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::GEOFF§PACE:: GEOFF EIGENMANN PART 102 Love ♥ Peace ♥ Respect ♥ Friendship



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    Vito is shaken when he learns of the rumors of Camila's return to Las Espadas

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    Twit pic of RCD Narratives:

    VITO HAS HIS WAYS OF LOOKING FOR ANSWERS. Let’s see kung magiging successful siya! 🙄 #TheKillerBrideFishing tonight after The General’s Daughter! 👰🏻🔪

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    edited August 2019
    Phil. Entertainment Portal, Aug. 20, 2019

    Geoff Eigenmann swears by the benefits of intermittent fasting
    by Julie E. Bonifacio

    Over the past few few years, actor Geoff Eigenmann had always struggled with weight issues.

    Despite some seasonal attempts at looking lean and mean, he would inevitably fall back to old habits and balloon again in no time.

    But lately, Geoff seemed to have stumbled on the fitness secret that had long eluded him.

    When he faced the press recently, he surprised everyone with his more visible jawline and flatter tummy.

    This writer even ribbed him, and asked if he's sporting six-pack abs nowadays.

    "Naku! Ah, hindi naman. Kulang pa rin," he replied.

    So, how did he lose weight this time? And is this a more long-term commitment?

    He reveals, "Lifestyle change talaga. For the past year, I’ve been doing intermittent fasting.

    "So, I barely eat now. One or two meals a day. So, in my case, that’s really helped me a lot.

    "Saka mas gusto ko yung ganoon na hindi ko dini-deprive yung sarili ko of certain foods. Kasi with intermittent fasting, you can eat kahit ano naman, e. Basta nasa tamang oras."

    Intermittent fasting is not actually a diet, but a method of timed eating. It is focused on when you will eat, and not what to eat.

    How did he stumble upon this kind of diet regimen?

    "Actually, there was a time na sumikat siya sa Hollywood, and dito, marami na rin ang gumagawa.

    "But ako, I first found [out about] it sa gym na pinupuntahan ko before, sa Ultimate Fitness. Yung mga trainer ginagawa and very similar siya to my eating pattern.

    "I decided to take out, kumbaga, my midnight snack. So, nung tinanggal ko 'yun, nag-literal intermittent fasting na ako.

    "So, I fast for about 16 to 18 hours a day. Kumakain lang ako within six to eight hours in 24 hours.

    "In one year, I've lost 20 to 30 lbs.," he beams proudly.


    Now that he is a father of two kids, how does Geoff juggle his showbiz career and fatherhood?

    He narrates, "Actually, when my first daughter came, ano ako noon, vacation to work. So, it was easier to work.

    "Now, it’s harder kasi my son is only two months old at nakasabay niya yung pag-start namin ng The Killer Bride. So, I’ve been out of the house often now at hindi kami masyadong nagkikita.

    "But I make it a point when I go home that I spend time with them, especially with my firstborn kasi noong siya pa lang, inaalagaan ko talaga siya, like, we sleep together.

    "Now that I'm out of the house, she's having sleepless nights kasi hinahanap niya ako. So, that's kinda hard, but okay lang naman kasi hindi pa ganoon kabigat yung mga scenes namin."

    Geoff and partner Maya Flores have two kids, namely Arabella and Augustus Geoffrey.

    What was it like when he had his second child?

    The proud dad says, "Ay, ibang klase, 'cause I have a daughter and a son now. Ibang klase pa rin. With my daughter sobrang maalaga ako. Sobrang protective. Now with my son, I can’t wait for him to get older and throw him around. Hahaha! Parang ano na, rough play."

    How did having two kids have such a drastic effect on his lifestyle?

    He admits, "Yeah, kasi ako, ever since I've practically changed everything, almost everything I do on a daily basis. Uh, nag-iba na ang perspective ko sa buhay na what I’m gonna be doing now is all for them.

    "I don’t even think about myself anymore. Kahit na pagod ako sa trabaho, na sunud-sunod ang mga araw ko, I just say yes. And, 'cause I know that this is for them din talaga, lahat ng paghihirap ko para sa kanila."


    Has Geoff firmed up his plans to tying the knot with the mother of his two kids?

    "Ah, now, we talked about it. Pinag-uusapan na namin what we want to do and where we want to do it.

    "Pero as of now, my focus is still on The Killer Bride kasi mahirap ipagsabay 'yun. It will happen at the right time naman and for sure, malalaman ng lahat," he says.

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    Phil. Daily Inquirer, Aug. 21, 2019

    Geoff Eigenmann’s advice to troubled ‘The Killer Bride’ co-star Joshua Garcia
    by Marinel R. Cruz

    “Keep your head up and stay cool.”

