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FRIENDS wedding

you've got to watch the season finale of friends!!! just watched it a while ago and it was so nice and funny. chandler and monica got married and they have a lot of guest stars.

aside from the wedding, there's this thing that someone's pregnant. siyempre i won't reveal who coz i still don't want to spoil it for everyone. i just want to give a little teaser. hehehe


  • Season finale lang ba ito o last episode na talaga nila??? Meaning Final na???? Naku, kung dito sa Pilipinas, matagal pa siguro ipapalabas yan!
  • yeah!!! u guys have to watch it... i'll shut up na. i don't wanna spoil it 4 those who haven't seen it yet.
  • heheheheheh!
    friends' last attempt at reviving their ratings!
    pero masaya s'ya...
    wait for it!
  • read the episode guides...CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS EPISODE!!! WHO IS PREGNANT?! MERON BA?! ahhhhhh!!! i've been reading spoilers about this episode for so long but i was still stunned when i read the cliffhanger ending!!! tagal pa n'yan ipapalabas dito...i hope the videos come out soon!

    in other Friends news, Friends topped the rating again this week after Survivor! The Season Finale had higher rating than Survivor's season finale! woohoo! Friends is back on track!

    ano ba 'yan! i was watching Fox News and there was this debate on The O'Reilly Factor about the season finale saying that it was too mature for an 8.00pm timeslot! kasi daw it showed characters getting pregnant out of wedlock and showed Chandler's transvestite dad! haha!

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  • "somebody" (actually, two people) found a positive pregnancy test in "someone's" garbage. guess who it belongs to .... :)
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