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JADE/JAEVON ♥James Reid & Devon Seron♥ "Where Are You Going?"-JAmes (GEMS23)

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    Reality shows often produce loveteams. Two random people getting paired up either by natural circumstances or by producers, has become a staple in a show such as PBB. It is therefore not surprising that as soon as the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash edition began, viewers and fan groups almost immediately started scrambling in search for potential pairs for their early favorites. The pairing is often called in TV language as a ship.

    This is the story of a boy and a girl, and the ship that they inspired.

    We first met the girl as a member of the Villa Housemates, the disadvantaged kids; the ones who grew up at the wrong side of the track.

    She was the Bubbly Promdi, a friendly, naive young lady with a ready smile and a generous laugh. People fell in love with her simplicity and kindness.

    When the Villa was merged with the rich Apartment teens, her fans excitedly hoped that a particular male housemate from the other group would get to know their beloved girl. He was handsome, kind and gentle and as their paths crossed, people squealed and eagerly waited for the tandem to be officially identified as a pair. "Asaness" they called themselves which in English means "hopefuls".

    But as fate would have it, a third set of housemates was introduced to the competition - the Teenternationals. That’s when the viewers first laid eyes on the Dashing Dude from Australia. Audience members were enthralled with his striking good looks, quiet dignity and sexy accent. The addition of his team to the set of mix, changed the dynamics of the game, and to a great extent the set of pairs and loveteams.

    Strange as it may seem, even before the two groups would meet each other, several people were already saying how great it would be if the gorgeous lad from down under would meet the dusky beauty from the south.

    This would be the time that the term Jaevon would first be used to refer to the group that would ship Dashing Dude with Bubbly Promdi.

    The Jaevon ship remained at the dock, quietly, patiently awaiting for the right time to sail. And as it looked to begin its journey on the day of the backpackers’ task, the day the two were set to meet, the ship encountered its first adversity, because the brief meeting was not what the fans had hoped for.

    And even as the two houses were consolidated, it didn’t seem that the ship that a few good supporters were trying to keep afloat was bound to get anywhere at all. It appeared to be doomed even before it could sail on.

    But in what is to be a a common occurrence in this group, just as when things were looking down, something happens that turns things around. While the ship was looking to be forever docked and forgotten, fate took a strange twist; and as the season was drawing to a close, the two individuals to whom the ship was dedicated, grew closer and closer and closer.

    And this is what sets the story of the boy and the girl apart from the rest.

    While several fan groups formed and grew in large numbers after they decided who they wanted paired up with their bets; as producers prodded certain housemates to the direction of preferred "ka-loveteam" through encouragement and set up situations ; as prime time viewers were given the impression that this and that particular housemate liked each other though one of them couldn’t stand the other; while people were waiting for "kilig" moments from other housemates and looking at a different direction, boy and girl were at the background, getting to know each other without the benefit of a close up shot, without prime time exposure, without people even realizing it.

    Unbeknownst to him, two big ships were already warring against each other, trying to beat the other in the race of who would be his official loveteam after the show was over.

    Unbeknownst to her, she had gotten into a you-and-me against the world situation.

    But life moves in mysterious ways. Even when the large audience were often denied the chance to see the real stories inside the house, the forces of the universe always finds a way to reveal them.

    When the boy left due to his illness, and returned just in the nick of time, it was the lingering hugs and the girl's instinctive discovery of his return that made people take notice.

    It reminded the audience of the audition for the Big Goal concert, wherein not only did boy and girl performed as duet partners, they were also the stand outs in the dance auditions. And while most viewers were surprised at the unlikely pair, many became curious.

    So while they were continued to be denied prime time exposure, the people started searching for clues, and they soon found out that indeed cyber people had long discovered the team up and were in fact organizing themselves in the Pinoy Exchange Boards as well as different networking sites.

    The ship's thread started moving. It was three weeks before the Big Night, and more than a month after the other ships had began. The others had a good head start, but as the boy and the girl's friendship grew stronger, the Jaevon members grew in number.

    Our hearts were set aflutter as we watched the practice sessions for the Big Goal concert, the random conversations, the playful banters at the poolside, the massage sessions, and the scene that had the LS viewers and PEX people coming out of lurkdom - the unforgettable blindfold-prisoner task where the boy and the girl exchanged funny and cute conversations, kisay kisay can-I-lean-on-you-moment, hilarious scratching requests along with a little singing session.

    As far as the PBB crowd was concerned, the JAEVON ship had arrived.

    New members of the group came in droves, by this time the Jaevon, which was also knows as the Jade Gems had become the fastest growing group.

    We gathered around every night, from our respective homes, all waiting for the one thing which had become the trademark of this ship - [highlight]the power hugs.[/highlight]

    During the final stretch of the season, fans became witness to the sweet, squirm worthy embraces that accompanied every greeting of goodnights.

    In their innocent, playful, somewhat sexy but none offensive way, boy and girl provided us power hugs that became a rallying point for supporters. No two hugs were ever the same. The succeeding ones always outdoing the precedents.

    The power hug during Jenny’s last night had everyone talking the next day. And why not? Who wouldn’t talk about a hug which was followed by such lines as:

    "One more hug.
    Honestly, really kiss me.
    I’m being serious, come back!"

    People began calling that the best ever hug. We thought, “that’s prime time worthy!”

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to see that on prime time.

    But as often proven in this ship, human decisions and discretions are no match for the forces of the universe. The following day, a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment happened at the Confession room. They got a minor, perhaps accidental, prime time moment. Though it was short, more and more people began appearing from everywhere, curious as to what was going on between the Teenternational boy who placed his arm around the Pinoy girl while they were all gathered in the Confession room. “What was that?” TV audience asked.

    And as other people began boarding the ship, they joined us in waiting for the hug that we thought would be hard press to beat the one that took place a couple of nights ago.

    But here comes the boy and the girl surprising us again.

    After the disastrous coffee experience of the two other female housemates, LS viewers saw the tender moment of a concerned boy laying his head on the girl’s lap and asking her over and over again,[highlight] “Are you ok?”[/highlight]

    And as the night drew to a close, and the standard goodnight hugs were given away, boy lying in bed, reached out and pulled surprised girl towards him, for a hug that had everyone of us screaming “Oh my God!” followed by posts after posts of Waaaaaaa in our PEX thread.

    It had all the elements of a power hug. It was sweet, sexy, unpredictable and even had Ivan providing a theme song:

    :note:And I don’t want the world to see me
    Coz I don’t think that they’d understand
    When everything’s made to be broken
    I just want you to know who I am.:note:

    Even Kuya was caught off guard, hence the appearance of the infamous PBB Logo that made all of us scream with frustration.

    That had to be the best hug, we all agreed.

    But again we were wrong,

    The night before the final eviction day, we say boy and girl fighting again and again. Like young kids hurting each other during play, we heard boy angrily declare [highlight]“I will never ever touch you again!”[/highlight]

    We saw girl trying to reason her way out but failing, and then blurting [highlight]“I hate you!”[/highlight] before turning around and leaving.

    “Oh no!” we all said. “What about the good night hug? “

    And as we waited and waited, wondering if we will be treated to another one of their anticipated good night hugs, we got our answer. We got our hug. And not just one, but two.

    There was the intriguing back hug, which we first saw at the mirror, followed by the tight, knee weakening embrace.

    We thought we had seen it all. Surely nothing can top that. But of course, boy and girl were not to disappoint.

    During their final night as housemates, with the time fast winding down, everyone thought there were no more hugs to see, that we had seen the last one. But again we were wrong.

    Just as everyone were about to give up, we saw two figures in a tight, quiet embrace in the dark kitchen area, so intimately saying goodnight that we felt like we were intruding.

    At that point we all felt a mixture of emotions. All wondering what tomorrow would bring for the two of them and for the ship which we all had gotten attached to.

    BUt such apprehension was quickly replaced by hope and positive anticipation when we saw the greatest hug of all. Girl running towards the waiting arms of the boy, followed by a beautiful spin reminiscent of a movie slow mo scene.

    And as they hugged, we watched in awe. Joyed by the moment we were witnessing, sad by the coming end, but relieved by the hope it gave all of us.

    While they embraced for the final goodnight as housemates, questions were running through our head, uncertainties were unavoidable, but boy said something that had all of us touched and rejoicing.

    “F...Forever,”[/highlight]he whispered

    We knew then that the ship’s journey was nowhere near the end...

    And so here we are .

    The Jaevon, the Jade Gems, the Jaders. Whatever name we fall under, we support the same ship. And even though the PBBTC season had come to a close, our numbers continue to rise. Our membership continue to grow. Some people are only recently discovering the the events that took place inside the house. Jaevon was PBB’s best kept secret. Their story was deprived of prime time exposure, and in the process, the viewers were deprived of the chance to know of this heartwarming story. One that was against the odds, against the tide. It was totally unexpected, but beautiful nonetheless.

    But thanks to the forces of the universe, even though we hardly ever were treated to a prime time exposure during the run of the season, we were given a parting gift. As boy was declared the Big Winner, as people rushed to the stage to congratulate and hug him, he reserved the best hug for her. Girl approached boy to greet him, and right in front of the entire crowd, right in front of all the fans and the other love team ships, boy and girl engaged in a tight embrace for all the world to see.

    We finally got the biggest prime time moment of all. And it couldn't have happened at a better time.

    People were surprised, but we weren’t. After all, if there is anything we have learned in this ship we have all grown to love as a family, we should expect the unexpected. Just as Jaevon was something that happened right when people weren’t looking, right when no one expected it.

    And that is why it is so special. It defies the script of the powers-that-be, it follows no specific formula, it is simply what it is - a tandem that grew naturally; a pairing blessed with genuine laughter and endless smiles; a partnership strengthened by an undeniable chemistry and connection; a team that is brightened not by mere sparks, but fireworks.

    And most of all, it is a ship built on a solid rock of friendship and mutual respect between the boy, Robert James Reid, and the girl, Devon May Seron.

    by PurplePirate
    Jaevon President
    (Local Gems)

    All rights reserved.
    July 27 2010.)

    all pictures are owned by me and Mr Joel H. Garcia. please do not remove tag/watermarks.
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    Nickname: Devon
    Status: 4th Big Placer
    Real Name: Devon May Natividad Seron
    Origin: Cebu City
    Age: 17
    Birthdate: May 20, 1993
    Nationality: Filipino
    Civil Status: Single
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Hobbies: Badminton
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Food: Spaghetti
    Favorite Show: ASAP
    Favorite Actor: John Lloyd Cruz
    Favorite Actress: Bea Alonzo
    Favorite Singer: Paramore, Avril Lavigne

    :flower: INDIVIDUAL THREADS :flower:
    DEVON SERON * PBB TEEN CLASH * Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu
    DEVON SERON ~The True Filipina Beauty~ Devonairs' Villa 2
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    DEVON SERON ~ Celebrating our Baby's 17th Birthday ~ Devonairs' Villa 4
    DEVON SERON ~ Talent is what you possess, Perfection is what possesses you ~ Devonair 5
    ♥ DEVON SERON ♥ A GIRL WITH A VERSATILE FACE ♥ Devonairs' villa 7 ♥


    Nickname: James
    Status: Grand Winner
    Real Name: Robert James Reid
    Origin: Australia
    Age: 17
    Birthdate: May 11, 1993
    Nationality: Half-Australian, Half-Filipino
    Civil Status: Single
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Going to the beach
    Favorite Food: Sinigang

    :flower: INDIVIDUAL THREADS :flower:
    ~♥ JAMESTERS ♥~~Dashing Dude ng Australia~JAMES REID~Shine Like a Star.[UNO]
    JAMES REID ~ We actually do really kehr for this dashing dude! [REIDERS KEHRBEARS 2]
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    all pictures are owned by me and Mr Joel H. Garcia. please dont take out the watermarks/tag.
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    by KaRaSan Chapter 1-17



    Its so easy to spot her, the odd girl out. While everyone in the room were busy chit chatting with one another, there she was sitting all alone, with an open book in front of her. Despite the loud noise her classmates were making, her concentration on the book she's reading never faltered. Until...

    "EEEEEEEEKKKK.. somebody tweeted me. Its official. sila na talaga! They had a press con earlier for their new show and Ann said that she and James Reid are finally together!"

    "TALAGA? well it was bound to happen, I mean they look good together, they're the perfect pair!!!"