    This was what actor Geoff Eigenmann said he would tell his “The Killer Bride” co-star Joshua Garcia if ever the latter would seek his advice.

    Geoff said that while Joshua would often keep to himself while on the set of their latest teleserye, he was well aware that the young star was “going through something” in his personal life.

    Geoff was referring to Joshua’s recent breakup with actress Julia Barretto, who is now involved in a controversy with fellow ABS-CBN contract artists, Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo.

    “Joshua and I have the same personality. We just keep to ourselves, but I’d hear from people around us what’s going on with him. What he is going through is difficult,” Geoff told reporters at a recent media gathering when asked to share his observation on how Joshua has been behaving at work lately.

    “If ever he’d ask for advice, I’d be there for him, as well as for Janella (Salvador, another young costar) or any other cast member,” Geoff pointed out. “To me, they’re like family, especially since we see each other on the set almost every day. They’re a good bunch of people. I would love to be part of their lives onscreen and off.”

    In the series, Geoff plays Vito dela Cuesta, a musician who falls in love with Camila dela Torre (Maja Salvador). Their love story takes an unexpected turn when he sees his soon-to-be wife drenched in blood while holding a knife beside his brother’s dead body.

    Meanwhile, Janella plays Emma, the woman who claims to be possessed by Camila’s soul; and Joshua plays Elias, Vito’s right-hand guy who vows to protect the Dela Cuestas at all costs, including from Emma.

    Geoff said he saw a lot of himself in Joshua. “It’s because we’re both introverts. When it comes to his character, he knows what he has to do. He knows how to play with it. It’s true what they say about him being a talented actor. There’s a lot to watch out for in Joshua in the future.”

    As for working with Maja again, Geoff said he saw how much she had matured as an actress. “She has become a real pro. I noticed that she is now more confident in answering questions during interviews. Also, she can really handle the crowd, no matter how big it is. Ako kasi, mahina sa ganyan. Crowds make me nervous.”

    Geoff and Maja first worked together on the 2006 comedy film, “First Day High.” They were also part of the series “Moon River,” a project that the Kapamilya network chose to shelve. “‘The Killer Bride’ is really the perfect project to launch us as a tandem, especially since we’re now much older and have more experience in our respective lives that we can share onscreen. So far, people say we have chemistry,” Geoff said.

    Geoff said that when the role was first offered to him, he accepted it right away. “This is a project that’s too hard to pass on for any actor at any stage of his career. It’s such a huge show,” he stressed. “I guess not everybody knows that before this, I did a project for TFC (The Filipino Channel) for the same group — for Direk Dado (Lumibao, director) and his team. It was shot in Dubai. I was also with Maja.”

    Geoff, who is now a father of two, claimed that fatherhood has made him a better actor. “It has changed my perspective in life. What I do now is all because of them,” he pointed out.

    “The Killer Bride” started airing on Aug. 12.

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    Pang-Masa, Aug. 22, 2019

    Geoff nagulat sa laki ng improvement nila ni Maja
    ni Baby E

    Before the now much talked about series, The Killer Bride, Geoff Eigenmann at Maja Salvador have already teamed up in a number of projects. But, they were much younger then.

    They were both teenagers pa when they did the film, First Day High, a little older both na sila when they did the series, Moon River.

    Ngayong mas matanda na sila, tinanggap uli nila ang nasabing bagong serye, not just because they are both elder and experienced, kumbaga, but because challenging in many ways ang roles assigned to each of them.

    And since they are not given an idea of the eksena beforehand na kukunan sa kanila, they are on their toes, yes, all the time.

    Kaya na-a-amaze daw sila sa isa’t isa, ayon kay Geoff, kapag pinanonood na ang episode na kinunan.“Somehow,” ani Geoff, nakangiti. “Hanga ako sa amin. Hehehe!”

    Ang papi ni Geoff! :heart::kiss::hug: He gave a mature performance. :clap:
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    #TheKillerBrideBullying: episode 8 highlights

