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HoW'd u SaY THanK yoU to Ur MOM dis moTHers' dAY?

or.....what is ur way of saying Thank You to your mom this mothers' day?

mine would be:
to love her more and support her in everything she does to make us happy....thank her for being my inspiration in everything. :inluv: sshaks. what'd i do without my MOM?
to all moms who are in pex..... HapPY MOTHerS DaY!!!

:D :rotfl: :beam: :newangel:


  • EeH-jAy3EeH-jAy3 Member PExer
    mr. moderator....please CLOSE and DELETE this thread. thank you. :D
  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    I gave her a bouquet of flowers. :)
  • DELISYUSDELISYUS Only 15% Lesbian PExer
    gave my Mom my mid-year bous :)
  • EeH-jAy3EeH-jAy3 Member PExer
    thanks for postin guys....kala ko ala na gusto mag post dito... QUESTION: wrong grammar po ba yung topic ko? iwas asking HOW WOULD YOU SAY THANK YOU. not HOW DID. heheheh but anyways....since mothers' day is over...HOW DID na. :lol: thanks for passin by kartoonista (eyy....bakit ala yung cartoon na COW sa ending ng post mo? :lol: ) and DELISYUS :D

  • alemracalemrac Member PExer
    Originally posted by kartoonista
    I gave her a bouquet of flowers. :)

    So did I. :flwrface:
  • DELISYUSDELISYUS Only 15% Lesbian PExer
    dear.....if you can want, pede mo email mod and revise the HOW DID YOU SAY THANK TO YOUR MOM LAST MOTHER'S DAY....para mas oks!!! :)
  • EeH-jAy3EeH-jAy3 Member PExer
    thanks DELISYUS. :D

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