yung bracelet ni DD hahaha hinabol ko pa talaga si MM sa loob. Natouch si MM sa cake ni Ms. Billet. hahaha. Grabe ha.. tinitigan ko si MM nung nagpapic sila with her kasi nasa tabi ko lang sila. Ang gandang bata. Yung mukha, parang barbie talaga. Nung makapasok na sina MM, tumambay pa kami sa labas kasi di pa nga makaget-over sa experience. Then, we realized na di pala namin nabigay yung t-shirt at ang secret mission ni beth ahaha buti na lang at bumaba si Father Ayven to greet his fans. Pinabigay namin sa kanya. Thank you Vanzies & Father Ayven. Umuwi kami lahat na masaya. It was an experience that I'll never ever forget in my whole life.

    Salamat ng marami sa globies, local gems, and davao gems!

    Special Shout Out to Ate Kath, Prexy Purple, Chin, D, generous globies, Bethany, Shine, Marie, Karen, Myrr at lahat ng Davao Gems na sumuporta.

    post by damsel47 Sa mall

    Nagkita na kami ng mga mall group so chika kami sa nangyari sa airport tapos dumating na si ate quin at silent91 atat kami masyado na ilagay na ang tarps kaso hindi pa pwde so prepare nalang kaming balloons..nung pwde na mglagay ng tarps kailangn pa ito naka close kasi hindi pa pwde ipa kita not until mgstart ang show and distribute na po kami ng mga flagletts,ribbonnets and balloons at nakulangan pa kami ng balloons..haha..the time na kailangn na namin i expose ang tarps grabe nagulat ako kasi naghiyawan ang mga tao and i saw jamtoots reactions..hahaha..pwde huwag ma insecure?hahaha..sorry po..dahil nga sa sikip ng lugar sa harapan kami naka pwesto ni karen sa taas ng stage and dahl kulang ang balloons confetti nalang ang binili namin and i'm soooo sorry kng hindi umayon *** confetti kasi nga hindi namin ma buksan and ayaw ng mga tao na pasingitin ako sa gitna para sa confetti kaya sige sa side nalang ako..hahaha..super tingin ako sa kanila and infairnes na gulat ako sa HH nila kasi talagang si DD ang lumapit as lapit na close talaga and he extend his arms and reached mm's hand, he was looking at it para bang making sure na fit na fit (assumera)...hahaha..waaaaaah!he enclosed his hand to mm's...super kinilig ako..hahaha..sheeetttt!hindi ako naka kuha ng video kasi ang sikip na at ang sakit na sa dib2 kasi tinutulak na ako sa railings..hahaha..pero parang sandali lang ang hh kasi hinila ni MM ang hands niya..hehe.. Ang cute nila sa q&a and parang nakita ko sa face ni dd na sa part kumusta na kayo na may tinatago na kilig! tapos sabay react si MM hindi ko masaydo napansin kasi nka slight talikod eh!sorry..hehe..after nun nag tap si dd sa back n mm and tinuro niya sa taas and parang nasisilawan si mm sa lights pero kaway to the max siya..hehe..ang cuuuuteeee!hehe..
    At eto pa dd went closer sa front ng stage so almost everyone in front specially sa center went hysterical and dd almost got pulled out..hahaha..mabuti nalang at very quick and malakas sina koya guard..hahaha..pati ang staff na with headphone naki harang at naki tanggal na rin sa mga kamay ng mga tao na naka hawak ky dd grabe that was so sudden..haha..pero mm was like concern ewan ko lang hah pero ito pagka interpret ko sa reaction ni MM na parang na gulat siya at kulang nalang ay hilain niya rin si dd...hahaha..concern siya ky dd..hahaha..ang sweet...hehe..