    Emma tells Vito that she recalls Camila's memory with him

    Vito recalls his investigation of Camila's case

    Vito defends Emma from Andres accusation

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    Emma arrives back at Dako Pa Roon and is confronted by Vito. Flashes of Camila's memory runs through her, all of which consisted of Vito's apparent abandonment of Camila when she needed him most. Her face fills with anger. She calls him by name though they've never met. He asks if she knows him and she answers that Camila remembers who he is. Meanwhile, in Luna's world, she's cooking up something of her own. To be fair, I'm actually amused by her group. The out-of-place but wants to be a part of the clique Mildred and the snobby sidekicks. Luna herself is a fun character on her own. Alexa pulls off the bratty act with panache so she irritates but she's also fun to watch. The group attempts to find some youth fun but I don't think Las Espadas offers anything cool enough for them. Outside, Elias is wating to take them home. More than a little irritated, Luna attempts to charm him but to no avail. She calls him a downer and he snaps that if he was such a downer, she shouldn't have called him to pick them up. Lol. That is NOT how to catch a boy and keep him. For Elias, you'd have a to be a certain girl who gets possessed. Smirks. Back to serious business. Vito questions Emma about the claims of her being possessed by Camila. She confirms it . Luna drives by and is shocked to see her father with Emma, unbeknownst to the two. Skeptically, Vito asks almost tearfully why Emma was doing it and who was telling her to do it. She denies being told by anyone. Angrily, she asks why he's so affected when he let Camila go to prison. Behind Emma, Manay Ichu confirms that Vito abandoned Camila. Eyes filled with sorrow, Manay Ichu reminds him that if you really loved someone, you're not suppose to leave them no matter the good and bad that comes for you or to believe that Camila had killed his brother. She saves the biggest blow for last, that Camila's life started falling apart the moment she fell in love with him. Vito looks devastated. Perhaps this was a confrontation that a long time coming. And a painful one at that.

    Vito has been hiding a dark secret. That is, a room he keeps to himself. It is filled with things he had kept of Camila. And a cork board plastered with newspaper clippings of his brother's murder, Camila's trial, and the fire that killed her. An altar of death. It screams agony at him and this is where he comes to break down, to offer his penance and beg Camila for forgiveness. Luna witnesses the sad little tableau from her hiding spot. But Vito is too lost in his memories to be aware of anything else. We get Vito's truth. It is revealed that he had secretly done his own investigating with Attorney De Leon helping in the shadows. San Lucas De Oro is a key place. And it's no coincidence that this is where Camila's mom had grown up and she was born. A place that had been destroyed by fire. Chills. Attorney doesn't understand why Vito won't tell Camila the truth and let her know that he hadn't abandoned her. But as much as he loved Camila, he didn't want to add to his mother's pain. He plans to solve the mystery himself and prove that Camila is innocent but nothing comes of his painful effort. By the time he had wanted to tell her the truth, she was no longer willing to listen, swallowed whole by her own anger and pain. And finally, until she was forever lost to him. Vito broke my heart in the beginning when I believed, just as Camila did, that his love for her wasn't strong enough. And he broke it again, the moment he framed Camila's photograph with hands that caressed her image lovingly. It is as if years had never gone by. His heart always belonged to Camila. He moved forward without really moving on. His pain is as great as his longing for her. I thought her death a tragedy, but there's another kind. The one where the living suffers after a loved one's death. And will continue suffering until his own. Geoff Eigenmann is one hell of an actor. I was with Vito every step of the way. Through his secret pathways of regret and steady grief. What a powerful scene!

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    some tweets from last nights episode😁 thanks for the support! keep watching!🤪
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    Maja Salvador talks about her co-star Geoff Eigenmann

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    Twit pic of Shiela Marie M. Suarez:

    Cast of The Killer Bride - Rosario, Batangas shooting.

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    #TheKillerBrideSOS: Vito and Luna end up in an intense argument

    Love pa rin ni Vito si Camila, nakikita sa mukha niya kapag nababanggit si Camila. :heartbreak: He’s afraid Tessa will know but it is so obvious. :worried:
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    #TheKillerBrideFaceofFear: Vito hires an investigator to check if Emma was telling the truth

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    Eigenmann family celebrating the birthday of Michael de Mesa's wife
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    Twit pics of RCD Narratives:

    WHO DO YOU SEE VITO? 👀 #TheKillerBrideInYourArea

    #TheKillerBrideInYourArea: Camila manages to evade Vito

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    8 Low-Key Reasons Why ‘The Killer Bride’ is a Massive Hit
    by Tim Henares

    We all know by now that ABS-CBN’s The Killer Bride is drawing a whole lot of buzz, and even some of its biggest supporters are surprised at just how big it’s gotten.

    There are plenty of obvious reasons why this show is doing great: casting, storyline, and so forth, but there are quite a few reasons just under the radar that are giving The Killer Bride more eyeballs than expected. Here are just 8 of those subtle reasons…

    1. A genre shift in teleseryes

    After all the fantasy and romance, The Killer Bride plays with the horror genre, and it’s a welcome change of pace. ABS-CBN has been hit or miss with their experiments lately, seeing as the political thrilleresque The General’s Daughter is also a hit, while the legalesque drama Mea Culpa, despite a stellar cast and a lot of good press, ended only after one season. On the other side of the fence, GMA is playing it safe, but holding its own with Love You Two plugging along nicely, and The Better Woman playing to its cast’s strengths. Horror is an entirely new genre for local teleseryes, or at least, has been neglected long enough to seem fresh again.