    And more comments came after that. There were quite a lot who were very happy with the reel and real pairing of the new IT couple, though there were also others who voiced out their negativity.
    "AS IN? paano nangyari? I mean they're not bagay ha! di ba their movie was a flop. Kasi naman the girl, she's not that pretty.. and di magaling umakting"

    "hay Inggit ka lang. You're just jealous that you can never have JAMES REID!"

    Everyone were so busy that no one even heard the sound of a book being dropped, and no one noticed the pained expression of the girl on the other side of the room.

    Well nobody cares! No one knows! And no one will every know. The girl opened her bag, took out her hanky and dabbed it on the tears that are starting to form. Then she heard her cellphone beeping.

    She took out her phone and saw 3 new messages.

    Bret: Are you OK? This is very unexpected.Do you want to talk?

    Ivan: have you heard? Call me when you get this.

    Yours: You still in class? I need to see you. Pick you up same place same time.

    She read the messages and felt a pang of sadness engulfing her being. Where is that darned professor anyway! She needs him to come in and start teaching them about theorems and algorithms! She needs him here! Needs him to put a stop on all the commotion.
    To tell her classmates to stop talking about THEM!

    But luck was not on her side, minutes passed by and no professor came. Her classmates were still very much engrossed with the lates topic. The women were shrieking with glee some with disbelief.
    She had to leave! She can't bear to hear anymore of this hurtful news. She stood up and got her bag.

    "Guys, una na ako ha. parang di naman kasi papasok si sir eh. 30 mins late na.. Im so hungry punta muna akong canteen"

    "Cge Devon, we will try to follow you in a while. enjoy pa kasi kwentuhan dito!" said Jessica, one of her kaclose sa batch nila.

    She hurriedly left the room and at the back of her mind she's wishedthat no one would find her. She needs to be alone. She needs to find a place of solitude. She has to go somewhere wherein she can cry, and she can shout, and express the unfairness of it all!
    She decided to go to the ladies room on the far end of the building, hoping at this time most students are still attending their classes.
    Pumasok siya sa loob ng isang cubicle. She sat on the toilet bowl then placed her bag down on the floor. She then allowed the tears to flow. She wanted to let it all out but she knows this isnt the right place. So letting go of the tears would have to be enough for now.

    Then her phone started to ring. It was him. She doesnt know what to do. She desperately wants to talk to him. To hear his voice. To be told that everything's not true. But she's also frigging scared. All along, she knew that they're living in two different worlds. Ito na ba ang araw na kinakatakutan niya? The day when he would finally realize that he was better off with someone other than her?
    Her phone kept ringing and ringing and with great reluctance she decided to answer him.

    "Yes?" Sadness was very evident in her voice.

    He was not used to this tone on her voice. He knows her. She's always perky. Her voice is always playful. Its actually one of the things he like about her. And then and there he knew. She already heard the news. He paused and can't seem to think straigt. Can't seem to find the right words to say.

    "Yes?" she said it again exactly the same way.

    " I need to talk to you." He said those words the way he usually says things. Curt and direct to the point.

    "Is it true?"

    "Its complicated."

    "Is it true?"

    "Let's talk. I'll wait for you at my place. Take a cab, I'll leave money with the guard. Im leaving for Australia tomorrow. There's no other time. "Then he ended the call. He knew she would come. He just don't know what and how to tell her.

    I leave the gas on
    Walk the alleys in the dark
    Sleep with candles burning
    I leave the door unlocked
    I'm weaving a rope and
    Running all the red lights
    Did I get your attention
    Cause I'm sending
    All the signs
    That the clock is ticking
    And I'll be giving
    My two weeks

    Pick your favorite
    Shade of black
    You'd best
    Prepare a speech
    Say something funny
    Say something sweet
    But don't say
    That you loved me

    Cause I'm still breathing
    Though we've been
    Dead for awhile
    This sickness has no cure
    We're goin down for sure
    Already lost a grip
    Best abandoned ship oh...

    Maybe I was too pale
    Maybe I was too fat
    Maybe you wanted better
    Better luck in the sack
    No formal education
    And I swore way too much
    But I swear
    You didn't ****ing care
    Cause we were in love

    So as I write this letter
    And shed my last tear
    It's all for the better
    That we end this year
    Let's close this chapter say one last prayer
    But don't say that you loved me

    Cuz I'm still breathing
    Though we've been dead for awhile
    This sickness has no cure
    We're going down for sure
    Already been diagnosed
    So let's give up the ghost


    oh... I'm still breathing
    I'm still breathing


    One new message
    Mine: taking MRT. be there in an hour
    Yours: ur being crazy. I told you to take a cab
    Mine: ayoko. hintay ka lang.
    Yours: You know how much I hate waiting.
    Mine: I knw. 1st time in almost 2 years Ive made you wait.
    Yours: So you taking MRT is intentional.
    Mine: trying to make point
    Yours: We don't have much time. Im flying first thing tom.
    One new message
    Manman: Are you OK?
    Devaan: Trying to be
    Manman: Im free today, want me to pick you up?
    Devaan: Got somewhere else to go. Maybe ***?
    Edit Phone directory- Yours - Him
    One new message
    Him: Silent treatment???
    Manman: Txt me where and when.
    Devaan: Will do. tnx.
    One new message;
    300 pesos load sent to you from XXX XXX XXXX
    Him: No reason why you can't reply!!
    Him: Stop ignoring my messages
    Phone ringing. END CALL
    Mine: Im inside the MRT. too crowded! Cant txt
    Him: Thats BULL!!!
    Mine: Nearing MAKATI. Im walking to your Condo.
    Him: ****!! TAKE THE DARN CAB!!!Why are you being difficult!
    Mine: Im in a difficult place!
    Him: ****!!! That's why I need you here so we can talk. And settle things before I go!
    One new message
    VJBret: hangout mi ni Bunny unya. I know you need company. You know where to find us.
    Devon May: Invite ko Ayven. Im not sure if ready ko kita ninyo.
    VJBret: Ayaw ingana!
    Devon May: Sakit!
    VJBret: Ay kuyog jud namo ha.. apila lang Ivan.. let's talk. We know the situation. We understand.
    Devon May: What's wrong with me bret? Don't I deserve to be happy?
    VJBret: Hey Don't say that! Asa man ka? We'll pick you up.
    Mine: On my way up.
    Devon May: Have fun, txt you later, meeting someone. Need to settle things. Pray for me to be strong Kuya!


    It was the longest elevator ride of her life. He's up on the 40th floor. A floor away from the Penthouse. Well what do you expect? He always had a priviledge life. His dad made sure of it. Even before he went inside the famous house where they first met, he already have a place of his own, his own car, and other things that most people would only dream about.
    He went inside the house mainly for the experience, and to meet friends, he left with much much more!

    She was glad that the elavator is taking its time. She's not ready to face him yet. Not ready to hear the bad news. And the worst thing of all the real reason why she's taking all the time in the world is because She is not ready to lose him! She is not ready to let him go! She looked on and saw that she's already on the 30th floor and each floor going up brings her closer to what she dreads the most!
    A life without him.

    Thinking about the past made her smile, who would have thought that the Bubbly girl from Cebu, a girl that came from such modest upbringing would catch the eye of the Australian hunk. She didnt know when it started. She was just there minding her business. Trying to enjoy the company of the housemates.

    She noticed him of course. Who wouldnt? With his boyish good looks, his fun loving ways, and the accent to boot! But whatever attraction she felt for James, she kept to herself. What's the point? There are far more pretty girls in the house. Attractive girls like Tricia, and Ann whom he can clearly communicate with. Girls who have the same background as he does.

    Looking back, she can still remember that at that time she tried to stay away from the teenternationals except for maybe Bret and Ryan. Bret because he can speak her dialect, and Ryan with his funny antics is so hard to ignore. There was a language barrier, not because she doesnt really understand what their saying. But mainly because she cant relate to what they're talking about.

    Everyone knows she came from a poor family. What little money her parents get are used for their basic needs and education. So when her housemates would talk about malling and clubbing and shopping and all those restaurants they've been with, she would just smile and nod and feign interest. But she can never take part with such conversations.

    She stopped reminiscing about the house on the 37th floor. Three more floors, and then she would see him again. Dub dub dub her heart is saying. This meeting would be different. Different from the past meetings that they had. It won't be like those sweet and happy moments theyve shared na malayu sa mapanuring mga mata ng tao.

    Chapter 4

    He was in his room, staring into space, waiting for the bell to ring. She's on her way up, she said. In a couple more minutes he'd finally see her again. Last they saw each other was a week ago. During his birthday. Technically, it was the night before his birthday. He didnt expect that she's made a gesture as big as that.
    He knew she was busy with her school work. And she knows that he was busy taping for a new show. They never made plans. He didnt make any plans. All he wanted for his birthday was to spend it with her. But he knew he can't do that.
    He knew there will be hell to pay if people would know that he, Robert James Reid, the one part of the phenomenal JAMLI spent his 19th birthday not with his "better half".

    How his life had changed. Two years ago when he decided to join the big brother house, he never wanted fame. He was bored with his life. Being home schooled was lonesome. All he did back then was to go out, have fun. Then that fateful day came when someone saw him walking around GLORIETTA, his manager now.
    What happened?He was a plain guy back in Australia, but when he moved to the Philippines, how his life have changed. People see him as extra ordinarily good looking. People look back when they see him. Girls clamor for his attention.

    Even inside the house, with good looking men like Jack, Bret, Ivan, Patrick and the rest. he still feels that a lot of women housemates liked him. Except her.
    She was different. She tries so hard to be at the sidelines, except when there are tasks given to them, then you can really see how she shines. He didnt really notice her at first. What with Tricia being there. All eyes were on Tricia! She was pretty and tall and always teh center of attention. She was always around to talk to him. Then there was ANN, the girl whose life mirrored his own.
    Ann was fun to talk to. They have a lot of things in common. They've been to the same places, done the same things. It was easier to talk to Ann because she understands. Understands how it is to grow up with one parent. How lonely life could be.

    The day he notice Devon though was the day his life changed forever. It was the day she and Tricia had to celebrate their birthdays. He never took notice of Devon, didnt really know she existed. She's the girl with the great voice. Thats all he knows.

    Funny and perverted as it sounds, she got his attention when he accidentally saw her changing in the girl's bedroom. And then the ball started rolling after that.
    Where is she? She supposed to be here by now? James doesnt know what to do with the mess he's in right now. Even his dad, the person whose opinions he respects the most, can't seem to give him any advise.

    He knows that everything is his fault. It couldve been so easy! He knows what he wants, He knows who he wants to be with. So why be in this mess? Three more years and she'll be done with school. He could still catch up. Leave the lime lights! He doesnt need the money, He sure as hell doesnt need the fame.
    Like everyone else, he was also surprised when he became the big winner. Still can't get it even up until now.

    He was very reluctant to join show business. At 17, he feels he doesnt really have the heart for it. He didnt really care about performing. It's embarrassing to be singing and dancing in national television. And what made it worst are the fans. They are everywhere. He knows he should be happy to have adoring fans swarming over him, but sometimes it could be crazy as hell.

    Then the management told them that they will have their own show. A teen show featuring if not all but most of the Pbb teens. He wasn't too sure about it but a contract is a contract.

    And then came the first shooting day. He was the last one to be shot that day. He was busy observing all his friends playing their own characters. It was so funny and nerve wrecking at the same time.

    Then it was his time to deliver his lines. When the lights came on and the camera started to roll, he heard Direk Lauren said Action. And the rest is history. Because in acting he found his niche, he found his passion. For James Reid, whom at 17, doesnt have clear direction in life , finding happiness in acting in front of the camera, was as surprising and as unexpected as falling for the Bubbly Girl from Cebu

    Chapter 5

    With a heavy heart she stepped out of the elevator. She turned left and saw the door to his pad. Is his dad around? Would someone else witness how her world would tumble down? She walked and stood staring at his door. Tawagan ko ba sya? Itxt? should I ring the bell? These and other thoughts are running through her mind.

    Last week when she came here her mood was different. She was so excited to spend that day with him. It was his 19th birthday. She knows that they can't go out. So what she did was plan a surprise party for the special man whom she owes so much.

    It was their first. First time to spend a special occasion together. Last year on his 18th birthday, he had to spend it with HER and their fans. They had a shooting on location and their fans were with them. James had to stay there for 3 days. Gusto nya talagang pumunta. But she knows, if a single fan would see kahit shadow lang nya. Things will fall down. Babalik sa dati. And the life of anonymity that she is living now would crumble into pieces. So nagparaya ***. But next year would be different, she vowed.

