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For girls: multiple orgasms, can you learn it?

I'm curious if a girl can learn to have multiple orgasms?
And how can she learn it?
Obviously we have some hot multiorgasmic chix here, but is there a girl who went from single orgasm and needing a rest afterwards to multiorgasm? How did you do it?
My SO needs a rest after she cums to the point where I need to stop doing it if she cums first. She's ready for the next round in maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but I'd really like to keep on doing her from o to the next.


  • tilman dahling.... I'd love to answer in detail... but I'm doing my hair right now.... and its doing it's stoopid wavy thing again .... :(

    can I get back to you on that tomorrow, mate? of course.... I can only relate what I've researched and learned.... mostly from experience....

    that alright then? :)

    but to answer your basic question : yes... it can be learned... but she's gotta do most o' the hard yakka herself.... :D
  • Ok. noted: she's gotta do herself...
    Yeah ok well I tought her that already, she's getting good at it...

    Seriously I'm interested what you have to say.
    So you're not naturally MO either?
  • 1. ohhh my God im cumming!! im cumming!!

    2. Ooohh! im cumming again!! ohhh my!! ohhhh!!



  • daym Girl... wait up, wait up... :lol:
  • 1. ohhh my God im cumming!! im cumming!!

    2. Ooohh! im cumming again!! ohhh my!! ohhhh!!



    naiimagine kita miss SB:naughty::naughty::naughty:
  • Some girls can multiple
    orgasm naturally
    very sensitive even
    not playing with the kitty
    its still wet!!!

    how much more when
    someone is playing with
    the kitty? :lol:
  • It started, for me, anyway, a long way back .... you start to feel funny sensations in the lower half of your belly looking at some senior's hairy legs .... or when the cricket boys rub the cricket ball against the side of their groins, leaving icky suggestive red marks .... anyhoo ...

    one night .... woke up in the middle of a dream ... sweaty, horny, breathing heavily ... my panties were wet, moonlight was streaming directly through my bedroom windows - it was all so surreal ... still a virgin at that point but I knew at that point ... there was something lacking ... and I liked this sensation ... the stuff on my panties smelled unusual but not unpleasant ...

    fast forward a couple of years .... at university .... of course, I knew at that point ... what would make me cum ... how to make myself cum ... the times when no-one at home would catch me doing it ... I'd work myself up to one orgasm ... then wait about 5 minutes then give myself another one ... just fingers and sundry household items at this point - nothing hi-tech yet ... :lol: I also wasn't having sex that regularly ... not that I didn't want to but ... it isn't safe to regularly bang boys in bands (lotta my friends caught stuff from groupies etc... errrr.... ewwww ... but not me) ... the rest of the time, I was busy ... practicing, rehearsing (your major instrument requires 3-4 hours daily and your minor requires another hour or so ... more if you've got auditions or major exams coming up) ...

    I also did really strange stuff like ... try to look up myself using a mirror ... sticking my fingers in as far as they would go ... trying to gauge whether it felt different here ... or there ... and what happened if I stroked it quickly or repeatedly ... y'know ... self-experiments ... during my actual self-sex sessions, I gave myself free license to apply the things I'd "discovered" on my experimental days...

    the day I discovered MOs ... I was doing myself ... didn't wait for a few minutes ... just kept stroking my clit gently ... hand behind my head, gazing out the window in a room turning orange with the sun going down ... before I knew it, I had worked myself up to that point of second O ... after that, I gave it a bit of a rest ... by dragging the movable mirror in my sister's bedroom into my bedroom and watching myself in bed in it ... bringing myself to the third O ...

    and voila! ... I'd discovered I could MO ... but only on my own ... second step was getting MOs with an actual live dick involved ...

    luckily, within that year, ex-fiance came home ... and under his tutelage and guidance and given unlimited access to his cock ... I attempted my first fledgling experiments MOing using a live dickeroo ...

    first ... he has to go deep enough to rub against your g-spot regularly during sex ... (so if he's too short or too small or too big ... that's gonna be a problem for me)
    secondly ... you have to experiment with positions that have his cock hitting your g-spot at just the right angle and the right depth ... some doggie positions work for me (prison guard wearing 4-inch heels and low doggie for example) ... but if you're giving me direct access to my clit ... where I can rub it and you can watch me licking my finger before I rub it ... i.e. most variations of missionary ... that works best for me ... variations of spooning positions have also worked occasionally ...
    but honestly? it all depends on you ... and your hungry, feline, feminine sexual imagination to work yourself up to that point ... your favorite fantasies help ... having sex with an absolute stranger ... imagining yourself being violently planked against a brick wall in a dark alley ... things like that ...

    when she starts to complain that it's starting to hurt (and she's not a pain freak) ... stop ... get out the lube ...
    I can't speak for anyone else but .... during vaginal sex, the time frame between Os between the first and the second and the third can be rather lengthy but if you're still riding me after the fourth one... and nbr 5 comes up, I notice that the Os that come after that ... can be twinned together ... like 5 and 6 ... there's only a few seconds in between the two ... like, you can tell when one O starts and when it starts to wane ... then you can feel another wave starting to hit just as the first one's in decrescendo ... and there you have it ... the true Multiple O ...

    keep it sexual or, as most girls prefer - sensual ... tell her about her "O" face (afterwards) ... how her butt looks so sexy bobbing up and down on top of you ... encourage her to grab her breasts while she's doing that ... or rub her nipples or pinch yours or something like that ...

    but venturing into the unknown sexual wasteland of Multiple Orgasming? ... she's gonna need some time to do that on her own ... don't watch her ... don't tell her what to do when she's come up against a brick wall ... and don't give her a deadline ...

    needless to say, if she doesn't want to do it ... leave her be ... maybe it's not her time ... maybe she doesn't want MOs :bop:

    these days, I guess I'm a cheat ... I have a little mechanical man that helps me get there faster ... but he's spoiled me (the little mechanical man) ... I can't imagine sex without him now :lol:

    well, I hope I helped a little, tilman dahling .... :love:
  • Thanks miss cindy :love:
    Yeah it kind of helps. So basically there is no trick, just let passion and experience grow. Well I'll try and help. So far she's not doing anything alone, only if I'm present, even if it's just per cam. It's somehow like she's dedicating all her O's to me :love: I'm so glad I married her, best thing that ever happened to me...
  • ^^ that sounds luverly.... yes, dahling.... only if she really, really wants it....

    and I'm glad I was able to contribute some of the useless, compartmentalized trivia I keep stored up in my head.... :D
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    hindi ko siguro kayang magcum pag ganito :lol:
  • hardylainehardylaine PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^^ :lol: wahahahaha........
  • hardylainehardylaine PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    FGR wrote: »
    eto meron ako option para sayo nyahaha :beam:


    hahahaha... parang nakita ko na yan dun sa isang forum site ah? :rotflmao:
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