    about the boo thing kwento ko nalang maya ang na witnes ko..hahaha


    I saw it!na witness ko talaga ang pag tinginan nila and the way DD check at mm..hahaha..sorry lang po..super hyper n mm parang natutuwa talaga siya sa laro and sayaw to the max siya..iba energy niya sa paper dance..hehe..nung parang 1/4 nlang yta ang paper, mm and her partner ay nag practice na naka tayo, mm on one foot yta un tapos on that time na talaga sa pagtigil ng music her partner nag stop and ng gesture na i carry niya si mm and si mm parang walang magawa kasi malapit na time so carry agad siya...while on dd's side naka pwesto na sila ng partner niya and like he had no reaction pa pero i think na bothered (assumera)hahaha..kaya carry mode na sila mm and si dd napatingin kina mm paran to check at mm and ayun na out of balance sila...hahaha..ang sweet ni dd at parang na windang siya..hahahahaha...out na si dd den mm and her partner carry2 na ulit tapos with matching slight tip toe and dd super contra...hahaha..he looked at mm and her partner sabay tingin sa may paa and parang tinuro niya ang paa ng lalake den pumunta sa likod to confirm tapos he pointed at it kasi nga hindi pa siya na pansin pumnta siya sa front left side and really talked na at turo talga sa part na lumagpas ang paa ng lalake kahit hindi naman yata un obvious kasi hindi ko rin masyado na un out na sina mm..hehe.. ginawa niya rin yun kina ivan..hahaha..and after nung bretzie nalang ang na iwan lumapit na si koya ayven ky mm tapos kwentohan and biruan tapos sayaw konti den koya ayven tap mm's back at turo agad sa placards natin..waaaah!wave agad sila and super kilig ang mga tga 2nd floor...hahaha..

    I'll be there for you..

    kanya2 ng sayaw and may part na kasi na may girls and boys na part so bretzie sings at jaevon choreograph pero feeling ko as in akin lang hah kasi 4 of them dpat kakanta pero dahil nga 3 lang ang mic so ang jaevon nag choreograph nalang tapos girls first and dun with feelings kasi si mm sa pag choreo at and dd din hah! in para bang totohanan ang pag turo ky mm na since you're the only one yta un na part ng song sabay killer smile and with totohanan na titig na may meaning para sa akin..hahaha..grabeh!as in kinilig ako at na loka na hindi para bang hinihintay ni dd un na part o parang favorite na part (assumera mode po ako sorry) part na lahat sila punta na sa front tingin si dd ky ryan den to devon checking yta kung na sa tabi na ba sila o kung nasa right position na sila and un na sabay na ang big 6 sa pagsyaw..after ng syaw pa atras nglakad sina mm,dd and ryan tapos ryan tap mm's arm para ma warn siya baka m apakan paa niya kasi dd continued to walk pa talikod pero parang hindi naman kasi i think na malayan ni dd and napa side step konti and nag stop to avoid hitting her..tapos wave na si mm sa taas at na windang na naman ang taga 2nd floor..hahaha...

    thanks to karen at ako pina una niya sa pwesto..hehe.sorry ka..peace..thank you din na love mo din kita..hehehe.. :D promise!hehe..
  • sweetnippy42sweetnippy42 Baldik forever... PExer

    :flower::cheerleader:DAVAO MT VIDS:cheerleader::flower:
    message ng jaevon nung nasa airport
    message sa hotel hawak ni dd ang chin ni mm kilig much
    boing incedent waepek kilig much parin hth xd
    duet kilig subra holding hands
    dance ng big6 pero agaw iksina ang jaevon and bretzie
    si dd dito feel na feel may paturuturu pa kay mm tapos ;)
  • jaevonheart2.jpg

    [HIGHLIGHT]hawak sa chin FTW!![/HIGHLIGHT]

    [highlight]BOWLING TIME... DI PA RIN MAPAGHIWALAY[/highlight]


    credit to val sison for the pics and for chaz for the banner and jelly for the scap
  • sweetnippy42sweetnippy42 Baldik forever... PExer

    [HIGHLIGHT]Hawak Kamay Di Kita Iiwan sa Paglakbay[/HIGHLIGHT]



    Ehemmm ehemmm.

    Ganito po kasi yun....