    So four months before Nov 11 2012 she asked him for a special day for them to spend together. She asked him to give her his birth day. He said yes and promised her, but like any other promises, he called 2 weeks ago. Hindi na rin pwede. His mom and her family asked him to spend his birthday with them. He had no reason to say no. So they compromised. A couple of hours on the eve of his birthday.

    She planned every single detail. May flowers ba o wala, his favorite food that she will cook, pati gift na ibibigay. She invited the three people who knows the truth about them. It was a very special affair. Bret and Fretzie came so did Ivan. That night was the best. It was a reunion of sorts. Full of laughter, reminiscing about the past, and the best of it all, they can be as sweet as they want to without a care in the world.

    Walang mapanghusgang tao. No one snickered at her just because James was touching her shoulders. No one would post hurtful comments just because they are smiling together. The three special people with them knew the real score and they never judged them.

    Her thoughts came to abrupt halt when the door suddenly open, then she saw him. Saw the man who stole her heart almost two years ago. The man who changed her life for the better. The man with whom she vowed to love forever. The man who, in probably less than a minute, would break her heart and world to pieces.
    Chapter 6

    "Why didn't you ring the bell?"
    "How did you know Im already here?"
    "Come in!"

    With great reluctance she slowly stepped inside. Her head was down and can't seem to look at him. Deep inside her nerves are in shambles. She desperately wants to hug him, to look at him, look at his eyes and be able to read his thoughts.
    She needs him to hug her, to look at her, look at her eyes and be able to read her thoughts.

    "Sit down, dyo want anything?"

    The dread that she was feeling earlier came back. He was never this formal to her. He was her DD, always sweet and funny. Heck, he had always been very playful with her. He was serious with everyone, but with her he's different. He's not afraid of opening up. Of showing his wacky side. Yes, he is serious at times, If the situation calls for it. But never this tone, So formal, so lacking of emotion.

    She slowly look at him. " Tell me its not true!"
    "Please settle down."
    "How could you James? You promised me it wouldnt come to this?"" Ann still doesnt know right?" ANSWER ME!!!"
    "You dont understand. Things are very complicated right now. This is just for show!"
    She stared at him in disbelief.. "For show? If this is only gimmick. then how come she still doesnt know about us? Ba't di mo o pa masabi sa manager mo? or sa family mo?" I know her, if she knows that Im still in the picture she wouldnt allow for this to happen."
    "Then that's your answer." he said trying to stay calm." I cant tell her yet because if I do then things will change. I havent proven anything yet Devon! My career is still rocky. I have made a mark mainly because of the team up.""Its whats keeping me afloat in the business."
    "That's Bull and you know it!"" So now what's your plan?" String the both of us along?"" I don't know if I can accept that James." When you told me your plan, I went along with it, because i know how much you love what you're doing. But do you honestly think I'm happy to be always sneaking around?" AND now this?"
    "Look, can you see it my way?"
    " SEE IT YOUR WAY? Ive been trying to see it your way for the longest time!""When you said you had to tobe sweet her, my heart broke but I accepted it, because of YOU!!!" But now, you honestly courted her and she said yes and your now together and everyone knows.. and AKO! ME, Im still the same 3rd class citizen!!""I'm still the same plain Devon who has no right to stand beside you!!!"
    "MM dont say that! Stop your hysterics."" Please to reason, PLEASE!!!".
    "James, Ive worked so hard and is still working hard so I can be deserving of you." For the past year and a half, all i did was to improve myself so that when the time comes that you're ready to tell the world about us, I can be .""But it seems all these are for nothing." And with a resigned fate she sat down. With tears streaming from her eyes.

    He looked at her, Looked at the girl he was in love with, a girl he vowed to protect. But he can't protect her now. He can't shield her from the pain she was feeling. The pain he inflicted on her. Because he made a choice.

    When his manager told him that he's losing a lot of supporters because of the new up and coming love team, He panicked. His manager said that people's interest on JAMLI are waning because their sweetness is not enough. He decided then and there to save the career he has worked hard to build.

    He started being extra sweet to ANN. He told her he has feelings for her. And thats the opening that she has been waiting for. When he told Ann about liking her ann immediately said she liked him back. And that's how they became "officially" an Item.

    "M, look at me, please you know I can't bear to see you cry." He went to her, knelt in front of her and touched her arm,
    " James, when will I ever be good enough for you? When will I ever be good enough for your fans? What else do I have to do?"

    Chapter 7

    " James, when will I ever be good enough for you? When will I ever be good enough for your fans? What else do I have to do?"
    He looked at her with deep regret in his eyes. He heard the question, and dont know what to say. He has no answer for her. He;s frustrated. Life is never fair. Why can he never be completely happy?
    Devon is now crying silently. Tears are flowing so hard and all she wants was to lay down and sob. Gusto nyang maglupasay sa sagit dahil sa sakit. But she tried to control herself. He is seeing her cry but she wiont give him the satisfaction of witnessing how her world is crumbling down.

    "M, please, you know how much I love you."
    "Do you really love me James? Di ba love is making someone happy? Eh with what you're doing parang you despise me so much!""So ano? Ganito na lang ako forever?"" Your closet Girlfriend? And then 10 years from now? Ill be your closet mistress?"
    Let's face it girlfriend mo na siya ngayon, It might be pretend on your part but not on hers. When youre alone she expects for you to kiss her, to hug her, and then what? You'll sleep with her next. You'll get married then because that's what the fans and everyone expects from you!"

    "Devon your imagination is getting the best of you."

    "If I accept this situation, and sit back and let you do your thing. Can you promise me that you will neer touch her? that you won't kiss her? that you won' hold her?"

    His silence was the death of her. She knows that his answer would be. They both know. But how can she accept the situation? Kahit nga before na the set up was for him to be a sweet and to date her, ang sakit na. Eh ngayon pa na sila na. And maybe it was for publicity on his sake, pero how about her? Devon and the rest of the world knows that Ann has been in love with James even when they were still inside kuya's house. And when they got out, even if she knew that James liked Devon, hindi *** bumitaw. Never lost hope that someday James would shift her feelings towards her.

    And its seems luck was on her side. When James got out of the house there were a lot of JAMLI fans who are desperate to get them together. The Jamli's are said to be the main reason why James became big winner. The Jamli's were everywhere!!
    They befriendly his family, his friends, sent him gifts, the fan base spent a lot of money, just to ensure that James and Ann would be paired sa mga shows.

    "So ayaw mo na?" He asked. He completely want' to fight for her. But how can he, when he has not proven to his fans, his manager, and most especially his Dad, that he is something. When he started acting and realize this is what he wants to do in life, he thought everything else will follow. But it didnt.

    A year and a half after joining the biz, he still has nothing to be proud of. He is still one half of a pair. What more, giving up right now is not an option. He promised his dad that he will be something! He can't give up on that promise.

    But would chasing his dream means giving up the one person who makes him complete?

    Looking at her, he feels so guilty. He knew he wasnt fair to her, he never was. She had given up too much for him. She had let go of a lot of things and a lot of people for him. She chose him. And it seems that now, when the tide has turned, when its his time to decide, He can't choose her.

    Chapter 8

    How it all began. People would probably think that their love story started inside the PBB house and they are partly right. That's where they met, its where those singing and guitar lessons starter. Its where they did their first massages. They grew close there.
    But their closeness went to an abrupt halt when they left BB's house. They didnt have the chance to see each other aside from the guestings and shows they had to attend. The closest to a hanging out that they had was when he went with her, Ivan and Fretzie watch Toy Story 3.
    Blame it on her mom who's overprotective, or the fact that she's not really that comfortable hanging out with her well off housemates that seems to be with him all the time.
    Nag effort rin naman si James to invite her during the get together, even to a point of offering to pick her up. But she was so busy spending time with her family that she haventt seen in almost 4 months. So she would always refuse.
    She invited him once, one Sunday to go out with her and their followers, but he was busy at that time. She never invited him again. She heard nga that he was always spotted with Ann. they were always together. Pictures and videos of them are all over the internet.
    So Devon tried to let go of her feelings. Well its better this way. She can concentrate on what she really needs to do. For herself. For her family.
    Then came that fateful day. Two weeks after their Wowowee guesting. She received a message from her handler asking her to go to ABS. She knows this is about the teen show that she auditioned together with Pbb friends last week.
    Her friends, Fretzie and Tricia got the same message. Devon knew that she got really lucky. This is the big break she had been waiting for. If this works out, she can finally help her family. She can put her sisters back to school.
    This is the reason why she joined PBB in the first place. To have a shot, maybe not at stardom, but the chance to earn enough money to provide her family especially her sisters better opportunities in life.
    She was so excited that night. Tomorrow she will go to ABS, will meet Tricia and Fretzie and the rest. And tomorrow might be the start of something great!
    She was right yet so wrong!!

    Chapter 9

    They were ushered inside the conference room. Devon came early, Fretzie and Tricia picked her up. Ang ingay ingay nila sa Taxi. They were all excited about the meeting today. They all know, that today would be a start of of a long and hard journey. The journey to achieve their dreams.
    "Hala, ba't tayo pa lang tatlo? Excited much? Tricia quipped. They decided to stay on one side of the huge conference room. There were some sets of sofas all around and they picked the one farthest from the door.
    Fretzie :Buti naman yung una tayo. At least we can see who would come in next.
    Tricia: Ui..excited to see Bret!
    Fretzie: Dili man! We talk baya all the time so why should i be excited.
    Devon: HALA!! SAKPAN KA! hahahah.. pero imagine ha.. Bret's is now a certified VJ..Is it true that hsi contract got extended.
    Fretzie: yeah he was so happy about it gani. Extended for year. He's doing good man. Kita mo outside. And early ng mga fans noh?
    Tricia: Bitaw, mura mag buang mga JAMLI ui.. hahaha.. Gisnub jud mi ni Devon! HAHAHA.
    Devon: Hayaan mo na sila. Basta Im so happy today. Hindi ako nakatulog masyado kagabi.
    Tricia: Hoi you lost a lot of weight lagi.. MAKASUYA! HALA INLOVE! hahahahaha..
    Devon: WHAT? NGANO KA?
    Tricia: Di na makakain. Di na makatulog. Sa kakaisip kay JAMES! hahahahhahaha
    Fretzie: HALA!!! TRUE!! hahahaha. Selos ka masyado kaya ka namayat noh?
    Devon: waaaaaah.. Wag ganyan ui! Crazy man mo duha. Wala Ui. Friends ra man mi ni James. Sila siguro ni Ann. Kamo ni manman Trish mustah? uiiiiiiiiiii!
    Tricia: hahaha.. Funny.. you know what we have is purely business. You all know the whole story! Hehehe. Pero is James and Ann and Item na? Sige man sila together.
    Devon: Asked them ui. Basta ako I dont care!
    Fretzie and Tricia: Bitter!! HAHAHAHAHA
    Their laughter was suddenly cut off when the door opened and all the other teens who will be part of the show came in.
    Devon looked up to see who were there. And then her eyes met his, the dark haired Dashing dude from Australia, and her world seemed to stop, and so did his!

    CHAPTER 10

    He wasnt really that excited about the meeting today. He's tired. He had a late night with his friends from Australia. And waking up early was his least favorite thing to do. The fun and excitement of being in the limelight is starting to wane off.
    People notices him everywhere. They take his pictures all the time. A lot are gutsy enough to approach him and ask for a kiss or a hug. It was fun at first. But its getting irritating as days pass by.
    He misses the anonymity. He misses going to malls and being left alone. When he moved to the Philippines, people do stare at him. But thats all they did.
    Waking up so early was a drag but he's hoping it would all be worth the sacrfice. Then he realized that she would be there. And his face lit up.
    He cant wait to see her. Can't wait to talk to her. Hell. he even misses her hitting him.
    When he arrived in ABS, the fans were already there. It was a big puzzle to him how the fans knew their day to day events. He looked at the mirror yawned and then practiced his usual smile.
    He saw Ann with the a group of Jamli's on their way to his car. He got out and then looked around, trying to find out if she has arrived. He saw a group of Jaevon fans seated in one corner of The Loop, they looked at him and smiled. He waved at them and then smiled back. He saw the banner that they brought and his smile grew bigger.
    "JAMES JAMES ANN ANN!! JAMLI JAMLI! JAMLI!" And then all the commotion started.
    Ann went to him and smiled." Let's go inside." He knew she would be touching his hands so he turned around and started walking towards the entrance.
    "Jamessssssssss.. JAMESSSSSSSSS. ANNNNNNNN.. PICTURE NAMAN!!! PICTURE PLEASE..." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. JAMESSSS> JAMLI!!!!!!!!!" He forced a smile and posed for their cameras.
    EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! KILIG!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! Their voices are too loud he wants to turn around and leave!!! but he knows he can't. He owes these people a lot. They are the major reason why he is here.
    His sister Lauren told him when he got out of the house that JAMLI's spent a lot so he can become big winner!
    Then he saw Bret and Ryan and the rest.
    Ryan: James! there you are. Sorry I didnt make it last night. I had a lot of school work to finish.
    Bret: Man, were finally here, have you seen Fretzie?
    James: haha.. You're completely smitten man! You still into Fretzie despite all the girls youve met at all the MyX parties that you went to?
    Bret: haha.. Crazy! That will never change!
    Ryan: Jenny, Ann, where are the girls?
    Ann: I don't know. I heard Tricia is already inside, with fretzie and Devon.
    Aside from the big 8, James also saw, Jack, Patrick, Joe and Kazel. They moved towards them with a gleeful smile on their faces.
    They were chit chatting all the way to the 5th floor where the conference room is. James can't stop anticipating. He cant really wait to see her again. The door opened and when he walked inside he saw the three girls sitting together on the far end of the room. With smiles on their faces they looked up. And for James the world stopped. There she was. The one person who made him feel. The girl whom he knows can rock his world. Devon May Seron, the Bubbly girl from Cebu.

