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    Manila Bulletin, Sept. 1, 2010

    Geoff Swears to Pursue Carla Even After Love Team Ends
    by Kaye Villagomez

    It’s feelings over facts for Geoff Eigenmann who might be currently calculating his romantic chances in courting Carla Abellana but wants the actress to be the one for him. The only impediment keeping the actor from popping the yes-or-no question is perfect timing.

    Geoff even equated asking for Carla’s sweet yes to that of asking someone’s hand in marriage. He is that serious.

    “That’s what I’m constantly working on eh. Kung maging kami, tuloy-tuloy na 'yun. Walang kalokohan. Kasi kung magtanong ako ngayon at ang sagot niya, ‘No,’ eh 'di magtatanong na lang ako ulit next time. Panibagong set up na naman 'yun. Tapos sana next time iba na yung sagot,” Geoff confessed
    last Wednesday to Bulletin Entertainment on the set of “Basahang Ginto” in Malabon City.

    “I’ve been turned down before. As much as possible, you want your efforts to work. Kahit naman sino ayaw ma-busted kasi binigay mo lahat ng effort mo tapos lahat 'yun wala lang so as much as possible I’m playing it safe now at lahat ng gagawin ko yung tama. Then and only then, at the right time, would I ask the question na sigurado ang [favorable answer]. It’s premature to ask now eh because it’s like asking someone to marry you, ganu'n na rin 'yun eh. Hindi na kasi ako bumabata eh. Tumatanda na ako,” the 25-year-old actor disclosed, dispelling doubts claiming that what Geoff and Carla have for each other is only for show.

    Parting ways

    But, an obstacle stands in the way as their reel partnership lasts only as far as “Basahang Ginto” goes. The series is about to end in a month. After this, Geoff will move on to a fantasy drama pairing him with Glaiza de Castro while Carla will be working on a separate project opposite Dennis Trillo.

    “For me, I’m going to try and make it work [even if we don’t get to see each other that much anymore]. Yung walang kalokohan particularly now that we have taping four or five times a week [in the new show]. Sunod-sunod talaga tapos ‘Party Pilipinas’ pa 'pag Sundays,” he said.

    Geoff also added, “We might be seeing less of each other in the future but I think [it’s a matter of] constant communication kasi 'pag may problem naman ako, siya pa rin yung unang tinatawagan ko eh. It’s unlikely na ma-develop ka sa ibang katrabaho mo though it seems that in showbiz, it’s easy to do that because you are forced in a situation where you have to feel for the one you share scenes with. Pero yung mahanap mo yung totoo talaga is really something for me na ngayon ko lang nakita. Something that I haven’t seen in anyone that I was partnered with.”

    Because of the hours he is bound to spend without Carla, Geoff said, “It’s actually sad that we’re parting ways as a love team. But, we know we’d be eventually paired with others. We were ready, I guess. But now that it’s happening, it’s kind of sad. I’m hoping that everything still goes out well.”

    For her part, Carla thinks it’s a good thing that she and Geoff will be working with different screen partners. She told Bulletin Entertainment in a separate interview: “That’s good because it’s an opportunity to work outside the love team. It’s about time that we got paired with somebody else. It’s an opportunity for us to grow and see if we work well without each other and with other people.”

    Carla and Geoff’s supporters can still enjoy the pair’s chemistry for one more month. The series was extended due to its stable showing in the ratings. With an average August rating of 6 percent accounted by the AGB Nielsen survey, “Basahang Ginto” remains one of the most-watched afternoon programs. The series airs via GMA’s daily “Dramarama sa Hapon” after “Trudis Liit.”

    Geoff is dead serious with Carla! :bonkself: Para na siyang si Danny! :p
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    caption: Aba! Consistent itong si Geoff Eigenmann sa pag-e-escort kay Carla Abellana, ha? Kayo na ba for real? Uyy...

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    Phil. Entertainment Portal, Sept. 3, 2010


    caption: "One of the roles that my dad [Michael de Mesa] was really good at, it was gay role. I want to try something like that na seryoso talaga na gay role," says Geoff Eigenmann.

    photo by Noel Orsal

    Geoff Eigenmann Says He Will Give the Same Effort to His New Tandem with Glaiza de Castro
    by Rose Garcia

    Nakapag-last taping na ang afternoon soap ng GMA-7 na Basahang Ginto sa Bataan. Ayon kay Geoff Eigenmann, ang leading man ng bidang si Carla Abellana, masaya naman ang naging last taping day nila.

