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In a relationship na pero mahal pa rin ang X

I'm in a relationship right now, but parang wala akong feeling na pagmamahal sa partner ko ngayon. Mahal ko pa rin yung X ko. Kasi nasasaktan ako after ko nalaman na may jowa na rin ang X ko.

Ano ba to???


  • slimbeech81slimbeech81 lady with the spinning head
    I think you still love your ex..hindi ka naman maapektuhan ng ganyan kung hindi mo na siya mahal. As for your gf, it will be unfair to her baka in the end maging rebound lang siya.
  • famousafamousa Outsourcing Inc. PExer
  • I've been on this kind of situation twice. I ended up hurting two people who had done nothing but to love me, I felt so damned guilty for hurting them but I guess it was for the best, I can't stand the thought of fooling myself just so to have someone.
  • mheng21mheng21 happytobeme PExer
    hmmm bakit ka nakipagrelasyon sa iba kung mahal mo pa pala si x..?
    kawawa naman yung present gf mo..
  • riAbabyriAbaby Ya need heals? ✭✭✭
    you know the answer to your question.

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