    Chapter 11

    James followed Bret and Ryan to where the girls were. He can't seem to stop looking at her. She lost a lot of weight, he noticed. She was wearing this blue flowery dress that accentuates her dark skin. That's one of the things he liked so much about her.
    " Hey, how are you guys? Kanina pa mo?" Bret was asking them.
    James went to her side, touched her arms and looked at her.
    James: Devon, where have you been hiding?
    Devon: Here and there.. hahaha.. UI im just home all the time. Ikaw! you're always out!hahaha
    Bret: Hala Devon Selos!! hahaha.. Kung sumasama ka naman kay James pag iniinvite ka!
    She can't think of any smart retort to reply to that. So she just laughed at dahil sa sobrang tense niya nahampas niya si James.
    James: WHoooW.. I missed that! hahahaha
    Everyone started laughing and nobody noticed that James already took Devon's arm, he looked at her and smiled then led her to where they were sitting earlier.
    James: What have you been up tp?
    It was a simple question but she cant seem to answer.
    Devon: Wala lang. Stay at home all the time. Ikaw, youre everywhere!
    James: Why won't you go out with me? Why dyo always refuse when I invite you out.
    Devon: I wanna go but my place is too far and my parents they don't want me going out that much.
    James: Youre such a spoil sports. Were eating out later, join us please! Ill be the one to ask permission from your mom.
    Devon: My GOD nooo!! hahaha.. Ill ask her.
    James: I miss your massages.
    He said it almost in a whispery voice it was a miracle that she actually heard it. She wanted to smack him but dont want people to notice them that she looked at him and smiled.
    Devon: I miss massaging you too.. hehehe
    There were a lot of people in that room, but for the two of them, parang sila lang ang tao, di lang sa room na yon, bat sa buong mundo.

    CHAPTER 12

    James cant sleep. He knows he had an early fight tomorrow. He can't wait to go to Australia. Its been a year since he last saw his sister Lauren. He badly needs her now. He needs to talk to someone who can help him see light of the mess that he's in.
    Is it really over? He can't accept that everything will end this way. He still cant get it to his head that she left just like that. Everything is too hazy. He knows he is at fault. He cant blame her. No one can!
    Devon has sacrificed too much for him. Gave up a lot so she can be with him, secret it may be.
    HE then looked back that time three months after leaving Pbb house, they were given the chance to do a teen show together with the other housemates. It was about several teens whose lives were intertwined because of a band. It was a sweet and simple story that launched all their careers.
    The teen show brought them far more recognition than they already have. They were all over. TV guestings, Mall Shows, Magazine Covers, they almost had it all.
    Devon gained more supporters and those fans who hated her started to grew soft on her. They noticed her talent and attitude, so as days went by there were less and less fans who were bashing her online.
    It helped that James was paired with Ann. Although they had to work really hard to finally get the much needed onscreen chemistry that they lacked at first. The JAMLI's who were very vocal at disliking Devon were now starting to see her with a different light.
    The Jaevon's are growing stronger, getting more and more fan base. The same name but different personalities. Because Jaevon is no longer James and Devon but Jack and Devon.
    They were the love team on the show. Their pairing was surprisingly effective. And the love story of a rebelious probinisyana and a straight laced rich korean hunk was highly anticipated.
    And then out of the blue, without any reason, something happened. An event that still puzzles everyone up until now. Devon, the rising star suddenly quit. No explanations. She just said she has had enough. She left the limelight. Left her fans. Left the life that she has always wanted.
    James knew why. Aside from her, he was the only one who knew why she left if all. He asked her to. Begged her. So they can be together. And she chose him!

    CHAPTER 13

    She can't stop crying. It was past midnight last she checked. Things are completely hanging by a thread. She left not knowing what's ahead. No reassurance, not even closure.
    She left crying because she doesnt wanna say things she might regret. She badly wanted to hurt him the way he is hurting her. Pero when she looked at him, with his head bowed down and eyes closed, she realized that he was in pain too. So she left.
    Leaving was probably the best and worst thing that she did. Pero she was scared. Scared of what will happen if she stayed. Eto na ba talaga? Would this mark the end of her happy days?
    True, being in a secret relationship with one of the most popular teen star was not an easy ride, they had more problems than most normal couples have. They had to adjust more, and the biggest downside, was that they had to always sneak around.
    But she has promised him her love, promised him that she will hold on. At least it wasnt a one way street, because James made her feel that she truly is special.What he lacks in time,he more than made up for it when they were together. He has given her far too much. And aside from his love he gave her the best thing she couldve hoped for. He may not be able to tell the world about them, but to the one person who mattered most he did, He introduced Devon to his Dad as his girlfriend.

    Pero was everything really worth it? The pain she is in now encompasses all the physical pain in the world. How did it come to be? She left kuya's house full of hope, now two years later, she had none.

    The meeting with the ABS executives was a happy affair. Everyone in that room were ecstatic because they were all part of the new teen show that would change the filipino teens viewing habit.

    Devon, though a bit disappointed was still feeling extremely lucky. Yeah she was not paired with James, he got Ann, but she would be part of the show which is what she completely wanted. Fretzie got paired with Bret, Ivan with Tricia and yung iba were left without any .

    Those like her who were not given pairs had to join a series of workshop that would determine their roles and their partners.

    She was completely taken aback when she was paired with Jack. Yeah, he was her first chin kiss, and she think he is nice in an older brotherly kinda way. But the other people saw something she couldnt.

    Then came the first shooting day for their teen show, and she was very excited, they all were. She read the script a week ago and was glad to get a very nice role. Still a bit disappointed that she was not paired with James, but her main focus now is to work and work for her family. ANd Jack was not a bad second. After they were paired together they grew a little bit closer. He would always joke with her, sometimes compliments her and though they dont really have that much things to talk about, she still enjoys his company.

    Tricia : Ui Devon, I heard the good news. Haha.. Partner jud mu ni Jack! BAGAY!!!
    Devon: Haha.. Lagi, I read the script last week nice man noh?Pero still cant get over that I will be paired with Jack!
    Tricia: Yeah, Its like Im playing myself ra jud! Wont requie too much effort on my end. Fretzie: Yeah bitaw, My role too. it hits clsoe to hom!. Im a goody goody girl. Devon, SUS if I know you wanted to be paired with DD!
    Devon: hahaha.. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.. Im sure he's happy with Ann.
    Tricia: Unya are you happy???
    Devon: HAHAHA.. CHISMOSA!!!Ako shock jud ko. Im playing a rebel probinsyana.. Weird..then me and fretzie are cousins.. hahaha.. can you imagine?

    They were so into their conversation that they didnt notice the three guys looking at them.

    Jack: Man we missed you last week. I didnt really thought I would want to join showbiz but the experience last week was a blast. I didnt know Devon could be so cool. And man ang ganda niya!
    Bret: Oh jumaJavon!!! Heard youre being paired up with her.. Well at least the Jaevon's wont have to change their names di ba James?
    Jack: Yeah I am so glad. You all know I really wanted to be paired with Yen, but I dont know what happened. Oh yeah I do know. Devon happened.
    Bret : Im just glad Im being paired up with Fretzie, and James you and Ann.. JAMLI's are going crazy.
    James didnt bother to offer a reply. He just gave his curt smile and looked at the girls. Devon was so pretty that time. He was still mad why they were not paired together. Ann was ok. But Devon wouldve been a better choice. Then there's this thing with Jack.
    Of all people to be paired up with, why Jack. He looked at him and saw him looking at the girls, looking at Devon. He saw the interest in his eyes. And that made him want to punch him out. He knows he has no right to her. But he cant help it. He Robert James Reid is jealous!

    Chapter 14

    He did not sleep a wink. He looked extremely tired and his dad noticed it. But now is not the right time to tell him what's bothering him. He has a flight to Australia to catch. He took the earliest flight hoping that the fans wouldnt be there to bother him for once.
    His dad drove him to the airport. He checked in first and though it was not boarding time yet, the flight attendants were so nice to allow him to get into the plane first. His wish was not granted. Outside there were probably 50 fans shouting his name.
    He went inside the plane walked to the first class wing and sat then he took out his Ipad, turned it on, put in his password and saw her. He saw them. It was that time in Tagaytay. The picture, his wallpaper, was taken that fateful night, a year and a half ago. That was the night he promised to love her, to be with her, to hold on to her no matter what, and to make her happy.
    Yet last night, seemed to be a night of broken promises.
    Is this really the end? She just left lastnight tears in her eyes without any goodbyes. Would it be the last time he would see her? Would last night be the end of their bittersweet journey?

    It was a month after the launching of "Meant to Be", everyone were deliriously happy. They are number 1 for 3 straight weeks. Everyone was crazy about them. They were all invited everywhere. They had more guestings than their time could permit them to.

    The best thing was that they were all friends, having fun and earning big bucks at the same time. Its was just like being inside Kuya's house except that at the end of the day they would have to go their own beds, their own homes. Their exposures may not be equal, but who cares. Everyone were on tv. And even the likes of Joe and Eslove have followers of their own who were crazy about them.

    JAMLI, TRIVAN, BRETZIE and JAEVON's now have their own solid followers. The fans have now accepted each pairings and forums like PinoyExchange and sites like Facebook and twitter are somewhat peaceful. No more fan wars. No more bashings. Everyone was living a peaceful existence supporting the love team of their choice.

    James finished his shot first and saw Bret, Ryan and Jack in one corner. He saw Jack took something out from his bag and showed it to Bret.

    James cant seemed to stop himself from disliking Jack. For James, Jack is always acting so full of himself. He was always with Devon, bringing her stuff, laughing with her, sometimes touching her, and that James new is the main reason why he doesnt like Jack.

    He looked at Devon and saw that she was alone, he really wanted to talk to her. He misses her smile, her laughter, even they way she hits him. It seemed like these days all those are meant for Jack. He checked around and saw that Ann and the girls were nowhere, and looked at her again. She looked up and saw him staring and smiled. This was his chance!

    James: Hey, Im done with my shoot. Where's everyone.
    Devon: Didnt they tell you? They had to shoot in another studio. You want to sit?
    James: No I like to stand here and just stare at you. I missed you. You're always with Jack!!!
    Devon: Hahaha.. Well, Uhmmm, Were friends.
    James: Devon I want a massage.
    Devon: hahaha.. No massage! or me first then Ill massage you.
    James: Ok let's go to my Van, the driver is there
    Devon: hahaha.. NOOOOOO.. (with hampas sa arms ni DD) haha.. Ill sit you stand then massage my back.
    James: Are you gonna have your operation soon?
    Devon: My savings are not yet enough. But Im hoping I could do it soon.
    James: How about school? Hey remember when I said we'll go to the same college together. Any college of your choice. That's still on ok?
    Devon: Haha. Pass your Aussie exam first, then pass the UPCAT, I told you right I deferred my enrollment there for a year.

    James was busy touching her back, massaging her if you call it. He really misses this! Then he saw Jack approach them.

    James: You're boyfriend is coming.
    Devon: (Hampas ulit) Don't be stupid. Hehe

    James didnt like the way she smiled. It was like the smile she gives out when Bret, Ryan and Ivan would tease the two of them. The smile of secret mystery. His heart was thumping and he doesnt like what he is seeing.