    "Enjoy, relax lang... Noong morning, then buong afternoon, nasa beach lang kami. Naghintay kami ng sunset," kuwento ni Geoff nang makapanayam siya ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last September 1 sa Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee sa Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

    Noong Monday night, August 30, daw sila nag-cast party.

    "Masaya naman. Although siyempre, medyo sad lang din talaga na tapos na yung taping, tapos na yung show."

    ALMOST THERE. Tungkol naman sa ka-love team ni Geoff na si Carla, sinabi ng young actress sa isang panayam na konti na lang ay baka sagutin na rin niya si Geoff. Yun nga lang, parang wala nang gustong maniwala na hindi pa sila. Ano ang reaksiyon dito ni Geoff?

    "Well, siya naman ang nagsasabi na malapit na. So, tingnan natin the way it is. Hopefully, soon, soon," sagot ng binata.

    Formality na lang yata na sagutin siya ni Carla dahil parang sila na talaga?

    "Puwede, puwede!" natatawang pagsang-ayon ni Geoff.

    Napa-"wow!" naman si Geoff nang may magsabing bagay sila ni Carla at marami ang nagsasabing magkahawig sila. Halatang kinilig ang young actor.

    NEW LEADING LADY. Naka-schedule nang mag-taping si Geoff para sa bago niyang primetime series, ang Grazilda, although nakapag-taping na ang ibang cast nito. Ngayong September na rin ito nakatakdang iere ng GMA-7.

    Sa Grazilda ay si Glaiza de Castro ang makakapareha ni Geoff. Kumusta ang tambalan nila?

    "Excited, kasi nakikita ko na rin ang plug ng Grazilda ngayon, tapos primetime, ginagastusan. Si Glaiza naman, ever since, bilib ako sa kanya. She's a good actress. Magaling siyang kumanta, she's an all-around performer. And I really look forward to working with her.

    "May ginawa rin kaming screen test. Kaya siguro kami na-pair, they saw something. At saka yung audition scene, parang natural ang delivery, kumportable kami sa isa't isa."

    Hindi na rin daw siya na-surprise when he found out na sila ni Glaiza ang bagong magkakapareha.

    "Ako, medyo hindi ako nagulat. Kasi sa audition na naka-partner ko as Grazilda, siya yung pinaka-okay."

    Tinanong din ng PEP si Geoff kung ine-expect ba niya na ganun din ang magiging pagtanggap ng mga manonood sa team-up nila ni Glaiza gaya ng naging pagtanggap sa love team nila ni Carla?

    "Depende kung magugustuhan ng tao, it's really up to them," sagot niya. "Kung magustuhan nila kami, I guess it's just good for us. Pero siyempre, I'll give my same effort. Pero ang tingin ko kay Glaiza is different from Carla."

    CARLA WITH A DIFFERENT LEADING MAN. Wala rin daw problema kay Geoff kung sina Carla at Dennis Trillo naman ang magkakapareha sa susunod nilang project.

    "Okey lang, maganda naman ang chemistry nila, ang tandem nila. Nag-start sila sa Lovebug, and they have a TV commercial na na-extend nga raw kasi aliw. Ako naman, okey lang sa akin, it's work."

    Dugtong pa ni Geoff, "It's given naman na hindi naman kami ni Carla puwedeng forever na kami lang ang partner."

    Pero wala bang kaba sa part niya na ngayong magkaiba na sila ng partners at ibang projects na ang ginagawa nila, may posibilidad na mabago ang kung anumang relasyon meron sila ngayon?

    "Ang mababago lang siguro is the time," sabi ni Geoff. "Kasi, from almost every day together for a year, a year and a half, to biglang hindi magkikita kasi magkaiba ng schedules. That would gonna be a difficult adjustment. But hopefully, we'll work through it."

    Ang galing sumagot ni Geoff! :rocker: :cheerleader:
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    Abante, Sept. 5, 2010

    Carla at Geoff, Magkasamang Nagbakasyon sa Boracay!
    ni Rose Garcia

    Tapos na ngang mag-taping sina Geoff Eigenmann at Carla Abellana ng Basahang Ginto. Si Carla ay may gagawing primetime series kunsaan, si Dennis Trillo ang makaka-partner niya at si Geoff naman, nagsisimula na para sa Grazilda na si Glaiza de Castro naman ang kapareha.

    Ayon kay Geoff, tanggap naman daw nila ni Carla na hindi na sila ang partner.

