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What are your perceptions about medical students?

Each of us has a unique personality that we perceive things or persons differently.

Need an idea. Post it now and let's start the thread rolling!!!


  • IraIra Member PExer
    They're just like the rest of the 6 billion plus people here on earth. There's nothing special that sets them apart.
  • disgrasyadadisgrasyada Member PExer
    My dad and my brother are lang gusto ko lang i-share...and I think they're so disenteng manamit and so malinis...that adds to their looks...aside sa pananamit, wala na akong masabi...:flwrface:
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Originally posted by Ira
    There's nothing special that sets them apart.

    Wala daw. They just happen to eat brain cells for breakfast, that's all.
  • IraIra Member PExer
    Originally posted by Ada
    Wala daw. They just happen to eat brain cells for breakfast, that's all.

    Talagang wala, as in, nada! I'm telling you, my high expectations went down the drain 1 week into med school. :lol: Oh, and it's not brain cells for's ice-cold beer. Seriously. :D
  • PointlessPointless still learning PExer
    well, i don't really see med students differently...
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PExer
    Since my younger sister, her boyfriend, and friends are medical students, I can't help but be in awe on how sipag they are. I often compare myself to her and wish I could work as long, or perhaps, I should have studied as hard. Most of all I wish I could sleep less, just like them!!
  • ronnronn five'5 my favorite number PExer
    sobrang laki ng paghanga ko sa kanila. ewan ko kung bakit.
  • TriglycerideTriglyceride keep cool my babies! PExer
    I can only speak for my friend. She is such a focused and motivated person. It amazes me how she would party-hearty one moment and yet still manage to bury herself in her med books and be a deans lister!!! I believe most med students are no-nonsense people who takes their studies seriously and are people who are not just in the field for the money but because they have hopes of reaching out to other people someday. *okay*

    :inluv: I remember I had a crush on this med student guy. He not only look so hot in his uniform, there's something endearing about his nerdiness!! :lol: He was really attractive but geez, he was always reading a book!!! And for some reason, I got more attracted to him when I heard that he brought a cadaver home so that he would be able to study about motivation and diligence!!!
  • cool_babeeecool_babeee Member PExer
    after i graduate from bio, i wanna take up medicine myself. my first impression of med students (when i was younger) was that they were ALL smart. but now, i know that's not true. most of them are, but the rest are just really hard-working and persistent, trying to reach that goal of becoming a doctor. med school is NOT easy, that's for sure. you gotta be masipag to get through it in one piece.
    headturner nong skul mo ba tlaga?
  • eponine07eponine07 legal beagle PExer
    neat. maybe because they wear white all the time and look like they never mess their uniforms up.
    serious. just looking at the med books at national bookstore...argh!
    cute. i don't know why. basta cute. :)
  • anwarlorenzoanwarlorenzo Sishne! PExer
    they're the most dedicated people i know. kudos to them! :)
  • DCgirlDCgirl Member PExer
    I agree that they have to be the most dedicated of all students...I'm a first year med student now at UST, and I have to say that its my dedication that got me here and its my dedication that will get me out of here (meaning, graduate).
  • OTEP ROTEP R Admin PExer
    First year med din ako sa UST. Block A10. Dati akala ko kailangan matalino ka. Yun pala dapat matiyaga. :)
  • beamsbeams Member PExer
    ok lang.....

    back in 98 i had this HUGE crush on a med stude.

    but that was back in 98. pero medyo may hang-up pa rin ako sa kanya. hahahahaha.
  • moonberrymoonberry basket-weaver PExer
    walang social life outside of school :teehee: seriously though, determined and hard-working.

    ust freshie here too! D8 :)
  • sadirmatasadirmata saluyot freak PExer
    tanong ko lang sa mga medical studes at sa mga doctors na: anong reaction o feeling nyo nang unang-una kayong humawak o mag-dissect ng bangkay ng tao? natakot ba kayo? nandiri? or what? curious lang....
  • IraIra Member PExer
    I didn't have any problems with dissecting Aling Leonarda (my cadaver's nickname) at all. No nervousness, queasiness, not even excitement. It was just work for me. We were trained from premed to dissect organisms from successively higher animal kingdoms, and dissecting cadavers was the highest we could go as wannabe doctors. Of course, showing the cadaver the respect accorded to fellow human beings is a given--i.e., you don't cut haphazardly, you dispose the waste matter in the properly labelled bins (and not just in any trashcans admixed with styropors and chicken bones), and you don't play around with the body. Anyway, I was never the queasy type even when I was a child.
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL couch potato :) ✭✭✭
    Originally posted by sadirmata
    tanong ko lang sa mga medical studes at sa mga doctors na: anong reaction o feeling nyo nang unang-una kayong humawak o mag-dissect ng bangkay ng tao? natakot ba kayo? nandiri? or what? curious lang....
    funny you should ask, but i just did this last Wednesday & it wasn't as scary or gross as i thought it'd be..probably coz we haven't seen the cadaver's face since we dissected the back 1st! i've heard a lot of scary stories & i pray there won't come a time when i'd be the one telling them :eek:
  • MiKaeLa028MiKaeLa028 smilin lil' girl PExer
    i view med students in way na natutuwa ako sa aknila. kse sobrang effort yung ineexert nila in studying. sobrang tiyaga. :)

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