    The nice thing po about James and Devon is that although their action is screaming "MERON MERON TALAGA," what's going on between them is mostly unspoken.

    Nagkakahiyaan pa, may dhyahe factor, add to that the pressure from different ships engaged in a tug-of-war, and of course the Bagyo. (you know what I mean. ).

    But all those things only add to the exciting journey that we have to take with these two. Coz really, there's nothing more exhilarating than being constantly kept at the edge with the unexpected moments.

    Kung kelan di natin inaakala, biglang BOOM, hayan na. Kasi nga di sila scripted. Hindi showbiz ang intentions nila towards each other. THey try so hard to keep it in check, but somehow their little gestures and the way they act when around each other or when together, still reveal that the affection is strong and truly present.

    They don't do the things they do para pakiligin tayo; they do what comes naturally. And that's what make them oh so different and oh so special. We hold them close to our hearts because we feel the genuine feelings that exist between theirs.

    It is true nagholding hands po sila. And all those who witnessed it practically went ooh aahh. And it is true that they did so only after they were prodded and asked to.

    You might think na nakakabawas ng kilig kasi nirequest lang pala.

    But that's not where the story ends, kasi po long after the picture was taken. Long after the purpose was attained. The holding hands, the hawak kamay that was supposed to only be for a few seconds, lasted much more than that...

    Because you see... wala nga kasi silang script. They are not following any blueprint or gimik or whatever prepared plan. Though the HH happened because of encouragement from the people around them, what happened after was their own decision. And was therefore, a manifestation of their own feelings.

    Kasi nga, they try hard to act the way mere friends would. Nagkakahiyaan pa, kahit holding hands lang. Kasi nga naman in public. It's different when you do it naturally, somehow it's less dyahe. But when people are around, all eyes on you, syempre, naks naman, nakakahiya. ahahah

    But kasi nga yung set up holding hands, request yun, so nagkahiyaan pa. But what took place after was not part of the plan. And that's what I mean when it's natural. Di na nakaka-conscious. It feels natural. It feels like the way it's supposed to - like they are alone in their own world. Kahit may bantay, kahit may audience. Kahit HINDI NAMAN SILA.


    Her hand in his.

    A perfect fit.

    And everyone who saw them realized something.

    They felt that James and Devon didn't want it to end.



    Ivan, along with Sam C., AJ, and our dear James, agreed to go to Starbucks after their meeting with the ABS CBN people. Devon was already outside talking to Lj, Naz and the other Loopies. (I'm still not comfortable with this terms. hahaha)

    Ivan invited Devon, and she did go with them. It was James who paid for her drink. (ahmm.... bumi-bf?) There were other kilig moments while they were walking towards Starbucks.

    Imagine this - they were crossing the street, walking as a group.

    Then, James grabs Devon's elbow.

    As she spun around facing him, he placed his hands on her shoulders as they talked and walked, with Devon taking steps backwards.

    What it was they talked about, we can only speculate. The Jaevons who were there wanted them to drink their coffee in peace and chose not to follow. But since we are soco in training, we think it was suyuan moment because of the selosan thingy.

    Devon didn't stay long sa loob ng Starbucks. Her Mom came and they went back to the PDA bldg where Lj, Naz et al were waiting. James and Ivan soon followed. Then the Jaevons told them of the request to have a picture of their HANDS taken. Kailangan kasi for the M&G, so nag request kung pwede kunan yung mga kamay na magka-hawak. That was the request. A picture of the hands ONLY.

    After explaining it to them, pumayag naman sila. But obviously nagkahiyaan pa. Expecially on DEvon's part. And we all know how she is when nervous. She laughs and gets all conscious.

    James was game. Of course. He is THE Mr. James Reid, master of being cool. He can handle holding hands stuff. Piece of cake. haha

    But wait.... bakit parang na-conscious din? Are you turning red, Mr. Reid?

    Ahhh, that's because when there are emotions and feelings involved, hindi ka talaga mapapa I-don't-keh. Di ba?

    Kaya heto na...

    While it was being explained to them, suddenly his mobile phone rang.