    Jack: James stop touching her.. hahahha.. let me do it.
    Devon: NOO ui im ok. Done done done.
    Then she looked at James, touched his arm, smiled and then said I owe you a massage!

    Chapter 15

    James, Bret,Ryan and James were at Starbucks waiting for the coaster that will bring them to Cavite. The girls were still inside getting their hair done. First time that they will shoot on location. Everyone will be there. And the best thing is that they just got their first paychecks yesterday.
    When James saw how much he earned for the month. He could'nt believe it. One of the perks of being part of showbiz. People probably wondered if he got his prize already. He hasnt. But he will. In a month's time, the management promised. The Big6 will finally get their monetary prize in a month!
    He's excited for the Asian Tour. He knows who he wanted to bring, but he doesnt want to have high hopes. Knowing how the fans would react. How her mom would probably react. So he asked his dad to come along. It would be the first time in months that he will have a week long break. He cant wait.
    Jack entered with a big smile on his face. He approached them and said.
    Jack: Man dyo know what I did for my first paycheck? I spent it all!! hahaha..
    Bret: Oh really? I asked my mom to put mine in the bank. I really want to save man.
    Jack: Well, I saw this really great gift which is quite expensive, and I cant help myself. I bought it then and there.
    Ryan: oh prechent? Is it for me?
    Jack: hahaha.. Here look.
    Jack took out a small box and opened it. There inside is a neclace made of gold with a butterfly pendant. Jack asked them to look closely. And James saw what he wanted them to see. On each side of the butterfly wings, there engraved are the Letters J and D.
    Bret: WOW!!!!!! NICE.. Is this what I think It means? J&D? Level up ka na ha!
    Jack: Guys I tell you, she is perfect. She's cool. Beautiful, Nice. Im so into her.
    Ivan. Oh man, that looks expensive.
    Jack: She's worth every penny! Ive been thinking things through and I'll propose to her. Tomorrow. I want her to be my girfriend man. I cant wait. I can feel that she likes me too. She's liking me more and more everyday.

    They were busy talking about Jack's plan nobody noticed that there was one guy in the group who kept still and was deadly quiet. James Reid is losing time, and he needs to make a plan.

    The shoot was over and everyone was tired. They had a long travel back to the loop because of the heavy traffic. Bret noticed that James have been quiet since morning but didnt voice out his observation since he was tired himself.
    The boys were sitting in the first two rows, napping, The girls though tired are still chitchatting.
    Tricia: Three month na pala tayo next month! we will be renewing contracts di bah?
    Devon: Yeah, bitaw noh! time flies so fast when youre having fun jud. Hay I hope marenew jud ako contract. Second sem is coming and my sisters are all going to school.
    Ann: Yeah sure ko ui that out contracts will be renewed. Nice baya ang reviews. And number 1 pa jud!
    James was just sitting there listening, thinking, what to do. what to do? If Jack would propose tomorrow, would Devon say yes? Most likely not. But he can never be too sure.

    Then were already in the loop and everyone was so tired they all wanted to go home.
    James:I brought my car guys. Im off to Caloocan, Im really tired but Im meeting my mom there. She's at some relatives. Who's on my way?
    Joe: Kami pare on the way. Sama na lang kami ni Eslove sa yo. Tsaka Devon. Kunin ka ba ng Mama mo?
    Devon: OO. sabi ko txan ko *** pag pauwi na kaso bat empty tayo lahat. ano ba naman? Sama na lang ako sa inyo. Caloocan naman sa amin.
    Ann: Can I come too? Then we can both go home to Makati.
    Tricia: Ann di ba you promised to ride with me. Malapit lang tayo and you know I get so bored riding in the car alone.
    Fretzie: Guys uwi na kami ha. Nandyan na Dad ni Bret, they'll drop me off sa bahay. See you monday!
    Jack: Devon, I really wanted na ihatid ka kaso my dad wanted me home immediately. My driver is there na nga.
    Devon: Ok lang. sama na lang ako kina Papa Bear. Ill see you tomorrow.

    And so they each left in separate groups. Ann, Tricia Ryan, Kazel and Ivan together,and then James, Joe, Eslove and Devon.

    James went inside the drivers seat. Joe entered the passenger side. Eslove and Devon at the back. James smiled. He made a plan and acted on it. Thirty minutes later, with Joe and Eslove gone, James maneuvered the car around with a surprised Devon. Tagaytay here we come!

    CHAPTER 16

    James slumped on the plane seat. Still holding his IPAD. Still gazing at their picture. He remembered that night. That epic night in the highlands of Tagaytay. The night he professed, they both did, their feelings for one another.

    "Hoy saan tayo pupunta? Ba't ka lumiko?" Devon asked him when he maneuvered the car around.
    He looked at her and smiled.
    James: You owe me this. When we were inside you told me we'd go malling and go to Bora but we never did.
    Devon: James bah. my mom will kill me. Where are you bringing me man?
    James: Devooooon, please.. I just need to talk to someone right now. Im confused.
    Devon: Sana sina Joe na lang sinama mo!
    James: I need to talk to a girl. So I can get a woman's perspective. Devon I think I like someone.
    Devon with total disbelief said " SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?"
    James: Please, be a friend to me!!! Besides remember you owe me this trip.
    Devon: What will I do with my mom? She'll go crazy with worry. Basin atakin yun sa puso.
    James: Dont worry about your mom.. She probably thinks were still in location. You told her we will be super late right? I heard you talk to Fretzie!
    Devon: HUH?? Buang!!!Asa ta ui? AYY Where are we going?
    James: Sit tight and enjoy the ride.

    Then with a resigned sigh she looked at him and then smiled.

    The drive to Tagaytay seemed so quick. They were talking and laughing and all the worries seemed far gone.

    James looked at his passenger and smiled. Tonight is the night. When Jack told them what his plan was, James realized something. He was completely jealous of Jack. Because of Devon. Because Jack was not scared to admit what he feels. And James admitted it then and there, that he is crazy in love. with her. Devon. he's caught, hook line and stinker. And hell would break loose before he'd let anyone have her.

    It was already dusk when they arrived and the sun was setting. They got out of the car.
    James: You hungry?
    Devon: No. James this is the first time Ive been here. Amazing!! Thank you ha.. even if you just brought me here to tell me about your love issues.
    James: There's a gazebo there oh. lets go take a seat.
    Devon: Drama ka talaga. Gusto mu lang makipagchikahan then you had to drive all the way here.
    They went to one of the gazebo's and sat. Then James looked at her and smiled.

    James: Liked it? Isnt this worth all the fuzz you will get from your parents later?
    Devon just smiled. All thoughts of the punishments she'll prolly get are far from her mind.
    When James told her they are coming to Tagaytay, she was both excited and scared. Kinilig siya because she has heard stories of how romantic the place is. Scared because she doesnt know what his intention was, and what her reaction would be.
    Would he really be telling her about the girl he likes? At the back of her mind she is hoping that the girl is her. But with how things are. And considering that for the past couple of months they've been a bit distant she really doesnt know.
    Devon: Oh ano na? who do you like ba?
    James: uii.. you fishing?
    Devon: HUH?? you said were coming here to talk about the girl you like di ba?
    James looked at her and gave her another one of his smiles. Yung parang nakakaloko. The smile that had so many girls go crazy about.
    "Isn't it obvious?"

    Chapter 17

    "Isn't it obvious?"
    Devon was so surprised by the reply that she looked away from him. Did she hear him right? But the statement was so vague she doesnt want to assume things.
    So intead of answering his question, she pretended not to hear.
    Devon: huh? what did you say?
    James: hahaha.You didn't hear me? Why are you pretending that you didnt hear what I said.
    Devon looked so uncomfortable James can't stop laughing.
    Devon: Your crazy.
    James: Why am I crazy?
    Devon: I dont know. You just are!
    James: So what did I say?
    Devon: I dont know!
    James: You do! I know you do.. hahahahaha
    Devon: Hayyyyy AMbot nimo! Let's go home na" Then she started to stand up. James grabbed her arms.
    James: SIT! So now you know.
    Devon: I dont know nga!
    A hint of a smile is now slowly forming on her mount.
    James sat beside her, then slowly, he took both her hands on his.
    James: Let's stop playing jokes. I brought you here to tell you something. The first time I saw you, I knew you'd be a great friend. Then we grew close and something in me changed.
    Devon: James, stop.
    James: Devon, you changed me, I knew you did. When we were inside Kuya's house, you were the one who transformed me. Bret noticed that. I think everyone did. So please listen to me and believe me. I dont know when it happened or how it happened. All i Know is that Im crazy about you!! I know things are crazy but all I want is to be with you!
    The smile that she was suppose to let out turned into a frown. Then James saw the tears slowly coming out.
    She looked down and started crying. She then looked up at him. Removed one of her hands from his. Then slowly, she touched his face and said. "James, as much as I would want to, I dont think we will every work out.!"


    by Fiona_Cruz

    Si Jessie……
    ……malabakal ang personalidad
    ……walang inuurungang bagyo sa buhay
    ……sanay sa hirap ng buhay
    ……handang gawin lahat para sa kapakanan ng pamilya
    ……tagapagtanggol ng mga inaapi
    ……at walang sinasanto.

    Si Mitch….
    ….may gustong patunayan sa sarili
    ….wari may hinahanap siya na di niya alam
    ….gusto maging malaya kesa sa maranya niyang buhay
    ….naghahanap ng tunay na kaligayahan
    ….nangangarap ng kalinga ng isang buong pamilya
    ….at ang lahat na luho sa mundo sa kanya ay abot-kamay lang.

    Kung ikaw ba ay nakatira sa isang maliit na dampa na nakatirik sa isa malapad na lupain ng mga akala mo’y sinumpa ng Diyos na bahagi ng Maynila, ni minsan na nasagi sa panaginip mo na makakaahon ka sa klase ng pamumuhay na meron kayo?
    Paano kung ilang henerasyon na ganon talaga ang buhay niyo? May mga nangarap din pero nabigo at merong nagtagumpay pero di man lang lumingon sa pinaggalingan? At lalo na mas marami na ang pangarap ay nananatiling pangarap lamang.

    Paano naman kung “everything good in life is just within your reach”? Wala sa bukabularyo mo ang salitang “magtiis”, “pagpasensyahan” at “things happen”? Nakukuha mo lahat ng luho at wala kang gusto na di mo nakuha? Your life is just the way what you want it to be ang drama mo.

    Pero sa lahat na to, there’s still some missing puzzles sa buhay mo. Masaya ka naman sa mga kaya mong bilhin at kamtin, pero hindi ka maligaya. At dahil dun mas gusto mong hanapin yun pero ang tanong, “saan at papano”?

    ABANGAN ang nakaka-excite na fanfic--- “Si Jessie at si Mitch”

    Si Jessie At si Mitch

    Part 1 – Si Jessie

    Sa isang maliit na dampa sa Tondo----isa lang doon sa libu-libong pamilya----na wari mo’y may sarili silang mundo. Yung mga taong nangangarap minsang makakain ng “spaghetti”, “hamburger” o “pizza”. Yung bawat gabi, ang mga bata ay naghihintay sa ama na galing sa pagdedelihensiya at bitbit-bitbit ang hapunan ng buong pamilya. Minsan o mahigit sa madalas ay umuwing nakayuko ang ama at walang dala sabay sabing umutang na lang muna ng sardinas sa tindahan sa kanto. Ang ibig sabihin ay hahaba na naman ang lista ng utang nila. Kahapon lang ay inimbargo na na ng tindera ang natitira nilang transistor radio.
    Nang gabing yun, umuwi si Mang Mando na matamlay dahil alam niya matutulog na naman ang mga anak na walang laman ang sikmura. Buong araw siya tumambay sa pier para magkarga ng bagahe pero walang dumating na barko dahil sa nagbabadyang bagyo.

    CARMEN (C): Wala na tayong magagawa, Armando. May naluto naman akong konting hapunan diyan. May kanin at saka kanina pumunta kami sa bahay kung saan namamasukang labandera si Pacita kaya tumulong ako kasi may sakit daw yong kusinera nila kaya yun nadala ko yong tira nila at humingi ako ng kangkong sa kapitbahay nila.
    MANDO(Ma): O sige na….(patingin –tingin sa paligid na ari may hinahanap)….maghain ka na at kumain na tayo. O saan na ba si Jessie?
    C: Nasa kapitbahay lang yata yun ay nakikinood ng TV. ( habang naghahanda ng mesa)
    (Nagtinginan lang ang tatlo nilang anak--- Joseph (15), Jasmin (10) at Jesebell (8)---alam nila talaga kung saan si Jessie.)
    MA: Tawagin nyo nga siya. Hay naku gabing-gabi.
    JO: Ah eh….sss…sige po. (papalabas na sana nang dumating si Jessie na parang ayos na ayos at may dalang bag at supot.)

