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World Citi Medical Center

If you're looking for a spa that offers optimum services at a very affordable price, you should try

Citi Wellness Center.

Its a medical spa inside World Citi Medical Center in Q.C. They offer services from spa, facial, slimming, dental, to plastic surgery. Usually they cater to foreign clients and well-known personalities because of the privacy they get from the center. VIP and couple's rooms are among your choices.

Price range is between 450 to 1500 for simple procedures such as body massage, Body scrub, foot spa,and skin treatments.Btw, they also accept health cards there for a few dermatologic cases. If anybody's interested, just PM me.

My friends go there for cautery w/o paying anything, they just use their Maxicare card.
alienware wrote: »
I'm considering doing this, masyado kasing pango yung ilong ko, gusto kong magkaroon ng bridge and maging elliptical yung nostril instead of round lang. I've been seeing a lot of places that offer cosmetic surgery but I don't know how to select a doctor.

So I have a couple of questions:
How much does this typically cost?

Contact numbers of doctors / aestheticians / cosmetic surgeons who do this, whom I can have an appointment with (I want to talk to them first).

What are the risks?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Try Citi Wellness Center, they have a very good plastic surgeon there that does noselifts almost all his life. They just had their anniversary celebration, you might get good deals there. I think its 20K lang, u should ask.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share..for everyone who has health cards, you guys can get a cautery/area at Citi Wellness Center in QC. No fear, it is a hospital based center. You can find them at World Citi Medical Center Aurora blvd Cubao, Q.C. They usually help you with your health card processing so you wouldn't have to go thru the hassle procedure of HMO's. At most, no cash-out.
any ideas on inexpensive warts removal package? Thanks

hi! Try Citi Wellness Center at World Citi Medical Center. I brought my brothers there for cautery, i payed around 2K only for the entire Chest and abdomen. Very affordable package!
chief16 wrote: »
any ideas where? thannks!

Hi! i've done IPL, im going 5th session next month. I got my package for only 7500 at Citi Wellness Center in Q.C. Really worked on me, and it not painful like what most say, I went back to work right after. Its located inside a hospital, the derma doing mine is a PDS officer, really good. Try getting in touch with them

Location: Aurora blvd, Cubao, Q.C.
putoti wrote: »
Anybody here has experience to share regarding these procedures or other non invasive lipo procedures? I am very interested but I need some feedbacks please. I am fairly thin and skinny but my belly and love handles are so fat and really unproportional. I think I'm a good candidate for lipo but I want to try non invasive procedures only.

As I was walking along SM North Annex I got a flyer from Be In Tune and they have these slimming services. Mesotherapy is 2,500/area and Liposculpt is 5,000/session but they have a package of 3 sessions for 9,000 and 6 sessions for 16,000.


Hi! im actually contemplating on getting a non-surgical slimming treatment for love handles, the usual... Just to share with u, the medical spa that i go to offers unlimited slimming treatments of which u can use all of their machines for only 20K. Might get that one though i'm still checking out on some other places.

Message me if u want to get the contact number. Its in QC, inside a hospital.
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