    It was Ryan Bang.

    "What do you want?!!" James growled.

    Bakit ka galit DD, disturbo ba si Ryan? Excited ka sa holding hands?

    So finally when the phone call was over, they held hands. Everyone there stared in awe. LOL

    Because you see, dapat simpleng holding hands lang. After all they only needed to take a pic of the two hands clasped together. But noooooo...

    As I have said before never underestimate James and Devon. Di lang basta hands and nagdikit. But also their arms, also their bodies.

    And though what was expected was for them to just hold hands as the picture was taken, what they did was to hold hands the way couples would. Ayieeeeeeeeee Parang mag-bf?

    Nagkakahiyaan pa sa start, but when their hands met, their arms touched, they stood there, unmindful of the people around them. Never mind that people were staring. Never mind that her mother was there.

    And never mind that the picture, the reason for the holding hands in the first place, had already been taken. Tapos na nga eh.

    Even the Jaevon people were caught off guard. It took them some time to snap out of their surprise.

    But who can blame them?

    Romance was in the air, and they all knew it.

    James and Devon, as always, were relishing such sweet, tender moment like they were alone in their own world.

    Sadly though, in the real world, there is such a thing as parental rules.

    And as the girl realized the omni presence behind her, she gently tried to remove her hand from the boy's hand.

    But no...

    He wouldn't let go.

    Her hand belonged there. Enclosed in his.

    And as she tried to pull away, he tightened the grip and acted like he didn't notice her trying to free herself. He was gonna hold it. And that was all there is to it.




    What the heck was that?

    Everyone gasped! No, she didn't! Whaaatt ???

    ("Shyeeett!!! Baliw ba siya? Sasabunutan ko siya eh. Bakit niya ginawa yun?!!!)<
    that's me on the phone, screaming at LJ.

    "Why did she ruin the moment??!!" Everyone screamed silently.

    And as everyone watched, unable to comprehend how in he world she would hit him like that, James looked at his hand that was still resting on hers.

    "Ouch." He said, his voice full of pain.

    "You have no idea how much it hurts."

    Whether he meant his heart or his hand, only he knows.



    While everyone was shifting uncomfortably because of the "paluan ng kamay" that took place. And all the Jaevons there still recovering from shock, James and Devon stood side by side.

    His hand red. His feelings hurt.

    But like every other story, involving this one of a kind tandem, every tampuhan is very quickly forgotten matapos ang suyuan at nakakakisay na lambingan.

    Remember James' "I will never ever touch you again!" line?
    And Devon's "I hate you!" reply?

    We all know how that night ended. Two hugs! Two never before seen hugs. There was that memorable BACKHUG that seemed to go on forever. And while we sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the camera to show them, we watched their reflection on the wall mirrors, trying to contain our screams of waaaaaaaaaa. Bonus of course was how James brushed off all the other people around them.

    Not satisfied, they separated. Stood up facing the other, setting each other up for a rib cracking embrace that pawned all other embraces before it. It was magical. And it was amazing.


    Didn't that scene leave all of us breathless?

    And then of course there was that "Usahay" practice tampuhan. She was already reeling from uncertainties, obviously realizing her growing attachment to him, made worse by the practice session that day between James and A--. And even further complicated by his request that she and her companion tone down their noise while they practice. She was in a lousy mood. And alam niyo naman ang mga girls, obvious ba na parang naje-jelly nung time na yun? Kaya hayun, sensitive. PUnta agad ng room. Humiga sa kama, sabay sabing "I hate him! Suplado!"

    Ano nga ba ang nangyari after nun? Marami, may battery changing pa. But let's cut to the chase. There was all that Cahsen talk; and the numerous rejection of a certain someone trying to touch his ears. The "Aren't you gonna punch me?" lambing. And of course the confirmation of what we all knew all along: he likes her dark skin and smile. He's been hinting about it before. Difference is, he said it flat out. Straight. He said it for everyone to hear.

    So this holding-hands-paluan moment is really no different.