    “Siyempre, ever since naman, alam naman namin ni Carla na hindi pupuwedeng hindi darating ang ganitong pagkakataon na magkakahiwalay kami as loveteam. Wala pa naman yata or hindi pa nangyayari na hanggang end, yung loveteam lang na ‘yun ang palaging magka-partner. So, alam namin na mangyayari ‘to and okey lang, it’s work,” sabi ni Geoff.

    With Glaiza naman, okey raw kay Geoff si Glaiza na bago niyang leading lady.

    “Yes, kahit noon pa naman, alam ko na si Glaiza ay mabait at saka magaling. She’s a good singer at magaling din siyang aktres.”

    Sa sunud-sunod halos na projects ni Geoff sa Kapuso network, silang dalawa ni Carla ang magkasama.

    May pressure ba na this time, parang kailangan niyang ma-prove ang individuality niya as an actor and with other leading lady?

    “Yeah, nakakakaba rin. This is primetime. And it really matters kung pinapanood ng mga tao. Effort wise, I’ll give the same effort if not even more. Yung sa amin ni Carla, it really boils down to really trusting each other and communication.

    “Kung magustuhan ng tao yung tandem namin ni Glaiza and sunod-sunod yung shows namin together, that’s fine, we have to accept it. Ganyan talaga ang nangyayari.”

    Si Glaiza naman ay galing sa series of character roles, anong sey niya ro’n?

    “Yeah, madalas din sinasabi sa kanya na papalitan natin ang perception ng tao na palagi kang kontrabida. Na ganyan lang ang kaya mo. Ipapakita natin na you can be something else also. You can be different. So, that alone is a challenge for her. So, kung makakatulong ako ro’n, why not?

    “Kung maging maganda ang chemistry, we can’t do anything but just be thankful,” sey na lang ni Geoff.

    Anyway, habang sinusulat ko ito, may natanggap kaming text message na diumano’y marami ang nakakakita ngayon kina Geoff at Carla na magkasama sa Boracay at tila nasa bakasyon mode ang mga ito.

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    Pil. Star Ngayon, Sept. 5, 2010

    Geoff Namumura ni Gina
    ni Emy Abuan

    Excited na si Geoff Eigenmann sa bago nitong kaparehang si Glaiza de Castro sa bago nilang fantaserye although mami-miss niya ang kapareha at ladylove na si Carla Abellana. Ipapareha naman ito kay Dennis Trillo sa Korean telenovela na Coffee Prince.

    Hindi ba siya nagseselos kay Dennis?

    “Hindi naman kasi nagkasama na sila sa Love Bug noon at maganda naman ang kanilang working relationship. Noong una, seloso ako lalo na nung bata pa ako. Pero ngayon hindi na,” sabi ng aktor.

    Naitanong din namin kung napanood ba niya ang mga de kalidad na pelikula ng kanyang mommy na si Gina Alajar na isang multi-awarded actress.

    Napanood nito ang Salome at sinabing saludo siya sa napakagaling na ina lalo na pagdating sa akting. Pinagbubuti rin nito ang pag-arte dahil gustong patunayan na anak nga siya nina Michael de Mesa at Gina.

    Nag-acting workshop si Geoff under sa kanyang mommy at inaming walang special treatment.

    “Kapag nagkamali nga po ako, sinisigawan niya ako at minsan nagmumura pa kaya ’pag siya ang aking acting coach, pinagbubutihan ko talaga at tinatandaan ang mga acting instructions,” natatawang say pa ni Geoff.

    Sa kabilang banda, mami-miss na ang araw-araw na pagkikita nila ni Carla sa taping ng Basahang Ginto pero they are dating exclusively. Wala pa ring pag-amin kung totoo ngang may relasyon silang magkapareha.

    Consistent ang rating ng Basahang Ginto kaya naging memorable sa kanila ang teleserye. Nag-last taping day na sila kaya sobrang lungkot ang nadama ng mga staff at kapwa artista dahil para silang isang pamilya.
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    Journal, Sept. 7, 2010

    Geoff Takot Maging GF si Carla
    by Mario Bautista

    GEOFF Eigenmann admits he’s sad about his coming separation from Carla Abellana after they did four shows together: “Rosalinda,” “SRO,” “Last Prince” and “Basahang Ginto.” “This is normal since we’ve been so used to working with each other,” he says. “We know one day we’d work outside our love team and be paired with other stars but even if we’ve prepared ourselves for that, siyempre, sad pa rin. We’re just praying it all turns out for the better at tanggapin pa rin kami ng viewers kahit iba na kapareha namin.”

