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3 month rule after the breakup: sinusunod mo ba?

mcdovaleromcdovalero 24/7 Customer-Cafeteria PExer
Why and why not?

Let's have a healthy conversation :)


  • mhesungitmhesungit Member PExer
    anong 3 month rule iyon?? sorry, am not aware of it.. hmmmm..
  • leojcedrik84leojcedrik84 anime addict PExer
    3 month rule- no contact after the breakup.

    its not really a rule, imho.

    ako mas matagal, mga 6 months, pero as in wala ng text, call, kumustahan, lahat tigil.

    wala ng point ng mag update.

    "hindi natin malalaman kung gaano kahalaga ang isang bagay pag andyan pa"
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus
    Etiquette. Wow.

    If it makes 'em feel better on the inside.

    Truth be told it don't like the five minute rule. If you drop him most like he'll still hate your a$$ for it, years down the line. So the truth is 3 month rule is not really for the other party it's for the sleeping purposes of the dumper. LOL.

    "I'm AM NOT a whore thank you very much! I waited 90 days to reveal I'm fcking another guy okay?!" *snap snap snap*
  • 3 months advance, 3 months deposit lang ang sinusunod ko :lol:
  • yup sinusunod ko yang 3month rule. 3months lang gagamitin *** chicks then break na
  • The_ONEThe_ONE dazed and confused PExer
    meron talagang 3-month rule? wala pa akong napirmahang kontrata about sa 3-month rule.
  • ujihwafuujihwafu Member PExer
    sa movie yata yun more chance..1 day rule lang siguro..hehehe
  • paul_thekingpaul_theking Bummed MD PExer
    hindi totoo yan, wala pa ng one month nagpaligaw na ex-gf ko, by 5 months, me bf na.. sa pelikula lang yan..daming napapaniwala ng pelikula ni John Lloyd..hahaha
  • anonymous88anonymous88 Member PExer
    well kasi kung before 3 months parang masyadong mabilis and... it could be na while you had a relationship you were already hitting on someone..
  • lunarpandalunarpanda Oath of Allegiance PExer
    walang pakialaman. nag-break na kayo, wala na kayong pakialam sa kung anuman ang gusto ng bawat isa.
  • blueb3rriesblueb3rries 2.45842 x 10^-1 PExer
    I didn't know such rule exist. :lol:
  • Francis_LloydFrancis_Lloyd Member PExer
    *** kwentang rule yan, ex ko after makipagbreak 1 week lang nabalitaan ko may bf na eh! hayz :(
  • kooleat_Ahr_Enkooleat_Ahr_En I See You Nars on Weekends PExer
    Depende siguro, kung ako iyong nakipagbreak, I will observe the 3 month rule bilang respeto sa feelings ng ex ko and to allow some healing to take place, otherwise I wouldn't think twice of breaking the rule, If I'm healed right after na iniwan ako then so be it. Kawalan n'ya ko! :D
  • tilmantilman Happily married PExer
    There are no rules.
    I think you should just be careful not go on a rebound, but even that will just happen once in a while, so what? But if you notice your in a rebound, get out of it quick!
  • nidaimenidaime Member PExer
    The 3 month rule or any other rule that says na dapat may delicadeza period in between relationships is bullcrap. Nasa tao talaga yan.
  • ujihwafuujihwafu Member PExer
    yung ex,nung nagbreak kami ay kinabukasan may pamalit na agad...
  • sHaneL_o83sHaneL_o83 next door hottie PExer
    I think following certain rules in relationships are pathetic when you don't see the point of doing it.To answer the question; no, I don't follow it. :lol:
  • bhergeibhergei Member PExer

    I believe about the 3 months rule even before I haven't watched one more chance..I observe that to show respect to his feelings kahit pa sya ang nakipagbreak sa'kin..but with my past relationships more than 3 months before I get into the relationship again..I see to it that there's no more feelings for that guy & I've totally moved on..pero iba-iba pa rin ang tao, nasa sa kanila pa rin yun.. ;)
  • annengerzieannengerzie simpleng makulit PExer
    dito ko lang nabasa yun. meron pala ganito hehe. parang sinunod ko na pala siya kasi almost 5 months na kong single and with no contact of him whatsoever. Pahinga muna bago mag start ng bagong love life :)
  • prettychiq08prettychiq08 SummerSunshine PExer
    3 month rule? waaah 8 months after the break up i went out on a date na :)

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