    After James said "You have no idea how much it hurts." Devon immediately realizing her mistake, tried to soothe the pained hand. She held it and in between giggles and smiles, attempted to make him feel better.

    He let her do it. And for a moment, the boy was even caught by the onlookers, closing his eyes, clearly relishing her touch against his skin. awwwwww

    And as this was going on, everyone around them were squealing silently, unable to contain the saccharine moment they were witnessing. Parang naglabasan ata lahat ng langgam.

    Pero napalakas ata ang palo. And with his upper class, sensitive, manipis skin, di ata kinaya ng haplos ng pagmamahal.

    But then again, it's not a question of whether the pain in his hand actually went away. It is that which was on his heart that mattered. And as she sweetly tried to make up for her error he was back smiling again in no time.

    You see, the thing about James and Devon is everything just comes so naturally. No pretense, no sugar coating.

    For a while both of them were lost in their own world. They continued holding hands even after the picture was taken. They forgot that they were being watched. It was a beautiful moment.

    They lingered. Enjoyed having each other's hand clasped together.

    We have to understand though that ibang klase po yung bantay ni Devon. Jawo level. And after a while na conscious po siya.

    But she knew she was wrong and was not afraid to admit it.

    Completely aware that she cut short a heart melting holding hand moment, hurting him in the process, she wooed him.

    And in a show of courage, despite the presence of everyone around them, her bantay included, she did the unthinkable.

    In a very touching and awwwwww inducing act, she took the Starbucks frozen drink he bought for her, held his hand, and using the drink as a cold compress, placed it on his pained skin.

    As the night drew to a close, she left with her mother and crossed the street to flag a taxi. He, on the other hand prepared to board Ivan's van, enroute to the "date" that caused the selosan moment.

    And as he was about to board, he cast a glance at her who was already on the other side. He was shaking his head, as she repeatedly said, "Sorry naaa."

    He then raised his hand and yelled "It's bleeding!" lol

    (the hand or the heart? )

    Devon then looked at her Jaevon family. She made a sign that meant "lagot." Her expression was sad. Was it guilt? Probably.

    But knowing James and Devon, and their endless tolerance for each other, this event will be nothing but a conversation topic the next time they meet. And hopefully a source of suyuan at lambingan na naman. Ahahaha

    While the goodbyes and exchanges from the opposite side of the street were happening, the Jaevons watched the scene before them, and wondered, "What would their next meeting be like?" "What will they say and do the next time they see each other?" Ang ending ng eksena kasi ay yung tipong may karugtong pa. Yung obvious na may sequel.

    What suyuan and kunwari-masakit-pa moments will take place?

    We can't tell for sure. But knowing them, we believe it will be something worth looking forward to.

    And yes, we all can hardly wait.

    Let me end this with this LSS, both Lj's and mine.
    We think of James and Devon when we hear this.

    :note:You set it again,
    my heart's in motion
    Every word feels
    like a shooting star.
    I'm on the edge
    of my emotion
    Watching the shadows
    burn in the dark
    And I'm in love
    And I'm terrified
    For the first time
    And the last time
    In my only life...:note:

    I love you all,


    Thank you sa mga Loop regs. All credit to them. You rock! <3


    :note:Minsan madarama mo kay bigat ng problema
    Minsan mahihirapan ka at masasabing “di ko makakaya”
    Tumingin ka lang sa langit
    Baka sakaling may masumpungan
    Di kaya ako’y tawagin
    Malalaman mong kahit kailan

    Di kita iiwan sa paglakbay
    Dito sa mundong walang katiyakan
    Di kita bibitawan sa paglalakbay
    Sa mundo ng kawalan

    Minsan madarama mo
    Ang mundo’y gumuho sa ilalim ng iyong mga paa
    At ang agos ng problema’y tinatangay ka
    Tumingin ka lang sa langit
    Baka sakaling may masumpungan
    Di kaya ako’y tawagin
    Malalaman mong kahit kailan

    Wag mong sabihin nag-iisa ka
    Laging isipin meron kang kasama
    Narito ako oh, Narito ako… :note:





  • sweetnippy42sweetnippy42 Baldik forever... PExer


    [highlight]"JAMES AND DEVON, AND THEIR JOURNEY TO FOREVER"[/highlight]

    Di ba people initially thought that James was kind of stand-offish? He wasn't exactly Mr. Congeniality. He was polite, friendly and was not at all bothersome, but he was not exactly the kind of person either who the other housemates found easy to mess and play around with.