    He’ll be paired with Glaiza de Castro in “Grazilda” while Carla will be doing a new soap with Dennis Trillo after he finishes “Endless Love.” Will he be faithful to Carla even if they’d now seldom see each other? “Wala pa naman kaming formal relationship but I can assure her na mabait ako’t walang gagawing kalokohan. At saka magkikita pa rin naman kami in ‘Party Pilipinas.’ I’d see to it we won’t lose communication.”

    Does he plan to ask Carla to formalize their relationship in the near future? “I want to play it safe muna and not to rush it. Kasi I’ve been busted by other girls before so this time, I want my efforts to work as being turned down is not a nice feeling. You give your best effort tapos walang nangyari, so masakit din. And when I ask, gusto ko tuluy-tuloy na 'yun so it’s premature to ask her now as I know she’s also more concentrated in her efforts to make good in her career.”

    Good boy! *okay* :teehee:
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    Phil. Entertainment Portal, Sept. 8, 2010


    Young actor Geoff Eigenmann gets to be paired with Glaiza de Castro in the new GMA-7 fantaserye, Grazilda.

    photo by Noel Orsal

    Geoff Eigenmann Admits Following Carla Abellana in Boracay
    by Rose Garcia

    Bagong tambalan ang inihahandog ng GMA-7 sa upcoming fantaserye na Grazilda, sina Geoff Eigenmann at Glaiza de Castro.

    Consistent si Geoff sa pagsasabing masaya siya na si Glaiza ang nakasungkit sa role na Grazilda at finally ay bida na ito.

    "I'm very happy with that," sambit niya. "Ako kasi, personally, noong nag-audition kami, we were paired with others. Ako talaga, personally, I thought I have chemistry with Glaiza. So, maganda yung... we were comfortable with each other. Maganda yung kinalabasan ng audition namin and they [GMA-7 management] decided with this team-up, so very happy, very happy."

    Nakausap ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Geoff sa press con. ng Grazilda kagabi, September 7, sa Studio 5 ng GMA Network Center.

    FROM CARLA TO GLAIZA. Pero kahit si Glaiza na ang bagong ipinapares ng Kapuso network kay Geoff, hindi pa rin maiiwasan na ang almost one year na rin niyang ka-loveteam na si Carla Abellana ang madalas na itinatanong sa young actor.

    Aminado naman si Geoff na may adjustment talagang mangyayari dahil matagal niyang nakasama si Carla, mula sa primetime series nilang Rosalinda hanggang sa afternoon series nilang Basahang Ginto. At ngayon nga ay si Glaiza ang kapareha niya sa Grazilda, samantalang si Carla naman ay ipapareha na kay Dennis Trillo.

    "Adjustments yung araw-araw na magkasama and all that," sabi ni Geoff. "Pero okey naman... we'll see. Eventually, we'll get to adjust sa schedules and all. Magkikita pa rin. Lumalabas pa rin as much as possible."

    Napag-usapan ba nila ni Carla ang pagkakaroon nila ng ibang ka-loveteam?

    "Hindi naman bilang may ka-loveteam ako. But, we knew eventually we will be paired with some other stars. Hindi naman looking forward to it, but we're expecting it din naman, and eventually, 'eto na nga siya. So, I don't think it will really be difficult on our part. Ang sa akin lang naman, I think the most important is trust and communication."

    Isyu ba sa kanila ni Carla na may ibang ka-loveteam?

    "Wala," sagot ni Geoff. "Sa akin, it's given in this business. Kahit naman from the past, yung mga loveteam is being paired with somebody else. Hopefully, in the future, maging partner kami. Kung tanggapin kami ni Glaiza, we'll be very happy about it."

    SURPRISE IN BORACAY. Bago magsimula sina Geoff at Carla ng kani-kanilang bagong projects, nagbakasyon muna sila sa Boracay noong weekend.

    "Oh, yeah, it's true. We were in Boracay," pag-amin ni Geoff. "Actually, I followed. Nauna si Carla with her sister and some family members. Tapos ako, the next day, I followed. I surprised her."

    As in surprise talaga kay Carla at walang ideya ang huli na darating siya?

    "Wala," nakangiti niyang sabi.

    Ano ang naging reaction ni Carla nang makita siya?

    "Of course, she's very happy. She was surprised."

    Totoo bang sinagot na siya ni Carla noong sinorpresa niya ito sa pagsunod sa Boracay?