    JA at JE: Si ate, si ate andito na….
    MA: Saan ka galing, akala ko ba nasa kabilang bahay ka at nakikinood ng TV
    C: Saan ka naman galing?
    J: Pasensya na , Nay di ako nagpaalam sa inyo. E kasi…..sumama po ako kina Kate at Boboy. Piesta pos a kabilang barangay at sumali po kami sa contest. Nanalo po kami…(may dinukot sa loob ng bulsa at binigay sa ina)..ito po..konti lang yan…at ito bumili ako ng pansit at saka tinapay po. Wag na po kayong magalit, tay, nay. Hilig ko naman talagang sumayaw, bonus lang po na nananalo kami.
    MA: Wag kang mag-alala , anak basta nga ba di lang sagabal sa pag-aaral mo.
    J: Hay hindi po talaga. Sa halip po na maglakwatsa kami, nagpa-praktis po kami palagi.
    C: Hay naku, sa susunod magpaalam ka. Akala naman tuloy nasa kina Gloria ka at nanonood ng TV. At naku, hanggang diyan lang yan sa piyesta ha…
    (Lahat sila ay umupo na sa harap ng mesa upang kumain.)

    MA: anong ibig mong sabihin, Carmen?
    C: Nabalitaan mo yong anak ni Neneng diyan sa kanto. Kumakalat ang tsismis na yong anak….yung dati mong kababata na si Agnes…yung palagi ding sumasayaw-sayaw kasama niyo. Ayun sumasayaw ng walang saplot sa isang bar sa may Pasay. Mas matanda lang sa yo yun, Jessica ng dalawang taon. Di pa yun nakapagtapos ng high school.
    MA: Pinalaki nating mabuti si Jessie, Carmen. Kahit hirap tayo sa buhay,di siya gagawa non.
    C: Malay mo.
    JE: Sumasayaw po ng walang saplot? Anong ibig sabihin non, tay?
    C: Ayan itigil nyo nya yan, nakikinig si Jessebel.
    MA: Ikaw lang naman ang nagsabi non. Hindi kami.
    JO: Ang ibig sabihin sumasayaw na walang sapatos.
    JE: Ay ganon po? Buti na lang di nasugatan ang paa niya.
    J: Oo nga no, Joseph…buti na lang malinis yong sahig ng stage.
    C: O siya bukas may pasok pa kayo ha kaya pagkatapos nito diretso ng tulog.
    Madilim ang buong bahay at tulog na ang lahat maliban kay Jessie. Pinagmasdan lang ang mga kapatid na katabi sa isang banig at ang magulang sa isang gilid ng bahay. Silang anim sa isang silid na bahay. Lumaki siya ng ganito
    wala yatang sekreto ang isa’t isa dahil lahat sila nagkikita-kita sa isang bubong ng kanilang bahay.
    Tumayo siya at binuksan ang munting bintana sa may kusina. Tahimik ang paligid para sa kanya kahit na may maririnig siyang mga taong nagtatawanan at mga tunog habang pinaghahalo yong madyong sa kapitbahay. Meron ding nag-aaaway sa kabila at may umiiyak na bata. Ito ang mundo na kinakigisnan niya. Para sa kanya, musika sa tenga pero nang nakita niya ang mga tala sa langit, nakaramdam siya ng katahimikan at kapayapaan ng loob na kasama niya ang mga mahal niya sa buhay at buo sila. May maliit na ngiti sa labi dahil sa simpleng kaligayahan. Maya-maya may nakita siyang shooting star, nilagay ang kamay sa dibdib at pumikit sabay hiling sa isang pangarap----para sa kanyang pamilya.************************************************

    Next chapter 2 ----Si Mitch be continued


    FanFics by Lhee0807


    As time passes by, we clearly are leading to different paths. I chose to be on the limelight. She chose to do things slowly. She wants to finish her studies while taking every opportunity that came her way in showbiz. Because of that, I rarely see her these days.
    Sometimes, I wish that we never left the PBB House. It was more fun there than in the outside world. At that house, we are all equal. I am just James. She was just Devon. Though, as she has always emphasized, we are opposites, in that house, we can freely show how we care for each other. Yes, there were times that she’ll avoid me for a reason I didn’t know, I can always chase her. Chase her until she would have no choice but to notice me. But now, it is different.
    The outside world is so damn big that she can hide from me and I won’t have freakin time to find her. She’s avoiding me again. And it is damn frustrating! I wanna talk to her. Really talk to her. Ask her questions that have been in my mind when I think of her. But even that simple wish cannot be granted because of the status that I have.
    I am Robert James Reid. The big winner. The man that is chased by thousands of fan girls who claim to love him. The man who owes so much to his fans so he would do anything to make them happy. And sadly, Devon is out of the picture. They didn’t want us to be together for some reasons I find it hard to accept.
    But I am not losing hope. One day, when this whole charade ends, I will chase her again and settle things with her. Then I will ask her to be my girl. If I am lucky enough to be chosen to be by her side on that day, I swear to God not to make her cry.
    I will patiently wait for that day.

    It was another though day. Today is finals week so I, together with my college friends have been stressful these days. Aside from that, I have to consider my rehearsals in ASAP. Unlike my PBB friends, I am not so seen in TV since I chose to have a full load in school. I have to do it for my family. Showbiz is not permanent. Aside from that, a lot of people didn’t like me when I was in PBB.
    It hurts, I admit. I can’t understand their reasons for hating me so much. Up until now, they still brag the issues I have with Tricia when it’s now over. Tricia and I are not close, but we became friends. In fact, there were times that she stood up for me. There’s also the issue with James. I can’t believe that I am branded as a flirt because I became too close to him.
    But I am Devon. I am bubbly. I am cheerful. I can’t allow someone to see that I am weak. Especially my family. If they see me breakdown, they will surely worry about me. And that is the least thing that I want to happen. So for them, I have to smile.


    “Hi, Devon!” Ivan greeted me. I waved him as a sign of my greeting. I knew I looked like a mess. I literally ran my way here on the rehearsal area for the tough ten dance number in ASAP.
    “Stuck at traffic again?” Tricia teasingly asked me and I nodded, still catching my breath. It still amazed me how I like Tricia now. She is such a sweet girl.
    “Where are the others?” I asked. I noticed that aside from the three of us, the room was empty.
    “Well, they said they’re hungry so they grab something to eat,” Ivan answered. I just shrugged and bring out my laptop. I have many things to accomplish. I am so occupied with school now. In fact, dance rehearsals and ASAP appearances are the only bonding moments I have with these guys.
    “Hey, Devon’s now here.” Bret said after their not so quiet entrance. I just looked up at him at nod boyishly. I really have to finish this crap so I can join these people.
    “And she’s not with us again.” I heard someone commented. It was Ivan.
    “Sorry guys! I’ll join you later!” I assured them, but my eyes are still in the screen of my laptop. Then I fixed my hair. It is irritating me. I am a TV personality so if I can’t look good, I have to be at least presentable. But I know I look like Sadako now.
    Then I saw a hand holding a hair tie. I look at him and I saw James smiling at me.
    “I think you need this,” he said smiling that I can’t help but smile back. I miss this dude smiling at me like that. We rarely see each other these days. He is busy with his TV program.
    “But you have to give it back to me later.”
    “Well, as far as I remember, it was mine,” I said to him. I knew that was the hair tie I gave him months ago.
    “It was yours. But now, it is mine.”
    I was stunned by the possessiveness in his voice. Then I looked at him intently. The smile is gone and there is something in his eyes that made my heart skip a beat.
    “Guys! Can we now prac
  • colitte1010colitte1010 Member PExer


    all pictures are owned by me and Mr Joel Garcia. please dont take out tag/watermarks.thank you

    I've got an angel
    She does'nt wear any wings
    She wears a heart that could melt my own
    She wears a smile that could make me want to sing

    She gives me presents
    With her presence alone
    She gives me everything i could wish for
    She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home

    She can make angels
    I?ve seen it with my own eyes
    You got to be careful when you you've got good love
    'cause them angels will just keep on multiplying

    But you're so busy changing the world
    Just one smile and you could change all of mine
    We share the same soul
    Oh oh oh ohh

    We share the same soul
    Oh oh oh ohh
    We share the same soul
    Oh oh oh ohh
    Oh oh oh ohh
    Mmm mmm mmm mmm[/highlight]

    James dedicated this song to Devon last July 31,2010 during the M&G of the GEMS


    credit to the uploader
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    :flower: OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNELS :flower:[/highlight]

    * The Epic Last Night Hug and Kiss
    * Morning Hug
    * No More Massage Power Hug
    * Honestly, Kiss Me Epic Power Hug
    * Power Hug after the I won't touch anymore
    * June 16 Dance Hug
    * June 15 Hug and Kiss
    * James Carried Devon (Ryan's Party)
    * The Legend Of Two Pillows
    * James Hospital Farewell
    * Guys Reaction to Devon Wushu
    * Joe and Pat Elimination
    * Devon and Ivan Talking
    * Devon Dance Audition
    * Eviction Night Hand Massage
    * Singing 'Baby' To James
    * James Staring at Devon
    * Post Concert Hug

    Credits to: OfficialJadeChannel and Sweetmoonriver
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    Ice Cream Sandwich
    Chess Task
    @ 0:33:44
    Stare of Madness
    @ 1:27:14
    @ 1:55:00 (jun9)
    Stage: Di ok sa akin
    @ 11:00 (jun9)
    Sharing food in one bowl
    More Practice Moment
    @ 59:08
    Practice Again
    @ 3:34
    I knew it..I knew it..
    Her sticker on his cabinet
    Kiss Me!!
    Ice Cream Sandwich
    Chess Task
    @ 0:33:44
    Stare of Madness
    @ 1:27:14
    Kiss Me!!
    starts @ 1:55:00 (jun9)
    Stage: Di ok sa akin
    start @ 11:00 (jun9)
    More practice moment...
    starts @ 59:08
    Let's go outside...
    starts @ 1:00-1:20
    Practice again...
    i knew it..i knew it..
    her sticker on his cabinet
    sharing food in one bowl

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    James' MV TRIBUTE


    It's as equally heartfelt as that of Devon's Video... But this time it's about James...
    Kudos to @jadeusa23 for creating such awesome videos depicting the personalities of our two babies,

    And here is Devon's MV Tribute


    all pics are owned by me and Mr Joel Garcia. please dont take out tags/watermarks
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    [highlight]James' kiLig Lines to Devon[/highlight]

    1. Carson's kiss was nothing! It doesnt count
    2. Come to Australia and I will take you to a Party
    3. You can move out and Live with Me.
    4. i love dark skin...
    5. Kiss me!!
    6. Gudnight Devon, One more hug, Honestly, Really, I'm being Serious, Kiss me, Comeback......
    7. Are you okey?
    8. You have a nice back
    9. Your eyes compliments your smile
    10. You have a nice smile
    11. Dark skin makes you stand out
    12. You have a god's like hand
    13. Dark skin and white teeth is really cute
    14. You have a nice forehead
    15. It's a nice laugh.
    16. Not even fair. Don't even get Fair. Leave it!

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    [highlight]News and Write Ups[/highlight]

    The PBB teen housemates choose their Big 6

    Six final questions for the Big Six

    Unite at the Big Night

    Spotlight on the Teen Big 6 – James, Ryan, Devon, Fretzie, Ivan & Bret


    Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big Winner James Reid is not after fame and money

    After PBB, on to the next level?

    Will the Big Six of PBB Teen Clash of 2010 enter showbiz?

    PBB Teen Big 6 ready to take on showbiz

    Young and free

    PBB's James Reid and Devon Seron, the next hot teen love team?