    Perhaps it was the accent, or the kind of dignity he possessed. He spoke his mind, mabasag na ang mabasag. He was transparent, straightforward and for heaven's sake, drop dead gorgeous.

    Dyahe nga siyang lapitan. Lalo na pag dalagang Pilipina ka. But really, who would have thought that the Mr. Robert James Reid would come out of his shell, laugh hysterically, makikipagkilitian, sakalan at kung ano-ano pang kalokohan? Who would have thought?

    Mukhang mahirap paniwalaan. But then again, maybe all it needed was for the right person to come along. The one person who freely gave him her endless smiles, her contagious laugh.

    Sino lang ba ang kayang sumuntok, manghampas, manggulo ng buhok, at kumurot kay James? At sino lang ba ang pinag-aaksayahan niya ng time na kilitiin, suyuin, tanungin ng "are you okay?" Not once, but many times.

    Seriously, once you see the pic below, you ask yourself, who else would James joke around with like this? Who else can make him smile like this?

    Ang sagot? Alam niyo naaaaaaa.....


    Pasigaw langggggg!!!!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :bounce:

    James and Devon's story never had the benefit of Prime time exposure. Those who relied on the TV episodes are without a doubt oblivious to the blossoming romance that all the LS viewers witnessed. Of course some refused to accept it. But such refusal didn't change the fact that even those people saw it, and hence their rage and bitterness, which in essence really, is a recognition that they themselves acknowledge that James and Devon shared something beautiful while inside the PBB house.

    Nagsimula ang grupong ito because of the sweet little moments na na witness ng mga LS viewers. The number grew, as it became more and more apparent that James and Devon felt something special for each other. No, it wasn't us being delusional. It was us being observant and open minded about this unlikely pairing that happened without warning. It just came out of nowhere.

    And habang nagle-level up sila sa mga actions nila. Dumami na tayo ng dumami.

    Our numbers escalated as soon as the power hugs started happening.

    During Jenny's last night, when James refused to let Devon go, kinailangan pang hilahin siya ni Jenny to release her from James' locked arms. And it didn't end there. May pahabol pang "One more hug... Honestly, really, kiss me... Come back. I'm being serious."

    Did we not all let out a collective scream and swore, "that was the best hug ever!"

    "Nothing will beat that!"

    But we were wrong.

    After the coffee fiasco, after James tenderly asked Devon so many times if she was okay. After he put down his guitar and gently laid his head on her lap telling her that "he can sense" that she was not okay. After he proudly boasted to his friend Bret that Devon's massage felt like she had "God-like hands". After all that... and after we all held our breath and waited for the hugging moment. The very same thing we do night after night. Hoping against hope na hinde maging KJ si Kuya. At sana ipakita ang HUG.

    And we were not disappointed. As she complained that he was too lazy to get up for a hug, he reached out, oh so sensously, and pulled her to him, for a super tight hug that even had Ivan singing

    And I don't want the world to see me
    Cause I don't think that they'd understand
    When everything's made to be broken
    I just want you to know who I am :note:

    And after she kissed him repeatedly on the cheeks, said good night and tried to get up, he tightened the hug. Locked his arms. And James laid there, his eyes closed. Devon in his arms.

    We all watched. Shocked. Even we, the power hug watchers, could not believe what we were seeing. And obviously Kuya felt the same way, coz that beautiful moment was cut short by the infamous PBB logo, that had all of us screaming "Waaaaaaaaa KJ!!!!!!"

    Kaya pa kayang higitan yun? We wondered. Pero paano pa ba yun mahihigitan?

