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Who will be the new Gameplan hosts?

krishakrisha Registered User PExer
Who will be the 4 new Gameplan hosts? Tonight we will be featuring a canopy walk with Akiko Thomson and Rovilson Fernandez, and gamefishing with Tricia Chiongbian and Anthony Saludares. Last week we had Michi Valeriano and John Aguilar try out the flying trike, and Lexi Schulze and Mik Ordonez went downhill mountainbiking. Next week, we will be having our last finalists' story with Manny Distor and Annette Martinez in a rodeo story in Masbate. Watch Gameplan, Wednesday 9 p.m. at Studio 23. Send us your entries for the 4 new hosts( 2 guys, 2 girls), and you might just be the lucky one to win the grand prize!


  • simonesezsimonesez Spearo Schmero PExer
    I have always been a diehard fan of Gameplan. Even before when they were on the other channel. Weekends before just won't be complete without the Gameplan adventure

    BTW, krisha where are they going for gamefishing?:tanfish:

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