    "May gano'n?" natatawang sabi ni Geoff. "Wala... Marami nang nangyaring bagay. Nag-Amerika na kami. Wala... wala, promise. It's something na hindi pa rin namin pinag-usapan. Nag-Amerika na nga kami't lahat, hindi ko pa rin tinanong.

    "Gano'n pa rin. It's just that there are things that's just between us for now. Kung maging kami man, malalaman n'yo pa rin."

    Hindi kaya maging hadlang sa pag-amin nila na may iba na silang kapareha?

    "No, for me, it's not reason for me to not say the truth or lie, or bakit ko pa papaikutin, 'di ba? There's really no point, malalaman din naman. There's nothing you can't hide actually.

    "Ako, going to Boracay, akala ko walang may alam. But as soon as I got back, everybody was asking about my trip. So, wala, wala kaming itinatago. 'Yun pa rin," diin ni Geoff.

    :sweet: :cheers: :bounce2: :dance: :cheerleader: :rocker:
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    miss you all talaga. medyo busy lang ako lately sa isang ship ;)

    ludy, i went to see katuks in scotlaand. i stayed there for 3 days at bonding kami. yun nga lang medyo nag kasakit ako before kami umalis. allergic reaction ulit :bop:

    ipopi thanks for all the articles. glad na may follow up siyang project. i am happy too that stronger ang friendship nila ni carla.

    sis bless, and redhawk and sis jojo namiss ko kayo :kiss:

    sana bonding tayo ulit soon...
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    Abante, Sept. 9, 2010

    Glaiza, ‘Di Pa Puwedeng Angkinin ni Felix!
    ni Jun Nardo


    So handa na rin siyang makipag-kissing scene kay Geoff Eigenmann?

    “Ayoko munang isipin ang mga ganoon. Papaalam muna ako kay Carla (Abellana)! Maganda yung sa lahat ng katrabaho ko, magaan ang loob ko. Para makita ng mga tao na kampante kami sa isa’t isa at walang ilangan. Kumbaga, pag ginawa namin ang isang eksena, maramdaman nila at hindi nakikita na nagkakailangan kami.”

    * * * * * *

    Journal, Sept. 9, 2010

    Regine Proud of Glaiza
    ni Nitz Miralles

    Pareho ng sinabi ang dalawang directors ng Grazilda na sina Direk Dominic Zapata at Ricky Davao na madugo ang budget ng GMA-7 sa fantasy-drama series dahil sa location pa lang sa Acuzar sa Bagac, Bataan, P150,000 na ang rent per day.

    Idagdag pa ang rent sa ibang location, ang magarbong production at magarbong costume design na gawa ng members ng Young Designers’ Guild ng mga nasa Fantasia.

    Isa na ito sa pinaka mahal na shows ng network, kaya lahat umaasang magugustuhan at susubaybayan ng viewers simula sa premiere sa September 13 hanggang sa ending.

    Kay Glaiza de Castro ibinigay ng Channel 7 ang title role and in fairness to her, nag-audition siya at nang mapili, inayos ang make-up para hindi magmukhang kontrabida.

    Ibinaba ang kilay niya at nakailang make-up test.

    Sobrang proud si Regine Velasquez kay Glaiza at in-acknowledge nito ang malaking tulong sa kanya ng Songbird dahil malakas ang impact ng pagkukontrabida niya sa Diva.

    “Tuwang-tuwa ako sa blessings na dumarating, itong show at nakabili na rin ako ng bahay. Ang feeling ko, taung-tao na ako.

    “Noong pumipirma ako sa title ng house para i-transfer sa amin, ang sarap ng feeling.

    “Sa mga nangyari, napatunayan kong ’di kailangang magmadali dahil sa right time, ibibigay sa’yo ni God ang mga hinihiling mo,” wika ni Glaiza.

    Si Geoff Eigenmann ang kapareha ni Glaiza sa Grazilda na aminadong magkakaroon sila ng konting adjustment ng aktres, pero tiniyak na magiging maayos ang trabaho nila.

    Excited ito sa role niyang volunteer fire fighter na matagal na niyang gustong gawin.


    May budget ha, kaya dapat 'di maging tulad ng The Last Prince ito. :sweatdrop2:

    Magaling sumagot ng mga tanong ng press si Glaiza. *okay*

    Ang cute naman, bumbero si Geoff. :up: :bungi: :cheerleader: :rocker:

    Ang guwapo ni Geoff sa picture, ang ganda ng smile niya! :ladiesman: Iba na talaga ang in love! :inluv: :naughty:
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