    NEWBIES: PBB Teen Clash love team James Reid and Devon Seron are both fans of Kimerald

    cr:M.Molina of FB
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    [HIGHLIGHT]* Create Love[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Unbelievable[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* I've Fallen For You[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* No One Else Comes Close[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* I Knew I Love You[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Falling In Love[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Beautiful As You[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* What Would They Say[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Never Shouts Never Hits[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Opposites Attract[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Opposites Attract[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* We Could Be Inlove[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Only When Im With You[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Out Of My League[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* My Sweetness[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* I'll Be There[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Pag-ibig Na Kaya?[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* We Just Don't Care[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Falling For You[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Ordinary People[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Isang Katulad Mo[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* You Give Me A Reason[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]* Forevermore[/HIGHLIGHT]
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    [HIGHLIGHT]*When You Look Me In The Eyes[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]*Falling In Love[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]*I'm Only Me When I'm With You[/HIGHLIGHT]
    [HIGHLIGHT]*I Cant Fight This Feeling Anymore[/HIGHLIGHT]
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    [HIGHLIGHT]*Jaevon Meet & Greet MV 1[/HIGHLIGHT]
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    001. fiona_cruz - (Ate Mardy)- Houston, Texas
    002. tarabaruray - ate tars - san jose, CA
    003. nicelady04 - Grace -Oregon
    004. quincy- Tampa, Florida
    005. angel1260245123- bristol, England
    006. agent26-UK
    007. Chinkeyeyes- UK
    008. bebetazz- Ca, USA
    009. ladyblade_15- Scotland, UK
    010. redfirefly - Singapore
    011. Mye28 -Switzerland
    012. joansheri - Qatar
    013. gum -California
    014. jhoanne_vj10 - Dubai
    015. bellaswanko15 - Dubai
    016. ako_ay_ako-tonette- tuen mun,hk
    017. cuterish30 - Singapore
    018. rrav_18 - Canada
    019. Genedinee - Vancouver, Canada
    020. harmony09- New jersey
    021. mizzy_08 -Spain
    022. pnaypay2010- Los Angeles, CA
    023. sam_milboy - Dubai
    024. Periwinkle303 -Washington ,US
    025. efriv_1214 - Japan
    026. JeeTeeJT - Canada
    027. mysweetyangel - Dubai
    028. roancutie - Cali, USA
    029. akosiadiev - West Cork, Ireland
    030. norlyn123 - Israel
    031. f_forever - Singapore
    032. chiharu- Arkansas, USA
    033. Bishoujo_Angel - Cali, USA
    034. jenn01- Edmonton, Canada
    035. jazzy29- Ohio, USA
    036. CacayG - Hawaii
    037. evianforthesoul - Switzerland
    038. maple2010 - Canada
    039. christine1983-Ohio,USA
    040. civyrocha2- New York
    041. hehnuhhh- California
    042. vanziemahal - Dubai
    043. JADEzam_17- Burnaby, Canada
    044. TheJadeSisters-Florida, US
    045. jenashereen - MD, USA
    046. dang23 - Abu Dhabi, UAE
    047. saw124 - California
    048. pnaychiq- California
    049. cris_ash16- Dubai
    050. stef_raws - dublin,Ireland
    051. 1223rochelle- Taiwan
    052. newtonR- Georgia
    053. MysteryBlued- Melbourne, Australia
    054. Jaevonlover - Singapore
    055. Jesstine01- Edmonton, Canada
    056. jadelover- California
    057. edhzylicious- Dubai
    058. inaho- Canada
    059. jm_ruiz93- England
    060. jhomelizza- Vietnam
    061. hoyits_shie- Arizona, USA
    062. Precious - Shanghai, China
    063. Killer - Shanghai, China
    064. Lheeyan - Shanghai, China
    065. Jeorgina - Shanghai, China
    066. Jack - Shanghai, China
    067. Lheez - Shanghai, China
    068. mszel051724 - Italy
    069. Princesse82 - Abu Dhabi
    070. drizzle21 - Denmark
    071. itsmesachi - Ireland
    072. purplelavender - China
    073. camillewaygo - Florida, USA
    074. jaevonnorway - Oslo, Norway
    075. krimheild26 - Saudi Arabia
    076. venz_mea- Alberta, Canada
    077. kcnineteen- Winnipeg, Canada
    078. tesla9- Milpitas Ca USA
    079. lovely_yasha23- K.S.A
    080. sandiikimerald- Alaska
    081. motherkoko- Dubai UAE
    082. katiebird- Calgary, Canada
    083. princessjhennea- Singapore
    084. qatarkfc- Doha, Qatar
    085. melrotti12- Toronto, Canada
    086. cottonball- San Francisco,CA
    087. moeasha-Taiwan
    088. rica0221 - Toronto, Canada
    089. janlizette- London
    090. pacute30- Toronto, Canada
    091. marissa - Oslo, Norway
    092. marina - Oslo, Norway
    093. jenny- Oslo, Norway
    094. Vicky - Madrid , Spain
    095. amor -Madrid , Spain
    096. elissa - Madrid , Spain
    097. emily- Madrid , Spain
    098. teresa - Milan, Italy
    099. Maribel - Singapore
    100. glenda- Oslo, Norway
    101. lorie_tolentino- Canada
    102. bethskie - Denmark
    103. bella79 -Fujairah, UAE
    104. luxy25 - Singapore
    105. Cedielo_luv_JaDe (Swissy) - Switzerland
    106. simplymeandu - London
    107. cutify_ann2001- Taiwan
    108. trinaabigael- Portugal
    109. chocoholic0703- Abu Dhabi, UAE
    110. LaAndrea- Califoria
    111. nhelmhar- Hongkong
    112. Gemstersjade- Canada
    113. g_animah_08- Madinah, KSA
    114. reivajnoj- Japan
    115. lala84- Manitoba, Canada
    116. chichoy19- Scotland
    117. khayeM - UK London
    118. aym008- Australia
    119. jessie2010- Hongkong
    120. karyne- California
    121. istaryna - British, Columbia Columbia
    122. kye12 - Japan
    123. zellylovesjaevo -USA Philadelphia
    124. Luurdess - Italy
    125. pipa29 - Dubai
    126. enjoylicious - Singapore
    127. zha24 - Canada
    128. jade4- Calgary, AB Canada

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    **** sa umpisa lang po ito na kelangan nating supurtahan ang dalawa dahil we need to be heard n para mabigyan ng chance ang jade n so far tama po ang ginagawa natin ang successfull MG n presscon n ang effort ng pagtweet n email!!!! at sa mga loopies na pumunta sa abs lagi!!!! kasi po nahihiya na din kami manawagan for the record lang po walang perang dumaan sakin diretso po kay hugo n mardy lahat ng padala like yung sa mga nagbigy sa cebu kina ken maraming salamat pero sana kay hugo nmardy lang magbibigay ng money to protect us din po, ako lang po ang taga execute at taga relay sa locals ng mga day to day tasks nila kasama po sina MARDY CHINKYEYES CACAYG MARIMARI AT EUPHORIAat kung pede sa kanila lang kayo magtiwala, at maraming salamat ok lang po yun pero sa susunod mas maganda kung may sistema tayo pagdating sa pagbibigay ng money kasi we have encountered two scammers dito sa thread n may nabigay c dhemy na contact person samin na dapat if ever na padalhan ng tulong for james n devon's suporter sa cebu c stephanie daw po pinsan nila yun!!!!maasahan nyo po na ginagawa namin klahat na gamitin ng maayos ang mga pledges!!!

    -outside usa pledges inform din po kaming mga officers kung magpapadala kay hugo for accounting purposes sa report po namin sa inyo!!!!


    ym nyo lang po ako [email protected]
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  • tesla9tesla9 HamHa!!! ~Hamtaru-chu~ PExer
    When a boy likes you he would want to spend more time with you. He wouldn't mind riding a few extra blocks to your home to go to school with you. He may even volunteer to watch Titanic with you despite being a Star Trek fan. If you find a guy doing things he normally would not do, it means that he is ready to do things he does not enjoy just to be able to spend more time with you. This is a sure sign that he likes you.
    (from the beginning but sharing in one bowl starts around 11:13)… Nakakangalay kaya nakaupong ganun din kalikot sa phone unless you're comfortable with someone you sit with….

    What about yung toy story 3 ba pinanood nia? I wonder kung gusto talaga yun ni james or kung napanood na nya before????

    2. Do you feel that he is looking at you when both of you are in the same room? You have started feeling this way probably because you have caught him looking at you very often. If he looks at you frequently and never misses a chance to flash his pearly whites even when he is with his friends planning the next football practice session, you could safely take this as one of the evident signs that he likes you. He always makes eye contact with you.. even when you're not talking he'll just look at you and smile.. and he can't stop smiling
    (1:04 captivating stare):bashful::bashful::bashful:

    3. A male friend of mine once said 'It's only when you see girls talk that you realize that you don't need to think before talking. You just have to open your mouth and words come out like water gushing out once the gates of a dam have been opened after a heavy downpour.' It's true, not only do we girls love to talk, but we talk a lot! If you are desperately looking for a foolproof test to see if he likes you, then call him and see if he enjoys talking to you. Believe me, if you can make a guy talk for more than 10 minutes over the phone, then it means you scored a brownie point.
    Isa lang to sa series ng long chat nila sa pool… ewan ko kung isang oras ba yung kompleto. But notice at 2:28, DD slightly hit mm’s leg…alam nyo ba why??? Pakinggan nyo, kiligzzzzz!!!

    4. If you are still wondering how to tell if a guy likes you, look for obvious signs in his body language. When he likes you, he would rarely turn his back towards you. He might lean a little towards you while talking. He may touch your arms or might try to hold your hand. Even when in a group, he would stand beside you or always face you. Where guys fail with their words, they try to make up through physical touch. However, don't be too skeptical. If a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will never cross his limits. If he does, then he is not worth your time.
    (0:26-0:50 hug to comfort)
    (ryan’s party)
    (guitar lesson)
    (pool area)
    (goodnight hug)
    (can’t let you go hug)
    (1:28-1:57 I’m yours hug)
    (epic last night hug)

    5. A guy might not talk much but he can surprise you at times by pointing out the minutest change in your appearance. He might compliment you on the different way that you parted your hair even when your best friend might not have noticed it. When a guy likes you, he will be very observant about you. So any slight change in your appearance or even behavior will hardly go unnoticed. This can be one of the telltale signs a man likes you.
    (6:23 hmmmm; 6:41 why are you so close?; 6:51 “I’m jealous”; 7:45 “My God, Devon is wearing a skirt. You never wear a skirt; 7:50 “oh napansin nya” sabi ni jenny)

    Taz ang bangs of course!!! diko mahanap vid.

    6. One of the common tactics that men use to show that they care is to make fun of the woman they like in a light and inoffensive way. He may tease the girl or even call her funny names. Some women may find it strange, but this is the way guys grew up. Haven't you seen the way guys laugh and pull pranks at each other? If he likes you, he will express his interest in the same way that he did with his buddies. This just reflects the level of comfort he has with you.
    (exactly what he did with his buddy ryan)

    7. Friends are a great way to find out if a guy likes you. If his friends know that he likes you, they won't be able to keep their mouths shut for long. It might be subtle or quite apparent, but be alert to note if they tease him about you when you are around. You could also find sure signs a guy like you from your friends. Many times guys speak to the friends of the girl he is interested in to know about her likes and dislikes, so that he could impress her at the right moment.
    (0:32-0:42) kayo bret at jack ha…may nalalaman kayo jan…

    8. A guy who likes you may be the only one in the audience when you are talking about something that was a complete turn-off for the rest of you friends. You may also find him to be the only one laughing at your jokes that others did not find even remotely funny. While some guys may do this to impress you, others may do so because whatever you do or say genuinely interests them. In either case, the guy is trying to tell you that he likes you.
    (0:22 nasa harap pero an layo ng isip, dika siguro nakikinig dd. Maski paborito nyng sinigang ang pinag uusapan.hehe)

    (1:33-1:40 mga hirit ni mm, talagang patok kay dd. Mali ata lyrics ni mm pero still okay)

    (1:57 sinaway ni dd ni jenny)
    (2:51 si A or jenny ata kumanta jan pero si devon pa rin and gustong kumanta)

    (3:06 request granted…notice the smile!! 3:30 at talagang dinidistract ni T by strumming yung guitar with irap; 3:36 pero focus si dd at naalala pa talaga ang carson’s face na all red)

    (4:36 sinaway ni dd si jenny , ang cute; 4:44 a sweet “whattt?” plus a compliment “she knows it.” )

    5:03 alam ni ann pero no comment; 5:04 alam din ni T pero no comment pa rin; 5:16 how did dd react?)

    9. If a guy likes you, it will be evident in the way he would treat you. Even if he is a flirt, his words would be more genuine when he talks to you. His compliments to you would be more sincere than those he uses for other girls. He would also be more courteous and attentive towards you than with anyone else.
    (0:11-0:39 his eyes follow her)

    10. You would know that you have scored a biggie when a guy introduces you to his friends and family. When a guy lets you in to his inner circle it's a sure sign that he likes you. This is one of the final signs that a guy likes you, as he has let you into his private space.!/photo.php?op=3&view=all&subj=123930024304618&aid=-1&pid=418405&id=100000192196071&oid=123930024304618&fbid=138874122795660

    If the guy shows a few of the above 10 signs, he likes you for sure.