    2. A willingness to play with genre expectations

    Anyone watching the show already knows that the promise of a horror teleserye has been subverted early on by a key twist we won’t spoil here. Just know that as far as twists go, this one was pretty mind-blowing, and really played with people’s expectations from the show.

    3. A great mix of the familiar and the new

    While there’s clearly a lot of experimentation going on, it’s not like the initial premise of two warring families is particularly new to begin with. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous iterations of that story, and that isn’t even the first. It’s this sense of familiarity mixed with uncertainty that keeps people guessing.

    4. Revenge plots always work

    Speaking of familiarity, everyone can relate with a good revenge plot, and this one’s no different.

    5. They keep people asking questions

    One of the other low-key things about The Killer Bride’s success is the fact that people tune in on the regular now because they have questions, and with each passing day, TKB has answers, and hoo boy, do they have answers. Who knew that judicious use of cliffhangers made for great television, right?

    6. They open up a sandbox where they can thrive

    The fact remains that The Killer Bride would not catch on this well if they focused just on twists and cliffhangers. What makes the show really work is how they made the fictional Las Espadas a living, breathing character all its own. It’s amazing how many local soap operas fall into the trap of telling rather than showing, but TKB is the rare gem of an exception to this weakness: the setting is a sandbox, and they are having fun with it.

    7. Now, everyone is expecting more game changers

    When you unveil a twist of this magnitude this early on in the game, it almost dares you to come up with another twist at some point. Fans of good twists would stay on for ages to see the next one, and it’s now a matter of not losing that momentum.

    8. Josh. Seriously

    Show of hands. Who felt bad for Josh in that whole Julia-Gerald brouhaha? Surprisingly, his misfortune ended up being a blessing in disguise as the already sympathetic actor got even more sympathy and viewers thanks to this latest controversy. The fact that the show ended up being engaging only made people stay on.
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    Instagram pic of Loren Burgos:

    6:30 AM call time at Lucban Quezon with the dela Cuesta Family. ❤️
    #thekillerbride #tvshow #lucbanmansion #acting

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    Kailan ba 'to ipapalabas? :confused:
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    Twit pic of RCD Narratives:

    SEEMS NOTHING COULD STOP VITO! #TheKillerBrideDigDigDig tonight 👰🏻🔪

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    #TheKillerBrideDigDigDig: Vito and Camila cross paths

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    Push, Sept. 10, 2019

    EXCLUSIVE: Michael de Mesa, proud sa mga anak na sina Ryan at Geoff Eigenmann
    ni Leo Bukas

    Proud daddy si Michael de Mesa sa mga lalaking anak na sina Ryan Eigenmann at Geoff Eigenmann na parehong aktibo sa pag-arte.

    Si Ryan at Geoff ay anak ni Michael de Mesa sa aktres at estranged wife niyang si Gina Alajar. Kapatid nina Ryan at Geoff si AJ Eigenmann na hindi na aktibo sa showbiz ngayon.

    Ayon kay Michael, masaya siya na nare-recognize din kahit papaano ang husay sa pag-arte ng kanyang mga anak.

    “I’m very, very proud of my boys, sobra. Sobrang proud ako sa kanila,” bulalas ng aktor.

    “They’d be able to leave their own mark at yon naman ang sinabi ko sa kanila, na para bang being the children of Michael and Gina (Alajar), will get you through the door, but to be able to get inside and stay there nasa kanila na 'yon. And I’m really very, very proud kasi yung thinking nila, hindi rin siguro sila naghahangad na maging star, gusto rin nilang makilala bilang magagaling na aktor,” pagmamalaki pa niya.

    Si Geoff ay regular na napapanood ngayon sa ABS-CBN series na The Killer Bride samantalang si Ryan naman ay madalas mag-guest sa mga programa ng ABS-CBN.


    Ibinahagi rin ni Michael na sa tagal na niya sa industriya ng pelikula at telebisyon ay nakatrabaho na niya ang iba’t ibang klase ng artista.

    “Merong mga actors na akala nila aktor na sila. Honestly, may mga actors, mga baguhan, na nakikita mo kung bakit sila nandiyan dahil gusto nilang gumaling. Meron din namang mga actors na kaya sila nandiyan kasi gusto nilang sumikat. Big difference 'yon.

    “Of course, siyempre kung ako yung tatanungin, mas gusto kong suportahan yung mga taong nandiyan dahil gusto nilang maging aktor. And that’s what I always tell them, 'yon ang advice na binibigay ko sa kanila – na kung gusto ninyong tumagal sa industriyang ito, it will still always be talent that will prevail.

    “Good looks, okey 'yan, pero that fades away, eh. Pero yung talent at saka yung pakikisama, your good working attitude, 'yon yung magdadala sa ‘yo kung long term ang iniisip mo,” paliwanag ng actor-director.

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