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Benildean Population Overload!

Benildean overload!
By Lord Pomperada from The Benildean

The college is known to offer pioneering programs and well-equipped with modern facilities and technology. It is true that the number of students increases every year; especially this year, when the highest enrollment rate of thirty percent was recorded.

Yes, this is a good sign. But is it a good sign for the students, especially those who will enter the school for the first time? Here's a list of things that should be given serious attention:

Long line madness
Before: Short lines upon entering/leaving the school gates.
Now: Long lines upon entering/leaving the school gates.

- For two years, I've never experienced very long lines. It's 10 minutes before my 8:00 am class, and I am still waiting by the turnstiles. I can't imagine how stress the SDA and SHRIM students experience daily in going to their classes with the use of their "mighty" elevators. Tip: Go to your class an hour earlier for you not to be late.

The cafeteria needs an extension or a third floor

Before: Guys, let's sit here!
Now: Guys, are there still available chairs?

- Have you experienced eating in school's cafeteria? Yes. have you had difficulty with looking a vacant chairs or tables? Yes. I've always preferred to eat at the school cafeteria rather than outside. I am not a fan of Pao Tsin or of Chef's Station's fish fillet. The main reason why I chose to eat in there was because I was able to save precious time. Eating at the cafeteria these days isn't so different from eating out. You still have to fall in long lines, look for vacant table and experience student traffic jam. Well, I can opt to eat outside with more choices. But viola! Another long line at the gates awaits. Tip: brown bag and stick to your baon.


  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hear, hear!
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Next Gen. Tennis Star
    During my time at CSB, me and my batchmates usually eat at the cafeteria...It's usually full but it wasn't really that hard to find seats.....IMO, the caf is too small for a school like CSB...

    For the current students, always come in at least 30 minutes before your class to avoid the long lines.....

    It's good to know that the student population is getting bigger....

    Animo Benilde!!!
  • I've gotta say compared from last school year, the increase was quite noticeable. Even in SDA caf! They should add more chairs and tables!
  • Even the LRC needs a new extension!

    better solution is make SHRIM and SDA ---> quota course!
  • basagulero wrote: »
    Even the LRC needs a new extension!

    better solution is make SHRIM and SDA ---> quota course!

    I think quota course na ang MMA and HRIM. Last time I checked and read somewhere, our population is something about 11,000+ students;

    Agree with the cafeteria in taft campus, dapat palakihin siya! Though what I heard din, may bubuksan na bagong caf dun sa mayflower building*okay*
  • Lagyan na din nila ng quota course ang BSBA or maintaining average yung ibang course.
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Next Gen. Tennis Star
    ^Yup, I'm a BSBA-CA graduate and even during my time, there were already a lot of students taking up this course....
  • valdeauniavaldeaunia PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Rocker09 wrote: »
    ^Yup, I'm a BSBA-CA graduate and even during my time, there were already a lot of students taking up this course....

    BSBA-CA? OT na to... bossing anong ID ka? (102? 103?) :D
  • palagi kong napapansin during mornings on my way to dlsu,

    palaging mahaba yung pila sa gate ng CSB, yung malapit sa tokyo tokyo.
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sa palagay ko kailangan na mag-seminar on Population Control ang CSB. :glee: :evil_lol:
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I also noticed every morning on my way to school, the CSB-DLSU Taft area has become traffic-heavy lately, with a lot of the vehicles that are either: carpools, student-owned cars, or jeeps containing people en route to either of the two schools +St. Scho.
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Next Gen. Tennis Star
    valdeaunia wrote: »
    BSBA-CA? OT na to... bossing anong ID ka? (102? 103?) :D

    103 and ID # ko......damn, Im getting older :lol:
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    On last summer's FOP, I was overwhelmed by how large the current batch of MMA and SHRIM batches. The SHRIM froshes, with a population bigger than SDA's but is more or less just the size of MMA's almost took up every available classroom in all the four halls of Main. Pati iyung Audi sa may Fifth Floor Solomon, pinatulan na rin namin.

    The school needs to improve on their exising facilities (i.e. well-maintained and air-conditioned elevators, accessible stairways, etc.) to keep up with a ballooning student population such as hour.
  • I'm currently a Marketing Mngt student here in CSB. Whenever I arrive in campus early, around 2pm or so, I can't find a place to sit. The cafeteria is full, the LRC main & extension are full & noisy, sometimes even the corridors have students sitting on the floor.

    Though when 6pm comes, there are very few students. That's why my classmates and I prefer coming to school 30-mins before 6pm.
  • grabe ganito na pala karami students ng CSB.

    During my time meron kaming usual tambayan sa Caf. Dun kami sa 2nd floor ng caf sa pinaka sulok sa left side. hehe.. Parang territoryo na namin yun lolz! Hindi pa kasi gaanong siksikan dati sa caf.

    Pansin ko nga lately parang andaming students na. Nakakagulat talaga. Kasi when I visited CSB SDA campus about 2 months ago to get a replacement for my lost alumni id. Ayun sa elevator pa lang sa baba eh inabot na ko ng ilang minutes sa kaka antay. Same thing happened to me nung pababa na ako.

    Btw, pede na ba mag stairs sa SDA hanggang sa ground floor? Nung time ko kasi bawal pa eh. Hanggang 3rd floor lang ata yung pede tapos from there you have to ride the elevator para makababa sa ground. Weird noh?
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^Puwede na magstairs basta wag lang iyung 2 emergency exit stairs na locked lagi from the inside.

    At pagpunuan ang sa lobby, pinapayagan kaming gamitin ang service elevator sa MCAD (iyung parang museum sa tabi ng SDA lobby) para maibsan iyung dami ng tao naghihintay sa ibang elevators.

    Another observation rin, maraming tao sa SDA Caf as early as 10:30am at nagpepeak ng hour ng 11. Kumo konti naman siya from 12nn onwards.

    Dati, dumadating lang iyung mga tao doon tuwing 11:30 at nagiging puno ang caf from 12nn hanggang at least mag 1:30pm.

    Sa LRC naman sa Ground floor Main, puno rin tao sa hapon grabeh. Hindi na rin siya tahimik,
  • Admin should act on this dapat!
    Kami sa SHRIM sobrang stressed na!

    Every class 40 students!
    In the elevator, the line reaches up to the doors.
    Our one and only LRC is always packed with noisy students!

    When I go to main to have my lunch, no seats available!
    Plaza V, morning until 6pm, no vacant place to stay!

    If CSB want to increase its population, they must build a new building or expand its space (open the Mayflower building) or better yet, mag lagay ng target average sa mga grades ng students sa mga over populated courses.
  • Hay nako, dati 10mins before class ko nakakaya ko pa dahil hindi ganon ka crowded ang elev.
    Ngayon kahit 30 minutes eh malalate ka pa.
    Nakakainis pa sa SDA elev at least 2 sira and the rest nagloloko (este pagbaba ng M floor aakyat nanaman)
  • up! Experienced tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long lines in AKIC!
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