    We got our answer.

    Who can forget the petty LQ?
    The "I will never touch you again" "I hate you" bickering?

    The one which had all of us worried whether we were ever gonna see the anticipated power hug that night.

    But James and Devon were not to disappoint. May pagkatagal-tagal na "back hug" na. May round two pa na super mega higpit na buhat hug. Ayaw talaga pakawalan. Walang pake-alam sa iba. Basta magha-hug sila.

    Kileeeeegggg!!!! kahit sa mirror pa lang nagtitili na tayo!

    The best hug? We said so at that time.

    And once again, we were wrong.

    During the last night of the LS, we witnessed a tender moment in the darkness of a little corner of the house. An intimate, private moment of tight embrace. And as we all watched, we all realized, this was the last night we were ever gonna witnessed the power hugs. The power hugs that became a bonding material for all of us. We all gathered at night, from our respective homes, nag-aabang, waiting, anticipating, not wanting to miss the kilig and super cute hugs. It was a bitter sweet moment not only for them whose journey was coming to a close, but also for us. We loved watching that beautiful hug in the dark, but at the back of our minds, iniisip natin, "what comes after this? is this the last?"

    But again, as proven previously, we really should never under estimate James and Devon.

    The hugs of all power hugs happened. Devon running towards the waiting arms of James. The beautiful spin, that looked like a slow mo from the movies. And the heart tugging embrace, with her telling him "no more massage after this." Obviously trying to lighten up the somber mood.

    Admit it, lahat tayo nag wonder, what's gonna happen after?
    We all had high hopes but let's be honest, lahat tayo may konting fear. Iba ang loob ng PBB House. Iba ang labas.

    We were all hoping, may massage pa ba after? May hug pa ba? Will they go out of the house and continue the beautiful thing they've started inside the house?

    Pero of course, wala naman guarantee di ba? We knew how Devon felt. But James? We were all guessing. We assured ourselves we knew what he felt about her, but none of us were really certain.

    But what he said that night made us believe, that the fairy tale was gonna have a happy ending. Even in the presence of Bret who was watching them. Even while she tried to make the situation humorous. James Reid, the prince charming himself, said the one line that had all of us cheering.

    Softly, gently he whispered "F....forever."


    But then, ngayon nasa labas na ng bahay. Naniniwala tayo that they would let the special thing they shared inside the house grow into something even deeper. Our fingers are crossed. Pero ang tanong.... wala na nga bang hugs? Ang hugs na bumubuhay sa thread natin? Ang hugs na nagpapatili sa atin. The hugs that had all of us squeeing collectively, in unison.

    Pero di na tayo natuto. Mali na naman tayo. We thought it was the enclosed environment and the somewhat freedom from parental rules that had them freely hugging each other. We thought kasi nasa labas na, baka di na natin makitang mag-hug. Even if maging sila, baka di na nila gawin sa kung saan makikita sila. WRONG. And I'm happy to be wrong.

    Kasi nga MERON. Kaya kahit sa harap ng maraming tao. Kahit sa public pa. A goodnight is not complete without a goodnight hug.

    Ganito pala mag-hug ang friends LANG?:glee:

    Let us celebrate friendship. Let us celebrate love. :love:


    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :love:

    I wanted to think this over kasi last na. I didn't want to mess it up kasi baka maging anti climactic at ma-ruin yung moment. Hahah

    Anyway, I've been wondering, how come no pictures from the double date at Shangri-La ever floated? But why was the tiniest detail on James' trip to Glorietta documented?

    He wants to go out with Devon. He ALWAYS invites her to the barkadahan na lakad. But other than that, he has also asked her out to a date, where he requested that no one follow them around like paparazzis. Why does he want to take her out, but away from the lunacy of the crowd?

    Has he ever asked any other housemate out on a private date?


    Why is it that when James goes malling with Ann, he does not mind the extra company? How come he does not mind all the set up photo shoots, all the picture taking?

    Only James knows the answer.

    But we can analyze. Or at least we can try.