  • sws1ol.png
  • tesla9tesla9 HamHa!!! ~Hamtaru-chu~ PExer

    [HIGHLIGHT]Hawak Kamay Di Kita Iiwan sa Paglakbay[/HIGHLIGHT]



    Ehemmm ehemmm.

    Ganito po kasi yun....

    The nice thing po about James and Devon is that although their action is screaming "MERON MERON TALAGA," what's going on between them is mostly unspoken.

    Nagkakahiyaan pa, may dhyahe factor, add to that the pressure from different ships engaged in a tug-of-war, and of course the Bagyo. (you know what I mean. ).

    But all those things only add to the exciting journey that we have to take with these two. Coz really, there's nothing more exhilarating than being constantly kept at the edge with the unexpected moments.

    Kung kelan di natin inaakala, biglang BOOM, hayan na. Kasi nga di sila scripted. Hindi showbiz ang intentions nila towards each other. THey try so hard to keep it in check, but somehow their little gestures and the way they act when around each other or when together, still reveal that the affection is strong and truly present.

    They don't do the things they do para pakiligin tayo; they do what comes naturally. And that's what make them oh so different and oh so special. We hold them close to our hearts because we feel the genuine feelings that exist between theirs.

    It is true nagholding hands po sila. And all those who witnessed it practically went ooh aahh. And it is true that they did so only after they were prodded and asked to.

    You might think na nakakabawas ng kilig kasi nirequest lang pala.

    But that's not where the story ends, kasi po long after the picture was taken. Long after the purpose was attained. The holding hands, the hawak kamay that was supposed to only be for a few seconds, lasted much more than that...

    Because you see... wala nga kasi silang script. They are not following any blueprint or gimik or whatever prepared plan. Though the HH happened because of encouragement from the people around them, what happened after was their own decision. And was therefore, a manifestation of their own feelings.

    Kasi nga, they try hard to act the way mere friends would. Nagkakahiyaan pa, kahit holding hands lang. Kasi nga naman in public. It's different when you do it naturally, somehow it's less dyahe. But when people are around, all eyes on you, syempre, naks naman, nakakahiya. ahahah

    But kasi nga yung set up holding hands, request yun, so nagkahiyaan pa. But what took place after was not part of the plan. And that's what I mean when it's natural. Di na nakaka-conscious. It feels natural. It feels like the way it's supposed to - like they are alone in their own world. Kahit may bantay, kahit may audience. Kahit HINDI NAMAN SILA.


    Her hand in his.

    A perfect fit.

    And everyone who saw them realized something.

    They felt that James and Devon didn't want it to end.



    Ivan, along with Sam C., AJ, and our dear James, agreed to go to Starbucks after their meeting with the ABS CBN people. Devon was already outside talking to Lj, Naz and the other Loopies. (I'm still not comfortable with this terms. hahaha)

    Ivan invited Devon, and she did go with them. It was James who paid for her drink. (ahmm.... bumi-bf?) There were other kilig moments while they were walking towards Starbucks.

    Imagine this - they were crossing the street, walking as a group.

    Then, James grabs Devon's elbow.

    As she spun around facing him, he placed his hands on her shoulders as they talked and walked, with Devon taking steps backwards.

    What it was they talked about, we can only speculate. The Jaevons who were there wanted them to drink their coffee in peace and chose not to follow. But since we are soco in training, we think it was suyuan moment because of the selosan thingy.

    Devon didn't stay long sa loob ng Starbucks. Her Mom came and they went back to the PDA bldg where Lj, Naz et al were waiting. James and Ivan soon followed. Then the Jaevons told them of the request to have a picture of their HANDS taken. Kailangan kasi for the M&G, so nag request kung pwede kunan yung mga kamay na magka-hawak. That was the request. A picture of the hands ONLY.

    After explaining it to them, pumayag naman sila. But obviously nagkahiyaan pa. Expecially on DEvon's part. And we all know how she is when nervous. She laughs and gets all conscious.

    James was game. Of course. He is THE Mr. James Reid, master of being cool. He can handle holding hands stuff. Piece of cake. haha

    But wait.... bakit parang na-conscious din? Are you turning red, Mr. Reid?

    Ahhh, that's because when there are emotions and feelings involved, hindi ka talaga mapapa I-don't-keh. Di ba?

    Kaya heto na...

    While it was being explained to them, suddenly his mobile phone rang.

    It was Ryan Bang.

    "What do you want?!!" James growled.

    Bakit ka galit DD, disturbo ba si Ryan? Excited ka sa holding hands?

    So finally when the phone call was over, they held hands. Everyone there stared in awe. LOL

    Because you see, dapat simpleng holding hands lang. After all they only needed to take a pic of the two hands clasped together. But noooooo...

    As I have said before never underestimate James and Devon. Di lang basta hands and nagdikit. But also their arms, also their bodies.

    And though what was expected was for them to just hold hands as the picture was taken, what they did was to hold hands the way couples would. Ayieeeeeeeeee Parang mag-bf?

    Nagkakahiyaan pa sa start, but when their hands met, their arms touched, they stood there, unmindful of the people around them. Never mind that people were staring. Never mind that her mother was there.

    And never mind that the picture, the reason for the holding hands in the first place, had already been taken. Tapos na nga eh.

    Even the Jaevon people were caught off guard. It took them some time to snap out of their surprise.

    But who can blame them?

    Romance was in the air, and they all knew it.

    James and Devon, as always, were relishing such sweet, tender moment like they were alone in their own world.

    Sadly though, in the real world, there is such a thing as parental rules.

    And as the girl realized the omni presence behind her, she gently tried to remove her hand from the boy's hand.

    But no...

    He wouldn't let go.

    Her hand belonged there. Enclosed in his.

    And as she tried to pull away, he tightened the grip and acted like he didn't notice her trying to free herself. He was gonna hold it. And that was all there is to it.




    What the heck was that?

    Everyone gasped! No, she didn't! Whaaatt ???

    ("Shyeeett!!! Baliw ba siya? Sasabunutan ko siya eh. Bakit niya ginawa yun?!!!)<
    that's me on the phone, screaming at LJ.

    "Why did she ruin the moment??!!" Everyone screamed silently.

    And as everyone watched, unable to comprehend how in he world she would hit him like that, James looked at his hand that was still resting on hers.

    "Ouch." He said, his voice full of pain.

    "You have no idea how much it hurts."

    Whether he meant his heart or his hand, only he knows.



    While everyone was shifting uncomfortably because of the "paluan ng kamay" that took place. And all the Jaevons there still recovering from shock, James and Devon stood side by side.

    His hand red. His feelings hurt.

    But like every other story, involving this one of a kind tandem, every tampuhan is very quickly forgotten matapos ang suyuan at nakakakisay na lambingan.

    Remember James' "I will never ever touch you again!" line?
    And Devon's "I hate you!" reply?

    We all know how that night ended. Two hugs! Two never before seen hugs. There was that memorable BACKHUG that seemed to go on forever. And while we sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the camera to show them, we watched their reflection on the wall mirrors, trying to contain our screams of waaaaaaaaaa. Bonus of course was how James brushed off all the other people around them.

    Not satisfied, they separated. Stood up facing the other, setting each other up for a rib cracking embrace that pawned all other embraces before it. It was magical. And it was amazing.


    Didn't that scene leave all of us breathless?

    And then of course there was that "Usahay" practice tampuhan. She was already reeling from uncertainties, obviously realizing her growing attachment to him, made worse by the practice session that day between James and A--. And even further complicated by his request that she and her companion tone down their noise while they practice. She was in a lousy mood. And alam niyo naman ang mga girls, obvious ba na parang naje-jelly nung time na yun? Kaya hayun, sensitive. PUnta agad ng room. Humiga sa kama, sabay sabing "I hate him! Suplado!"

    Ano nga ba ang nangyari after nun? Marami, may battery changing pa. But let's cut to the chase. There was all that Cahsen talk; and the numerous rejection of a certain someone trying to touch his ears. The "Aren't you gonna punch me?" lambing. And of course the confirmation of what we all knew all along: he likes her dark skin and smile. He's been hinting about it before. Difference is, he said it flat out. Straight. He said it for everyone to hear.

    So this holding-hands-paluan moment is really no different.

    After James said "You have no idea how much it hurts." Devon immediately realizing her mistake, tried to soothe the pained hand. She held it and in between giggles and smiles, attempted to make him feel better.

    He let her do it. And for a moment, the boy was even caught by the onlookers, closing his eyes, clearly relishing her touch against his skin. awwwwww

    And as this was going on, everyone around them were squealing silently, unable to contain the saccharine moment they were witnessing. Parang naglabasan ata lahat ng langgam.

    Pero napalakas ata ang palo. And with his upper class, sensitive, manipis skin, di ata kinaya ng haplos ng pagmamahal.

    But then again, it's not a question of whether the pain in his hand actually went away. It is that which was on his heart that mattered. And as she sweetly tried to make up for her error he was back smiling again in no time.

    You see, the thing about James and Devon is everything just comes so naturally. No pretense, no sugar coating.

    For a while both of them were lost in their own world. They continued holding hands even after the picture was taken. They forgot that they were being watched. It was a beautiful moment.

    They lingered. Enjoyed having each other's hand clasped together.

    We have to understand though that ibang klase po yung bantay ni Devon. Jawo level. And after a while na conscious po siya.

    But she knew she was wrong and was not afraid to admit it.

    Completely aware that she cut short a heart melting holding hand moment, hurting him in the process, she wooed him.

    And in a show of courage, despite the presence of everyone around them, her bantay included, she did the unthinkable.

    In a very touching and awwwwww inducing act, she took the Starbucks frozen drink he bought for her, held his hand, and using the drink as a cold compress, placed it on his pained skin.

    As the night drew to a close, she left with her mother and crossed the street to flag a taxi. He, on the other hand prepared to board Ivan's van, enroute to the "date" that caused the selosan moment.

    And as he was about to board, he cast a glance at her who was already on the other side. He was shaking his head, as she repeatedly said, "Sorry naaa."

    He then raised his hand and yelled "It's bleeding!" lol

    (the hand or the heart? )

    Devon then looked at her Jaevon family. She made a sign that meant "lagot." Her expression was sad. Was it guilt? Probably.

    But knowing James and Devon, and their endless tolerance for each other, this event will be nothing but a conversation topic the next time they meet. And hopefully a source of suyuan at lambingan na naman. Ahahaha

    While the goodbyes and exchanges from the opposite side of the street were happening, the Jaevons watched the scene before them, and wondered, "What would their next meeting be like?" "What will they say and do the next time they see each other?" Ang ending ng eksena kasi ay yung tipong may karugtong pa. Yung obvious na may sequel.

    What suyuan and kunwari-masakit-pa moments will take place?

    We can't tell for sure. But knowing them, we believe it will be something worth looking forward to.

    And yes, we all can hardly wait.

    Let me end this with this LSS, both Lj's and mine.
    We think of James and Devon when we hear this.

    :note:You set it again,
    my heart's in motion
    Every word feels
    like a shooting star.
    I'm on the edge
    of my emotion
    Watching the shadows
    burn in the dark
    And I'm in love
    And I'm terrified
    For the first time
    And the last time
    In my only life...:note:

    I love you all,


    Thank you sa mga Loop regs. All credit to them. You rock! <3


    :note:Minsan madarama mo kay bigat ng problema
    Minsan mahihirapan ka at masasabing “di ko makakaya”
    Tumingin ka lang sa langit
    Baka sakaling may masumpungan
    Di kaya ako’y tawagin
    Malalaman mong kahit kailan

    Di kita iiwan sa paglakbay
    Dito sa mundong walang katiyakan
    Di kita bibitawan sa paglalakbay
    Sa mundo ng kawalan

    Minsan madarama mo
    Ang mundo’y gumuho sa ilalim ng iyong mga paa
    At ang agos ng problema’y tinatangay ka
    Tumingin ka lang sa langit
    Baka sakaling may masumpungan
    Di kaya ako’y tawagin
    Malalaman mong kahit kailan

    Wag mong sabihin nag-iisa ka
    Laging isipin meron kang kasama
    Narito ako oh, Narito ako… :note:
  • colitte1010colitte1010 Member PExer



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