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My dad just bought me the 2001 civic. I need help on modifications! Where do I start???


  • Mokkori
    Mokkori Moderator
    I dunno much about cars yet, but I heard that if you want to seriously consider modifying your machine, you'll want to recalibrate the settings on your car's computer. :eek:

    That's gonna cost a whole lot though! :eek:

    By the way... are you looking to up the horse power on that machine? I think it's somewhere around 130 hp by default... dunno... I just heard that though. :|
  • Ronald_Lawrence
    Ronald_Lawrence solitary by choice
    Sana Nag-Si-R ka nalang, more ban for the packs 160 bhp already...:D Gwapo talaga ng Si-R kahit kelan...:D
  • team slick
    team slick Ghost Barbarian
    well actually the new civic comes in three or four variants the lxi, vit, vti-s and i forgot the other one. The engine defers from which model of car is chosen, for the lxi model, i think it is 1.5l engine while for the vti and the vti-s its a 1.6l engine. Current feedback has it that the new civic is more fuel efficient compare to the sir model. if u want to modify ur car, i suggest u take it to banawe or other racing companies who specializes in augmenting ur car specifications. Companies like redline racing, and other racing companies offers a wide range of accessories to choose from, tama ba naman ang magplug? hehehe
  • scarab
    scarab Member
    since your car is brand new, i suggest you do all the modifications after the warranty expires.

  • scarab's right about that. modifications would void most of the car's warranties and would have you end up spending more for basic maintenance and servicing that the warranty would offer.

    this is just my opinion, but... i suggest that you keep the car for 2 or 3 years before considering tweaking and modding anything in it.
  • hat_tr1ck
    hat_tr1ck Underachiever
    I drove the new Civic one time and frankly, it sucks. I'm really disappointed with the new model's strut front suspension in place of the previous sophisticated control-arm setup. Yes, according to the power-that-be in Honda, the strut front suspension is more space-efficient, thus giving more interior space, but it robs the car's handling and cornering abilities. You can't push the new Civic too hard anymore. I can't imagine Honda offering an siR or Type R version based on the new model and being able to match the previous model's abilities on paper. Handling-wise, the new Civic is just too soft.

    And have you seen the new and old models parked side-by-side? The new one looks huge. It's like the old model mutated into the new one.

    Overall, it's a good, decent car. It's practical and refined. But if you're looking for a little more sporting flair in a car, I suggest you wait for the new Lancer to come out.
  • Originally posted by angel_81
    My dad just bought me the 2001 civic. I need help on modifications! Where do I start???

    Just add a spoiler and your Honda civic will look sporty. Did you get the Dx, LX or EX? With EX, it's the top of the line for Honda Civic.

    I just bought a 2001 Honda Accord EX with front and side airbags. And of course with a spoiler. It has a 6 CD changer, cassette. It's very smooth to handle especially on the curves. But I love that C-280 Mercedes Benz. It's kinda sporty. And it is nice to drive on the freeways.
  • i agree with scarab...pero kung gusto mo talagang i-modify..try changing your stock magwheels and tires with a 17" magwheels and an ultra low profile tires (205/40 series)it will drastically change your car's look
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Putting a rear spoiler on a front-drive car only makes it rice. Rice is trying to look fast when the truth is you are not even significantly faster or better than the stock version. A rear spoiler will just ruin the clean lines of your car and cause additional aero drag resulting in poorer fuel consumption. Also, drilling holes in your trunk is a great way to invite rust. Peace! :)
  • acquiesce
    acquiesce emo boy on the loose
    elo angel! its me again! :D

    tama si otep, i wouldnt suggest putting a rear spoiler...pero may nakita ako na bagong civic na tulad ng iyo na may kinabit na spoiler pero it looks good. i thnk sa civic ko lang nakita na maganda lumabas yung spoiler na yun eh...di ko nga lam kung ano tawag dun! :D hehehe!

    try changing ur mags na lang.
  • which is better? spoiler or yung EGR rear visor? kasi my friend told me na mas ok yung visor...
  • remember that your car is FWD so those rear spoilers are pretty much useless.

    haven't seen a 2001 civic with an EGR though. check mo kung babagay.
  • Angel: Did you buy new alloy wheels already?
  • banzai,nope i haven't bought new wheels yet. do you have any suggestions?
  • Angel: Actually I wrote you some suggestions in Travel and Lifestyle, under 'what's your car, specs?' I mentioned where you can put in the model of your car, and it will give you an idea of how certain styles would look on your car. For spoilers, check out, (I think) among others. Again it shows how spoilers look on your car, even ground effects. The Civic 2001 you have, is it the new body style already, or is it still the model from three years back? The sites I mentioned are for the U.S. models (wala yatang 2-dr dyan), but should be the same there. Anything is available in Banawe.
  • yup! even on sunday
  • Mokkori
    Mokkori Moderator
    OTEP R

    I had no idea that putting a spoiler on an FF layout would increase drag... though it does make sense now that I think about it. How does this hold for other drive train layouts? FR? MR? RR? 4WD? :|


    I'm not very familiar with suspension setups? If you don't mind me asking, which previous models of the Civic has the control-arm setup that you mentioned? I drive an old ESI so I'm just wondering what the suspension on that would be... :|

    Does Honda Philippines still bring out SiRs here? I might replace my old ESI for that and I was just wondering about the price range now. Is the SiR all that everyone says it's cracked up to be? :)
  • the last thing you'd want on a FWD (FF) car is excessive rear downforce.

    honda philippines have already stopped selling the SiR (EK). your best bet would be pre-owned ones. i'm not sure if they're gonna release a version for the new body (2001).
  • hat_tr1ck
    hat_tr1ck Underachiever
    Okay, here's the skinny on rear spoilers on FWD cars. They DO and DON'T serve a purpose on FWD cars.

    Theoretically, spoilers do serve a marginally useful purpose. They're designed to use the wind--when the car is travelling at high speed--to force the rear end of the car downward. That's supposed to help keep the rear wheels planted more firmly on the pavement, which helps you maintain traction.

    And the reason that's useful, even with front wheel drive, is that no matter which wheels are powered by the engine, it's still a good idea to have all four wheels on the ground. Even if you're driving a front wheel drive car, you want those rear wheels firmly on the ground for cornering, braking, and just plain stability.

    But the truth is, at 90 or 100 miles an hour, spoilers don't do much. They're designed for race cars that take corners at close to 200 miles an hour... speeds at which wheels can actually start to lift off the ground. And in those situations, they can really make a difference. But in day to day driving, they serve the same societal purpose as tattoos and hair-replacements.

    And Mokkori, the models before the new one that came out this year used the control-arm setup and I would guess the best example of that would be in the SiR models that came out since they have a more powerful engine than those of the regular VTi's. And unless I'm wrong, I think your ESi also has the same suspension setup.
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