    When we go out with friends, don't we usually take out our cameras and picture away? We pose for candid shots, excitedly have our pictures taken together. But when out on a date with someone special, who the heck wants to have photographers following around? Don't we usually seek privacy? Don't we all want a nice, quiet moment where we can just enjoy each other's company?

    Realize the difference?

    Tanong: Sino ang gf diyan, sino ang kaibigan?

    Oh well....

    Sabi nga nila, sila daw ang pinili di ba?

    "Who is closest your heart?"
    "Honestly.... its Ehnn."

    Ah ok.

    I didn't get to see the Buzz interview. Thank God for the black out which happened right during Devon's turn.

    And when I was informed of what happened through the blow by blow account of Mareng Edz, I sat in my room sadly. And I'm sure everyone of you were just as devastated.

    Bu I did not want to throw in the towel. No way was I going to wave the white flag.

    James Reid was going to redeem himself, I knew.

    Why James answered the way he did that day, we can only speculate.

    Maybe it was the freakin theory that did it. Merong siyang alinlangan kung ano ang nararamdaman ni Devon. And then he found out she was one of those who voted to have him force evicted for being sick.

    And then of course there was the Jamli factor. Them with their giant letters during the Big Night.

    I'm glad I didn't see the interview. I honestly believe my angel spared me. Corny, but true.

    How much did we all invest in this tandem? Not in monetary value, but in emotions. How many felt betrayed? How many felt anger?

    But did he really owe us anything? Did he owe us any explanation? Wasn't it his choice to make?


    But was it really? His real choice?

    As things unravel. As time passes by. We see the Robert James Reid, as we knew him inside the house. The honest, genuine, king of basagan James Reid, the one with the I-don't-keh with a laugh, to the I-dunno with a shrug lines.

    He who does not keh about clothes, or skin color, or language barriers, or social class disparity. He who would hug Devon unmindful of the cameras. He who would hang out with her despite the questioning look from the others. He who would hold her in his arms, in such a manner that belie what he said in the Buzz.

    Dahil kung totoo yun, bakit sinabi niya sa presscon the following day na ang gusto niya ay dark skinned Filipina? Bakit iba ang ngiti niya when they finally spent a moment alone together during the mystery girl-with-red-bonnet date? Why did he wear the hair tie to the Buzz interview and until the day that someone (annoyingly) removed it from his wrist? Why did he go from saying that he liked the other girl to liking both her and Devon at ELive a few days later? And then saying it with a shy smile reminiscent of that time when he tried to explain why he chose her as the second big winner? Why did he sit there beside Ehnnn during the ASAP chat, looking like he would rather be somewhere else? And of course, why did he do all the things he did, and say all the words he said during the Big 6 Chat?

    Really, why?

    And most of all, why would he hug her in public? With such intimacy that would make all the spectators blush?

    Their goodnight hug wasn't quick. Hindi lang basta hug at bitaw yun. You saw the first pic, there were people walking around them. Nawala na yung mga tao. Naka-hug pa rin.

    It does not take a scientist to figure it out. It is simple really.

    When you feel something special for someone, often times you do not mind the time, you do not mind where you are. You often forget the rest of the world, and only the two of you would matter.

    May sariling mundo sila. Ilang beses na natin yan sinabi. It is a moment like this that make us weak on the knees and turn our hearts into marshmallows. Our collective shriek is replaced by mushy awwwwwwww.

    Coz in a world full of craziness and bitterness and hatred, love is a blessing. And even when it is unspoken, it is hard to deny. It is difficult to ignore.

    Inside the house, the production crew had control on what to show and what not to show. All they had to do was pan the camera somewhere else. Or flash that infamous PBB logo to cut the scenes they didn't want us to see.

    But in the real world, di pwede ang editing. We capture precious moments that speak a thousand words.

    This is the real world. And we are seeing the real thing.

    Thank God wala ng PBB logo.

    Oooopppps James, huli kayo.

    Bakit ang sweet niyo, di ba di naman kayo?



    authored by PurplePirate, President, Local GEMS

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